Automotive Store Job Applications

Automotive Store Job Applications – Employment Opportunities

The automotive industry is one of the largest in the country, and countless jobs come out of it every year. If you’re one of the many Americans who just love cars, and who has the knowledge to back that up, then you could be ideal for a position in an automotive store.

There are several types of automotive stores, and several kinds of jobs within them.

Automotive parts: all you have to have is a good working knowledge of cars and how they’re put together to sell automotive parts. Stores like this need cashiers and customer service representatives who can help customers find the part they need and give them advice. If you’ve had experience with purchasing parts and fixing cars, you can build on that to become truly knowledgeable and help any person out with his or her automotive parts needs. Companies like AutoZone carry a full variety of auto parts, while others, like Batteries Plus or Discount Tire, focus on selling one particular type of car part.

Automotive services: basic services like oil and filter changes can be performed by technicians. Technicians need less training than full mechanics and are responsible for basic maintenance services which people have done to their vehicles on a regular basis. If you don’t have the training to work as a mechanic, stores like JiffyLube and EZ Lube still need people to answer phones, run the cash register and handle paperwork. Get a job working the front desk and you may get to learn the business gradually.

Automotive repair: For people who love to get down and under a vehicle or into it, and who don’t mind the grease, working as a mechanic is a great career. It requires a certain level of training but pays well and is always challenging and interesting. A combination of mechanical sense and problem-solving skills makes a great mechanic. With just some very basic training, you can get a job in any one of dozens of auto shops and train further under them to repair the kinds and parts of cars that interest you the most. Some automotive repair shops specialize in a particular part of the car, such as transmission, while others focus on a particular make. Have you always wanted to get your hands on a Ferrari? Learn to fix them.

Whatever your level of training or expertise, if you love cars then there’s no place you’ll be happier working than in an automotive shop. If once you do some research you find that you don’t qualify for the job you want, consider finding an entry-level job such as cashier or sales representative and using part of your earnings to get the training you need. As long as people keep driving cars, they’ll need to fix them So you have excellent job prospects ahead of you. Skilled labor often pays even better than college degrees do, and it takes less time and money to start earning. With an automotive shop job, you can have not just a job to get by on, but a real, satisfying career.

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