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AutoZone is a popular chain of stores selling automotive retail parts to consumers. The company is widely spread with 4,600 stores across the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico. They offer all kinds of parts needed for any kind of vehicle you have. Not only this, but they offer friendly advice as well to the customers as to what they need exactly. The employees, referred to as autozoners, are always ready to help the customers personally and examine the car and advise about the part they need. AutoZone also sells OEM repair software and repair manuals on If you are passionate about vehicles or just interested in working in a competitive environment with a huge potential to grow, you might consider submitting an AutoZone application. If you like to drive, then having a career in the automotive parts industry is definitely the best for you.

AutoZone in particular is no small retail store but it is a Fortune 500 company that has a rich culture and a good working environment. With plenty of opportunities for people with talent and enthusiasm to lead forward, it is the best company for candidates who look forward to success.

Before you submit your AutoZone job application you should read the following tutorial. It provides valuable information regarding salaries, job requirements, application process and interview. The key to securing a position with the company is knowing more than your competition. You can be sure that many of the other applicants have probably not taken the time to do some background research about the AutoZone.

Official website:

AutoZone Online Job Application

AutoZone careers are available for both entry-level and qualified job-seekers. They provide with an excellent opportunity of employment for any individual who is prepared to work hard. To begin the application process you should head over to the company’s official website, on www.autozonecareers com. You can send an AutoZone application online by submitting an AutoZone application form and sending your resume. You can submit the AutoZone application through their website or other third-party websites which list the job openings – although we suggest submitting it through the official site as it will speed up the hiring process. You can get the jobs in various different fields within the company which includes field management, commercial teams, distribution centers, support centers, or ALLDATA.

You can apply for various positions within this field ranging from an intern to being a manager. The opportunities offered are store manager, district manager, regional manager, sales manager, inventory manager, warehouse worker, fleet manager, operations manager, technician, sales tax accountant, web developer, IT support supervisor, and human resources manager. There are also many opportunities in ALLDATA.

Minimum Age for Employment at AutoZone

The minimum age to pursue AutoZone careers is 18 years of age and older. Entry-level careers are available to anyone over the age of 18.

AutoZone Hours of Operation

The company operates at normal business hours. You can also check the operating hours and the address of the store located near you by checking their website. Although schedule may vary from store to store, it usually respects the following pattern:

Monday – Saturday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Sunday: 9:00 Am – 9:00 PM

Entry-Level AutoZone Careers and Income

Common AutoZone Careers: store AutoZoner, safety and loss prevention officer, sorter clerk, yard driver, general warehouse worker, merchandiser, first line supervisor, grounds maintenance assistant, housekeeping maintenance, transportation dispatcher, territory sales manager, building mechanic, sales associate, transportation dispatcher.

Whether you are a professional or a fresh graduate looking for a new career to pursue, AutoZone always has some kind of opportunity for you. They are always looking forward to adding new, talented autozoners to their team who are willing to get behind the wheel and help out the large customer base they have.

If you are already studying, you can do an internship at AutoZone which will give you hands-on experience to work in a competitive environment and in a company with a rich culture. You can start a part-time or a full-time position, whichever you want. AutoZone always provides a very competitive compensation plan and an attractive benefits package, no matter which position you have.

The AutoZone system of stores provides with a plethora of positions that are waiting to be filled. If you’d like to work in the sales department you can submit an AutoZone application as sales associate. For this career you must demonstrate good team-working abilities, versatility and desire to work & advance on the corporate ladder. Serving at the store level is a great idea for those who wish to learn a little bit about the automotive industry, because it requires no prior experience.

There are also opportunities to be had in the delivery and administrative departments. From all the reviews we’ve found online we concluded that AutoZone careers are extremely rewarding from several perspectives. First of all the will introduce you to a great working environment where you can learn many new things. Secondly, wage and non-wage benefits are definitely worth considering. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most common entry-level positions with AutoZone.

Parts Delivery Driver: As the name entails, a parts delivery driver’s job description and duties include picking up and delivering parts to various stores and customers. To be considered for this AutoZone career you must possess great organizational skills, so as to be able to come up with the most effective routes. You should also exhibit professional attitude at all times in order to obtain customer satisfaction.

Two of the main requirements for parts delivery driver career includes being 21 years or older and having a driver’s license with a clean record. Communication and interpersonal skills are preferred. Lastly, good physical condition is required because you will be asked to lift maximum 50-70 pounds on a daily basis.

Customer Service Representative: This position does not differ very much from that of other customer representatives. The main object would be to cater to the needs of clients and ensuring that all conditions for their satisfaction are met. A customer care representative also has other responsibilities, including operating a cash register, ringing out purchases, completing credit card payments etc. If specifically asked by a manager, a CSR also has to assess mechanical problems for patrons, assist with checking & replacing parts or batteries etc. As far as salary and compensation goes, the CSR earns close to minimum wage, which is roughly 9.00$ per hour. Full-time employees will also receive non-wage benefits and have their monthly salary increased according to experience and expertise.

Parts Sales: Some would argue that this is one of the most important positions within the company, even if it is an entry-level one. Part sales associates must offer information about car parts and automotive devices. In order to do this they must undergo a short training session and learn about these things on their own. Experience in the automotive industry is welcome but not mandatory. In general, part sales associates earn between 8.00 and 10.00 dollars per hour. Salary and compensation will improve with time.

AutoZone Careers in Management

We have overviewed some of the most common entry-level AutoZone careers, but what about administrative positions? While it is a well-known fact that the company prefers to promote from within, this is not mean that it a set-rule. AutoZone will never turn down an exceptional application. At AutoZone, managers oversee specialized products and make sure that all procedures run smoothly. Other responsibilities include hiring and training new staff, preparing workers for managing positions, developing new strategies, organizing work schedules, ensuring that quality & safety standards are met etc.

If you are especially inclined towards leading people, the management opportunities offered here are plentiful. They not only offer a good compensation plan, but they also offer a great potential for growth. Field management is the department within the company for which you can send the AutoZone application online.

To be considered for an administrative position for you must meet a few requirements. First of all you must display extraordinary organizational and leadership skills. Secondly, you should be at least 18 years old. Thirdly, individuals seeking AutoZone employment in the administrative department must demonstrate experience and education relevant to the specific position. If the training you already have is insufficient, the company will invest in manager-in-training programs. Lastly, computer literacy, business acumen and desire to grow are examples of traits that are appreciated by hiring personnel. If you wish to apply for this job you might want to read the tips and tricks provided on the official site (

As far as salary goes, AutoZone careers for managers are particularly rewarding. For example, a store manager’s average salary and compensation begins somewhere around $30,000 and it may double depending on experience & skill set. Of course, besides monetary compensation, managers will also benefit from paid time off, medical coverage, 401 (K) retirement plans, and discounts for products etc.

You can be a district manager who is responsible for leading all the store managers and solve everyday business challenges, take care of general issues as well as motivate the employees and drive up the results. There is also an opportunity for being a regional manager who is responsible for leading all the district managers. And of course, you can also send in an AutoZone job application to be a store manager.

Basic Tips for Applying at AutoZone Jobs Near Me

Applying at Autozone jobs near me is an easy process. Your interview is no doubt the only way to establish your first impression on the hiring manager. You can give them as much information about your work ethics, experience, skills and talents as possible, which will help them decide whether to hire you.

Research the company before applying. This is important because usually in the interview questions that recruiters and managers ask, you will be asked about the reason why you applied in the company. For this, you should know about the company in detail.

Research the position for which you are sending in the AutoZone job application. Mostly, managers ask the reason for applying for a particular position. Make sure you have the answer ready.

Get a list of common interview questions and think about them. Chances are you will be asked at least some of them. It will give you confidence that you need the most.

Rehearse before going to the interview. Don’t just think about it, but also practice the interview session with some friend or family member or in front of the mirror. Talk about it out loud to boost your confidence.

Arrive early for the interview. It is better than arriving late. Remember that your first impression is the last one.

Dress in your best formal dress but avoid wearing a lot of makeup or perfume. It doesn’t look professional most of the time.

Be confident. It is easier said than done, but just be calm and relaxed. Especially take care of your hands. Employers often notice your hands during an interview, so make sure they are still and not fiddling with something they shouldn’t.

Here is the step-by-step tutorial that will help you submit your AutoZone application:

  • Access the official career portal at Take a look at the short introduction that they offer regarding benefits and opportunities.
  • There is a sidebar at the left side of the screen with “Apply for Career”, “Our Company/Our Culture”, “Recruiting”, “Diversity”, “Benefits” and “Applicant Help”. Click on Apply for Career then on “Search for Jobs”.
  • Each type of Job (store job, management job) has its own “search for jobs” button. Choose the one that is most suitable for you and you will be redirected to the application page.
  • If you meet system requirements you must click on “Proceed to Application” to continue.
  • Enter the Zip-code of your area and the system will automatically display job openings near you.
  • Once AutoZone Jobs listings are visible you can click on one to find out more details about it. Each job tab will display requirements, responsibilities & other info.
  • If everything sounds good to you click on “Continue” and you will be send to another page where you can do two things: apply for the job or email it to a friend.
  • If you haven’t created an account until now you will be required to do so.
  • Create your account, fill out your application, attach your resume and you are all set.

Advanced Tips for Applying at AutoZone

Your resume is your only chance to get a high position at AutoZone. Make sure it is well written and includes everything that can sell yourself.

Don’t praise yourself in words but rather give statistical figures to prove why you are good: Instead of saying that you helped increase the sales of your previous company, mention the exact figures.

Don’t lie when writing the resume. Remember that every company will run a background check on you and so, lying will not help you in any way. Rather, it will create a bad impression on the company.

If you are submitting an AutoZone online application for a higher position, your previous experience is vital. Make sure you include all your past work which can prove your talents.

Your cover letter is the next thing important besides your resume. It should be well written and should explain in clear ways why you are right for the job.

Next is the interview for which you should dress adequately. Your outlook should explain well why you are the perfect candidate for the position in which you have sent the AutoZone job application form.

During the interview, don’t just listen and answer but participate in the conversation and ask them questions about the company’s culture. This would give a good idea about your confidence as well.

Always follow up your application for AutoZone after a week with a telephone call.

As a general rule, AutoZone recommends applicants to use Explorer or Firefox for in order to fill-out the application. Other browsers tend to bug-out. Once you have submitted the jobs and employment form you can go back to your dashboard and check the status of your app. This can be done with every login by inputting the username and password. If you forgot your passwords you can recover it with the help of your email & name. A great thing about the AutoZone online application is the fact that it enables candidates to copy & paste their CVs. They can also edit it as they see fit and submit it for the desired position.

Extra documentation is a great plus for the AutoZone application. It is not mandatory, but, in general, papers such as resume, cover letter or references will increase differentiate your submission. It also demonstrates that you are better prepared than other candidates.

AutoZone Job Application Status

AutoZone is a friendly company that enjoys communicating with its employees and potential employees. It shouldn’t take more than a week for your application to be reviewed. You should be contacted regardless of the company’s decision. If you haven’t received a response in this time you could thing of contacting the store that you’ve applied for. Ask for the manager and inquire politely about the status of your AutoZone job application.

While on the phone you should display genuine interest in the job. Don’t come across as pushy or desperate. Be polite and don’t be afraid to ask questions. We would recommend you to avoid lunch or break hours as you do not want to disturb managers from their pressing issues. Statistics show that applicants who remain persistent with the company have higher chances of getting hired.

Benefits at Company

AutoZone provides a very competitive benefits package for employees. The company really values its employees since they are the reason for the success of the company and so make sure they provide every incentive to motivate them to work at their best. The first benefit is a good compensation plan that you get when you are hired by the company.

Besides this, you will receive coverage for health and wellness which includes medical, dental, and vision insurance. It also includes prescription drug coverage, hospitalization, surgeries, and fees. The retirement savings plans and pension plans are the best at AutoZone, which makes sure that you lead a comfortable life even after you retire.

They give you five paid holidays per year and after working full time for 1 year, you are eligible for a paid vacation, too. Full-time and permanent workers are eligible for flexible scheduling as well. You can also use the employee credit union and even buy stock for a discount. They give you life insurance as well as long-term and short-term disability.

The benefits include an Employee Assistance Program which trains you extensively and gives you good advice and counseling services. The best thing is the employee discount of 20% that you can take advantage of after submitting a successful AutoZone employment application.

They give tuition assistance as well and so you don’t need to worry about your children’s tuitions if you get the job here. The only thing that depends is which plan you are getting. You need to opt for the plan that best suits your needs.

Full List of AutoZone Careers Benefits:

  • Employee Assistance Program: extensive training, counseling & assessment modules for exceptional workers.
  • Employee discounts on products
  • 401(K) retirement plans
  • Medical, Dental and Vision coverage for part and full-time employees
  • Wellness services
  • Competitive salaries
  • Discounts for affiliated retailers (Apple, AT&T, HP, Dell, Ford etc.)
  • Basic life insurance plans
  • Short and long-term disability pay

AutoZone Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

We’ve finally managed to cover some of the most popular jobs in the sales & management departments, average salaries, application submission process and status and benefits. It’s time to take a look at AutoZone jobs interview process and questions. Like most companies out there, AutoZone also makes employment decisions based on successful interviews. During the application process, candidates will be asked to submit their personal information (social security number, name, address, phone number etc.). Some jobs will also require a testing module to be solved.

If the applicant is considered suitable for a specific position he will receive a phone-call from a hiring manager within a week. There will be a short interview on the phone, after which the candidate will be asked to set-up an interview. Interviews are usually one-on-one and they cover subjects such as education, mechanical aptitude, work ethic, experience, qualifications, personality or compatibility with the company. Despite the fact that AutoZone is mainly a retail environment it still preserves a certain level of professionalism, especially during interviews. Therefore, you should respect the AutoZone dress code. This dress code usually consists of a business or business-casual outfit.

Most questions gravitate towards mechanical issues especially related to the auto industry (example: repair procedures, parts etc.). Other questions address AutoZone customer service skills and team-work capabilities. Lastly, the interviewer will ask you if you know anything about the company’s work ethic and achievements. Although these questions will not make or break your AutoZone application, hiring personnel appreciates candidates who have done their homework on the corporation. We strongly recommend that you thank the interviewer before & after it takes place. In addition to this, you offer a firm hand-shake and sincere smile.

Frequently Asked AutoZone Interview Questions

If you still have ambiguities regarding the AutoZone interview process it would be a good idea to check out job-specific websites or forums. There you will also find interesting interview questions and suggestions. We believe that there are no correct interview answers especially considering that each candidate is different. Therefore, we have only presented frequently asked interview questions below.

  1. Why did you choose to apply for parts?
  2. What do you like most about working with trucks or cars?
  3. Are you mechanically inclined?
  4. What can you tell us about auto systems (example: ignition, radiator, steering wheel or braking transmission specifics)?
  5. Are you good with computers?
  6. Do you work well within a team?
  7. Is there any kind of auto skill test that you passed?
  8. What would you do if you saw a fellow employee stealing parts?
  9. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
  10. What would you do to satisfy a customer?
  11. Are you familiar with the company’s history/achievements?
  12. Why should we hire you?
  13. What can you do to help improve the company?
  14. What are your 3 best qualities?
  15. What are your biggest weaknesses?

Useful and Interesting Facts about AutoZone

Before arriving for the interview, it is always good to know some interesting facts about AutoZone. Check out your local newspaper to find out news about AutoZone or the best way is to search the internet for it. Get to know how much sales the company is generating and how many new stores they are planning to open. You can let the managers know how much you know about the company by telling them this information. This will definitely give you an edge. The website will also help you in finding facts and information about AutoZone. When you submit an AutoZone employment application, make sure you know everything from A to Z about the company. There are many websites that give interesting information about the company.

To access the AutoZone Online Application directly, click here.

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