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As you may be aware, mad cow disease is rapidly becoming a hot topic in the United States as more infected cows are discovered either in dairy or meat farms.  While news stories still indicate that the food supply was never in danger from these animals, more people are switching to chicken as their primary form of dietary meat.  If you prefer to eat chicken, and enjoy fast food recipes, then filling out a Zaxby’s application may lead to a rewarding career filled with delicious foods.

Zaxby’s Online Job Application

Many people today are surprised when they cannot find a  Zaxby’s application online.  It is important to realize that like many other fast food restaurants, the owners and operators of Zaxby’s would prefer to meet the person they are planning to hire immediately as opposed to wading through thousands of  Zaxby’s online application candidates.  If you are interested in working for this company, you can download the PDF Zaxby’s application form from  While you are waiting for the  Zaxby’s application to download, you can also browse around the site to learn more about  Zaxby’s careers.

Minimum Age for Employment at Zaxby’s

If you are committed to earning a steady paycheck before you graduate high school, you can fill out the application for Zaxby’s once you are 16 years old.

Zaxby’s Hours of Operation

Even though you cannot fill out a Zaxby’s application online form, you will find that they have very flexible work schedules.  Most people that work for this restaurant can choose to work shifts 7 days a week that start at 11 am and end at 10 pm.

Entry-Level Zaxby’s Careers and Income

Once you start the  Zaxby’s application process, you will be able to apply for a number of entry-level jobs. This includes: cook, cleaner, counter help, cashier, head cashier, sales associate, customer associate, counter and kitchen staff member, crew member, opening specialist, staff accountant, assistant manager, general manager, district manager, and customer service representative.

Zaxby’s Careers in Management

Managerial candidates that fill out the Zaxby’s application form can look forward to being offered starting salaries that range from $25,000 to $45,000 a year.  If you are interested in working as a manager for this company, you can apply for the following: staff manager, head cashier, general, district, assistant, and customer service manager.    It should also be noted that corporate headquarters may also be looking to fill a number of positions.  This includes jobs in human resources, culinary development, administrative support, marketing, and business analysis.  Even if you just graduated from college with a culinary or business degree, you may find better offerings at the corporate level than you would find at a local restaurant.

Basic Tips for Applying at Zaxby’s

As you fill out the Zaxby’s employment application, it is very important to realize that you will be competing with others that may want the same job in an economically depressed area.  It is very important to type out your answers on the PDF as well as be prepared for an interview when you deliver the application. Surprisingly enough, a number of people decide to mail the Zaxby’s job application form to the nearest restaurant.  Aside from the fact that the form will be folded up and somewhat messy, you will also lose a vital opportunity to show that you are really interested in getting a job as soon as possible.  If you are concerned about arriving during hours when a crowd may interfere with your ability to see a manager, you can always choose a time when you know the crowd will be at a lull.

Advanced Tips for Applying at Zaxby’s

Overall, you will find that managerial candidates for Zaxby’s will not be considered without at least a 4-year college degree. While the company may promote people from within that have a lower degree of education, these people have also worked with the company long enough to gain seniority as well as college-level experience in business or management.  If you do not have at least a bachelor’s degree, you can still apply for a management job if you have experience in the field.

Before you begin filling out a form for employment with Zaxby’s, it is very important to realize that they are competing with a number of other fast food restaurants that offer chicken-based meals.  Aside from understanding how to get the most from each staff member, you will also need to demonstrate that you have a strong sense for marketing.  Even though the owner of the restaurant will make most of the advertising decisions, being able to make key observations and suggestions may still be of use if the store in question is not doing as well as it should be doing.

Benefits at Zaxby’s

While Zaxby’s may be fairly innovative when it comes to offering new recipes to customers, they tend to remain stable and within industry standards when it comes to employee wages and benefits.  For example, if you are hired for a full time job, you will most likely have access to health insurance, 401(k) retirement plans, life insurance, paid sick time, paid vacation time, and paid training opportunities.  Depending on the facility, you may be eligible for discounted meals as well as other benefits offered by the restaurant owner.  Before you apply to a specific store, you may want to see which stores offer the best benefits within an acceptable commute distance.

There is no question that people concerned about health (and because of financial costs associated with beef consumption), are increasingly looking to chicken before considering a vegan or vegetarian diet.  That said, these same people may also find that adapting to eating more chicken is difficult without tasty recipes and fast foods for a wide range of occasions.  From that perspective, it should be fairly easy to see why Zaxby’s has a fairly large and reliable customer base. If you want a secure career in the fast food industry, then applying for a job with this company may be the best option available.

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