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What is it that makes Express such a standout name in the world of fashion? A huge number of stores across the US? A finger on the pulse of the industry? Perhaps to some extent, but what really makes Express what it is are the team members behind the brand. This is exactly why that Express job application you’ll find online isn’t for everybody, but only for those who think or know they have what it takes to become part of a truly extraordinary success story. With over 600 stores across the US targeting a young, trendy and dynamic crowd, you probably get the idea right off the bat as to what makes the ideal Express team member. So ask yourself – are you dynamic? Fresh-faced? Positive? And how’s your passion for people? If you can answer all of these questions positively, the Express online application for employment really could be for you.

Express Application – Employment at Express

Express is a hugely popular choice for first-time job applicants all over the country and the Express employment application has been designed primarily with such first-timers in mind. However, to qualify at even entry-level for a brand like Express you must be able to demonstrate what it is that make you stand out from the crowd, therefore the Express application form should not be viewed as a box to tick or a blank to fill. Express takes on staff with the intention of holding onto them and sending them to bigger and better places – the opportunities for those with what it takes are simply off the scale.

 Express Online Job Application

Your completed Express job application has to capture the attention of the employer from the start and should never just serve as another on the pile destined for nothing. As such, it isn’t just about telling the employers about what you’ve done and what you’ve got, but rather what it is that makes you and your experience/character perfect for the Express fashion brand. Or in other words, your Express application online is a means by which to market yourself and persuade them to hire you in a heartbeat. Be careful not to go too OTT with the bragging however, as chances are you will be called in for a series of interviews and meetings following the submission of your Express application online form, so be sure to stick with the truth at all times. In addition, there’s a very good chance you will be asked to suit-up and hit the shop floor to try your hand on the front-line, so be read for this too!

Minimum Age for Employment at Express

As is standard across much of the retail industry, the job application onlinecan only be completed and sent in only by those of at least 18 years of age and older.

Express Store Hours

Express stores are for the most part open seven days a week and operate standard trading hours from around 10am until 9pm, or 11am until 6pm on Sundays. However, busier units and those in certain shopping malls may stay open until much later at night and continue through the early hours during peak shopping seasons and events. Cleaners and merchandisers are required to make sure all is in order prior to opening, so actual working hours can begin and end a couple of hours before and after standard opening times.

Entry Level Express Careers and Income

Express is a company with a long history of hiring young and promising talent, in order that it might be nurtured and transformed into a career for life. As such, most promotions take place from within and most entry-level roles are made available via the online application form. Entry-level posts usually arise in the form of standard team member positions, which involve duties like customer services, operating the register, cash handling, merchandising, housekeeping and basically acting as first port-of-call for customers. Hourly earnings of around $8 per hour can be expected on startup, though depends very much on age, experience and position.

Express Careers in Management

For those with a penchant for fashion and a passion for people to match, the sky is well and truly the limit at Express. From fashion experts to department supervisors to store managers and right through to top-tier executive posts at the company’s head office in Ohio, those that display true talent and drive can go pretty much as far as they desire. And with regard to reward packages, supervisory salaries begin from around the $20,000 mark and store managers can expect to be offered in the region of $50,000 or more.

Basic Tips to Apply Online with Express

Be sure to fill out the Express application with the next stage of the process in mind – i.e. the interview. What’s more, you should also be looking to keep the application as a whole as positive as possible from beginning to end – the company is all about freshness and a dynamic attitude. In addition, be sure to attach a CV to your Express online applicationif appropriate in order to bolster you application, or consider taking a copy in person to your chosen branch.

Advanced Tips to Apply Online with Express

Don’t be tempted to stray into untruths in your Express application in order to sell yourself – you’ll end up in trouble! In order to find out what the company stands for, take a trip to a couple of Express stored before applying and introduce yourself to staff members. And finally, never be afraid to follow up your Express online application with a friendly courtesy call just to make sure the employer received everything ok.

Express Benefits

When it comes to benefits, the Express application could lead to a career with more to gain than most out there. Not only are staff members offered competitive pay rates and generous discounts, but any number of health, holiday and general welfare benefits besides. There are also reimbursements offered for some commuting and tuition fees – a big rarity in the retail game.

Useful and Interesting Facts About Express

Founded in Chicago in 1980, Express quickly exploded into a household name and today operates no less than 600 stores across the US. With annual turnover of nearly $2 billion, the company is going from strength to strength redefining fresh and young fashion for today’s trendy crowd. The company goal is to inspire rather than maximize profits, resulting in affordable lines for young men and women alike.

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