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Employment at Whole Foods

Founded in 1980 in Austin Texas, the Whole Foods chain has quickly become the go-to store for millions and millions of people who want to make an improvement in their diet and go organic. At the moment, Whole Foods is the 30th largest retailer in America. Whole Foods has 431 stores all across the U.S., in Canada and in the United Kingdom and it currently employs about 91,000 people. If you want to be a part of an innovative food retail team, then send in a Whole Foods application today for the best Whole Foods career for you.

Whole Foods Application

If you are interested in one of the Whole Foods jobs, then you need to know a few things about the Whole Foods job application process first.

A Whole Foods jobs and employment form was available in PDF format until quite recently, when the company introduced the Whole Foods Careers Portal, that is much more accessible to all the people who want to submit a Whole Foods application.

All you need to do is access the Whole Foods official site, www.wholefoodsmarket.com, go to the Whole Foods Careers menu at the bottom of the page, and then click on the ‘Find and Apply to Jobs’ button to access the official Whole Foods Careers Portal.

First, you will have to choose the country where you are interested in applying for Whole Foods employment. In the United States, there are 1,337 Whole Foods jobs available at the moment.

You can conduct a personalized search on the Whole Foods Careers portal, so that you find the ideal Whole Foods jobs for you.

You can search the Whole Foods Careers by location, language, the type of Whole Foods store you are interested in, the Whole Foods employment department you are interested in, the type of schedule you want to commit to and the specific Whole Foods career you are interested in.

You will be presented with a list of Whole Foods employment options that are in line with the parameters of your query. Then you can analyze the job descriptions of the Whole Foods careers to find the best one for you.

When you have decided on one or more Whole Foods careers, you can click the Apply button to access the Whole Foods Careers Portal directly or the Apply using LinkedIn button to submit your profile to the Whole Foods Careers Portal.

If you choose to apply via the Whole Foods Application Portal, you will need to create a user name and a password first, in order to secure your profile.  You will be able to use this Whole Foods Application Portal login again if you want to apply to more Whole Foods careers.

The first step of the online Whole Foods application portal requires you to provide your resume and you can do that by simply uploading it from your computer.

Then, you need to provide the required information step by step until you complete the Whole Foods application form. You will need to upload your cover letter and then to include information about the following:

  • Previous Employment
  • Education
  • Certifications/ Licenses
  • Language Skills
  • Geographic Mobility
  • Additional Areas of Interest
  • Documents/ Attachments
  • More Information: secondary phone, address, city, state, country, postal code, top area of interest at Whole Foods market.

Then you will have to fill out a more detailed Whole Foods application form that includes the following sections:

  • The Basics – you will be required to provide your full contact details.
  • Availability – You will be asked to supply your availability for work for every day of the week.
  • Recent Education Experience
  • Recent Employment Experience
  • Experience with Whole Foods Market Careers
  • Personal Background Information
  • Supporting Documents
  • Additional Information
  • Voluntary Information – If you are comfortable with doing so, you can include your race, gender, disability status and veteran status.

When you have filled out all the sections of the Whole Foods application form, you can save it on your Whole Foods careers profile so that when you want to submit a Whole Foods application for another job, you can simply use your profile.

After saving your Whole Foods application portal profile you have to submit it for your desired Whole Foods job. You will receive a confirmation notice regarding the completion of the Whole Foods application process, so that you know that your Whole Foods application form has been sent for the Whole Foods job you are interested in.

Read about more tips for applying at Whole Foods in the sections below to optimize your Whole Foods job application process.

Minimum Age for Employment at Whole Foods

The minimum Whole Foods hiring age is 16, so everybody above this age can send in a Whole Foods application form for a chance to work as part of a truly special team.

Younger candidates are advised to apply for entry level Whole Foods jobs, because these could provide them with the necessary experience for higher level Whole Foods careers. The company believes in supporting its employees and offering them a chance to grow as part of the Whole Foods team.

Whole Foods Hours of Operation

The Whole Foods store hours differ quite a bit among the various Whole Foods markets. Opening hours may vary between 7:30 A.M. and 8:30 A.M. and closing hours between 9:00 P.M. and 10 P.M.  Whole Foods store hours are usually the same seven days a week.

However, if you want to be sure, you are advised to use the Whole Foods Store Locator to find the exact Whole Foods store hours for the market you intend to go to. You will be presented with the address of the store, the phone number where you can reach them and the Whole Foods store hours for any one of the markets you need to go to.

Entry-Level Whole Foods Careers and Income

Team Member – Job Description and Duties

The Team Member position is the main entry level Whole Foods career and it entails operating one of the departments of the Whole Foods store and interacting with the customers so that they have the best possible experience at the Whole Foods store.

The Team Member is an embodiment of the Whole Foods core values and will always project this image onto the clients. He/ She will always address the customers in a polite manner and will provide them with all the information they need.

The department specific responsibilities of the Team Member depend on where the Whole Foods employee chooses to work. Some of the Whole Foods careers in this department include:

  • Grocery Team Member
  • Bakery Service Team Member
  • Meat Service Team Member
  • Food Safety Team Member
  • Prepared Foods Service Team Member
  • Seafood Service Team Member

Team Member – Salary and Compensation

The starting Whole Foods salary for this position is $10.00 per hour and this amount can be increased in order to reflect the progress made by the Whole Foods employee in his/her chosen career.

While the maximum amount can reach $16.00 per hour, the average Whole Foods salary is $12.00 per hour. Team Members are also entitled to special bonuses, including a Cash Bonus and a Profit Sharing Bonus.

Cashier – Job Description and Duties

The Cashier at Whole Foods is always a person that clients get to create a relationship with, because he/ she always offers customers kind and friendly greetings and politely answers any concern that they might have in regards to the Whole Foods products.

Cashiers also need to know how to adapt to the conditions in the Whole Foods stores and especially to customer flow, so that the people in line spend as little time as possible waiting.

They will scan the customer’s products as quickly as possible and they will conduct the necessary transitions rapidly and efficiently.

Cashier – Salary and Compensation

The starting salary for this entry level Whole Foods career is $8.00 per hour, but it can be increased to as much as $15.00 according to the progression of the Whole Foods employee. The average Whole Foods salary for the Cashier position is $11.00 per hour.

Additionally, there are a few bonuses that are added to the Whole Foods Cashier salary periodically, including a Cash Bonus and a Profit Sharing Bonus.

Whole Foods Careers in Management

Department Manager – Job Description and Duties

Exactly like the Team Member Whole Foods jobs, the various Department Manager positions are spread across the Whole Foods store’s sectors. As such, some of the options for these Whole Foods careers in management are:

  • Bakery Department Manager
  • Meats Department Manager
  • Seafood Department Manager
  • Grocery Department Manager

The Department Manager will coordinate the Team Members in the department so that they work as part of a team and that they are able to provide a high quality service to the customers.

Department Manager – Salary and Compensation

The base Whole Foods salary for this position ranges from an annual rate of $50,000 to one of $68,000, according to the Whole Foods employee’s performance and the achievements that his strategies manage to generate.

There is also a Cash Bonus and a Profit Sharing Bonus that the Department Manager is entitled to that can make the Whole Foods salary reach $72,000 yearly.

Basic Tips for Applying at Whole Foods

Applying for Whole Foods careers through the Whole Foods job application portal is accessible to all candidates who want to work as part of the Whole Foods family.

However, there are few basic tips that you need to follow in order to increase your chances at Whole Foods employment. We recommend that you take into consideration the following steps:

  • Check your resume before uploading it to the Whole Foods job application portal – make sure that you are uploading the latest version of your CV and that it is addressed to Whole Foods.
  • Do not skip the Cover Letter section of the Whole Foods application form – writing a cover letter will not take you a long time, but it definitely will make a difference to the Whole Foods hiring specialists, because it will demonstrate your commitment to the Whole Foods career you have chosen.
  • Proofread all the information that you put in the Whole Foods application form – from your resume to your cover letter and to all of the smaller sections that you fill out, make sure that you do not have typos or other spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Double check your contact details, because the Whole Foods hiring team will need to use it in order to contact you for your interview.

Advanced tips for Applying at Whole Foods

If you are interested in one of the many in-store Whole Foods careers, then it might prove to be effective to go the Whole Foods store where you would like to work and talk to the Store Manager about available positions and their application status.

You might be provided with a paper-based Whole Foods job application form or you might be advised to use the Whole Foods application portal, but the effort of coming in personally in regards to the Whole Foods job will definitely be appreciated and it might set you apart from the other candidates.

Benefits at Whole Foods

The Whole Foods employee benefits are included in a an attractive pack offered to all Whole Foods employees who work at least 20 hours a week. This pack is comprised of the following Whole Foods benefits:

  • Whole Foods employee discount – the company offers at least a 20% discount to all Whole Foods employees
  • Medical Plan – includes a Prescription Plan as well
  • Vision Plan
  • Dental Plan
  • Basic Life Insurance
  • Paid Time Off
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Retirement Savings Plan
  • Team Member Emergency Funds
  • Team Member Stock Option Plan

The Whole Foods employee benefits may differ from one country to another, so the Whole Foods employees in Canada and the UK might receive a slightly different benefit pack.

Whole Foods Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

After you successfully send in your Whole Foods application form, it will be processed by the Whole Foods hiring team, who will verify that you have the necessary skills required for the Whole Foods career you have chosen.

All the suitable candidates will be contacted and asked to come in for an in person interview that will be conducted either by the Whole Foods hiring specialists (for most of the entry level Whole Foods careers) or by the managers and assistant managers of the departments where the Whole Foods careers are located (for some entry level Whole Foods jobs and for all the higher level Whole Foods jobs).

Also, depending on the career level of the Whole Foods job that you are applying for, the location of the interview might be the Whole Foods Market where the job is located or one of the Whole Foods corporate offices.

You will need to spend a few hours reading about organic foods and the Whole Foods policy on Animal Welfare, Organic Farming, GMOs, Seafood Sustainability, Whole Trade and the Whole Foods core values.

You will find all of this information on the Whole Foods official website and it is clearly worth your time because the interview questions might require you to elaborate on these matters.

It is also very important that you choose an appropriate look for the interview, which will have to be business casual for entry level Whole Foods jobs and up to business formal for managerial and other higher level Whole Foods jobs. Remember to use only a few key accessories and subtle day make-up to complete your look.

Frequently Asked Whole Foods Interview Questions

If you are about to interview for a Whole Foods career, then you should take a look at these frequently asked interview questions, because it might prove to be helpful for you to have an idea about how to orient your interview answers.

  1. Why have you chosen to apply at Whole Foods?
  2. Do you know what the difference between organic food and natural food?
  3. Could you describe a conflict that you have had with a co-worker in the past?
  4. How important do you think teamwork is at Whole Foods?
  5. How do you think you can contribute to the Whole Foods market?
  6. What is your favorite Whole Foods product?
  7. Do you know anything about the Whole Foods core values?
  8. Could you please describe a time when you have had to deal with a difficult customer in the past?
  9. How do you see a successful team working together to achieve a goal?

In order to prepare for the interview, you need to think about where you would fit in the Whole Foods team, what you would bring to it and how your qualifications and professional experience provide you with an innovative approach to the Whole Foods career you have chosen.

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