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Got a sweet tooth? How does a cup of delicious Pinkberry frozen yogurt sound? Choose your favorite flavor from the extensive Pinkberry yogurt collection and then add some scrumptious toppings to it from the fruit and sweets bar. Pinkberry always has hand cut fresh fruit and sinfully yummy sugary options. In its 10 years of activity, Pinkberry has created a solid base of regular clients who absolutely love the amazing Pinkberry yogurt treats. The Pinkberry frozen yogurt tart is particularly popular among frozen yogurt enthusiasts and it is definitely here to stay. Another sweet fact about Pinkberry is the fact that it offers an amazing environment to its employees. So fill out a Pinkberry application today for the chance to work in an amazing dessert store!

Pinkberry Application

Interested in one of the Pinkberry careers? Then go to to get your Pinkberry job application form. Go to the ‘Be a part of team Pinkberry menu’ on the main page and click on the Apply now button to access the Pinkberry careers page.

Read about all the Pinkberry career options and the sweet perks that the Pinkberry employees are entitled to on this page. Then click on the Download an application button at the bottom of the page to access the printable Pinkberry application form.

Print several copies of the Pinkberry application form and start filling them out for a chance at Pinkberry employment. First you will need to add your Contact Information and then you will have to mention the Pinkberry job that you are applying for, and whether or not you were referred by somebody for the job.

Next, you will have to answer several Pinkberry hiring questions:

  • Are you over 18?
  • If you are not over 18, do you have a work permit?
  • Can you supply proof of your legal right to work in the U.S.?
  • Have you ever had a Pinkberry job?
  • Have you ever been convicted of a felony? – Pinkberry mentions that this does not constitute the grounds for dismissal; however, the nature of the felony will be taken into consideration.

The following section of the Pinkberry application form require you to provide some brief information about your education.

Then, you will have to provide three references for the Pinkberry job application form that the company may contact during the hiring process.

The next section of the Pinkberry application form is the one regarding your work history. You will have to provide succinct information about your work experience, including your specific position, your starting and ending salary, your main responsibilities, the duration of the collaboration, the name of your supervisor and whether or not you agree to Pinkberry contacting him or her for a reference.

Then, you will have to list your daily availability for Pinkberry employment, so that you can be considered for the right shift planning sector for you.

In the last sections of the Pinkberry application form you will have to take the time to read the following:

  • The ‘At Will Statement’ – you need to acknowledge that Pinkberry makes no representation in regards to the nature or the duration of your employment and that all Pinkberry employment is “at will”. As such, both you and Pinkberry have the right to end your collaboration at any time and with or without previous notice or cause
  • The ‘Disclaimer and Signature’ – by providing your signature to the Pinkberry application form, you are essentially guaranteeing that all the information you have provided for this document is true. In the event that it is discovered that you have misled the company by using data that is not true, you need to acknowledge that your collaboration with Pinkberry will be terminated.

Supply your signature and the current date to complete the Pinkberry application form.

Unfortunately, finding a list of the available positions at Pinkberry might prove rather difficult, as the company only supplies the printable Pinkberry jobs and employment form on the Pinkberry jobs page.

A Pinkberry job listings section or an online Pinkberry application portal are not available, so prospective candidates for Pinkberry employment are not able to read about the responsibilities of the positions or the application status of the Pinkberry careers on the official Pinkberry jobs page.

As such, you are left with two main options for finding the available Pinkberry careers:

Use a third party jobs and employment website to find the newest Pinkberry jobs and make a list of the Pinkberry locations that are hiring at the moment

  • Use the Pinkberry store locator on to find these stores and go an submit your Pinkberry application form in person
  • You will have to fill out several Pinkberry application forms for this, which could prove rather tedious

Visit the Pinkberry locations near you in search of Pinkberry employment

  • Use the Pinkberry store locator to all the Pinkberry locations near you.
  • Extend your search as much as you are willing to travel on your way to work.
  • Make a list of all of these Pinkberry locations and take the time to visit each of them.
  • You might not find job openings at all of the Pinkberry locations, but even leaving your. Pinkberry application form could lead to Pinkberry employment when the store has available positions.

Minimum Age for Employment at Pinkberry

If you are looking for a Pinkberry career, then you need to know that the minimum Pinkberry hiring age is 16. These young candidates will be asked to provide a work permit during the Pinkberry hiring process and they will be considered for entry level Pinkberry careers, due to their limited experience.

Pinkberry Hours of Operation

The Pinkberry hours for most Pinkberry stores are 11:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. on a daily basis. However, Pinkberry store hours fluctuate among the numerous Pinkberry locations.

It is safest that you use the Pinkberry store locator, which you can find on, to check the exact Pinkberry hours for your chosen store.

Entry-Level Pinkberry Careers and Income

There is only one entry level Pinkberry career that you can apply for in the Pinkberry locations and it is the Team Member position. Let us tell you a few things about it.

Team Memeber – Job Description and Duties

The Team Members are the face of the Pinkberry store because they get to interact with the customers directly. As such, their general mood and attitude needs to be in line with the atmosphere of the store.

They will greet the customers in an enthusiastic voice and they will provide them with all the information they require regarding the Pinkberry frozen yogurt flavors and toppings. They will assist the customers to create their personalized Pinkberry yogurt cups and then they will weigh them and take care of all the payment formalities.

The Team Members are also in charge of keeping the Pinkberry store clean and presentable for the customers at all times.

Team Member – Salary and Compensation

Given the fact that this an entry level Pinkberry career, the Pinkberry salary starts out at the minim wage set by the state, which is at least $7,25 per hour.

Then the employee will receive salary increases in line with his/ her performance. The maximum Pinkberry salary for this position is $11.00 per hour.

Pinkberry Careers in Management

Pinkberry employees who are committed to their work and to the Pinkberry store are offered the chance of promotion because the Pinkberry hiring policy for Management careers is that all Managers need to know all the store operations so that they are able to coordinate their employees as best as possible.

The Pinkberry career progression in the Management sector is as follows:

  • Shift Lead Pinkberry jobs
  • General Manager Pinkberry jobs
  • Area Manager Pinkberry jobs

Shift Lead – Job Description and Duties

The main role of the Shift Lead is to make sure that the Pinkberry store is running smoothly at all times. He/she will be a role model for the rest of the Team Members and he/she will offer them assistance regarding their responsibilities in the event that they are in need of it.

The Shift Lead will also be in charge of scheduling for his/her team and will make sure that the final work schedule is a good fit for all the Team Members, so that the Pinkberry store has a balanced staff at all times.

Shift Lead – Salary and Compensation

The Shift Lead Pinkberry salary starts at an hourly rate of $9.00 and can reach $13.00 per hour when the employee begins to show his/ her full potential.

The Shift Lead is also entitled to a series of bonuses, including a Cash Bonus, which are awarded at the end of the year and which constitute financial incentive for the Pinkberry employees.

General Manager – Job Description and Duties

The General Manager will coordinate all the operations in the Pinkberry store. He/ She will handpick his/ her employees so that they represent the brand’s best interest and then will observe their evolution in their Pinkberry career.

The General Manager will provide the Shift Leader with a list of instructions meant to optimize the performance of the employees for which he/she will receive feedback. Based on the feedback provided by the Shift Leader, the General Manager will renew the In-store work policies for the Pinkberry employees.

In the event that an employee does not abide by these instructions, the General Manager will decide whether or not his/her contract will be prolonged or not.

The Pinkberry General Manager is also in charge of devising personalized financial strategies meant to enable the Pinkberry store to achieve its financial goals.

General Manager – Salary and Compensation

The starting salary for the General Manager position is an annual rate of $34,000. This base Pinkberry salary can get as high as $55,000 per year, so that it is in line with the performance of the Pinkberry Manager.

Aside from the base salary, the General Manager also receives a Commission Bonus at the end of the year that averages at $10,500.

Basic Tips for Applying at Pinkberry

Applying for a Pinkberry career could prove to be quite a lucrative endeavor due to the fact that the company does not offer an online application portal.

Since you are not able to send your application online, the Pinkberry application process relies on you availability to visit as many Pinkberry locations as possible and most of all on your chance to be in the right place at the right time.

You can either find an opening for your chosen Pinkberry career at the first Pinkberry store you submit your Pinkberry application to or you can find one at the thirtieth. The most important thing is to be perseverant, because you will eventually find your dream Pinkberry job.

Take a day or two to complete this task, according to the amount of free time that you have. The first thing you need to do is fill out your Pinkberry application forms. You will need one Pinkberry application form for every Pinkberry store you visit.

This entails that a lot of writing, so you need to be very patient. Ideally, all of your Pinkberry applications should be hand-written, but a much easier solution is filling out one Pinkberry application and then making colored photocopies of it. Remember to leave the date and signature sections empty.

Fill out these last sections of the Pinkberry application form on the day when you submit them. Your signature should be original in order to validate the document.

Advanced tips for Applying at Pinkberry

Since the moment when you submit your Pinkberry application might be your first encounter with your future colleagues and most importantly, with your future supervisor and manager, you need to be dressed for the occasion.

If you are applying for an entry level career, then your choice of clothes is the most difficult. You shouldn’t opt for a business outfit, as this would be inappropriate, but rather for a more casual one that makes you look like you belong in a Pinkberry store.

Don’t be afraid to wear colors, as an overall joyful look will be considered a good fit with the mood of the store. On the other hand, your outfit shouldn’t be overly casual, so avoid baggy pants, ripped jeans, short tops, deep cleavages and see-through blouses.

If you are searching for a Pinkberry career in Management, then business attire is your best choice. You need to look poised and confident, so make sure you choose something that you feel powerful in.

The application itself only permits you to include basic information about your academic and professional background, so you need to choose your words wisely.

It is more important that you include your most impressive professional achievements, rather than your most recent workplaces. If you are actually able to list your most important employment places chronologically, this is the ideal situation.

You only have one line to mention your employment responsibilities, so make sure you use it to your advantage. Think of the most important tasks that you have performed in your previous careers and mention those. However, make sure that you do not overcrowd that section of the form, as this will give your Pinkberry application an undesirable look.

Make sure you provide the accurate contact detail for your previous workplaces. This entails that you check them again before filling out that section of the Pinkberry job application form, as they might have been updates in the meantime.

The Pinkberry hiring specialists will get in touch with your former supervisors, so if you are able to, find out whether or not they are still with the companies.

You will have to provide three references for your Pinkberry job application, so make sure you choose the best ones. Avoid adding friends and family to this section. You should rather include authoritative figures who can add weight to your application.

Benefits at Pinkberry

The benefit pack at Pinkberry includes an impressive selection of benefits that can make Pinkberry employees feel comfortable and protected:

  • Affordable Health Plan: medical plan, vision plan, dental plan, prescription plan.
  • Voluntary Supplemental Insurance
  • Dynamic and Friendly Work Environment
  • Free Pinkberry frozen yogurt for all the employees – includes all the Pinkberry flavors
  • Company Social Events
  • Job Training

Pinkberry Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

When you come in to leave your Pinkberry application, you need to be ready for an interview as well, because you might be asked to participate in one then and there if the Pinkberry job that you are applying for is vacant. This means that you have to do your research beforehand and as mentioned above, you need to be dressed properly for an interview.

However, the General Manager needs to be present for this to happen, as he/she will be conducting the interview. Therefore, it is probably best if you go to the Pinkberry store in the first part of the day. Use the Pinkberry store locator to check the Pinkberry hours as well for all the stores you plan to visit.

On the other hand, if you are not asked to stay in for an interview, it does not mean that you do not stand a chance at Pinkberry employment. You might receive a call to schedule an interview later that same day or sometime in the following days.

You should respect the dress code mentioned in the Tips section of this article and you should prepare for your interview by reading about the company’s history. Use the official site or the Pinkberry app for this and make sure that you are familiar with the basic facts about the brand and with the current selection of Pinkberry frozen yogurt, the signature Pinkberry flavors and toppings. You should also read about the Pinkberry catering services, as this could come up during the interview.

The General Manager will conduct the interview and it will most likely take place inside the Pinkberry store. If you are applying for an entry level Pinkberry career, then you will probably be asked to sit at one of the tables where you will have a short discussion with the Manager.

Interviews for higher level positions might be held either in the Manager’s office at the Pinkberry store or at one of the Pinkberry corporate offices.

The Pinkberry interviews might be one-on-one or they could be group interviews, according to what the General Manager decides and to the number of candidates asked to come in. You basically need to be ready for anything, as the Pinkberry interview might include various activities.

Frequently Asked Pinkberry Interview Questions

The main goal of the interview is to assess whether or not you are a good fit for the Pinkberry brand. As such, you should expect a lot of psychological questions meant to analyze your personality and also small tasks that will test you communication and sales skills, as you will have to sell Pinkberry yogurt to clients.

This is a short list of the questions that you might be presented with during the Pinkberry interview:

  1. Why have you chosen to apply at Pinkberry?
  2. What is your favorite from among the Pinkberry flavors? What toppings would you choose for that?
  3. If you could have any superpower, which would you choose?
  4. Describe a penny to me as best as you can.
  5. Could you please tell me about a time when you have learned from your mistakes?
  6. If you could have dinner with any three people in the world, alive or dead, who would you invite?
  7. Please introduce the person sitting next to you (who will be another candidate for the Pinkberry job, whom you will not know; you will have to pay attention to everything the other people say during the interview or you will have to improvise as best as you can).
  8. Could you please draw a picture that represents the Pinkberry brand best? Then write a 1 minute commercial that is in line with your picture.

As you can see, knowing as much as possible about the Pinkberry brand is crucial, as you will be asked to use this information for your Pinkberry interview answers. Go to and download the Pinkberry app for more accessibility. Also, take the time to go on YouTube and see a few videos and commercials for Pinkberry.

If you get the chance, go to a Pinkberry store and stay for some Pinkberry frozen yogurt before your interview, because a fresh experience might help you think of more passionate answers.

This concludes our Pinkberry application guide. If you have any more questions about Pinkberry careers don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to help you. Good luck with your Pinkberry job application!

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