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Employment at Citi Trends

Citi Trends is an all-American clothing retail store chain that offers high-quality fashion at prices that everybody can afford. Citi Trends sells urban fashion clothing, accessories, shoes and home decor and there is always something for each member of the family at the store. Founded back in 1958 in Savannah, Georgia, the company operated under the name Allied Department Stores until 2001, when it was officially renamed Citi Trends. At the moment, there are over 515 Citi Trends store locations in 31 American states. If you want to work at a store that makes fashion affordable for all, then send your Citi Trends application for a chance at a dynamic and exciting career!

Citi Trends Application

If you want to apply for a job with the company, then you should know that you are expected to send your Citi Trends application online via the careers portal, which you can access by going to and clicking on the Jobs button from the menu at the bottom of the page.

First, you will have to choose the Department where you want to apply for Citi Trends employment from the ones listed below:

  • Corporate Citi Trends Jobs;
  • Citi Trends Distribution Center Jobs;
  • Store Manager Citi Trends Careers;
  • Store Sales Associate Citi Trends Careers.

Click on the Citi Trends career that you are interested in and then put in a keyword and your location in the Job Search Menu to get a more specific look at the Citi Trends job offer.

Analyze the list closely by clicking on the Citi Trends job titles that sound interesting and take the time to read the job description on the right-hand menu. If the position sounds like a good fit for your expectations, but you still want to see the rest of their offerings, click on the star next to the job title to bookmark it. You will be able to find it easily later in the Bookmarks section from the left-hand menu of the Citi Trends careers portal.

When you have chosen the best Citi Trends jobs for you, click on the Apply button in the description to start filling out the Citi Trends application form.

The Citi Trends careers portal will require you to create a profile, which means that you will have to put in your e-mail address and then pick a password to secure your account.

Then, you have to put in your Contact Information and then answer these four employment-focused questions in the Preliminary Questions section of the Citi Trends application form:

  • Are you older than 18?
  • Are you eligible for employment in the U.S.?
  • Are you willing to submit yourself to a Background Check and/or a Drug Test?
  • Are you able to certify that all the information you have included in the Citi Trends job application form is true and accurate?

Then, the Citi Trends application form will ask you to mention how you have learned about the career you are applying for.

The next step of the Citi Trends application form is the Documents section, where you can attach your resume and cover letter. You are given the possibility of uploading it from your computer, your Dropbox, your Google Drive or your LinkedIn profile.

Then you will have to read the Terms and Conditions of the Citi Trends application form and if you agree, you can go on to read the Data Protection Statement.

If you agree with both statements, you can go ahead to fill out the main part of the Citi Trends job application form, which includes the following sections:

  • Personal Information – you have already provided your contact data and now you will have to answer a few more employment questions, such as:
    • Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
    • Have you ever been employed at Citi Trends?
  • Employment History – you need to mention your work experience in this section of the Citi Trends application form and include the name of your previous employer, the duration of the collaboration and your reason for leaving the job.
  • Education History – here you need to create an outline of your education.
  • Confirm and Submit – in this section of the Citi Trends application form, you need to supply your electronic signature and to testify that all the information you have included is true.
  • Review – in the last section of the employment form you get to see the how your application will look and you can change anything that you want so that the final version abides by your standards.

When you are done editing your Citi Trends application form, click on the Submit button to complete the application process.

If you want to check your application status in the next few days, all you have to do is log into the Citi Trends Career portal and you will be notified when your employment form has been assessed.

At the moment the company does not provide a printable jobs and employment form, so you will need to rely on the Citi Trends online application if you want to be considered for Citi Trends careers.

Minimum Age for Employment at Citi Trends

The minimum age for Citi Trends employment is 16 because the company appreciates young people with fresh ideas about fashion, as they are able to interact with the young customers of the store on a much closer level, which translates into excellent sales rates.

Due to their limited work experience, these young candidates are only eligible for entry level Citi trends careers, but the best and the brightest are then promoted to higher level positions.

Citi Trends Hours of Operation

The regular Citi trends store hours are 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. every day, but according to the location of the store, Citi trends hours might fluctuate.

If you want to find the exact hours of operation for the location you are planning to visit, just go to and use the Citi trends store locator to find all the information you need.

Entry-Level Citi Trends Careers and Income

Citi Trends offers employment opportunities for people who want to start a stellar career in its stores, but also in its corporate department and in the Citi Trends distribution center.

The entry-level Citi Trends job in the company’s stores is the Store Sales Associate position, which is an amazing start for people who want to create a career in fashion.

The Citi Trends distribution center and corporate department offer Help-Desk positions for newcomers that will familiarize them with all the company policies of the operations.

These entry-level positions can lead to long term successful Citi Trends careers as the company has a solid policy to promote from within so that its Managers can know firsthand how the company works.

Store Sales Associate – Job Description and Duties

The Store Sales Associates are the ones who get to interact with the customers directly and to offer them advise about the best Citi Trends clothes for them, according to their preferences and needs.

As such, they need to know the company’s current line of clothing, as well as the shoes and accessories that go best with each item. They will help the customers create amazing outfits so that they can leave the store feeling empowered and beautiful.

The Store Sales Associates will handle the Citi Trends clothing from its arrival at the store and all the way to the racks and they will keep every department well stocked, clean and organized, so that the customers always have enough clothes to choose from.

Store Sales Associate – Salary and Compensation

The salary for the Store Sales associate position starts at minim wage, which is $7.25 per hour on average and as the employees gain experience, this rate is increased to repay them properly.

The highest Citi Trends salary for this entry level position is $9.00 per hour and the average rate is $8.00 per hour. Entry-level employees are also entitled to Cash Bonuses and Commission Sharing benefits, which are awarded at the end of the year.

Citi Trends Careers in Management

Citi Trends offers Management opportunities in all of its sectors:

  • Store Management Citi Trends Careers;
  • Distribution Center Citi Trends Careers in Management;
  • Management Citi Trends Careers in the Corporate Sector.

While the company does promote its best employees to Management careers, the Citi Trends hiring specialists will make their choice based on the qualifications and skills of the employee. The jobs always go to the top candidates, whether they are Citi Trends employees or not.

Don’t hesitate to send in a Citi Trends application if you are interested in a Management career at the company and let your experience and dedication speak for themselves.

Store Manager – Job Description and Duties

The main role of the Citi Trends Store Managers is to assign the best possible tasks to the team of Sales Associates and Assistant Managers so that every department of the store runs perfectly at all times.

They will handpick new employees and will oversee their development so that the customers get to interact with enthusiastic store representatives who can advise them well in their search for the perfect outfit.

Store Managers constantly work on improving the customers’ experience at the store by training the employees, by adjusting the general display and sales policies of the company to the specific needs of the store.

Store Manager – Salary and Compensation

This Citi Trends salary starts at an annual amount of $33,000 and can get as high as $42,000 for experienced Store Managers. They are also entitled to year-end performance bonuses that can get the overall salary to as much as $58,000.

Basic Tips for Applying at Citi Trends

Due to the fact that the entire Citi Trends application process relies on the online employment form, you need to be extremely careful when filling it out, so that it can relay a complex image of you and your qualifications.

Including a resume and a cover letter is not mandatory in the Citi Trends application form, but these two documents are extremely important because they provide you with a chance to create a more detailed job application form.

Always review your resume one more time before uploading it to the portal and include any qualifications or professional experience that you think could recommend you for the Citi Trends job that you have chosen.

As for the cover letter, you should make a list of what you think makes you a solid candidate for the Citi Trends career that you have chosen and then expand on the items in a one-page essay. Mention all the things you like about Citi Trends clothing and accessories, as well as your favorite part of the shopping experience at the store.

Take the Review section of the Citi Trends application form very seriously and proofread your online form thoroughly before submitting it. Don’t only check for spelling and grammar mistakes, but look for any display inaccuracies that might have slipped through.

At this point, you can go back and correct any mistakes you find, so that when you hit that Submit button you can be certain that you have sent the best possible application you could have written.

Advanced tips for Applying at Citi Trends

One of the main advantages of the Citi Trends application portal is that it allows you to apply to as many jobs as you want. And since all the information you include in your online application form remains saved to your profile, applying to the next jobs will take you considerably less time.

All you need to do is to edit or even rewrite your cover letter in order to refer specifically to the job that you are applying for. Furthermore, feel free to make any additions to the rest of your Citi Trends application form, so that it is perfectly adapted to the position.

Benefits at Citi Trends

Because Citi Trends values its employees greatly, they offer a core benefit pack to all the people who work at the company, including part-time associates. This core pack is then expanded for higher level Citi Trends careers, who can choose the extra benefits according to their needs.

The core pack includes the following benefits:

  • Healthcare Coverage:
    • Medical Plan;
    • Vision Plan;
    • Dental Plan;
    • Prescription Coverage Plan.
  • Performance-based Bonuses.
  • Flexible Work Hours.
  • Paid Time Off:
    • Sick Days;
    • Paid Vacation;
    • Paid Holidays;
    • Bereavement Leave.
  • Dynamic Workplace.

Citi Trends Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

The Citi Trends hiring process starts when your online application is assessed. If your employment form is in line with the company’s expectations, you are then contacted and asked to come in for an interview.

The interviews for in-store Citi Trends jobs are usually held in the store, as they might include practical tasks that involve clothing and accessories.

As for the interviews for Citi Trends distribution center careers, these are held either in offices from this department or at one of the company’s corporate buildings.

The company usually conducts one-on-one interviews, but group sessions might be used for Store Associate positions, so you need to be open minded when heading to your job meeting because you might just be surprised.

It is extremely important that you prepare properly for your interview, which means that you need to know every little detail about the current Citi Trends clothing line and the fashion styles it represents.

The final step is choosing your interview attire and this is something that you want to think twice about because Citi Trends takes fashion very seriously. While casual clothing is the best choice for entry-level Citi Trends jobs, business attire is the only way to go for higher level careers.

You should avoid using more than one item from Citi Trends, but try to adapt your outfit to the fashion style that the company stands for, especially if you are applying for an in-store position.

Frequently Asked Citi Trends Interview Questions

The Citi Trends interview process is simple and it mainly includes job-related questions, so that the hiring specialists can get an idea about the professional conduct of the prospective employee.

Take a look at the examples we have gathered and try to think of the interview answers you would give to these questions during the interview:

  • Why did you apply at Citi Trends?
  • What could you bring to this Citi Trends job?
  • If your supervisor asked you to bend the company rules and you thought this was wrong, how would you handle the situation?
  • Could you please tell me about a difficult time you have faced in your previous employment?
  • If you were busy with store tasks, what would you tell a customer who asked for your help?
  • Could you please tell me about a time when you were put under pressure at work?
  • How many hours a week are you willing to work?
  • Are you willing to abide by a flexible work schedule?

During the interview, you need to be relaxed, so that you can gather your thoughts and think of complex answers. Try to connect with the interviewer, because this will make your job meeting much easier. Try to think of it more as a conversation than a full-on interview, so that you can relieve some of the pressure.

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