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Employment at FedEx

Almost everyone in the western world has heard of FedEx. The company is synonym for courier delivery services, and it has been in operation since 1973. The name FedEx is an abbreviation of the name “Federal Express” which was the company’s original air division. This division operated right from the beginning of the company until the year 2000. The FedEx services are divided into four major business segments: FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, and FedEx Services. The company has expanded over the years and is now offering integrated shipping services throughout the world. The headquartersare in Memphis, Tennessee. The saying goes that Frederick Wallace Smith, simply known as “Fred”, the founder, chairman, president and CEO of FedEx, came with the idea of an overnight delivery service fit for the informational age while writing a paper for an economics class during his Yale years. Although it is uncertain what grade he received for it, it appears that the professor’s opinion was that this idea was not feasible. A few years later, he founded Federal Express, making the most of what he had learned about the military’s logistics system and procurement and delivery procedures while he served as a Marine. In the beginning, the company’s services covered 25 U.S. cities, and delivered small packages and documents through a fleet of 14 small jets. The focus was to develop an integrated air-ground shipping system feasible and scalable.


Nowadays, FedEx has an impressive portfolio of transportation, e-commerce and business related services. It offers international deliveries in over 220 countries, and their time-delivery services can cater to all the needs of their customers. From overnight shipping, to same day delivery, either for documents or small and large packages, FedEx has the infrastructure needed to make it all happen. The company also offers delivery services for those shipments that have no time constraints. The cargo airline, now titled “FedEx Express”, is the world largest airline when it comes to freight tons flown and the fourth largest fleet in the world when it comes to fleet size. The first large aircrafts were purchased in 1977, and they were seven Boeing 727 planes.

Wanting their customers to easily be able to use its services, FedEx installed its first drop box in 1975. This allowed people to drop their packages and envelopes without having to go to one of the company’s local branches. This made FedEx very popular, and helped making it profitable by the next year. In 1986, FedEx introduced another first in the package delivery world, the “SuperTracker”, a hand held code bar scanner that allows parcel tracking. In 1994, again for the first time in the industry, the company launched which allowed customers to online track their packages and request the company’s services. There are over 300,000 FedEx employees throughout the world, and their number is constantly growing, as does the number of FedEx careers available.

FedEx Application

There are many FedEx careers constantly available. FedEx employment opportunities range from part-time to full-time, from drivers to corporate positions. The easiest way to find out all FedEx careers available is on the company’s official site,, specifically on the company’s careers page – FedEx careers – and do the entire application online. The search for FedEx employment opportunities is fairly simple, and it begins with the country you are interested in. To narrow your search of FedEx job openings, you can also choose one of the business segments you are interested in, like FedEx Corporation, FedEx Freight, FedEx Express, FedEx office, and so on.

You can also search according to the type of FedEx careers you are interested in, such as Aviation, Courier Drivers, Handler or Dockworker, Supply Chain and Logistics, and so on. Another feature that is always very helpful is the search by location, in this case the state you are interested in. But by far the most used search feature is that by keyword or keywords to find specific available positions.  Whichever your preferences, you can easily find those FedEx jobs that might be a good fit for you.

Once you have found some FedEx jobs that you consider attractive, click on their title to read all you need to know before applying. If you want to pursue any of the FedEx job openings, you simply click the “Apply to job” button and you can begin the FedEx application process. The first thing you need to do is to create an account on the company’s recruitment system. To do so, you need to provide your email address, choose a password and a few security questions, such as “What is the name of your first school”. Once you have done this, the actual FedEx application process begins.

The next thing you need to do is to upload your resume and your cover letter. If you cannot do so, for whatever reason, you can copy or write them directly into the indicated boxes, although this isn’t advised. Both the resume and cover letter need to be written with careful consideration, so it is best to consider doing this before going to the next steps. After the upload, the system shows how the recruiters will see your documents so, if something doesn’t look right, now it’s the time to go back and fix it.

As you might expect, now it’s the time to write all your required personal information, beginning with your full name, your address, and also your unique identifier which is made of your birth date, specifically the day and the month, and the last six digits of your Social Security Number. Of course, you need to specify your phone number and current email address, so you can be contacted in the case of an interview. When it comes to your address, you need to write all your past 7 years addresses, with no more than a 2 months gap.

After doing this, you are required to answer a few questions. These are:

  • How did you hear about this position?
  • Have you ever worked at the FedEx Company you are currently applying to? (If your answer is yes, you will be required to give additional information.)
  • Do you currently or have you ever worked for another FedEx Company? (If your answer is yes, you will be required to give additional information.)
  • Do you currently use any illegal drugs?
  • Are you 18 years of age or older?
  • If selected for consideration, are you willing to submit to a background check, drug screen and reference check?

The next questions you are required to answer are related to your employment history. These are:

  • Are you currently employed?
  • If no, for how long have you been unemployed?
  • Can the company contact your current employer? (If the answer is no, you need to give a reason.)
  • Have you ever been discharged, asked to resign, or quit a job because you thought you were going to be fired? (If your answer is yes, you need to list all the companies involved.)

After answering these questions in the FedEx application, you need to give details about your work experience. Some FedEx jobs require you to list at least 10 years of work experience, and you need to also justify any gaps in the appointed section of the FedEx jobs and employment form. In this section you will also encounter a part in which you need to specify what did you like least about each job. There are also other questions you will be required to answer, specific for each type of FedEx jobs, like “Were you subject to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations while employed by this employer”. Pursuing FedEx careers might seem complicated, but it only requires some perseverance to go through the entire process.

Aside from listing your previous employers and explaining the gaps, if any, you also need to state in the FedEx application whether you are currently under any type of employment contract and / or agreement with a current or past employer. If the answer is yes, you will need to specify the name of the company, the nature of the agreement or contract, whether you are subject to any non-compete restrictions as a result, and when it expires. You will need to electronically sign the information you submit, and give FedEx permission to obtain a copy of it. This is a very important part of the FedEx job application process.

The next step in applying for FedEx careers is providing details about your education in the FedEx job application form. Once you have done so, you might be required to answer a few more questions regarding your past work experience, especially if you have worked as a driver. If you have, you will need to answer a few questions such as “Have you ever operated a liftgate” or “Do you have a valid CDL”, and any special courses or training you’ve attended that will help you in your work. Those who want to work as FedEx drivers will also need to sign theMVR Authorizationof the FedEx job application form that gives the company permission to inquire about any prior accidents you might have had, driving record, reasons for termination of employment, and other driving record requests made by others from state agencies and state-provided driving records.

After this step, you need to give details about your conviction record in the FedEx job application form. If you answer yes to any of these questions, you will not be considered for the FedEx jobs you want to apply to. The next step is to answer some specific work related questions. In the case of future FedEx drivers, there are questions like “Do you have a valid, non-restricted (other than corrective lenses or hearing aids) class A Commercial Driver’s License” or “Do you currently have, or are you willing and eligible to obtain a hazardous materials endorsement”.

FedEx careers also offer a diverse work environment, and the FedEx application process requires online applicants to answer gender and race related questions, to which one has the right not to respond, of course. Next, you will be required to voluntarily identify yourself having any disability or being a protected veteran. Again, you are entitled not to identify your gender or race, and this will not affect your FedEx application in any way. When it comes to protected veterans instead, you will need to reveal your status because FedEx is a Government contractor subject to VEVRAA and wants to measure its effectiveness in employing veterans, but this mandatory part of the FedEx job application form will not affect your FedEx application in any way.

The following step is to upload any other documents that might support your FedEx job application, such as any licenses, certificates, or diplomas, if you have any. You will then need to agree to a statement that certifies that this FedEx application was completed by you, and that all entries on it and information in it are true and complete to the best of your knowledge. Once you have done so, by writing your name in the specified box, you can submit your FedEx job application.

If a candidate wants to check the FedEx application status can do it on their online account on the company’s official recruitment platform. They need to simply log into their FedEx candidate account, and go to their FedEx application history. There they will see the actual status, including if they are being considered for an interview. These are the steps all candidates need to complete when pursuing FedEx careers.

Minimum Age for Employment at FedEx

Just as the FedEx job and employment form asks, you need to be at least 18 years old to be considered for FedEx employment. For drivers, however, the minimum employment age is of 21, although some positions require at least 10 years of experience. Other FedEx jobs might have to obey certain laws and regulations when it comes to the employment age, so it is best to check this out before applying.

FedEx Hours of Operations

FedEx hours of operations vary from one type of job to another. FedEx corporation careers have a regular 9 to 5 schedule, Monday to Friday. Other types of FedEx employment, such as driving or package handling have different schedules, according to the company’s needs, and usually require shifts. Some FedEx jobs require working over weekends too, so the best thing to do is ask either during the hiring interview or inquire online for each specific job.

FedEx Careers and Income

There are many FedEx careers available, in many different fields, from Accounting, to Customer Service, to Driving, to Handling. All the FedEx job openings can be easily found on the FedEx official site, The company has 32 different FedEx career categories, including one for internships, and it employs people with different backgrounds and education to fill its business needs.

A part of the available FedEx careers are: Package Handler, Delivery Driver, City Driver, Over Load Truck Driver,Shipment Handler, Dockworker, Courier,Center Customer Service Coordinator, Center Assistant Manager, Center Manager, Project Site Inspector, Shipping Representative, and Shop Technician.

FedEx Package Handler Job Description and Duties

A FedEx Package Handler loads and unloads packages onto or from trailers. This FedEx employment opportunityis a full-time one, according to the location’s needs. It requires shift working, with the morning shift starting at 6 in the morning, and the evening shift ending at 11 at night, Monday to Friday. It is important to know that this job requires some schedule flexibility from the employee, as sometimes the covering of the second shift might be required.

The duties and responsibilities for aFedEx Package Handlerare, according to the FedEx official recruitment page:

  • Needs to scan, lift, carry, push and pull packages up to 100 pounds in weight;
  • Needs to read labels, verify numbers, and memorize;
  • Needs to carry out instructions and work in a fast pace for long periods of time;
  • Is required to handle materials with an average weight of 25 lbs. to 50 lbs occasionally;
  • Is required to lift or move materials weighing over 50 lbs. with assistance occasionally;
  • May occasionally work in extreme weather conditions.

The main requirements and qualificationsfor aFedEx Package Handlerare, according to the company’s official recruitment page:

  • A high-school diploma or equivalent;
  • Some prior experience is preferred but not required;
  • Needs to get the Load – T-stacking certification;
  • Needs to get the CAN inspection certification;
  • Needs to know how to load and unload trailers;
  • Needs to know the FedEx shipping software, including PScan;
  • Needs to know the NASCR cafe system (labeling system).

In some cases, employees might be required to have computer skills for performing work related tasks, and to have a Dangerous Goods certification for preparing shipments according to the Dangerous Goods requirements.

FedEx Package Handler Salary and Compensation

The hourly rate of for a FedEx Package Handler is among the lowest offered by the company, between $10 and $14. It may vary due to different factors like work experience, the number of years worked for the company, and location. The yearly FedEx salary of a FedEx Package Handler starts at a little over $20,000 and goes as high as $29,000.

FedEx Dockworker Job Description and Duties

This is one of the FedEx freight jobs constantly available. A FedEx Dockworker is responsible for the transport of packagesthrough the dock area to or from trailers in order to load them. This is a full-time or part-time FedEx employment opportunity, and there are many openings for these FedEx jobs. There are no major requirements for this position, so it could be a great way for candidates to begin their FedEx careers. The schedule is flexible and offers opportunities for overtime.

The duties and responsibilities for aFedEx Dockworkerare, according to the FedEx official recruitment page:

  • Is responsible with package handling by using the appropriate equipment for each case, such as forklift, pallet jack and hand truck;
  • Verifies whether the documentation matches the package description, type, weight, or hazardous materials, using an electronic or manual system;
  • Securesthe packages inside the trailers using the needed tools and supplies, like pallets, straps, or rope;
  • Repairs damaged packages if and when it is necessary;
  • Verifies and completesthe needed reports and documentation;
  • Assists the customers with the packagesand the required documentation whenever necessary;
  • Performs the duties in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as with the company’s policies and procedures.

The main requirements and qualificationsfor aFedEx Dockworkerare, according to the company’s official recruitment page:

  • A high-school diploma or equivalent is preferred but not necessary;
  • At least 18 years old;
  • Needs to be able to perform basic math calculations, with or without a calculator;
  • The ability to lift and carry packages of different weights;
  • The ability to lift dock plates weighing up to 100 pounds;
  • Ability to frequently open trailer doors that require approximately 75 pounds of lift force.

This is one of the FedEx jobs that sometimes take place in special weather conditions, like extreme temperatures. Also, since everything happens on the dock area, this means exposure to exhaust fumes, dust, and noise.

FedEx Dockworker Salary and Compensation

A FedEx Dockworker’s salary and compensation is hourly based. The average pay is $17 per hour. The yearly FedEx salary starts at around $21,000, usually for part-time positions, and can go as high as $53,000 for full-time employment. The salary may vary due to the number of hours worked, previous work experience, location, and the years of FedEx employment. In some cases, some cash bonuses may be added.

FedEx City Driver Job Description and Duties

This is a FedEx employment opportunity fit for drivers with all types of work experience. A FedEx City Driver is the one who delivers the packages from Service Centers directly to customers. This FedEx job requires driving through cities and towns, on all types of roads and on all types of weather. It is a full-time position and requires working in shifts, occasionally during weekends. The hours of operation could vary according to each location’s needs and according to season.

The duties and responsibilities for aFedEx City Driverare, according to the FedEx official recruitment page:

  • To drive and operate a tractor – trailer combination, including doubles, triples and / or straight trucks;
  • To inspect the equipment before the trips and do the necessary safety inspections;
  • To hook and unhook the trailers and converter dollies to or from a tractor and trailer;
  • To handle the packages using the appropriate equipment, such as forklift, pallet jack and hand truck;
  • To secure the packages inside the trailers using pallets, straps, rope, and other materials and equipment;
  • To repair the damaged packages when necessary;
  • To verify and complete all the needed reports and documentation;
  • Must comply with all the hazardous material regulations and procedures;
  • To collect the charges for package delivery, whether cash or checks, and complete all the needed documentation;
  • To follow the instructions received from dispatch and communicate any possible issues, like delays, arrivals, and equipment problems;
  • To determine customers’ pick-up or delivery needs;
  • Chaining the vehicle’s tires might be required occasionally;
  • Occasionally, might be required to perform the job duties of a road driver or a dock employee;
  • Must perform all tasks complying with all the applicable laws and regulations, as well as with the company’s policies and procedures.

The main requirements and qualificationsfor aFedEx City Driverare, according to the company’s official recruitment page:

  • To have a class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), including double, triple, hazardous materials and tank endorsements;
  • To have at least 1 year of professional driving experience in the last 3 years or to have successfully completed the FedEx Freight Driver Development Course;
  • To have an acceptable Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) based on hiring standards;
  • Is required to meet all Department of Transportation (DOT) regulatory requirements under section 391 of the Federal Motor Carrier (FMC) regulations.

The FedEx job description and duties page does not mention any educational requirements for this FedEx employment opportunity, and is fully centered on the experience of the driver and the licenses needed to meet the law’s requirements. But it is specified that this job sometimes means driving in extreme weather conditions, and that the driver also needs to be able to perform the physical tasks of this job.

FedEx City Driver Salary and Compensation

A FedEx City Driver is compensated with a minimum of $21 per hour, sometimes going as high as $27 per hour. The annual FedEx salary of a City Driver begins at around $42,000 and goes as high as $59,000, according to performance, location, work experience, the number of years working for the company, and overtime. For this FedEx career, some cash bonuses have been reported, and they also vary according to location and performance.

FedEx Center Manager Job Description and Duties

FedEx careers in management also have frequent openings. A FedEx Center Manager oversees the entire operations of a mid-volume center. This includesthe management of the entire team of FedEx employees, and also the management of the daily activities. The goals of a Center Manager are to maintain and growthe sales performance and profitability, and meet and exceed the customer experience objectives. This is a full-time position, and it doesn’t require any work in shifts. However, some traveling is required in order to meet with customers, vendors, or other FedEx employees.

The duties and responsibilities for aFedEx Center Managerare, according to the FedEx official recruitment page:

  • To accomplish the company’s objectives in terms of sales and profit performance, and customer experience objectives;
  • To supervise the entire team;
  • Is responsible and personally hires all needed center personnel and monitors new hire orientation procedures;
  • To train the team members, according to the company’s policies and procedures;
  • Evaluates the efficiency and productivity of all team members through performance standards and objectives;
  • Conducting regular reviews of performance and operations, and makes recommendations for wage increases and promotions, ;
  • Initiates all the needed disciplinary proceduresfor team members, including termination of employment;
  • Makes sure that all team members comply with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP);
  • Makes sure all the fiscal reporting procedures are met, including accounts receivable, inventory reports, daily sales recaps, and daily bank deposits, according to the company’s policies;
  • Monitors and directs marketing activities ;
  • Recommendsthe needed equipment and machinery for efficient operations;
  • Makes sure that all Federal and State Law safety requirements are met;

There are other job duties and responsibilities of a FedEx Center Manager, and they are mostly related to Quality Driven Management techniques and procedures, such as working with management to minimize company waste and reduce costs, and suggesting solutions to improve internal processes.

The main requirements and qualificationsfor aFedEx Center Managerare, according to the company’s official recruitment page:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience;
  • At least 3 years of related retail experience and 1 or more years of prior supervisory experience;
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office tools.

FedEx Center Manager Salary and Compensation

A FedEx Center Manager’s yearly salary begins at around $40,000 per year, and can go as high as $65,000 per year. It can vary due to location, location, years of experience and other factors.  The total compensation of a FedEx Center Manager can go as high as $81,000 per year, and includes cash bonuses, stock bonuses, profit sharing, and commission sharing.

Benefits at FedEx

FedEx careers offer a wide array of benefits, aside from competitive wages. All FedEx employees have health insurance, and the company also offers good 401k match. The company also offers paid vacation time, and the duration of it varies from one type of job to another, and according to the years worked here. Other significant FedEx benefits the company offers arewedding leave, and maternity and paternity leave.

But there are also other FedEx benefits ofa FedEx career. The company offers variable pay in the form of cash incentives and bonuses to reward personal and team contribution. Those who want to further their study have a tuition program to help with the cost. FedEx employees can also benefit from exclusive discounts for personal shipping, and significant discounts on air tickets.

Those employees who need to obtain certain certifications for their FedEx jobs are assisted by the company in doing so. Other FedEx benefits are the awards any and all employees can receive whether for outstanding service and professionalism, like the Five Star Awards, or for reaching out to others in their time of need, like the Humanitarian Award. In total, the company offers 6 awards, the other 4 being the Bravo Zulu Award, the Purple Promise Award, the Purple Promise Quality Award, and the Excellence Award.

FedEx Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

FedEx interviews are different for each type of FedEx careers, just like the information required in the FedEx application process is. Although the actual interview process will vary, everything starts with a phone call from the hiring manager. During this call, you will be asked to confirm if you are still interested in the FedEx career you applied for and you will be informed of the next step of the FedEx hiring process, which will most likely be an in person interview, to which you will need to confirm your participation.

Usually, it takes a few days to be contacted and scheduled for the interview, mostly due to the high number of candidates seeking FedEx jobs, and the entire FedEx hiring process might be as short as a week, generally for lower level positions, and over a month for higher ones.  FedEx interviews for package handlers and dockworkers, for example, will only require one in-person meeting, and the entire FedEx hiring process will probably last no more than a week.

In this case, the interview will consist of a discussion between the hiring manager and the candidate, and giving more personal information if this is required. But if the candidate already filled the entire online FedEx application process, this step might not be required at all. If the hiring manager considers the candidate fit for the position, a drug screening will be required, and the company will also perform a background check. This usually takes a few days, and this is why it could last a little over a week until the candidate will receive an offer. It is important to know that only those candidates that will receive a work offer are scheduled for drug screening.

For FedEx drivers, all the above steps are applicable, plus a driving test, both written and practical, which candidates need to pass in order to be considered for the position. The written driving test can be taken online, and this is something hiring managers often prefer. If the candidate passes it, then the practical test will be scheduled on the same day as the interview most of the times. The FedEx hiring process might take a little longer, sometimes close to three weeks, because the company will ask for a complete screening of the driving record, aside from the usual background check, which might take a while. Drivers need to pass a drug screening too. If everything is all right, an official offer will be made.

FedEx corporate careers have a different hiring process. Depending on the type of FedEx jobs, more than one interview might be required, starting, of course, with a phone invitation. In some cases, the entire process will take more than a month, and when it comes to higher levels positions, even longer. There are some FedEx job openings for which some skill assessments will be required, and this step will usually take place before the first interview in form of tests. If the tests are passed, then the candidate will move on to the next step. The interviews will be held by the hiring manager, accompanied by different staff members each time. As the hiring process progresses, the interviews become more specific.

To increase the chances of being hired, there are a few things you can do before and during the interview. Before the interview, it is important to read as much as you can about the company and what it does, and about the FedEx career you are pursuing. This is very important not just because the hiring manager will probably ask a few questions on the subject, but also because you can prepare a few questions of your own about the company and the job you will be doing. It is actually a very important part of the interview, and it shows initiative. Plus, you can also find out information straight from the source and clarify any concerns you might have.

During it, there are some general interview tips that can greatly influence the chances of being hired. Here they are:

  • Be relaxed and smile. This will make the hiring manager relax too, and can transform a very formal process into an almost friendly one.
  • Do not interrupt, even if you are sure you know what the hiring manager wants to ask or say.
  • Make eye contact. It is both a sign of respect and a way of showing you are confident.
  • Have a copy of your resume or CV.

There are also some FedEx interview tips you should consider to increase your chances of being hired:

  • Always speak on the subject. Everything you say should be work related, including the answers to some questions that might seem personal, such as “what are your weaknesses”.
  • Be very specific when talking about your past work experience.
  • Talk about your accomplishments, not only about your job duties. Hiring managers usually know the general things and want to hear from you how you contributed to that company’s success.
  • If possible, talk in numbers, like the number of miles you drove per day, or the number of packages you handled on a daily basis, or the amount of money you saved the company by improving a certain process.
  • Ask at least two questions about the company and your future role. These too should be on specific topics, instead of general.

In general, during an interview the hiring manager wants to know if you can do the job and if you will fit into the company and become a reliable member of the team in a short amount of time. This is why everything should be centered on how the company could benefit from an employee like you. Here is a pro tip for any interview, and even your resume and cover letter, which both should be updated for each FedEx job application: use the same terms the company does in the job description and duties section, if possible. Simply said, if you apply for a FedEx driver position, use words as hook, unhook, secure packages, and so on in your resume if you have such previous work experience.

Frequently Asked FedEx Interview Questions

FedEx interview questions can be as varied as the FedEx job openingsthemselves. The online FedEx application form already contains some very specific job related questions to which, if you apply online, you already answered. Since your online FedEx application has been reviewed, thus your answers already screen, they won’t be repeated. Nonetheless, during the FedEx interview, the hiring manager will want to know certain things. The most common FedEx interview questions are:

  • Why do you think you will be a good fit for the company?
  • Talk about a mistake you made and how you fixed it.
  • How do you handle stress?
  • Are you comfortable working in a fast pace environment?
  • Why do you want to leave your current employer?
  • Why did you leave your last employer?

Of course, when it comes to FedEx jobs, there are no correct interview answers to these questions. You need to respond as honestly as you can, without saying negative things about anyone, especially about you former employers. This will be perceived as gossip, and as failing to take responsibility by blaming others, even if you think you are entitled to do so. This is, actually, one of the most common mistakes made during interviews.

It would be best to try and think of answers to such questions before the interview itself. This allows you to make a suitable mix of honesty and rationality, and this is a true benefit. Do try and refrain from cliché answers, because the hiring manager has already heard them all. Most importantly, relax and be yourself. This is why the hiring manager wanted to meet you after all.

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