Transportation Industry Job Applications

Transportation Industry Jobs

The transportation industry is booming. It’s one of the few industries that has done really well in the current difficult economy, and truck driving jobs can be some of the best paying entry-level jobs around. Transportation includes everything from personal transportation, such as taxis and buses, to the big eighteen-wheelers which cross half a continent with their goods. Transportation services also include air transport and all of the staffing that goes into running airports and airplanes.

To get a job as a professional driver, you generally need a valid driver’s license, a good driving record, and to be in good health. You will probably be required to pass drug and background screenings. These few qualifications can get you job as a personal chauffeur, a driver for the handicapped or mentally disabled, or driving regular-sized company vans and trucks.

Jobs that involve driving larger vehicles require you to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), but there are companies which will train you themselves in exchange for an agreement to work for them for a certain period of time. A CDL may be obtained by taking some basic training courses and the return, especially for people who are willing to drive over long distances, is better than you can find in almost any industry. If you’re willing to sleep on the road, or to move to other parts of the country where they really need drivers, you can begin to bring in a good salary almost immediately. Since your expenses are paid, you’ll end up keeping most of what you make, too. In time, drivers with seniority earn the right to choose their own route, so that if you want to stay close to home you can.

For an exciting career, you may consider getting a job as a flight attendant. Many airlines will hire and train you even if you don’t have experience. This requires a willingness to move to the city that airline is based out of, but that could offer you the exciting opportunity to live in places you never dreamed of, including exotic international locations. Many national airlines for other countries recruit within the United States. In some cases, the airline will provide you a place to live and meal allowances, letting you put nearly all your salary in the bank.

The basic qualifications for flight attendant are that you have a high school degree, a bright smile and a great personality. They want people who are personable, friendly and professional, who can represent the face of their airline to their customers. You need to be able to function in small spaces for extended periods of time and, obviously, to enjoy flying.

To find jobs in the transportation industry, look in lots of places. There are shuttle services, taxi cab companies, personal transportation companies, public transportation, airports and airlines, and lots of trucking companies. Trucks are still the major way that goods are transported around the country, so trucking companies are constantly hiring. You may choose to enroll in a trucking school to get your CDL, or simply choose a company that provides the training itself.

Although you may never have considered driving or flying for a living, there are thousands of people who make their careers that way and find they love it. If you are young and unattached, then transportation services are the ideal career move for you. Even if you have a family, there is a lot of job security in providing these basic services that people will always need, and some transportation jobs provide a better salary than you could hope to find anywhere else.


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