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Stop and Shop, or Stop & Shop, is an American chain of supermarkets which operates in the northeastern part of the country. Its origins can be traced back to 1892, when the Rabionvitz family opened a small grocery store, in Boston. The company itself was founded in 1914 by the family in Somerville, Massachusetts, and operated under the name of Economy Grocery Stores Company. In 1946, the company decided to rename all its stores Stop and Shop, as they are named to this day. The company which owns Stop and Shop stores announced this year that it will merge with the Delhaize Group, which already owns other grocery chains, such as Hannaford and Food Lion. In 1918, the company introduced, for the first time, a new retailing concept, that of self-service, thus creating the first modern supermarket. The success of this concept allowed the company to extend its operations, and open more and more stores. By the end of the Second World War, there were over 80 stores operating in the northeastern part of the country. Stop and Shop continued to grow, and even opened a few superstores in the 1980s. Aside from the usual items sold in a supermarket, these superstores feature much more, form bakeries to pharmacies, and from banks to even video rentals. Gradually, Stop and Shop stores were converted into superstores throughout the 1980s and the 1990s. Since the company was the first to offer self-service, it is no wonder that it is also among the first grocery stores to offer home delivery. This is done through Peapod, an online grocery delivery system.

The Peapod Stop and Shop system allows customers to place an online order with the items they wish to buy, and receive them, usually the next day, at home, or picking them up from the store. More than this, customers can choose when to receive their order, according to their schedule.

The Peapod Stop and Shop system is increasingly popular, not only due to the convenience of shopping from home, but also due to the fact that the prices are fair and the fees are very convenient. Those shopping through the Peapod Stop and Shop system can buy online everything they can buy in the store, and this is another reason why it has become very popular.

There are over 400 Stop and Shop stores in the United Sates, and more than 80,000 Stop and Shop employees. The company is constantly growing, and the number of stores is expected to rise, as is the number of employees.

Shop and Stop Application Process

Those who want to begin Stop and Shop careers can find many of the available positions on a number of recruitment websites. But the easiest way to find all the available Stop and Shop careers is to go directly to the company’s official site,, or click on this link to go on the company’s careers page – Stop and Shop Careers. On this page, candidates have two options; either they choose to search and apply for store and warehouse positions or for support office Stop and Shop careers. Candidates need to pick between these two in order to begin the Stop and Shop application process.

After deciding this, the candidate needs to pick between different types of Stop and Shop jobs, such as part-time store Stop and Shop jobs, warehouse or peapod Stop and Shop jobs, or full time and internship Stop and Shop careers in the support office department.

After clicking on the choice, a new page will open, on which the candidate will be able to search for Stop and Shop available positions and begin the Stop and Shop application process. To search for Stop and Shop jobs, the candidate needs to click on the “search openings” button.

The search process is complex enough to allow the candidate to narrow the options down. The candidate can search by keyword(s), job category, state and city, department, and geographical location. The system also allows the candidate to search by proximity.  It is also possible to skip the search and go directly to the complete listing of Stop and Shop careers.

After finding the desired Stop and Shop job, the candidate needs to click on the job’s referral number in order to read the job description and apply. After clicking the “Apply to job” button, the candidate will be required to create an account in order to begin the Stop and Shop application process. To do so, a username and password are required, as well as selecting three security questions and their answers. The Stop and Shop application process begins with a few questions the candidate needs to answer:

  • Are you currently employed by Ahold USA, Stop & Shop New England, Stop & Shop New York Metro, Giant Landover or GIANT/MARTIN’S?
  • Were you ever employed by any other company owned by Ahold USA? If yes, list the locations and dates.
  • Have you been known previously by any other name(s)? If yes, please provide the name.
  • Are you currently authorized to work in the United States?
  • Do you or will you in the future require sponsorship for a work visa?
  • Are you under 18 years of age?
  • Do you have any friends or relatives employed by Stop & Shop? If yes, list names and locations.
  • How did you learn of this opportunity?
  • If you were referred by a company associate, please indicate the name.

After answering, the candidate needs to give details about what type of job he or she is interested in, such as full-time or part-time, and the work availability for each day of the week. This part of the Stop and Shop jobs and employment form is important, and candidates should consider showing some flexibility.  

After filling in this information, the candidate can either upload a resume or copy it into the specified box. Aside from this, the candidate also has the choice of overriding the profile information based on the uploaded resume. There is also the option of writing a cover letter in the specified box.

All the information needed in the recruitment process will be required in the Stop and Shop application process, but it is advisable to upload one if the candidate has a good resume. It will show more professionalism, and it will also shorten the time it takes to complete the entire Stop and Shop application process.

The next step is to provide the basic personal information, such as the name, the address, and a phone number. After this part of the Stop and Shop application process, the candidate needs to give information about the previous work experience. The candidate needs to provide the title of the job, name of the organization, the duration, and to specify which is the most recent. This is not mandatory, but if the candidate chooses not to fill them, it will be less likely to be selected for an interview, so it is best to give as many details as possible during the Stop and Shop application process.

Next, the candidate needs to give some information about his or hers educational background, and again specify which is the most recent. Those who apply for driving Stop and Shop jobs need to answer a few specific questions. Those who don’t only need to specify it. Those who apply for pharmacy Stop and Shop jobs need to answer a few specific questions too.

Again, the candidates who don’t only need to specify it. The next step of the Stop and Shop application process is to provide up to three professional references. It is not mandatory, but it is a step that could make the difference between being selected for an interview or not.

The following part of the Stop and Shop application process requires candidates to identify their race and gender. Of course, they can decline to do so. After this part, the candidate has the option to attach more documents to support the Stop and Shop job application, such as any courses or accreditations he or she might have.

The next step consists of a pre-employment screening which consists of several questions which the candidate must answer as honestly as he or she can. This part of the Stop and Shop application process is mandatory. Some of the questions of this screening are:

  • If offer of Stop and Shop employment is conditioned on the results of a drug and / or alcohol screening test, are you willing to take one?
  • If offer of employment is conditioned on the results of a post-offer physical and / or a functional job capacity test, are you willing to take one?
  • Have you ever been refused an employment bond?
  • Have you ever been discharged or asked to resign by an employer?

After answering the preliminary Stop and Shop employment screening questions, the candidate needs to electronically sign the jobs and employment form. This is the final step and it means that the candidate has completed the entire Stop and Shop application.

Minimum Age for Employment at Stop and Shop

The minimum Stop and Shop employment age is 16. This is usually the case for lower level Stop and Shop jobs, and not necessarily for office or other Stop and Shop careers. Since the company also offers many part-time employment opportunities, teenagers can easily find a suitable job. Although states may have different requirements when it comes to the minimum employment age, and some jobs are age restricted, but this is not the case with Stop and Shop entry level careers.

Stop and Shop Hours of Operation

Stop and Shop hours of operation vary from one store to another. But the schedule is usually that of any supermarket. Some stores open at 7 in the morning and close at 9 in the evening. Other stores may operate longer hours. They open at 6 in the morning and close at 11 at night or midnight. Office support Stop and Shop careers have a regular office schedule, from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon, from Monday to Friday. The simplest way to find out about a store’s schedule is to go to the company’s official site,

Entry Level Stop and Shop Careers and Income

Stop and Shop careers are accessible and can be easily started with an entry level position, be it in the stores or in the office support department. The part-time store Stop and Shop careers offer a flexible schedule and are a good opportunity for people of all ages and experiences. There are also management Stop and Shop careers available, and those in entry level positions can too, in time, reach this level, while being trained on the job.

All Stop and Shop careers are centered on the customers and the interaction between them and the employees, which means that all Stop and Shop employees need to have good people and communication skills in order to meet the company’s requirements.

Most common store Stop and Shop careers are Courtesy Clerk, Bagger, Cashier, Stock Person, Produce Clerk, Deli Clerk, Customer Service Clerk, Maintenance Worker, Gas Station Clerk, Dairy Clerk, Florist Clerk, Team Lead, Department Manager, Assistant Store Manager, and Store Manager.

Office support Stop and Shop careers are very diverse, and they include positions such as Manager HR, Finance Manager, Peapod Assistant Distribution Center Manager, and Clerk Customer Service.

Stop and Shop Clerk Job Description and Duties

These can be considered the Stop and Shop entry level careers. Most inexperienced candidates can easily be accepted as a Stop and Shop Clerk. A clerk has a variety of responsibilities, depending on the store area he or she is assigned to.

In general, a clerk is responsible for the product displays, stocking the shelves, assisting with the sales, and also offering support to customers when requested. All these responsibilities need to be performed according to the company’s policies and regulations, while complying with all state sanitary and safety regulations.

There are no special requirements when it comes to education or previous work experience, so even those new to the job market can get such a job. But there are some physical requirements candidates need to comply with in order to be considered for this position, such as:

  • The ability to lift up to 50 pounds;
  • The ability to kneel, bend, and squat;
  • The ability to perform various manual labor tasks per request.

Stop and Shop Clerk Salary and Compensation

A Stop and Shop Clerk’s is an hourly based job, and this means that the wage is hourly based too. The pay begins at $8 and can reach $12, depending on location, experience, and the number of years with the company. The hourly wage also depends on the area of the store where the clerk is located. These Stop and Shop careers allow employees to sometimes take extra shifts, and this can increase their weekly pay.

Stop and Shop Careers in Management

Every company, no matter the field of activity, relies on qualified employees to manage the daily operations and keep things going as they should. The same applies for Stop and Shop, which relies on its management employees to make sure everything works. Among the Stop and Shop careers in management, the most well-known are Assistant Store Manager and Store Manager.

The company usually prefers to promote to these levels its own employees, after they have worked for a number of years in the stores, but it also hires new people to fill these positions. Stop and Shop employees can easily grow within the company, and they are offered training and support to do it.

Stop and Shop Assistant Store Manager Job Description and Duties

A Stop and Shop Assistant Store Manager is the one responsible with the daily operations of the store’s various departments, such as Deli, Produce, Florist, Meat, Seafood, and Bake Shop. The Assistant Shop Manager will either be assigned to perishable departments, or to non-perishable, such as General Merchandise, Health & Beauty Care, and Frozen Products. The assistant manager is also responsible of the departments’ customer service, the sanitation and merchandise display standards, and any staffing issues.

The requirements for this position are:

  • Preferably a Bachelor’s Degree;
  • 2 or more years of retail experience;
  • Some store management experience;
  • Knowledge of safe food handling;
  • Willingness to travel within the core market area.

Stop and Shop Assistant Store Manager Salary and Compensation

A Stop and Shop Assistant Manager has a yearly salary that starts at around $48,000 and, in time, can go as high as $82,000, which places it with 13% above the national average. The average yearly salary for a Stop and Shop Assistant Manager is around $64,000, and it depends on location, previous work experience, and the number of years on the job. There are also various cash bonuses that can further increase the yearly total compensation.

Basic Tips for Applying at Stop and Shop

Stop and Shop job applications can be done either online, on, or candidates cannot go into a store and apply there. The ‘in person’ option requires a printed resume, and the candidate will also be required to fill the jobs and employment form on the spot. If they do it online, the candidates’ Stop and Shop application is automatically registered in the system and they can even apply to multiple locations and Stop and Shop careers with the same profile.

One benefit of applying online on the company’s website,, is the fact that candidates can track the application status and see whether someone has read it, or if they are considered for an interview.

The Stop and Shop application process is based on a resume and it allows candidates to upload one, in an easily readable format, or to copy the information in a specific box. The candidate is still required to give some details about his education and prior work experience in the Stop and Shop application form, but only the most important details.

There aren’t any difficult parts during the Stop and Shop application process, and it doesn’t take more than 30 to 45 minutes to complete. The pre-employment screening at the end of the application process is also short, and it will only take another 2 minutes to finish. Candidates should answer the questions of the entire form as honest as they can.

The basic rules to apply for Stop and Shop careers are similar to those of other online application processes and candidates should remember the following:

  • Follow each step of the Stop and Shop application process and complete it.
  • Give all the correct information in the employment form.
  • Check if the phone number and the email address are spelled correctly.
  • Answer all the questions of the jobs and employment form and the pre-employment screening.
  • If the candidate does not have the time to complete the entire process, he or she can save the steps already completed and continue later.
  • Make sure you have completed all the steps of the Stop and Shop online application process.

Benefits at Stop and Shop

All the Stop and Shop stores are owned and operated by the same company and this also means that all employees receive the same benefits. All Stop and Shop locations offer 5% discounts for all employees. For entry level positions, Stop and Shop benefits include a flexible work schedule, and the employee discount.

Full-time employees have other benefits aside the discount, such as retirement planning and medical and dental insurance. Stop and Shop employees also have dental and medical coverage, life insurance, short-term and long-term disability insurance, and paid vacation time.

Also, Stop and Shop management employees are offered important cash bonuses, which can greatly increase their yearly compensation.

Another benefit for Stop and Shop employees is the training offered, not only when they start their careers, but throughout their time with the company. After a few years working for the company, most employees are able to apply for one of the many management careers.

Other benefits include support with family, children, and elderly concerns, and paid vacation time which increases from one year to the next.

Stop and Shop Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

Stop and Shop job interviews resemble those of other supermarket chains. After the candidates submit the Stop and Shop job application, it will be reviewed by the person in charge of personnel, usually the store assistant manager. Candidates who are considered to be a fit for that position are contacted on the phone to schedule an in person interview. It usually takes no more than a week to be contacted after submitting the online application, sometimes only a day or two.

The entire Stop and Shop hiring process can be very short for entry level positions, and it is even shorter if the store needs to urgently fill that position.

Stop and Shop job interviews are relaxed and last around half an hour for entry level Stop and Shop jobs. During the interview, the hiring manager will ask the candidate about any prior working experience and the work availability. He or she will also inquire about the shift availability for the Stop and Shop jobs which are shift based.

The Stop and Shop hiring manager will also tell the candidate more about the responsibilities of the job and what type of schedule the candidate should expect. Candidates can also ask questions about the job and company, and they should ask them towards the end of the interview.

The way candidates behave during the Stop and Shop job interview is the most important part of the hiring process and will influence the final decision.

Answers to questions should be professional and on topic. Most Stop and Shop careers require employees to interact with customers, so the candidates need to have an attitude to match this. The decision whether the candidate will get the job is either made right at the end of the interview or within a few days.

Here are some Stop and Shop interview tips:

  • Candidates need to dress properly. Business casual attire is a good choice for men and women as well. Women should not wear anything too revealing and should be careful with the makeup.
  • A positive attitude and a smiling face can greatly influence the outcome of the job interview.
  • Candidates need to remember to make eye contact with the Stop and Shop hiring manager now and then. This shows they are fit for the job.
  • Candidates should be careful never to interrupt the Stop and Shop hiring manager when speaking, and should only speak when they are asked to do so.
  • Candidates should answer with complete sentences instead of simple words. They should give details and also clear answers whenever they can.

Frequently Asked Stop and Shop Interview Questions

A Stop and Shop job interview for most supermarket positions is easy to pass. Most of the questions the hiring manager will ask during it are very similar to the ones for many supermarket job interviews. Some of the most common Stop and Shop questions candidates can expect during a job interview are:

  1. Why did you apply to Stop and Shop?
  2. Tell me about a situation at your previous job where you had to deal with a difficult customer.
  3. Why should we hire you?
  4. What is your availability?
  5. Tell me about yourself.

Candidates won’t find pre-approved Stop and Shop interview answers, no matter where they look for them, but there are a few rules candidates need to keep in mind. It is important to answer the questions as honestly as possible, and to do it in a pleasant manner. Candidates need to keep in mind that Stop and Shop cares about its customers, and all their answers should be focused on this.

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Official career site: Stop and Shop Jobs

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