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Firehouse Subs is an American fast-food chain specialized in hot subs. It was founded in 1994, and its theme is inspired by the founders’ past as firefighters. Firehouse Subs is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. Most of the restaurants are franchised, but they all adhere to the same menu and policies, including when it comes to employees. All restaurants have the same theme, and they all display fire equipment. The restaurants are family focused, and they are present in 36 American states and Puerto Rico. The menu features mostly sandwiches, or subs, which go through a steaming process when heated. The company claims that this enhances the flavors and gives the subs their unique taste. The subs have also firehouse inspired names, such as Firehouse Hero, Hook & Ladder, and Firehouse Meatball. The restaurants also offer salads which names also follow the same theme, like Firehouse Salad and Hook & Ladder Salad. Children also have special meal choices to which they receive a kid-sized fire hat. Firehouse Subs has more than just subs, it also offers dessert, like cookies and brownies. In 2011, the company decided to be the first to try placing Coca-Cola Freestyle drinks dispensers in 25 Firehouse Subs restaurants. These dispensers allow customers to freely refill their drinks. This system was a success, and now Firehouse Subs is the first American franchise which uses them in all its restaurants. It is also one of the fastest growing fast-food franchises in the country.

There are over 800 Firehouse Subs restaurants opened in the United States and Puerto Rico. Firehouse Subs is mainly present in the Northeast, Central, and Southwest regions of the country, and it plans to reach beyond them. The number of Firehouse Subs restaurants is expected to grow, and the company states that it plans to reach 2000 restaurants by 2020.

It takes approximately 18 Firehouse Subs employees for each restaurant, which means that the total number of Firehouse Subs employees is above 15,000 nationwide. As the number of Firehouse Subs restaurants is expected to grow, so is the number of employees.

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Firehouse Subs Application Process

Firehouse Subs careers are very popular and not only among teenagers. Firehouse Subs jobs are usually seen as reliable, flexible, and quite reliable. The Firehouse Subs application process is simple and easy to follow, and it can be done directly at the desired location. Since all Firehouse Subs restaurants are franchisee owned, each restaurant deals independently with its hiring needs. The candidate will need to find a restaurant and inquire if there are any Firehouse Subs available positions.

To do this, the candidate can use the company’s official site,, and click on the careers button. Once arrived on the careers page – Firehouse Subs Careers – the candidate needs to click on the “Find a location” link. By providing a zip code, the candidate can see all the Firehouse Subs restaurants in that area. By clicking on each location, a link to the page of that specific restaurant will open. Here, the candidate will find the phone number of that location, which he or she will need in order to ask whether there are any available Firehouse Subs careers available.

After finding Firehouse Subs job openings, the candidate will need to create a resume and ask if he or she is required to fill a Firehouse Subs jobs and employment form and submit it to the hiring manager. Even if the answer is yes, the candidate should also consider writing a good resume. The jobs and employment form will have sections about the candidate’s education and previous work experience, but it usually doesn’t allow for candidates to give too many details. This is why a resume is so important. In it, the candidate can write more and specific details, in order to highlight his or her competences.

When writing a resume, candidates should consider a few tips and tricks which will greatly increase their chances of being hired with the help of the Firehouse Subs application. Here they are:

  • In recent years, it has become illegal for employers to ask the gender and race of candidates. This means that giving these details in the resume has become unnecessary, and candidates should refrain from giving them. This shows that the candidate is up to date with the latest practices and regulations.
  • Including a photograph is also unnecessary, for the same reasons mentioned above.
  • If, however, candidates want to include a photograph, it should be a professional one. Cuts from family photos are not acceptable, as from any other events.
  • When writing about their education, candidates should only mention the latest and most relevant ones.
  • When writing about their work history, candidates should give details not only about their duties, but also about their accomplishments.
  • When writing about accomplishments, candidates should be as specific as possible, and use numbers whenever it applies. If they supervised a team, they should specify how many people were on that team.
  • The hobby section should either be left out, or it should contain only hobbies which will help the candidate. As an example, partying should not be considered a hobby, nor should it be included. Climbing, on the other hand, should be included, because it shows discipline and determination.
  • Additional courses or professional certifications should be included. However, candidates need to choose which ones, if there are multiple. The differentiator should be whether they are relevant for the position they are applying.
  • The resume should look clean and be easy to read. Candidates should avoid any fonts which would make the resume hard to read or look funny.
  • The same rule applies to colors. There should be a maximum of two colors on the resume, and one of them should be black.

Candidates should also consider writing a cover letter, especially when applying for a full-time Firehouse Subs job. There are a few rules when writing one:

  • Candidates should write a new one for each position.
  • Candidates should write about their skills and how those skills will benefit the team and the company.
  • Candidates should also write about why they want the job, and also why they want to work for the company.
  • The cover letter should have the length of half a page.
  • The rules of fonts and colors mentioned above do apply to the cover letter.

When candidates take their resume and cover letter to the Firehouse Subs restaurant, they should put them in a paper folder. It shows neatness and it will also help the Firehouse Subs hiring manager not lose them. Papers do tend to get lost and misplaced easily.

Minimum Age for Employment at Firehouse Subs

The minimum age to start working at Firehouse Subs is 16, as it says in the Firehouse Subs application form. Of course, some Firehouse Subs jobs require employees to be at least 18 years of age, due to state regulations or because some Firehouse Subs careers require some prior work experience. However, entry level Firehouse Subs careers can be obtained as early as 16.

Firehouse Subs Hours of Operations

Firehouse Subs hours of operations might vary from one location to another, but there are no important differences between restaurants. Usually, a Firehouse Subs store opens at 10:30 in the morning and every day of the week; the closing hours have a slightly different schedule. Sunday through Thursday, they close at 9 in the evening, while on Friday and Saturdays the restaurants close at 10 in the evening. Other Firehouse Subs restaurants have the same schedule throughout the week, from 10:30 in the morning to 10 in the evening.

Monday – Friday: 10.30 AM – 9.00 PM

Saturday – Sunday: 10:30 AM – 10:00 PM

Entry Level Firehouse Subs Careers and Income

Restaurant Firehouse Subs jobs are frequent, and Firehouse Subs available positions can be filled by people of different backgrounds and education. Some of the most common Firehouse Subs jobs careers are Crew Member, Prep Cook, Shift Leader, Assistant Manager, and General Manager. Entry level Firehouse Subs careers are most popular among teenagers, and are relatively easy to start.

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Firehouse Subs Crew Member Job Description and Duties

This is the entry level Firehouse Subs job. Firehouse Subs Sales Associates work in different areas of the restaurant and also interact with customers on a permanent basis. They take the orders, prepare the food, package the orders, receive payment, and maintain a clean work environment, complying with all the rules and regulations.

Firehouse Subs Crew Member Salary and Compensation

This entry level Firehouse Subs job is paid on an hourly basis. The minimum hourly pay for a Firehouse Subs Sales associate begins at $7, and can go up to $9, depending on location and, most importantly, work experience. Of course, the weekly pay varies according to the number of hours worked. There are no other bonuses or commissions for this position, but it allows Firehouse Subs employees to increase their income by working more hours.

Firehouse Subs Careers in Management

Firehouse Subs also needs qualified and seasoned employees to run the restaurants. Management Firehouse Subs careers include Assistant Manager and General Manager. Usually, the company recruits for these positions its own employees who have enough experience on the job. All Firehouse Subs employees are offered the opportunity to grow professionally within the company. But Firehouse Subs is also looking for outside candidates to fill these available positions, especially those with similar work experience.

Firehouse Subs Assistant Manager Job Description and Duties

A Firehouse Subs Assistant Manager supports the General Manager in all the activities of the restaurant. Firehouse Subs Assistant Managers are responsible with making sure all regulations are met and all Firehouse Subs policies are adhered to. They also have other duties, such as:

  • They are responsible with for proper staffing;
  • They are responsible with the training and development of the employees;
  • They are responsible with the completion and accuracy of all required programs, reports and legal documents;
  • They are responsible with maintaining a safe and secure work and dining environment.

Firehouse Subs Assistant Manager Salary and Compensation

The yearly salary of a Firehouse Subs Assistant Store Manager begins at $21,000, and can reach $41,000/year. It usually varies due to location and work experience. The average pay for an assistant manager is around $28,000 per year.

Basic Tips for Applying at Firehouse Subs

The only way to apply for Firehouse Subs jobs is to do it in person. Job seekers need to contact the restaurant manager of the location they are interested in and inquire if there are any Firehouse Subs available positions. They should also ask whether a resume is required or there is a jobs and employment form that needs to be filled in order to apply for a Firehouse Subs job. The candidate should also ask when would be a good time to go to the restaurant and leave a resume.

The basic rules of applying for Firehouse Subs jobs are similar to other in person application processes, and they are easy to follow:

  • Candidates need to write a resume. They can do it on a computer and print it. The resume should not be written by hand.
  • Candidates need to provide enough information about their education and prior work experience in their resume.
  • Candidates should use short sentences and always be on topic.
  • Candidates should always write only real information.
  • Candidates who don’t have any previous work experience can write about any other works they might have done, such as voluntary work.
  • Candidates need to list all their skills as accurately as possible.

Writing a resume is not complicated, but it requires some time to do it. Candidates should also include the daily work availability, which should be as flexible as possible, which will increase their chances of being selected for an interview for their desired Firehouse Subs job.

Benefits at Firehouse Subs

Benefits can vary from one Firehouse Subs restaurant to another, because they are owned by different franchisees. However, the differences are not major. The benefit mentioned more often is the food discount for all Firehouse Subs employees. The company offers discounts of 50% for Firehouse Subs foods during the shifts, and 25% discount for the rest of the time. Another important benefit for Firehouse Subs employees is the flexible schedule for part-time employees. All Firehouse Subs employees also receive uniforms provided by the company.

The company also offers paid vacation time for its full-time employees, and the number of days may vary and is influenced by the number of years working for the company. Firehouse Subs full-time employees also have other benefits, such as medical and life insurance and 401ks. Management Firehouse Subs employees are offered other cash bonuses and commission sharing programs which can increase the total compensation. The company also offers training for all its employees.

Firehouse Subs Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

Firehouse Subs job interviews are no different to those of other fast-food restaurants, and they are usually casual. The Firehouse Subs job application will be reviewed by a Firehouse Subs hiring manager, and, if the candidate fulfills the requirements, they will call to schedule an in person interview. The process can take from a few days to a week, depending on the number of candidates.

Firehouse Subs interviews for store Firehouse Subs careers are casual and last from 15 minutes to half an hour. For some Firehouse Subs careers, more than one interview might be required, but this is the case for management Firehouse Subs careers. During the interview, the candidate will be asked about his prior work experience, about their education, and their work availability.

The hiring manager will also talk about what will the responsibilities and duties of the job be, and also talk about the schedule. During the interview, the candidate can ask some questions about the job he applied for. These questions should either be asked towards the end of the interview or when the hiring manager mentions it.

Firehouse Subs careers are focused both on customer service and on food preparation, so the candidate needs to show an upbeat and proactive attitude. Here are some Firehouse Subs interview tips to be considered:

  • Candidates should consider dressing in casual attire. Women should be careful not to wear anything inappropriate. Men can dress in a nice shirt and casual pants.
  • Candidates should have an energetic and friendly attitude and smile as often as possible.
  • Candidates should refrain from fidgeting and try to stand still.
  • Candidates should speak only when asked to.
  • Candidates should refrain from interrupting the Firehouse Subs hiring manager at all times.
  • Candidates should give appropriate answers, as detailed and to the point as possible.

Frequently Asked Firehouse Subs Interview Questions

A Firehouse Subs job interview is casual, especially for entry-level Firehouse Subs careers. Most of the questions asked by the hiring manager are about the candidate’s previous work experience, the way the candidate thinks about handling some specific work situations, and about the work availability. Some of the most common questions during a Firehouse Subs job interview are:

  • Why do you want to work at Firehouse Subs?
  • Tell me something you like and disliked about your last job.
  • What would you do if you were in a situation where a customer didn’t like their sub or their sub was made wrong?
  • What would make you a good fit for this company?
  • What is your work availability?
  • Have you ever been in our shop before?

Candidates should expect other questions as well, but none of them should be too challenging. Most of the questions are related to customer service and how the candidate would handle some work situations. When it comes to Firehouse Subs interview answers, candidates should speak their mind, taking into consideration that the most important aspect of their job will be how they interact with the customers and the rest of the team. Candidates should answer honestly and always be on topic.

The Firehouse Subs application process is quite easy to complete. A sincere smile and correctly filled out application form should be enough to secure a position within the company. As previously mentioned, work experience and higher education isn’t a must for Firehouse subs jobs. All you need to do is to take the Firehouse subs application form seriously and to be presentable during the interview. Also keep in mind that there isn’t a Firehouse Subs application online available. Even if you don’t get picked from the first time, remember that there are plenty of employment opportunities within the company so you can try again. Good luck!

Official site:

Official career site: Firehouse Subs Careers

Firehouse Subs Application in PDF Form: click here

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