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Stater Bros. Markets is a privately owned supermarket chain that was founded in 1936. Its headquarters can be found in San Bernardino, California. On September 10, 2007 orders for the construction of the San Bernardino headquarters were issued (2.000.000 square-foot premises). Stater Bros. is one of the largest, most extensive chains of privately owned supermarkets from the United States. It owns over 160 grocery stores and facilities throughout Southern California& other locations, and this means that it regularly hires qualified and entry-level staff to maintain high-quality services. Most stores can be found as communities east of San Gabriel River, in Orange counties and Los Angeles. Very few are located in the northern inland areas near San Diego County. Annual revenue from sales is over 3.471 billion dollars.

Because it concentrates on a local service area, the company allows for close management that ensures high-quality products, great costs and regular supplies of produce. Most stores are focused on providing excellent customer service, especially through the image of employees. You may be familiar with the color coordinated uniforms which help identify each type of employee. For example, Stater Bros courtesy clerks wear green aprons, while checkers & grocery clerks wear brown aprons. Employees from the meat department wear red aprons, those from the deli and bakery wear maroon aprons, seafood department employees wear blue and customer service representatives use green vests. There are plenty of employment opportunities available with Stater bros for all types of candidates.

It doesn’t matter if you are a high-school student, college graduate or qualified specialists, because experience and education is not a determining factor when applying for Stater bros jobs. The most important thing is to be a determined and hard-working individual. Before you send in your Stater bros application you should take a look at the job responsibilities, working hours, benefits, tips for applying and interview tricks that we have for you.

Stater Bros Job Application

Because it is the most prolific chain of supermarkets from Southern California, Stater Bros is always looking to hire motivated individuals who fit the company’s values and vision. Although there is no PDF version of the Staterbros jobs and employment form, you can submit your application online. There is also the option of dropping by the store and enquiring about available positions.

In general, Stater Bros will post signs in the store front window to signal available entry-level positions. In these signs you will also see the specified time and date that applications must be sent in. To be considered for a Stater bros career you will have to pick up the application in person, and return it in person. For signaled positions, applications via fax or email are not accepted.

If you get the chance to meet a hiring manager you might even receive an interview on the spot. Submitting your application online is not possible.  The only applications accepted via email are the ones for the pharmacy department. It is always a good idea to research a company before sending in your application. Vital information about the company’s values should exude from your Stater bros application. According to the official www.stater careers page, you can submit your resume by email.

Minimum Age for Employment at Stater Bros

How old must you be to work at Stater bros? The minimum age for Stater bros employment is 16 years old. However, certain positions are only available for individuals 18 and over because they have physical requirements such as lifting heavy objects or standing long hours. Only courtesy clerk positions are available for candidates younger than 18. You should check with your Stater Bro store before applying to a job.

Stater Bros Hours of Operation

Like most retailing shops, the Stater Bros stores operate during certain hours, from 6:30 AM to 11:00 PM. Employees will have to show up for work earlier (even at 5:30 AM). Individuals working as merchandise clerks might be required to work night shifts.

Monday – Sunday: 6:30 AM – 11:00 PM

Entry-Level Stater Bros Careers & Income

Available Stater Bros Jobs: Stater Bros grocery careers, warehouse manager, cashier, general merchandise clerk, meat cutter, courtesy clerk, department manager, distribution manager, delivery clerk, janitor, meat clerk, assistant manager, store manager.

Stater Bros offers innumerable opportunities for entry-level and qualified applicants. For this company it doesn’t matter if you are a fresh graduate or experienced manager. The possibilities for growth are endless as long as you stick to your job description and duties and fulfill tasks successfully. According to reviews, Stater Bros is the ideal working environment. The Southern California grocery store is regularly hiring candidates 16 and older to fill entry-level positions such as clerks or baggers.

The company is usually looking for full-time workers in departments like floral, meat, deli, seafood, bakery and produce. The most promising careers usually start in the pharmaceutical department. Management and Stater bros pharmacy positions offer great salary and compensation options and even better non-wage perks. Let’s take a look at the most popular jobs:

Meat Clerk:as the name implies, meat clerks are responsible forthe meat department. They must perform duties such as weighing, wrapping and cutting various meat produce for clients. As a meat clerk you will also be expected to replenish display cases and maintain cleanliness in your department. If you plan on applying for this Stater Bros career you should be able to work in cold environments and have good intercommunication skills. The average hourly pay for a meat clerk oscillates between 11.00 and 12.00$ per hour.

Courtesy Clerk: The courtesy clerk position is readily available for all entry-level applicants. This position is also known as that of a bagger. The job responsibilities and duties of a courtesy clerk include bagging groceries, carrying heavy items for customers and helping patrons with their cars. You will also be expected to gather shopping carts from the parking lot and clean out isles. Although it is not mandatory from the first month of employment, you will have to learn all the products and prices while you restock merchandise. As would be expected, the payroll for this Stater Bros career is between 8.00 and 9.00$ per hour. Do you think you have what it takes to become a courtesy clerk? Then you can check the stores for available positions and send your Stater bros application.

Janitor: Another example of entry-level Stater Bros career is that of a janitor. The responsibilities for this position are pretty simple: you must maintain the general cleanliness of the store through mopping, sweeping, stripping and buffing, waxing and cleaning floors. You will also have to take care of restrooms, windows, and fixtures. Only candidates with ability to bend, stoop, twist and lift approximately 50 lbs. will be considered for this position. In addition to this, you must be 18 or older to apply for this Stater Bros job.

General Merchandise Clerk: This type of employee will be in charge of food preparation, packaging and assisting customers with purchases. You will also be expected to rotate merchandise, and assist clients with any questions. Excellent intercommunication skills are a must for this position. If you are accepted for this role within the company you will have to learn the policies and procedures, including customer protection laws. Do you think you could handle all of these responsibilities? If the answer is yes then you should know that the salary is very good. Send your application in as soon as possible!

Staff Pharmacis/Pharmacy Technician: one of the best Stater bros careers that you could secure would be that of a pharmacist or pharmacy technician. The salary for this position is extremely good, and non-wage benefits are also worth the effort. Pharmacists are required to perform professional responsibilities associated with processing prescriptions in accordance to ethical & legal guidelines. As pharmacist you will also be expected to handle incoming physician calls and maintain controlled drug register and drug utilization. The pharmacy technician can also process prescriptions under direct supervision of a Staff pharmacist or manager. Excellent customer service skills and medical education are a must.

The Stater Bros corporate office is also looking to hire candidates for office jobs. They are currently in search of ERP programmers or analysts, web applications developer, programmer analyst testers, technical support analysts and help desk technicians. You can read the description for each of these jobs on the official site:

Stater Bros Careers in Management

While it is true that the holdings company prefers to promote from within, it is also interested in qualified candidates that can fill administrative positions. Managers usually work under various job titles, from assistant, to store and even key carrier manager, and their responsibility is to organize staff, ensure customer satisfaction and ‘smooth sailing’ for their store.

Financial skills and organizational skills are an absolute must. As a Stater Bros manager you may be required to delegate daily tasks, motivate workers, set goals etc. A key carrier wins between 14.00 and 16.00$ per hour, but the salary can go up with experience. Assistant managers will earn between 50.000 and 100.000 in early salary.

Basic Tips for Applying at Stater Bros

Stater Bros Job openings and demand for employment depends on the season and market. As we already mentioned, only the pharmacy department accepts online applications. For the rest, you will have to pick up your Stater bros application in person, and drop it off. Nevertheless, if you want to learn more about the company you should head on over to

Our advice to you would be to keep your eyes open for new job openings. Do you really want to work at a Stater bros location that is near to you? Then it won’t be a very big sacrifice if you pass by one of the stores on a regular basis. The company usually puts job application requests in the window. When you ask for an application be sure to smile and be polite. Also, you should complete it as soon as possible and deliver it back in person. Fill out every field, and make sure you make no spelling and grammar mistakes. If possible, you should also try to add you CV, a list of references and a cover letter. This will significantly increase the chances of getting hired.

Oh, and don’t forget to sign and write down your phone number on the Stater bros job application.

Stater Bros Job Application Status

After you have submitted your Stater Bros application, you will be notified by the hiring staff via phone-call. They will set up an interview for you over the following days. It is possible to be interviewed in the same day as filling out your application, because it is more convenient for the company to have you questioned when you are already in the store.

This is the main reason why you should wear professional attire when submitting your application. In the eventuality that you will be interviewed on the spot, you want to look your best. Very few Stater bros careers start with a follow-up email, so don’t waste your time on your inbox.

Benefits at Stater Bros

There are several non-wage benefits at Stater brothers that you may be interested in. Some of them are available immediately after hire. For example, you will be able to work with a flexible schedule (due to long opening hours). Also, you will become part of a united, challenging and dynamic working environment.

Non-wage perks are represented by competitive pay, opportunities for career advancement within the retailing industry, 401(K) retirement plans, paid days off, healthcare and life insurance, employee discounts and many more. To find out more about benefits for each Stater bros career, you should visit

Stater Bros Job Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

We have already mentioned that the interview process may take place in the same day as submitting your application. This is why it is imperative to prepare yourself for the unexpected. If you are not called for an interview on the spot, you may have to wait between one and two weeks. Stater Brothers interviews range from one-to-one interviews and panel ones. After you finish a formal Interview, you will have to visit a corporate office for drug screening as well as a criminal background check. Be honest from the beginning, because if there is something wrong, the company will find out soon enough.

A great idea would be to print out a resume for the Stater bros hiring representative. He may want to learn more about your career and education during the interview, and having this paper prepared will demonstrate that you are armed with the right weapons for the job. Good posture, maintaining eye contact and a professional appearance are also extremely important if you want to secure a job with Stater brothers.

Frequently Asked Stater Bros Interview Questions

Before we wrap up, let’s take a look at the frequently asked Interview questions. Although there are no perfect interview answers, you should try to come up with relevant responses prior to the interview date.

  1. What hours are you available for work?
  2. Why do you want to work at Staters Brothers?
  3. How would your friends describe you in 3 words?
  4. How flexible is your schedule?
  5. What do you understand by customer service?
  6. What are the challenges of a grocery store?
  7. What would you do if two of your co-workers were arguing? How would you resolve the situation?
  8. If the customer insisted that another price was noted on the product, how would u handle the situation?
  9. Can you start right now?
  10. What did you like/not like about your previous job?

This concludes our list of stater bros jobs. Are you ready to apply for a job? If the answer is yes than you should try to Google “stater brothers near me” and take a look at the most suitable career for your education and background or check out the Stater bro ad on local stores.

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