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Comcast Corporation, formerly labeled as Comcast Holdings, is an U.S.-based worldwide media organization and it is the biggest broadcasting and cable services provider on the globe by income. The company is the also the most powerful cable organization and home ISP in the United States and the country’s third biggest home telephone agency. Brian L. Roberts is the CEO of Comcast. Comcast services national personal and commercial has clients in more than 40 states and locations (such as Denver, Atlanta, Jackson, Michigan, Illinous, TX, Denver, Philadelphia, Houston, Jacksonville, Chicago, Colorado, Harrisburg, Nashville or Maryland), the organization’s headquarter being located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is one of the companies that are constantly looking for new ways to grow extensively and intensively on its market.

Because it has been the owner of the worldwide media firm NBCUniversal from 2010, Comcast also produces movies and TV programs designed for theatrical display, over-the-air, and also satellite TV transmissions.

Comcast holds several cable-only programs (including E! Television, NBCSN and Golf Channel), over-the-air national transmitted network programs (Telemundo and NBC), the movie production studio Universal Pictures and worldwide recreational areas & hotels.

The international total is of almost 200 general entertainment places and destinations in the U.S. and various other regions such as South Korea, U.A.E., Russian Federation or China, and several new places allegedly organized and being built for future function. Comcast also has important holding in digital submission (The Platform).

In Feb 2014, the organization decided to fusion with Time Warner Cable in a value exchange deal worth more than $45 billion. In the terms of the contract, Comcast is said to buy almost 100% of Time Warner Cable.

All of these statistics demonstrate how powerful the company is and also the fact that it has been evolving constantly over the years. In order to keep up with the requirements of its customers, Comcast has to hire thousands of workers every year. Comcast careers are available to all, regardless of sex, age, race or religion. If you are interested in a Comcast job you should definitely read our guide.

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Comcast Application Online

In today’s fast-paced press and technological innovation market, Comcast brings a new vision with impressive concepts that are forming right the next day. With products and services that are extremely competitive, it is a powerful company that is constantly increasing its market share. With the right technological innovation – and the right people – the opportunities are limitless. Be a part of Comcast, and see what the future looks like.

Comcast is the nation’s biggest movie company and its service provides the best new material and a large number of entertainment choices on demand or online, along with new applications that allow clients to look at, search, find out and discuss top TV shows and films, whenever and wherever they like.

If you would like to be part of a close-knit and results-driven business, where amazing growth means unlimited potential for you and your clients, Comcast careers department would like to know more details about you.

To get going on this new and interesting road to success, please visit the link below to review the complete job information and fill in the desired job’s application.

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Minimum Age for Employment at Comcast

Career hopefuls must be at least 18 years old to be receive Comcast employment consideration. This rule applies for entry-level positions, however, specific Comcast jobs in management or difficult departments require experience and certain education. As a result, the age requirement begins at 20-24 years.

Comcast Hours of Operation

Comcast works on a non-stop schedule. The company’s services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For employees this means that they might be required to work nightshift or show up during unusual hours. When applying for Comcast careers you should mention that you have a flexible schedule and availability to work during the weekends or holidays.

Entry-Level Comcast Careers and Income

Available Comcast careers: office assistant, bilingual business services, marketing coordinator, customer care representative, planning and design requisition technician, account executive, customer care manager, installation technician, HR representative, customer care manager, call center representative, retail representative, warehouse representative etc.

Ready to begin or even fast-forward your Comcast career? Then be a part of the company as they shape the long run at the junction of press and technological innovation. As a Fortune 500 innovator, they set the maximum speed in a variety of impressive and amazing companies and make professional possibilities open to everyone across a variety of places, people and occupations.

They are at the leading edge of change and move at top speed, thanks to their amazing people, who carry new level items and better alternatives to life for an incredible number of clients every day.

If you have the same interest for group interaction, the perspective to change sectors and the goal to lead on the long run in media and technological innovation, they want you to start your path in a solid profession at Comcast jobs for positions such as:

  • CommOps, Fulfillment (FTC)
  • Sales Support Coordinator
  • Sales Executive
  • Business Account Executive
  • Customer Experience Rep (Repair)
  • Communication Technician
  • Retail Sales – Direct
  • Sales Associate – Residential Field Sales

Small to medium-sized entrepreneurs are starving for tech-based alternatives that offer them an edge, and this is exactly what you will provide as a Company Professional for Company Services. The incorporated package of Internet, mobile phone, Ethernet or TV related services and alternatives is tailor-made for the up-and-coming companies in every type of industry. Therefore, you are not just selling the products and services, but you are also playing an active role in your clients’ upcoming success.

You will have to possess a listener’s ear to quicklyevaluate the clients’ needs – as you make the package of items and services that serves them best. Another type of obligations include producing new sales, both over the phone and in person and creating or delivering powerful sales demonstrations to your prospects, and creating partnerships or affiliations with regional companies. You will become an expert on the regional tough market and you will be able to meet or surpass your revenue objectives and territorial goals.

The company will provide you with in-depth continuous Comcast employment training on the wide variety of company items and services (both current and emerging). In return, you will have a strong powerful discussion and follow-up abilities to this successful mixing, along with a proven skill to close a good saleefficiently.

Field Technician – Job Description and Duties

This represents one of the most common & available positions within the company. Field technicians are expected to provide services directly at the customer’s home. This means that one of the requirements for the Comcast job is to possess a driver’s license with a clean record. In addition to this, the applicant should be able to transport necessary equipment safely. Job hopefuls who show promise will be taught to handle and install equipment and internet services. Other duties include responding to the customer’s queries, performing installation and informing about the latest discounts and packages.

Applicants with experience in the field will receive higher consideration, especially if they possess relevant school diplomas and valid driver’s licenses. Field technicians have exceptionally good salary and compensation plans which start at 17.00-20.00$ per hour.

Retail Sales Associate – Job Description and Duties

This is the typical example of entry-level career. A retail sales associate is expected to work with local stores and interact with customers who wish to purchase new Comcast products or who simply have questions about the services provided. In order to be considered for this position an applicant must demonstrate strong people skills and persuasive abilities. It is essential that the retail sales associate correctly identifies and caters to the needs of customers.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited, to selling techniques, scheduling appointments, answering questions, informing about new discounts and meeting sales quotas. Of course, billing and pricing tasks will also be completed by retail sales associates. Those who wish to receive higher employment consideration with this Comcast career must display availability to work weekend or night shifts. The typical salary and compensation for retail sales jobs extends as high as 10-11.00$ per hour.

Customer Service Representative – Job Description and Duties

Another example of Comcast career that might interest entry-level applicants is that of a customer care representative. Comcast is constantly hiring individuals with good communication skills for its call centers. One of the main responsibilities of a CSR is to take customer phone-calls and answer to Comcast service-related questions.

These inquiries can range from basic troubleshooting to renewal of internet services or appointments for software installation. To be considered for this position you should have extensive knowledge about the company’s services and products. You can read more about these things on the Comcast careers website. As far as salary and compensation goes, the minimum hourly rate is roughly 12-13.00$ per hour.

Comcast Careers in Management

If you truly wish to take control over your career a position in the leadership team might be well-suited for you. Comcast employment opportunities in the corporate office are available for individuals who have enough experience to back their claims. This doesn’t mean that the company doesn’t promote from within. As a matter of fact, entry-level applicants who demonstrate their abilities will be trained for the corporate office.

Basic Tips for Applying at Comcast

Like many companies in the United States, Comcast has also created a comprehensive careers website where job applicants can find out all there is to know about different positions. You can access the website by clicking here. You will see that information is divided in specific categories like ‘Our Story’, ‘Technology’, ‘Sales’, ‘Technicians and Field Operations’,‘Leadership’ etc. Before you proceed to your desired department we suggest that you read the company’s story. It is vital that you understand where Comcast’s vision is rooted. At the bottom of the screen you will also see a ‘Jobs you may like’ tab that displays interesting employment opportunities within the company.

If you are ready to begin your Comcast application process you should proceed to your desired department. At the top-right area of the screen you will also see a ‘Search Jobs’ option that can filter results according to keyword and location. The search engine will display relevant Comcast job openings. You have a few options here: to view the details of a specific position, to add it to your cart, or to save it for later. Clicking on the job title will send you to a page where you can read all about its requirements. Click on ‘get started’ to begin the job application process.

You will only be allowed to submit your Comcast application after you create an account. It is possible to connect with your LinkedIn or Facebook account. If you already have an account, simply use your Comcast careers login to gain access to application.

You can also apply for more Comcast careers at the same time, but you will have to submit different applications. If you want you can also add a resume or cover letter to increase your chances of getting hired. The process is quite simple, and the Comcast application usually covers areas such as work-experience, education and personal information. Some Comcast jobs might require you to answer job-specific questions to assess your compatibility with the position offered.

While filling out your Comcast job application you should make sure that you do not leave any blank spaces or that you make any grammar or spelling mistakes. Fill out only with information that is relevant to the employer and wait one or two days before submitting it. If you are not satisfied with your Comcast application you can ask a friend to look over it.

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Advanced Tips for Applying at Comcast

You made it! You read about all the job meeting guidelines and made a good impression thanks to a good resume, so now you are welcomed for a round of ‘professional talking’. Now what? You study everything you can about job discussions (e.g., resume composing guidelines, organization etiquette at a job meeting, etc.) but now you think that you need a different kind of job interviewing tips. What do you do at your job interviews?

To land your job interview with a professional HR manager, you list everything you can in your resume. You might have even to employ an experienced resume specialist just to make sure that the resume presents you as a ‘perfect fit’ for the organization’s job requirements.

You spend some time grooming your overall look too. You select your clothing collection to fit the professional environment and even invested money in a personal teeth lightening device to enhance the general attractiveness of your smile and confidence (which are very important for the first impression).

Comcast Application Status

It has never been easier to check the status of your Comcast application. All you have to do is log on the career website and check the status of each position that you applied for. Worst case scenario you will see that the job that you applied for is no longer available. Another way to check the status of your Comcast jobs and employment form is to follow-up with a call.

Make sure you are respectful while addressing the hiring manager. Remind him about your name and intentions to demonstrate that you are still interested in the position. The third option would be to visit the location that you applied for in person and ask.

Benefits at Comcast

There are a number of reasons why you would want to become part of the Comcast team. First and foremost, the company offers competitive salaries to its employees. But what is even better than salary and compensation is the sheer range of non-wage benefits. Most of these benefits are available for all types of Comcast jobs. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • 401K retirement plans: all employees will be enrolled for the Comcast 401 (K) plan with a 3% contribution rate for every month of salary.
  • Medical plans: National PPO plan & POS Plan. Also includes EPOs and HMOs.
  • Courtesy services and discounts: eligible employees will receive free internet and TV service. In addition to this, Comcast offers great discounted phone service and home technology support.
  • Stock Purchase Plan
  • Flexible Spending Account: up to 2.500$ per year tax-free reimbursement
  • Vision & Prescription plans
  • Scholarship plans
  • Life and Accident Insurance: Basic life insurance and AD&D (accidental death and dismemberment benefit).
  • Computer benefits
  • Employee assistance programs: free counseling services
  • Short-term disability

These are a few examples of non-wage benefits that the company offers to its employees. Apart from them, Comcast Careers will enable you to evolve in a dynamic & friendly environment.

Comcast Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

Now that you have been scheduled for a job discussion, the anxiety might take place in your mind again. Rest assured, you must have said or written something useful initially so just concentrate on these job meeting guidelines that are listed for you and you will be good to go. They will help you understand the Comcast jobs guidelines better.

Get into the business culture of the organization

Keep in mind the fact that you cannot be called repeatedly at a job discussion if you are not a valuable competitor for that precise position. So, keep your bad thoughts under control and breathe. Think about this: a job with responsibilities requires you to interact with your colleagues in a reliable and polite way. If you are too anxious and it affects your job, it will go against the personal traits they are looking for, at such a complex job.

Instead, compose a brief list and concentrate on all your beneficial features. This way, you will be prepared for all the aspects that underline the main point: that you are the best one for the job. Here is another job meeting tip to keep you relaxed: do not take part in anything that is too stressful on the day before the interviews, such as dealing with an annoying person who will make you feel pressured or going on a long and tiring trip outside the town. Also, do not set any other important discussions on the same day of the job meeting (more on that in the tip listed below).

Ask for their ‘schedule of meetings’

Most individuals ignore that a valuable job discussion has a huge possibility of becoming an all-day interview. Keep in mind the tip to not have any other important meetings on this day and this is the main reason why you should not do it. Suppose you set up an important consultation with a doctor, have to pick up a person from a farther location or you said yes to another job interview.

All these are elements that will pressure you might affect your performance for Comcast jobs meetings, due to the fact that you cannot focus on each and one of them properly, so this stress will be seen during the job interview. And, if you think that you have to end the discussion because of a promise you cannot take back, consider the repercussions. Your prospective employer may think that you are not totally decided about having this job.

Get ready for a board meeting

It is not unusual to place yourself in the center of a team during a job meeting. Often, this team will consist of hiring managers (persons above you), employees (those below or equal to you) or maybe even an expert or two. Board discussions can be challenging but not if you prepare for them. One essential job interviewing advice for you is this: do not stress yourself.

Panel hiring managers have that unusual capability to understand what you say a bit differently or make you to think that you offered the ‘wrong answer’. Do not be taken (at least not simply) into backtracking what you said or highly protecting your weaknesses. This is truly a two-sided problem: backtrack quickly and you are seen ‘weak’; or defend yourself a lot and you are perceived as an ‘inflexible’ person. Comcast jobs are all about finding a middle-ground: remaining firm when you make a decision while also reaching a compromise with customers and other workers.

So how can you cope with that? Be honest with yourself and do not always give responses that you know that are what the interview panel members want to hear from you as a candidate. This way, you will not be losing points when you are asked why you have offered them such an honest response.

A job meeting indicates “you are almost there” so keep in mind these useful guidelines that can help you land that much desired position. Do not ignore the fact that planning is important to accomplish whatever it is you look for. Comcast careers will become accessible to you once you understand the basics of a hiring process.

Frequently Asked Comcast Interview Questions

Interview planning is important if you want to be given the job, but many organizations begin a meeting with well-known questions that seem easy to respond to. However, a few of the simplest queries can get an applicant to stress too much and say wrong things about themselves, things which will affect him or her negatively in one way or another.

In a job discussion, there is no such thing as a simple question, even if you are questioned by a low ranking member of the HR staff. Based on the company’s requirements, the questions below could be asked in a slightly different manner, but the reason behind the problems is the same. The preparation for this questionnaire will make sure that you are always prepared with suitable interview answers. Some Comcast jobs may be simple but this doesn’t mean that the interview will be dummy-proof.

Q.What have you been doing since you left the previous job?

A company wants to hire individuals who are dynamic, self-motivated and strong. The longer you have been without a job, the more essential it is to demonstrate that you have made your efforts and used your time well. This could mean helping out by volunteering where you can use your capabilities and skills, participating in learning programs so that you update your education and being effective in a business and professional system.

Q.How long have you been looking for a job?

Sadly, it is true that the more you are out of your work field, the more challenging it is to build a good career. This can make many people lose their self-confidence. In this well-known job query, the prospective manager wants to know if there something inappropriate about the applicant since he or she has been out of work for a lengthy period.

When there is a situation when you will be ‘out of work’ for a longer period, it is important to allow yourself a due date and then lookto get a job that might be an agreement one or a position in another place in the country.

All projects, at every stage, can be used to advertise an applicant so do not feel that getting a job below personal credentials and education means that this will be used against you later on. Being seen as pragmatist and hardworking employee will help you to take Comcast jobs in front of your competitors.

Q.Why do you want this position?

This is a very well-known job query but just answering “because I saw the job ad” is not a good or useful answer, even if it is the truth. It is a client’s market and your interviewer wants to have an individual who is eager and passionate to collaborate with them. If they discover an applicant who is truly passionate about the firm, then they think that he or she is more likely to remain there and be successful.

The applicant who prepares for the job by researching the company and shows knowledge about their business culture, control group and current problems is more likely to receive the interest of interviewers. Find something particular about the company that enhances your own professional background and desires. It is even more useful if you will ‘go out of the way’ to learn the company’s habits, such as speaking with other workers or their clients.

Q.What do you think to be your biggest achievement?

In a job meeting, candidates usually smile or nod a lot. The prospective manager is looking to discover the ‘real’ you and if you are going to merge with the lifestyle and part of their company. Asking about personal successes is an infamous job question. The accomplishment you choose to discuss says a lot about you and your character. An excellent professional response is to pick a success which is related to the place you are applying for.

If it is not an obvious choice, talk about an achievement that required some of the same strong points that will be asked for this job. If you are looking for a managing position in a process and objective focused work place, then the interviewers are going to be pleased with someone who is inspired by accomplishing a venture or goal and motivates others around him. In a business company, the ‘creative minds’ are always more valued. The capability to ‘think on your own feet’ will be regarded as crucial to an advanced stage of success in the company.

Q.What wage did you have at the last job?

Firms will frequently discover different ways to ask such a job question in order to figure out the candidate’s salary specifications. Your last wage is a useful way for them to figure out if they can hire you. If the earnings the company is providing are significantly reduced than your past wage, they will have problems over whether you will remain at this job. And, if this is the current situation, then a thoughtful response is to persuade them that you are ready to work for a reduced salary and why you are ready to do it.

Sometimes, employers will ask the applicants ‘what salary do you want?’ If this is too much for the organizational budget, then they will start to look for other candidates. A smart response at this delicate question is to tell them that you are ready to begin working on a reduced wage with additional rewards motivated by objectives. This offers them benefits on the budget range and a protection net if the applicant does not accomplish his tasks as well as it was predicted.

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