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Shoe Store Jobs

What better way to turn an obsession into a career than by working in a shoe store? Many, many people adore shoes, and even if you’re not fanatical about it, the simple fact that you’ve worn shoes all your life makes you a candidate to sell shoes to other people.

Shoe stores range from inexpensive half-price shoes all the way up to boutiques carrying designer brands which cost thousands of dollars a pair. Their clients all have some things in common: they want shoes that fit properly and look nice. Part of your training as a sales representative in a shoe store will include learning how to measure people’s feet to determine their proper size. These days sizes include half sizes, and narrow, medium and wide. Shoe manufacturers have begun to recognize that not only do people have feet in different sizes, they also have somewhat different shapes. By helping your customers find their perfect size, you can insure that they get shoes which will be comfortable. Uncomfortable shoes rarely get worn, so if you want them to come back and keep buying from you and your store, that’s your first priority.

The second thing you’ll need is a knowledge of the brands and styles your store carries. Just in athletic shoes alone there are tennis shoes, running shoes, walking shoes, skate shoes… the list goes on. Sometimes people need help finding that shoe which meets their needs—the pump they can stand in all day, the business shoes which will be waterproof and attractive all at the same time. They want to know what shoes will last longest, which ones will be the warmest, which ones won’t slip on a wet sidewalk. All of these are things you can help them with.

Finally, there is the shoe appearance. What woman can resist a pretty shoe? Even men often collect many pairs because they like the different styles and colors. If you can help both the conservative grandmother and the junior high cheerleader find shoes that fit their personal style, then you will be a success selling shoes.

Besides salespeople, shoe stores also hire cashiers, stockers, and managers. Manager is something you can aspire to, if you work hard and show initiative or if you have previous managerial experience. The majority of positions are entry level, but each bit of experience you get will help you to get that next job. There are shoe stores everywhere, and if your ambition is to work someplace where they sell Manolo Blahnik, you may need to start at a less high-end store and work your way up.

If you’re excited about the possibility of selling shoes to others (and getting the employee discount for yourself), then check out the many shoe stores listed on our website, and our tips about how to find work there. A good tactic is to apply to as many of them as you can—and chances are that there are a lot of shoe stores within driving range of your home. Let your enthusiasm come through on your applications, and if you get an interview, make sure that they know that you love shoes!

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