Shoe Dept Application

  Shoe Dept Application – Employment at Shoe Dept

The Shoe Dept employment application gives job seekers the opportunity to apply for a rewarding, stimulating job in the retail industry, working at a successful retail shoe wear company.

Shoe Dept offers a wide range of designer label shoe wear at affordable prices. And with more than 1,100 locations in the United States,Shoe Dept is one of the largest shoe retailers in the country. If you would like to be a part of this successful company, the Shoe Dept online application gives you the opportunity to apply right now on their website.

Shoe Dept Online Job Application

The Shoe Dept job application form is available to download and complete from the Shoe Dept careers website. Simply access the website by clicking on the link below to get started.

Minimum Age for Employment at Shoe Dept

You have to be at least 16 years old to work at Shoe Dept.

Shoe Dept Hours of Operation

Mon – Sat:  10am – 9pm

Sun:  12pm – 6pm

Entry-Level Shoe Dept Careers and Income

Many of the careers available at Shoe Dept require no previous work experience – as long as you are at least 16, you can be considered for an entry-level position by completing a Shoe Dept job application. Entry-level positions generally involve duties such as assisting customers, stocking the shelves and ringing up purchases. Here is a list of some entry-level positions that you can apply for, as well as their average salaries:

Cashier – $19, 800 / year

Sales Associate – $20, 000 / year

Stocker – $19, 300 / year

Shoe Dept Careers in Management

Shoe Dept is always looking for experienced managers to fill management positions in the company. If you have previous experience managing a retail store, and have at least a high school diploma, then you could qualify for a management career – complete a Shoe Dept application online and find out! The following management careers are available:

Assistant Store Manager – $28, 000 / year

General Store Manager – $37, 000 / year

Basic Tips for Applying at Shoe Dept

The Shoe Dept application process is broken into two main sections – the online application form, and a one-on-one interview. To get started with the online application, visit the website by clicking on the link provided and fill in the form for the job position you are interested in. The form is very straightforward, and all the information you will need is your personal details, social security number and contact details of a reference , such as a previous employer or educator.

Be sure to check through your application for Shoe Dept carefully before submitting it, and correct any spelling and grammar errors – these sorts of careless mistakes can hurt your chances of being hired and are entirely preventable.

If you get invited for an interview, make sure that you are adequately prepared. Try and consider what sort of questions they will ask you and formulate some well thought out responses. Also dress professionally and act confidently when you meet the manager who will be interviewing you.

Hopefully, the next call you will get will be to tell you that you got the job!

Benefits of Shoe Dept Careers

Employees at Shoe Dept may qualify for benefits that include medical, dental and vision insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, a 401(k) retirement savings plan, and paid time off to name but a few. But you can’t access these Shoe Dept careers benefits if you don’t apply for a job, so don’t delay – complete an application form for Shoe Dept today.

Link to Shoe Dept’s Career Site

To access the Shoe Dept Online Application directly, click here.

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