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  Shoe Show Application – Employment at Shoe Show

Shoe Show is one of America’s most popular footwear chains. Since it was first opened in 1960, Shoe Show has grown rapidly and now operates from more than 1,100 locations across 37 states.

As well as being dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable products to its customers, Shoe Show is also socially responsible, participating in various social and community charity projects.

If you are looking to work in an environment that is successful and amenable to further growth, then the Shoe Show online application could be just what you are looking for.

The company also acquired several other footwear companies throughout its existence, such as Burlington Shoes, broadening its retail footwear chain. This company supports many different religious associations and other community organizations with community involvement and service.

Shoe Show Online Job Application

The Shoe Show job application form is unfortunately not currently available online. If you are interested in any Shoe Show careers and would like to apply for a job at this company, you can contact the store that you would like to work at directly and speak to the manager.

Alternatively, you could simply visit your local Shoe Show location and ask to fill in a Shoe Show employment application.


There are many job opportunities for those with a passion for shoes and a fashion mania at the company. While this company is ranked number 13 in the list of best companies to work for, it is a good environment to work in.

If you like to work with people and love to tell them what type of shoes they should wear, this is the job for you. You can easily apply for a job in the shoe department if you have the right qualifications and a can-do attitude.

With a turnover rate of around three years, this is a decent number, meaning people often do not leave their jobs. It is also found that many people are leaving the popular Walmart group to work with this company and vice versa.

The application process is easy. You only need to go to the nearest branch and hand in your application in person.

Minimum Age for Employment at Shoe Show

You must be at least 16 years old to work at Shoe Show.

Shoe Show Hours of Operation

Opening hours vary by location. Typical operating hours are as follows:

Mon – Fri:  10am – 9pm

Sat:            10am – 9pm

Sun:           12pm – 6pm

Entry-Level Shoe Show Careers and Income

There are a variety of entry-level jobs available at Shoe Show, suitable for job seekers that have no previous experience in the retail industry or are looking for part-time, casual work.

There is a myriad of entry-level positions available for anyone interested in working at any of their footwear companies. Many job advertisements are going on regularly where they are always looking for new talent to join them.

Following are the entry-level Shoe Show positions available, as well as the average annual salary for each job title:

Sales Associate – $17, 000 / year

Key Holder – $19, 000 / year

Customer Service Representative – $21, 000 / year

Shoe Show Careers in Management

Shoe Show also has vacancies right now for management positions. In order to be eligible for application for Shoe Show management careers, you should have at least 2 years of management experience in the retail industry, preferably in fashion retail.

Following are some of the management positions available at Shoe Show, as well as their average yearly salaries:

Assistant Manager – $30, 800 / year

Store Manager – $36, 500 / year

Sales Manager – $29, 000 / year

District Manager – $59, 000 / year

Other Type Of Entry-Level Jobs And More

But these are not the only types of jobs available at this versatile company. Following is a list of entry-level and managerial positions.

If you have a passion for customer services and love to solve customer complaints, go to the nearest branch and apply now. People who have capacities for customer service will get rewarded in many different ways when there for those who need help.

A warehouse worker can get a lot of job satisfaction with all the intricacies and interesting storage rules and regulations.

The cash registers are also a good place to stay where you get to communicate with many interesting people to enrich your life.

Sales associates have the very interesting job of maintaining relations with existing customers while expanding the company’s customer base. A sales associate position can be very rewarding for people who have what it takes to keep any customer happy while honing their customer service skills.

Assistant manager positions are available for those who want to make a change for both the workers and the customers of the company. This will also provide you with the experience for management positions in the company and many great benefits.

Basic Tips for Applying at Shoe Show

Although there is no Shoe Show application online, you will still need to complete an application form in person when you apply for a job at Shoe Show.

Today’s job market is a competitive one, and in order to improve your chances of being hired, you need to stick out from the other applicants. A good way to do so is to be confident and enthusiastic when introducing yourself to the store manager. If you are able to show right away that you are good with people, the manager is sure to look favorably on your application.

You should also take the opportunity to mention any special achievements or previous work experience you have that are relevant to your desired job position – nothing beats experience when it comes to finding a job!

Benefits at Shoe Show

The Shoe Show application opens up a world of great benefits. Employees at Shoe Show have access to flexible working hours, competitive pay, and paid on-the-job training, while those in management positions may be eligible for further benefits such as 401(k) retirement funds and paid vacation leave.

These retirement plans can provide you with a good nest egg for those years when you will not be able to work anymore. The company also pays minimum wages, making it much easier for people to live a better life with their income. 

Another great benefit is that employees get large discounts on any merchandise sold by the company, including their favorite shoes. Employee benefits also include dental, medical, and life insurance packages, which is great considering health care costs.

They also have great parental leave policies and dependent care for those who have or are planning to start a family while working for them. Other benefits include paid time off, paid holidays, and a certain amount of paid sick days per year.

Link to Shoe Show’s Career Site

Contact your local Shoe Show branch by finding the store closest to you on the following website:

To access the Shoe Show website, click here.

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