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Kelly Services is one of the largest staffing agencies in the world. Since its beginning in 1946, Kelly Services has been matching great candidates with the companies they deserve to work for. Coincidentally, many people have learned that employment at Kelly services is also a great option. Staffing agencies require a surprising number of employees to carry out day-to-day operations.

Applying with Kelly Services is done online, and it’s a lengthy process. This article will cover the Kelly Services application process and work environment. It will also cover various important details for potential candidates.

Kelly Services Application

The Kelly Services homepage might lead one to question the company’s status as a major staffing agency, but it’s true; despite their website’s outdated design, Kelly Services is a Fortune 500 company with revenue of over $5.6 billion. Unfortunately, the poor design carries over into their career portal. On the bottom of the page, you will find a small link titled “work at Kelly”. Clicking this will bring you to a listing of all the open jobs divided into the following categories:

HR / Talent Acquisition

At a major staffing agency, these are the most important positions in the company. These employees must make connections with candidates across the world and create new business for the agency. The company lives and dies by the success of this department.

  • Commercial Recruiter
  • Account Talent Manager
  • Payroll Data Entry Officer


Kelly Services’ accountants are very much on the back line of the operation. They oversee all the important financial details of the agency, and they make sure the company is heading in a safe direction. They also oversee risk management and other important business-oriented tasks.

  • Accounts Receivable Analyst
  • Accounting Clerk
  • Cost Accountant

Marketing / Advertising

Every company’s marketing department fulfills an important role, but that is especially true at Kelly Services. The company needs to market in two distinct voices; the same terminology can’t be used for both employers and candidates. As a result, the agency’s marketers typically specialize in one end of the marketing plan

  • Account Executive
  • Commercial Area Manager
  • Vendor Management Coordinator

Information Technology

Kelly Services’ information technology department uses the term “information technology” in an old-fashioned way. This department is full of networking specialists, software developers, support technicians and other technology-based roles. It is the company’s all-inclusive department for all things computer related.

  • Infrastructure Analyst
  • IT Support Technician
  • Software Developer

Administrative / Clerical

This department has its hand in all areas of the Kelly Services business plan. These employees help in all fields of the company, but they also have their own unique culture. These positions range from basic data entry roles to full-fledged management opportunities for sales and data teams. At Kelly Services, the clerical positions are more diverse than at other large corporations.

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Sales Office Assistant
  • Content Administrator

Customer Service

Lastly, the importance of the customer service department cannot be overstated. Many entry-level candidates begin their Kelly Services careers in this department. In fact, most of the company’s jobs exist here. The department may take a back seat to more glamorous departments like marketing or IT, but they are a critical part of the company’s success.

  • Customer Service Coordinator
  • Call Center Supervisor
  • Bilingual Dispatcher

Of course, these are only among the most popular positions in each of the departments at the company. During your Kelly Services application, you are bound to find many more jobs in each category. Also, like in most corporate settings, advancement through the company can reach a cross-departmental level. Many employees begin in one department, but end up managing another.

Your Kelly Services application seems like it should be easy because of the website’s large “Apply Now” button, but you must follow a set of guidelines before you can actually apply. These are the six mandatory steps in your Kelly Services application:

  • Using the career browser, narrow the jobs to your desired department.
  • Narrow the jobs in the department to your desired location.
  • Select the best job for your qualifications. After landing on the job’s description, click the button on the top right that says “Apply Now”. You will then be asked to fill out a page with your information.
  • Provide your name, address, email, and other contact info.
  • Upload your resume and provide LinkedIn information.
  • Accept the Kelly Services application terms and conditions.

After completing these steps, you will be asked to complete a candidate account on the Kelly Services website. The profile will act as a secondary resume, and you will be free to quickly apply for new jobs in the future. The account creation process is based on the following six steps:

  1. Re-enter your contact information, address and other personal information.
  2. Create and verify your unique password. You will need this if you create another Kelly Services application in the future.
  3. Provide all your work history. If you have more than three previous employers, there is an “add employer” button.
  4. Provide all your education history. If you have more than two degrees, there is an “add education” button.
  5. Create a list of your important references. Kelly Services makes it clear that they will contact these references should you be considered for a position.
  6. Consent to the Kelly Services account creation terms and conditions.

If you use this account to apply for Kelly Services jobs in the future, you won’t need to upload a copy of your resume. However, it’s important to note that you should still upload cover letters for every position you apply to. There is no way to streamline that process.

Minimum Age for Employment at Kelly Services

Before completing the Kelly Services application, candidates should know the minimum age for consideration at Kelly Services is 18 years. However, even that age is several years younger than the company’s average candidate age range. Most positions with the agency require a college degree, so that skews the age average into the early 20s.

Without experience or a degree, it’s best for candidates to apply for customer service or clerical positions. These are among the only positions at the firm that consider high school graduates and other entry-level candidates. After securing one of these positions, candidates have plenty of room for growth.

Kelly Services Hours of Operation

Each Kelly Services location is open from 8:30 AM to 5 PM. The company’s corporate headquarters is open during the same hours. Candidates enjoy the fact that none of the company’s positions explicitly require availability outside of that time frame.

After completing the Kelly Services application, however, many candidates will notice a prompt describing the great amount of overtime work available within the company. Especially for certain departments like clerical and accounting, employees are encouraged to work additional hours at home. In fact, they strongly prefer candidates who show enthusiasm towards working overtime hours.

Entry Level Kelly Services Careers and Respective Income

The definition of an “entry-level” career at Kelly Services is more in line with the rest of the corporate world. Most of the company’s bottom-rung opportunities become available to college graduates. These candidates can expect entry-level positions in their chosen departments with plenty of on-boarding training. Depending on department and location, these positions could have a salary of anywhere from $40,000 – 50,000.

Absolute entry-level positions, like in the call center or data entry, may come with a starting salary of $26,000 – 34,000. These positions don’t require degrees, and they leave reasonable room for career advancement. The overall outlook for advancement within Kelly Services is above average.

Careers in Management

Without prior experience, it’s nearly impossible to immediately land a management position at Kelly Services. They also hire from within for most of their departmental management roles.

Within a few years, however, it is possible for the hardest working candidates to rise into positions of leadership. The terms “coordinator” and “manager” are not thrown around lightly in the Kelly Services environment, so legitimate management positions are competitive. Also, managers can expect a much greater level of workplace stress. They must often put in the most overtime.

Benefits of Working at Kelly Services

After completing your Kelly Services application, you can click a link that displays a link to the company’s benefits. You’ll notice that Kelly Services is very much on-par with other major corporate brands.

First, Kelly Services offers competitive plans for medical, vision and dental insurance. They also offer a group life insurance plan and prescription compensation.

The company is also celebrated for their paid vacation time, sick pay and holiday pay. Entry-level candidates report p to three weeks of paid vacation time with the company. That is well above average.

Last, employees enjoy a long list of additional perks for working with the company. Most notably, there is an employee referral bonus, discounts on many popular items and a plethora of community features that are available to all Kelly Services employees.

Basic Tips for Applying at Kelly Services

Based on the accounts of former Kelly Services applicants, the following tips may help you in your application process.

Display Passion for Helping Others

It’s very important to convince Kelly Services hiring managers of your enthusiasm for the company mission. Showcase the helpful side of your personality. However, make sure to prove your awareness of the company’s overall mission of making a profit. Present yourself as a helpful and valuable employee.

Apply For Several Positions

After completing your first Kelly Services application, you may want to apply for several more positions. It may not be a smart idea to apply for jobs in several different departments, but you can certainly apply for numerous jobs in your chosen department. In fact, doing so may show your enthusiasm to get in at the ground level and grow into a valued employee within your chosen department.

Tailor Your Resume

With each of your Kelly Services applications, make sure to tailor your resume to the specific keywords associated with the job description. This will help you push your resume through HR filters and impress hiring managers. Especially if you do apply for more than one position, do not use the exact same resume for each application.

Kelly Services Interview Tips

The Kelly Services interview process varies greatly from each department, position and location. Former applicants have reported the company’s interview process is average in terms of the typical corporate interview. Be prepared to answer questions on the following topics.

  • What draws you to Kelly Services? What do you like about talent management?
  • What are your specific skills that will be relevant to this job?
  • What do you know about the position you’re applying for?
  • What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Generally, higher paying positions have more rigorous interviews. Some applicants report landing a job after their first interview with the company, but others report three or four separate stages of meeting with human resources and department managers. Depending on your exact qualifications, your mileage may vary.

Working at Kelly Services

Candidates who advance beyond the Kelly Services application process report varied experiences working with the company. Most candidates, however, seem to enjoy their time in entry-level positions. Management positions are where most of the complications seem to occur. Still, the company is on the Fortune 500 list for a reason, and they provide ample opportunity for starting a great career.

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