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Rue21 is an American retailer of young men and women clothes and accessories. The company was founded in 1976, headquartered in Warrendale, Pennsylvania. Rue21 Inc. was formerly known as Pennsylvania Fashions Inc. until 2003 when it reorganized and changed its name. The focus of Rue21 is to create and provide apparel and accessories for young generations, of ages between 11 and 17, but also to those who want a 20 something look. The company sells its clothes and accessories under more than five different brand names, and perfumes and fragrances under more than ten different brand names. Among Rue21’s clothes brands there are Tarea by rue21, Carbon and CJ Black, and Carbon Elements. The style of the clothes is generally categorized as casual, chic, and trendy. Popular Rue21 items are jeans, shirts, tops, necklaces, and dresses. Recently, the company also started to offer plus size clothes, aligning with the recent trends of all big apparel retailers. Rue21’s fragrances fit the company’s target customer needs. They are fresh, contemporary, follow the latest trends, and have lower prices than those of competitors’. Rue21’s accessories follow the same pattern. Rue21 is all about fast-fashion at affordable prices. This means that, as soon as new fashion trends appear, the company will launch products to match them. This is how other big fashion retailers operate too, but the main difference is the price. Rue21 has lower prices than most of the big fashion retailers and it is one the fastest growing companies of its field.

There are over 1,100 Rue21 stores throughout the country. However, unlike other fashion retailers, Rue21’s stores are located mainly in small towns and rural areas. The company is present in 47 of the 50 states, and is constantly opening new stores. Also, there are around 7,500 Rue21 employees, office employees included, and their number is growing.

Rue 21 Application Process

People who are interested in Rue21 careers can easily find all the available positions online, on the company’s official site, Of course, the company advertises the available Rue21 jobs on other recruitment websites, but this is the simplest way of finding all Rue21 careers.

At the bottom of the home page candidates will find a “Careers” button which will take them to the official Rue21 careers page – Rue21 Careers. To begin the search for Rue21 jobs, candidates need to click the orange “Search careers” button. They can choose between store Rue21 jobs, corporate Rue21 careers, and distribution center Rue21 jobs.

After choosing one of the three options and clocking the green “search” button, candidates will need to choose between Store Associate Rue21 jobs or Store Management Rue21 careers. Once they choose one of the two, candidates can search for specific Rue21 jobs by keyword(s), category, position type, and location. There are multiple position type options, such as regular full-time or part-time, temporary full-time or part-time, intern, and contract.

After selecting the desired Rue21 job, the candidate can read the job description and begin the Rue21 online application process by clicking on the “Apply for this job online” button. A new page will open, and the candidates will need to choose between creating their profile with a resume or creating it by completing the online Rue21 jobs and employment form. After choosing between the two, candidates will be required to provide their name, email address, and password to create the profile and login, so they can continue the rest of the steps needed to complete the Rue 21 application process.

After choosing a password, the candidates will also need to choose three security questions and provide their answers. This is for the protection of the account as a supplementary way of making sure no one else has access to it. After this step, candidates are required to choose one of the following options: upload their resume, or copying it in the selected box. They also have the option of overriding the profile information with the one provided in the resume. It is easier to upload the resume, because the system can automatically fill the necessary information, and the Rue 21 application process will be shorter and easier to complete.

The next step of the Rue 21 application process is to provide some personal information, such as the phone number, address, and give some details about where they have heard about this job opportunity. The next part of the Rue 21 application process asks candidates to voluntarily identify their gender or race. Of course, they can decline to do so. The next part of the Rue21 job application process is to answer a few short questions, such as:

  • Are you at least 16 years of age?
  • Are you eligible to work in the United States?
  • Do you have any relatives currently employed by rue21?
  • Have you ever been discharged from a job?

The next step of the Rue21 job application process requires candidates to answer a few more questions, like:

  • Are you able to work overtime?
  • Have you ever worked for or applied for a position with rue21 before? If yes, please say where and when.
  • What are the days and hours you are available to work?
  • What is your current salary?
  • What is your desired salary?

After answering these questions, candidates need to write about their education and previous work history, if any. Next, candidates are required to answer a few more questions:

  • Have you served in the U.S. Military?
  • Have you ever visited a rue21 location? Where? When? Describe your experience.
  • What do you like about clothing and fashion?
  • Why would you like to work for rue21?

The next step is to provide at least one professional reference, including the person’s phone number. A candidate can list a maximum of three professional references. After completing the Rue21 jobs and application form, candidates are required to click on a link which will take them to another page where they will need to answer a few additional questions about tax credit and welfare.

Rue21 participates in the federal government’s Work Opportunity Tax Credit, Welfare to Work, and other federal and state tax credit programs, and the information candidates’ supply will be used to complete its federal and state tax returns. This is what this part of the Rue 21 application process requires answers to the following:

  • The Social Security Number
  • Are you under age 40?
  • Have you ever worked for this employer?
  • Have you received a conditional certification from your state employment security agency (SESA) or other participating agency for either The Work Opportunity Tax Credit or the Welfare-to-Work Credit?
  • Have you or any family member with whom you lived received any form of cash assistance within the last two years?
  • Are you a member of a family that stopped being eligible for cash assistance within the last two years because of federal or state limitations?
  • Have you ever been convicted of a felony or received deferred adjudication for a felony charge?
  • Have you received vocational rehabilitation services from a state agency, the VA (Veterans Administration) or an Employment Network under the Ticket to Work program?

After giving the required answers, the Rue 21 application process requires candidates to enter a personal 4 digit number that will serve as their electronic signature. It can be any 4 digit number. After submitting the tax information, the Rue 21 application process is complete.

Minimum Age for Rue21 Employment

The minimum age at which a person can start working at Rue21 is 16, as it says in the Rue 21 application form. Of course, some Rue21 jobs require employees to be at least 18 years of age, either because of various state regulations or because being considered for such Rue21 careers requires some prior work experience. However, entry level sales Rue21 jobs can be obtained by young candidates, usually on a part-time basis.

Rue21 Hours of Operations

Rue21 hours of operations vary throughout the country, but there are no major differences. Typically, a Rue21 store opens at 10 in the morning and closes at 10 in the evening during the workweek; Saturdays and Sundays, the stores have a different schedule. On Saturday, they open at 10 in the morning and close at 10 at night, while on Sundays the stores open at noon and close at 6 in the evening. Rue21 stores also observe the following holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.

Entry Level Rue21 Careers and Income

Rue21 careers are divided into three major categories: stores, corporate, and distribution. Corporate Rue21 careers cover a lot of fields of activity, from Marketing, to Accounting, to Administrative positions. Store Rue21 jobs are more frequent, and people of different backgrounds and education can easily find Rue21 available positions.

Some of the most frequent store Rue21 jobs are Part-Time Sales Associate, Full-Time Sales Associate, Retail Clerk, Cashier, Lied Cashier, Assistant Manager, Manager, Merchandise Planning Assistant, Recruiter, and Merchandise Allocator. Entry level Rue21 careers are most popular among teenagers and young people, and are easily accessible. They offer flexible schedules and a modern work environment.

Rue21 Part-Time Sales Associate Job Description and Duties

This is one of the entry level Rue21 jobs. Rue21 Part-Time Sales work in the store and interact constantly with customers. They offer assistance to all customers on the sales floor, and do their best to meet all the customers’ needs. The duties and responsibilities of a Rue21 Part-Time Sales Associate are:

  • To offer great customer service;
  • To offer positive responses and solutions to customers;
  • To interact with customers in such ways as to increase sales;
  • To offer fitting room assistance as to increase sales;
  • To be aware of the assigned area as to prevent any losses;
  • Effectively perform associate register transactions without errors or shortages
  • To comply with the store’s visual, maintenance and cleanliness standards;
  • To have a teamwork attitude;
  • To adhere to all company policies and procedures, and all safety standards;
  • To support the Store Management team;
  • To perform all other duties as assigned.

There are no special requirements when it comes to education and previous work experience, although some retail or customer service experience is a plus. But there are some physical requirements a viable candidate must comply with:

  • To stand on their feet for up to 8 hours;
  • To be able to lift and carry up to 40 pounds;
  • To be able to use ladders;
  • To bend, kneel, and squat;
  • To frequently reach above the shoulder.

Rue21 Part-Time Sales Associate Salary and Compensation

This entry level Rue21 job has an hourly based pay. The minimum hourly pay for a Rue21 Sales associate begins at $8, and can go a little bit higher, depending on location and work experience. Of course, the weekly pay varies according to the actual number of hours worked, but this position allows Rue21 employees to increase their income by taking extra sifts whenever possible, especially during the holidays.

Rue21 Careers in Management

Rue21 also needs qualified employees to run the stores, so people with sales background will find a lot of management Rue21 employment options. Management Rue21 careers include Assistant Manager and Store Manager.

Usually, the company recruits for managerial positions its own employees, who are already trained in the specifics of the company’s operations, and this means that all employees can have a substantial professional growth within the company. However, Rue21 is also looking for outside candidates to fill these available positions

Rue21 Assistant Manager Job Description and Duties

An Assistant Manager supports the Store Manager in all the daily activities. Rue21 Assistant Managers are responsible with increasing the store’s sales and minimizing any losses, and many other duties, such as:

  • To make sure the directives for merchandise placement and visual displays are respected;
  • To keep Rue21 standards for cleanliness and organization;
  • To make sure all the policies and procedures are followed by themselves and the other Rue21 employees;
  • To comply with all safety standards;
  • To show and promote exceptional customer service;
  • To be accurate in shipping, receiving, and cash control;
  • To assist the Store Manager in recruiting, training, developing, and retaining qualified associates in order to ensure the store’s staffing needs are consistently met;
  • To provide performance counseling of associates as required;
  • To perform all other duties as assigned by their superior.

Rue21 Assistant Manager Salary and Compensation

The yearly salary of a Rue21 Assistant Store Manager begins at $17,000, and can go as high as $32,000. It can vary due to location and work experience. Since this is a retail managerial position, other compensations are added to the base salary, such as cash bonuses. This makes the total compensation to surpass $30,000 per year. However, the average pay for an assistant manager is around $24,000.

Basic Tips for Applying at Rue21

The easiest way to apply for all Rue21 jobs is to do it online. Of course, candidates can also do it in person, but this is the easiest way. There is also a benefit for applying online. Candidates will be able to verify their Rue 21 application status by logging into their Rue21 candidate account.

Candidates should know that it is very important to go through the entire Rue21 online application process and complete it. It is not very long and candidates need to answer some questions, including those of the tax form. Candidates should remember that the Rue 21 application process is incomplete without the tax form, and that they will need to finalize this step too in order for their Rue21 online application to be complete and considered.

Another important thing to do is to provide at least one professional reference that could support their Rue21 online application. The basic rules of applying online for Rue21 jobs are simple, and they are similar to many other online application processes:

  • Candidates need to complete all the steps and give all the information they are required in the Rue 21 application online form.
  • Candidates need to provide accurate and correct information during all the steps, and to make sure their phone number and email address are spelled correctly.
  • Candidates should answer all the questions with honesty.
  • If candidates cannot complete the entire Rue21 job application process in one sitting, they have the option to save the steps they have already completed and continue with them later. Instead of giving incomplete information due to lack of time, it is best to actually make use of this option.
  • Candidates need to fully complete the tax form and provide accurate information.

This is not a difficult process, but it does require some time to complete it, usually not more than half an hour, especially if candidates upload a resume. This means that some of the information will already be filled, and this will save a fair amount of time.

If candidates answer all the questions and provide all the information, including the daily work availability, the Rue21 hiring manager will be able to make a correct assessment and this can increase their chances of getting the desired Rue21 job.

Benefits at Rue21

The most talked about benefit of working at Rue21 are the store discounts for all Rue21 employees. The company offers discounts of 25% for Rue21 products, and employees can also benefit from 50% discounts during half-off events once every two months. Another important benefit for Rue21 employees is the flexible schedule for part-time employees, which can fit all needs, from high-school teenagers, to college students, and even for employees with a second job.

The company also offers paid time off for all its full-time employees, although the exact amount may vary according to position and the years working for the company. Those working full-time positions have two weeks of paid vacation every year. They also have other benefits, such as medical and life insurance, retirement plans, and paid holidays. Also, full-time sales employees can benefit from other cash bonuses which can increase the total compensation.

Rue21 Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

Job interviews at Rue21 are similar to those of other fashion retailers. It all begins with the Rue 21 application, which will be reviewed by a hiring manager, whether the candidate has completed the Rue 21 application online or submitted a resume in person. If the Rue21 hiring manager considers the candidate to be a good fit, they will usually call to schedule an in person interview.

Rue21 interviews for store Rue21 careers are usually relaxed and last from 15 minutes to half an hour. For some Rue21 careers, additional interviews might be required, but this usually happens for management or corporate Rue21 careers. During the interview, the candidate will be asked to give more details about their prior work experience and education. The hiring manager will also talk about the responsibilities and duties of the job and the schedule. During the interview, the candidate too should ask some questions about the job and the Rue21 hiring manager expectations for the employee.

Store Rue21 careers require constant customer interaction, so the candidate needs to have a proactive attitude and smile as often as possible. Here are some Rue21 interview tips to be considered:

  • Candidates should dress in business casual attire, both men and women. Women should be careful not to wear anything too short, too revealing, or inappropriate in any form.
  • Candidates should smile and behave in a friendly manner. In sales and retail, a positive attitude is the most important and preferred by hiring managers.
  • Candidates should be calm and stand still. Constant fidgeting can be disturbing and make the Rue21 hiring manager feel uncomfortable.
  • Candidates should speak with a calm voice and at a normal pace.
  • Candidates need to make eye contact with the Rue21 hiring manager at least from time to time. This is very important, because it shows respect for the other person.
  • Candidates should refrain from interrupting the Rue21 hiring manager when speaking.
  • Unless having been asked a Yes or No question, candidates should give detailed answers while still remaining on topic.

Frequently Asked Rue21 Interview Questions

A Rue21 job interview is usually casual, and some might find it simple, especially for entry-level Rue21 careers. Most of the questions asked are regard the candidate’s previous work experience, education, and the way he or she believes certain specific work situations should be handled. Some of the most common questions during a Rue21 interview are:

  • Why did you apply at Rue21?
  • What are you seeking out of this job?
  • How would you sell fragrances?
  • What would you bring to this company?
  • How could theft affect you?
  • What does fashion mean to you?

There are other Rue21 questions candidates should expect, some of which could be challenging to answer, such as: “If you could be a superhero, who would you be?”  No matter the question, when it comes to Rue21 interview answers, there are no pre-set answers. Candidates should try to answer them truthfully and as to the point as possible. They also should give detailed and positive answers, especially when they are talking about their future role in the company.

There are plenty of Rue21 employment opportunities so you should take your time exploring the options. You can submit your Rue 21 job application several times until you secure a position within the company. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for job openings every month. For further enquiries feel free to contact us.

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