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Employment at Regal Cinemas

Regal Cinemas is an American movie theater chain, owned by Regal Entertainment Group. The company is headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. Regal Entertainment Group is the largest movie theatre chain in the United States, and it is also the most geographically diverse movie theatre circuit in the country. Aside from the Regal Cinemas brand, the company also operates the Edwards Theaters and United Artists Theaters brands. It has locations in 44 American states, and in Guam, American Samoa, Gran Cayman, and Saipan. Regal Cinemas was founded in 1989, in Knoxville, Tennessee. The movie theater chain expanded at a rapid pace, and began opening more and more locations in suburban areas. The Regal Cinemas theaters looked much better than other similar venues, and also offered a premium café, which later became known as Café Del Moro. The largest number of Regal Cinemas theaters is located in California, New York, and Florida, and it represents a third of the total number of locations. The company is constantly growing and acquiring smaller theater chains throughout the country. Almost all of the Regal movie theaters offer stadium sitting, and the company claims to have the most technological advanced venues in the country. Regal Cinemas customers benefit from all kinds of loyalty programs, such as the Regal Crown Club. It rewards movie goers with special deals and concessions, and many other amenities. The Regal Crown Club loyalty program has over 9 million active members.

To further increase the tickets sale, and in order to become more appealing to the younger generations, the company created its own mobile ticket app, which greatly simplifies the way a customer makes a reservation and buys a ticket, and also allows the company to easily advertise its shows.

The company owns and operates over 580 movie theatres throughout the country, which offer more than 7,400 screens. Their number is constantly rising, as is the number of Regal Cinemas employees.

Regal Cinemas Application

There are many Regal Cinemas careers available. Many recruitment websites advertise the varied available positions throughout the internet, but the easiest way to find out all the Regal careers available is for candidates to go directly to the official Regal Cinemas website,

Here, at the bottom right of the page, there is a link called “JOB OPPORTUNITIES” that will take the candidates to the Regal Cinema official page – Regal Cinema Careers. Every job application begins with the search for the right job. To do this, the candidates need to click the big blue “apply now” button.

A new page will open where the candidates can begin the search for their ideal Regal Cinema jobs by using several criteria, like the city, state, and postal code. The results will include the title of the Regal Cinema careers, the city, and even the type of job, like seasonal, part-time, or full-time. After choosing one of the Regal Cinema jobs, the candidates need to click on it in order to read the full job description. If they want to apply, they have to go at the right bottom of the page and click on the “APPLY ON-LINE” link.

To begin the Regal Cinemas application process, the candidates need to create an account on the Regal Cinemas application online system. This step is more complex than in other cases and requires candidates to give a fair amount of information.

The first information they need to provide for the Regal application is the reasons they would like one of the Regal Cinemas jobs and what skills they believe would allow them to excel at their movie theater jobs.

The next bit of information required is, of course, the full name. The following information required by the Regal Cinemas application process is the hour availability for each day of the week. After listing this, the candidates need to provide their address, phone number, and email address. Of course, a password is also needed, as well as the choice of a secret question which will further protect the candidates account.

After creating the account needed in order to begin the Regal Cinemas application process, the candidates have the option of uploading their resumes. If they do not want to, this will not cause any troubles with their Regal application. The next step of the Regal Cinemas application process requires the candidates to answer a set of questions:

  • Are you 16 years of age or older?
  • Are you 18 years of age or older?
  • Are you legally eligible to work in the United States?
  • Have you ever been employed by Regal Entertainment Group?   If yes, list all previous R.E.G. Locations worked at along with dates of employment and name of supervisor.
  • Are you related to anyone currently employed by Regal Entertainment Group? If yes, please list the name of the employee you are related to, the nature of your relationship and the location where the employee works.

After answering these questions, the candidates can complete the rest of the Regal Cinemas jobs and employment form. They will need to list any special skills, honors, achievements, memberships, activities, or positions of leadership they held until now. They are also asked to list all technical and software knowledge and skills they might have.

The next part of the Regal Cinemas application process asks candidates to write about their education and their previous work experience. Candidates may list up to three previous employers (any movie theatre jobs are of great use) and those with no prior work history can simply write “none” in the required box.

Following this step, the candidates are required to give more information in order to continue with their Regal Cinemas application process. Here they are required to explain any gaps in employment and have also the opportunity to list any additional work experience, including special employment training and past movie theaters jobs.

They are also required to state whether or not they have ever been terminated or suspended from any previous employment and describe the circumstances. Candidates need to provide minimum three professional or personal references. They can include teachers, coaches, professors, and even Scout Troop leaders, but they cannot include close friends or any family members.

The next part of the Regal Cinemas application process requires candidates to allow the company to verify all statements contained in the application and to conduct any background investigations considered necessary. The last step of the Regal Cinemas application process requires candidates to answer one simple question:

  • How did you hear about this position?

Now that the Regal Cinemas online job application is complete, candidates are asked to also answer the Tax Credit Screening questions. This is not mandatory, but candidates could consider doing this, since it doesn’t take much time and it would show their interest in Regal Cinemas careers. Completing the Tax Credit Screening form or not will not impact the chances candidates have to be considered for Regal Entertainment Group Jobs in any way.

Minimum Age of Employment at Regal Cinemas

The minimum age at which a candidate can be considered for a Regal Cinemas job is 16 years old. Some Regal Cinemas careers have specific age requirements that may differ from state to state, while other Regal careers do require at least a few years of prior work experience, so 16 years old candidates might not be considered for all of them. However, entry-level Regal careers are suitable for teenage candidates.

Regal Cinemas Hours of Operation

Regal Cinemas theaters have slightly different hours of operation throughout the country. Some Regal Cinemas open at 9:00 A.M. and close as late as 3:00 A.M.. Other theaters open later, at 11:00 A.M., and close at midnight. In some cases and for special occasions, the theaters may close even later. Candidates should check the theaters schedules if they are looking for Regal Cinemas jobs which are shift based.

Entry Level Regal Cinemas Careers and Income

Many teenagers are constantly looking for entry level Regal Cinema careers and they can always find many Regal Entertainment jobs. Most Regal careers are focused on great customer service, but the company also offers many other employment options. But what the company is best known for is the many employment opportunities it offers teenagers. Regal Cinemas also has a variety of corporate careers available for those who have the required education and prior work experience.

Some of the most frequent theater Regal Cinemas careers include Floor Staff, Usher, Projectionist, Bartender, Associate Manager, and General Manager.

Regal Cinemas Floor Staff Job Description and Duties

There are multiple Floor Staff job variations which are classified according to the needs of the various Regal Movie Theater locations and the employee’s availability. They are the classic entry level Regal Cinemas careers.

No matter in what part of the Regals movie theater the employee might work, the primary responsibility is to offer exceptional customer service. Regal Cinemas Floor Staff employees can work in the Box Office, Concession Stand, or as an Usher, depending on the needs of the theater. Regardless of the place, all Regal Cinemas Floor Staff employees need to comply with the following:

  • To have a consistent and regular work attendance as required by the schedule.
  • To handle emergency situations when they are asked to.
  • To perform the assigned general cleaning duties.
  • To respect the company’s dress code.

Each of the three Floor Staff employment options has different job duties and responsibilities.

Regal Cinemas employees working at the Box Office are responsible with the following:

  • To properly operate the POS system.
  • They need to properly handle the cash drawer, credit cards, gift cards and redeemed discount tickets, travelers’ checks, passes and coupons; they are also responsible for their accuracy.
  • They need to employ suggestive selling techniques in order to promote the Premium Viewing Experience, meaning 3D, RPX, and IMAX viewings.
  • They are required to promote the Regal Crown Club
  • They need to verify that all tickets are sold in compliance with the MPAA rating system and the Regal Cinemas policy.
  • They need to answer the phone, but also to answer the guests’ questions in accordance with the company’s rules and policies.
  • They need to know the Regal Cinemas movies, so that they can be able to answer any film-related questions that the guests might have

Regal Cinemas employees working at Concession Stands have other job duties and responsibilities. These include:

  • To accurately operate the POS system.
  • They are responsible for the accuracy of the cash drawer, travelers’ checks, gift cards, and redeemed coupons.
  • They are responsible of the concession’s stock inventory which also needs to be maintained at accurate levels.
  • They are required to promote the Regal Crown Club program.
  • They are responsible for the proper operation, preparation, and cleaning of all the equipment of the concession stand.
  • They are required to use suggestive selling techniques in order to increase sales.
  • They need to follow all local, state, and federal food safety regulations and standards.
  • To make sure they have the required alcohol certification and training where applicable.
  • To have some knowledge of the Regal Cinema movies, in order to be able to answer basic film-related questions that the guests might have

Regal Cinemas Floor Staff employees working as Ushers have different job responsibilities and these usually include:

  • They tear the tickets and also collect and deposit the proper stub.
  • They direct the guests to their auditoriums.
  • When needed, they are required to inspect the backpacks and packages of the guests.
  • They are required to control the crowd and to help the guests to find their seats in the auditoriums when needed.
  • To make sure the MPAA rating system is respected.
  • They are required to monitor the picture and sound quality.
  • They must ensure there are no film and content thefts and also help to maintain a safe environment.
  • They are required to report any arising problems to the management, as well as any discrepancies or unusual situations within the theatre.
  • They are responsible with in-auditorium concession sales when required by management.
  • They must clean the auditoriums after the shows end and to also maintain the restrooms, lobby area, and hallways are clean.
  • They need to make sure all theater vending equipment is clean and operates at standard levels.
  • When assigned by management, they will assist with the opening and closing duties.

The requirements candidates must meet in order to qualify for any of the Regal Cinemas Floor Staff jobs are:

  • Those interested in working as cast members or box office cashiers need to complete the cast certification program or to be close to completion.
  • Those who have duties which include alcohol selling or serving are responsible for completing any legally training the state requires, as well as to complete the Regal Entertainment Responsible Beverage Server training.
  • Whatever the area where they will work, they all need to have good public speaking skills.
  • They need to accurately perform calculations and identify and correct the errors.
  • They need to comply with the physical requirements of the job, which include to stand, walk, climb, kneel, crawl and occasionally they must be able to lift up to 60 pounds.

Regal Cinemas Floor Staff Salary and Compensation

The salary of a Regal Cinemas Floor Staff employee is hourly based, just as the job is. The minimum hourly wage for these Regal Cinemas careers is $7 and can reach $11. It can slightly vary from one location to another, but not significantly. The yearly salary of a Regal Cinema Floor Staff employee begins at $14,000 and can reach $23,000, depending on the work experience and the years on the job. The average yearly salary for these Regal Cinemas careers is $16,500.

Regal Cinemas Careers in Management

Regal Cinemas theaters need more than just entry level employees; they also need qualified ones to keep the operations going at the company’s standards. Regal Cinemas employees receive extensive training on the job and can easily grow professionally and can be promoted into management Regal Cinemas Careers. The most frequent management Regal Cinemas careers are Associate Manager and General Manager.

Regal Cinemas Associate Manager Job Description and Duties

The Regal Cinemas Associate Manager can either be employed full-time employee or part-time. The main responsibility of a Regal Cinemas Associate Manager is to supervise the theatre and its employees, and to make sure everything and everyone operates at standard levels. The main duties and responsibilities of a Regal Cinemas Associate Manager include the following:

  • To comply with the schedule on a regular and consistent basis.
  • To manage and enforce all theatre policies.
  • To supervise, train, and coach Floor Staff employees, as well as other non-management employees.
  • To work in all areas of the theater as required.
  • To properly operate all theater’s projection and audio-visual equipment, hardware and software.
  • To occasionally thread, build-up, and tear down the films and to maintain them at standard levels.
  • To know and be able to operate the Booth and Projection technology and to also perform the maintenance, programming, and TMS operation.
  • To have the required alcohol certification and training if they are selling or handling alcohol beverages.
  • To monitor the safety of employees and guests.
  • They are responsible with enforcing loss prevention procedures.
  • They are required to deal with emergency situations, and to properly handle, report, and investigate the accidents.
  • To make sure all guests are satisfied.
  • To manage all the receipts taken in during a business day, which may include cash, credit cards, coupons, gift cards, checks, and discount tickets.
  • To know and uphold the dress code.
  • To either have completed or to be in the process of completing the management certification program.

There are other additional duties and responsibilities the General Manager or other senior manager can assign. These include:

  • To perform all the staffing procedures, including interviewing, hiring, scheduling, and terminating of employees.
  • To control the costs, to buy and order the required stocks, and to perform the inventory and auditing of the stocks.
  • To supervise theatre maintenance.
  • To schedule the movie shows and make sure all proper channels are informed.

This is a complex Regal Cinemas career, and the requirements needed in order to be considered for one of these Regal Cinemas jobs show it. These are:

  • A High School diploma or equivalent (for those who are not currently a high school student).
  • A minimum of 3 months supervisory experience, or 6 months theatre experience and the completion of the Cast Certification Program.
  • To make sure they have the required alcohol certification and training where applicable.
  • To have good computer and office programs skills.
  • They need to comply with the physical requirements of the job, which include standing, walking, climbing, kneeling, crawling, occasionally they must be able to lift up to 75 pounds.

Regal Cinemas Associate Manager Salary and Compensation

A Regal Cinemas Associate Manager is hourly paid. The minimum hourly pay of a Regal Cinemas Associate Manager starts at $8 and can go as high as $18. The hourly salary may vary from one location to another and it is influenced by work experience and the number of years working for the company. The average hourly salary of a Regal Cinema Associate Manager is $12. Of course, employees can work extra hours to increase their weekly pay.

Basic Tips for Applying at Regal Cinemas

Those who are looking to apply at Regal Cinemas can either do it in person, by submitting their resume in person and then completing the Regal Cinemas jobs and employment form, or they can do it online. The online Regal Cinemas application process is not complicated, and it will only take around 30 minutes to complete it.

Since the Regal Cinemas application process does not allow candidates to give too many details about their professional accomplishments, they can, and are advised to, upload their resume. This should be properly made, both in terms of information and aspect. Candidates need to make sure their resume is easy to read, has no mistakes in it, and has a professional look. Also, they are not required to use a standardized type of resume, but they do need to write the information in the same logical order.

There are some basic tips for applying at regal Cinemas, and candidates should consider them before beginning the Regal Cinema application process. Here they are:

  • They need to follow all the steps of the Regal Cinemas job application process keeping in mind they can complete it either in one sitting, if they have the time, or at a later date.
  • They need to make sure they will remember their login details in order to log into their candidate account and complete the Regal Cinemas job application process at a later date or to verify their Regal Cinemas application status.
  • They need to give accurate information throughout it keeping in mind that they will have to give the company’s permission to verify it and that any irregularities may result in an unsuccessful Regal Cinema job application.
  • They should consider listing the optional information as well, because this can increase their chances of getting an interview.

Benefits at Regal Cinemas

The most popular Regal Cinemas benefits, and not only among teenagers, are the free movie tickets and the food discounts the company offers to all its employees. Schedule flexibility is another important benefit, mostly for younger employees who need to manage school and work. There are other benefits Regal Cinemas employees have, usually those in full-time positions. These include retirement planning, health insurance, life insurance, and paid time off.

These benefits may vary from location to location, and they also vary from one Regal Cinema job to another. The number of years worked for the company also influences the type of benefits and their amount, like in the case of paid time off, which increases according to this. An important benefit all Regal Cinemas employees have is the constant training which can greatly help them advance in their careers.

Regal Cinemas Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

Regal Cinemas job interviews could be considered casual and relaxed, especially in the case of entry level Regal Cinemas employment opportunities. The candidates who apply in person might find themselves invited to take the interview on the spot when the theater needs to fill that position urgently, so they should be prepared. In normal circumstances, their Regal Cinema job application will be reviewed by a hiring manager and they will be contacted over the phone to schedule an in person interview. This also happens in the case of an online Regal Cinemas job application.

After the candidates have been invited to an interview, they should consider preparing for it. The Regal Cinema hiring manager will most surely ask them what they know about the company, so they should read a few things on the subject. They could also read about the job they applied for, and show the Regal Cinemas hiring manager they are proactive. There are also some Regal Cinemas interview tips the candidates should consider:

  • Regal Cinemas careers are focused on the customers, or guests, and the candidates need to show they are friendly and ready to help.
  • Their attire needs to be business casual. Men can wear a shirt and some nice pants, and women can also wear a shirt and skirt or pants. However, both men and women need to stay away from flashy colors and materials.
  • The candidates need to smile as often as possible, but to do it in a genuine way.
  • They need to appear to be in control. This also means that fidgeting should be avoided.
  • They should answer using full sentences and giving all the relevant details.
  • Candidates should never interrupt the Regal Cinemas hiring manager and they should also refrain from speaking too much.

Frequently Asked Regal Cinemas Interview Questions

During the Regal Cinemas job interview, the hiring manager will ask the candidates a set of questions. Some are the same as in other job interviews and are about the candidates’ prior work experience and education. Others are more specific. Some of the Regal Cinemas interview questions candidates should expect are:

  • Why do you want to work at Regal Cinemas?
  • What is your favorite movie?
  • What would you do if you saw an employee stealing money?
  • What character would you be in a movie?
  • What does guest service mean to you?
  • If you were a superhero, what superpower would you have?

Candidates need to be prepared to answer all the questions the Regal Cinemas hiring manager will ask in a manner that highlights their personality and abilities. There are no right or wrong interview answers to such questions. Most of them can be answered in many ways, and the candidates need to think what would suite them best while also being honest.

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