Xerox Application

Employment at Xerox

Send in your Xerox application today for a chance to work for one of the biggest corporations in the entire world. The company specializes in business services and digital printing solutions and has gained worldwide recognition with its legendary copying machines.

The company operates Xerox corporate offices all over the world and they continue to assert themselves as the top choice in business and technology solutions.

Xerox Application

If you are seeking employment at the company, then the first thing you need to know is that you are expected to send your Xerox application online via the careers portal. Go to the official site, and click on the Careers button at the bottom of the page to access the official Xerox jobs portal.

Then click on the Search for Xerox jobs button to begin looking for the best positions for you. Choose a keyword and then fill out your location and your desired job type and explore the available positions at the Xerox corporation.

Take the time to read the job descriptions and select your favorites so that you can begin submitting Xerox job application forms for each of them. Applying for the first one will take you longer, as you will have to build your profile as you go. Then the rest will take you considerably less because you will only have to submit the application.

Create your own Xerox careers login on the portal and go through the privacy agreement to be able to start filling out your form. It includes the following 10 steps:

  • Upload a Resume/CV

Provide your resume or your LinkedIn profile for the first section of the Xerox application form. The information regarding your professional and academic experience will be automatically copied to the relevant sections in the forms, so you will be able to go through these sections quicker. However, if you prefer filling out your form directly, you are allowed to proceed without uploading your CV.

  • Attachments

Add diplomas, transcripts, references or even a cover letter for this section of the Xerox application form, so as to support the resume that you have provided.

  • Personal Information

This section of the Xerox application form requires your complete contact details, the time when you are available to start work and whether or not you have ever been employed by the company beforehand.

  • Education and Experience

For this section of the Xerox application form, you will have to list your academic achievements starting with the highest level of education you have achieved. Then you will have to list your latest workplaces, along with the main responsibilities you had to carry out for it. Lastly, you can include any certifications that you might have achieved.

  • Qualification Questions

In this section of the Xerox application form, you will be notified that all prospective candidates will have to pass a drug screen prior to their employment. Then, you will have to clarify whether or not you are 18 years old and able to work legally in the United States. You will also have to specify if you or any of your relatives has ever worked for the Xerox corporation.

  • Job Specific Questions

While the exact contents of this section of the Xerox application form generally vary among the numerous careers, they will be centered on professional experience and on any non-compete agreements that you might have signed with your previous employers.

  • Diversity

This section of the Xerox job application includes a few questions regarding your gender and race, any disability that you might have and your veteran status. The company greatly values the importance of a diverse workplace and as such it is invested in creating one for their team. Therefore, your full disclosure will be appreciated, but it is not mandatory.

  • Xerox Application Tasks

Click on the links provided in this section of the Xerox application to access the Applicant Arbitration Agreement and the company’s Dispute Resolution Plan and Rules.

  • eSignature

Your electronic signature will make the Xerox application form official. You will have to certify that all of the documents that you have provided are true to your knowledge.

  • Summary

Review your Xerox application in this final step and fee to make as many changes as you want, so that the final version is complete.

Submit your Xerox application when you are done and use the login details you have created to check your application status on the portal.

Minimum Age for Employment at Xerox

The minimum age for Xerox employment is set according to the law of the state or country where the position is set, as the company has a strict policy against child labor of any kind.

Xerox Hours of Operation

The hours of operation vary according to the department of the Xerox corporation. While some maintain the classic corporate schedule, there are others that need to work around the clock to sustain the required activity.

Entry-Level Xerox Careers and Income

If you are interested in one of the entry-level jobs at Xerox, then visit the official job application portal to find all the openings. Choose between the following categories:

  • Accounting/Finance Xerox Careers;
  • Client Relationship Management/Service Delivery Xerox Careers;
  • Xerox Customer Service Jobs;
  • Xerox Call Center Jobs;
  • Human Resources Xerox Careers;
  • Information Technology Xerox Careers;
  • Internal Services/Security Xerox Jobs;
  • Xerox Jobs in Manufacturing;
  • Sales and Marketing Xerox Careers;
  • Research and Development Xerox Careers.

Customer Care Assistant – Job Description and Duties

Customer Care Assistants get to interact with the clients directly. They will listen to their complaints, demands, and inquiries and provide them with the best possible solutions according to a comprehensive script that covers the vast majority of situations that might come up.

They will greet the customers in a friendly way and they will establish connections with them so that they can get to the core of their issues. Regardless of the tone that the discussion takes, Customer Care Assistants will have to remain respectful and positive towards the clients.

Customer Care Assistant – Salary and Compensation

Xerox salaries for the Customer Services Representative position start at an hourly rate of $9.00 and can get as high as $14.00 for experienced employees.

Xerox Careers in Management

Xerox Managers are able to coordinate their teams of specialists because they have gained extensive experience in the company’s products and abilities. As such, they will always know how to utilize the company’s resources so that the customer is always satisfied.

Client Manager – Job Description and Duties

Client Managers focus on expanding the company’s client base one successful collaboration at a time. They will go above and beyond so that the needs of clients are met every single time and based on these experiences, they will constantly perfect the operations conducted by the department.

Client Manager – Salary and Compensation

Xerox salaries for the Client Manager position range between $33,000 per year for beginners and as much as $79,000 for experienced employees. Outstanding performances are also rewarded by comprehensive performance bonuses, which can exceed an annual rate of $50,000 for the most dedicated employees.

Basic Tips for Applying at Xerox

As the printable jobs and employment form is no longer in use, you will have to rely on the online careers portal to submit your application.

The Xerox application form will not require too much of your time, provided that you have a complete resume ready to upload. Make sure to go over it again before attaching it to the form to check for any inaccuracies that you might have missed and to make any additions that you think are necessary.

Then take the Xerox application form one section at a time and try to go over all the information once more before clicking on the Save and Continue button. Be especially careful with the Personal Information section. Make sure you enter your phone number and e-mail address correctly because the Xerox hiring specialists will have to use it in order to get in touch with you.

Advanced tips for Applying at Xerox

Attaching additional documents to your resume is an extremely important step that you have to take because it will give weight to your Xerox application. The cover letter is by far the most important document that you need to provide.

You will have to write it especially for the company and you will have to point out all the reasons why you are a valuable candidate for employment. Go through the job description once more and try to think of the skills and qualifications that enable you to perform each and every one of these. This is what you need to focus on in your cover letter, but feel free to include any additional reasons that you can think of.

Benefits at Xerox

Xerox benefit packs are meant to assist employees to balance work and life better by providing them with the necessary comfort outside work. This way, they will perform better day by day. Here are some of the main Xerox employee benefits:

  • Healthcare Xerox employee benefitsMedical plans, Vision plans, Dental plans and Prescription Coverage
  • Paid Time Off Xerox employee benefitsPaid Holidays, Paid Vacation, Sick Days, Bereavement Leave.
  • Insurance Xerox employee benefitsLife Insurance, AD&D, Flexible Spending Account.
  • Retirement and Pension Xerox employee benefits401(k) Plan.
  • Employee Assistance Programs.
  • Special Xerox employee benefitsXerox employee discounts, competitive Xerox salaries.

The exact contents of the benefit packs will be determined according to career level and the duration of the employee’s collaboration with the company.

Xerox Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

The Xerox hiring process begins with the thorough assessment of the employment applications conducted by the Human Resources Department. The best candidates for Xerox careers will be selected and then they will be contacted to set up interviews.

The interviews are the main part of the Xerox hiring process and the protocol is crafted especially for the position so that the main skills of the candidate can be examined by the hiring specialists.

Furthermore, while entry-level Xerox careers usually require one meeting with the Human Resources specialist or the Manager of the department, higher level positions entail a more complex process. Candidates for Xerox corporate jobs should expect as many as three or four job meetings before they receive their final answer.

A very useful step in your preparation for the interview is gathering as much information about the Xerox corporation as you possibly can. Read about the company’s glory years and the Xerox copying machines, but make sure you are up to date with the progression of the company and what they offer clients today.

Frequently Asked Xerox Interview Questions

The questions you will be asked during the interview are meant to analyze your personality, your professional skills, and qualifications, as well as your compatibility to the core values of the company. As such, answer the questions truthfully and try to relax, so that you can provide spontaneous and witty interview answers.

We have gathered a few examples for your consideration so that you know what to expect on your interview day. However, please note that you will most likely receive different questions but in the same tone as the following:

  • Why have you chosen to apply for employment at the Xerox corporation?
  • What do you know about the Xerox corporation?
  • Could you please tell me about a time when you have taken the initiative to lead a team?
  • What was your favorite part about your previous workplace?
  • Could you please tell me about a time when you did not enjoy working with somebody? How did you handle the situation?

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