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  Peebles Application – Employment at Peebles

Founded in 1891, Peebles is a chain of department stores that focuses on selling the best in clothing, shoes, jewelry and other accessories at the best prices.  The very first store was opened by W.S. Peebles, Sr. in Lawrenceville, Virginia and it, like the many stores that came after it, focused on getting popular brand-name products to the people in small communities and towns.  With over 800 stores in 40 states in the upper-Midwest and eastern part of the United States, they have done very well for themselves and they are still expanding.  If you are a big fan of clothes and shopping and enjoy helping others find just the right look for them, hurry up and send in your Peebles online application for employment.

Peebles Jobs Available

You may submit a Peebles application form for any of the following positions: sales associate, counter manager and beauty advisor.  In store management, there are positions as general store manager, assistant manager and area manager.  For those looking for corporate jobs, they have merchant training coordinating, internal auditing, marketing analysis, inventory control specialists and much more.

Minimum Employment Age at Peebles

The Peebles job application online is available to applicants of 17 years of age or older.

Peebles Store Hours

Their stores are often open from Monday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.; however, please make use of the store locator in the gray banner at the top of the page for exact times.  You can search either by zip code or city name to find the Peebles that is closest to you, with driving directions as well as business hours.

Important Tips to Apply Online with Peebles

  • Click on the “Careers” link in the bottom right-hand corner of their main website.  On this career search page, you can narrow down your choice of jobs by clicking on one or more of the job position types.  You can also filter your results by state, city and keyword.  Once you have found the right job type for you, click on the “Apply” button and begin filling out the Peebles online application.
  • Be sure to double check everything you write in your Peebles job application form since it will effectively be their first impression of you and if you make any mistakes in your information, their HR department might have trouble contacting you.
  • Visit the store that you are applying to work at.  Making a good early impression with the management and employees is a good way to enhance your chances of getting the job so dress nicely and be friendly, but act natural.

Most Common Positions at Peebles & Income Information

Peebles is always trying to beef up their management and retail departments so these are the most available right now across the United States.  For those thinking about filling out a Peebles job application in store management, assistant managers and supervisors are the most common and these positions have a salary average of $40 thousand and $18 thousand per year respectively.  In retail, the most common positions are sales associate and counter manager.  Both of these positions have a salary of around $16 thousand a year.  Many of these positions also come with great insurance and other benefits.

Peebles Benefits

Peebles tries very hard to take care of their employees and offers several benefits to make turning in a Peebles application all the more alluring.  Part-time and full-time sales associates get great discounts on merchandise along with a flexible working schedule and interns may also get tuition reimbursements.  For some management and corporate positions, the benefits include a group medical and dental plan, life insurance paid by the company, a 401(k) savings plan and much more.  These benefits vary for different positions so check with the Peebles Human Resources department or the store that you are applying at to see which will be benefiting you.

To access the Peebles Online Application directly, click here.

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