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  Panda Express Application – Employment at Panda Express

Panda Express is looking for bright, hard-working, friendly people to work at their restaurants around the country.  They are interested in outgoing people that are willing to learn new things, contribute to a positive environment, and grow along with the company. If you enjoy working in a team atmosphere, are willing to learn new things, and always have respect for others, complete a Panda Express application today.

Panda Express employs people regardless of experience and helps them to realize their potential through on-the-job training and a positive value system, allowing and encouraging growth and advancement. Panda Express believes that its employees are a reflection of the company, and that happy employees will result in happy customers, which is their ultimate goal. They offer competitive, progressive pay rates, and above average benefits. Start your new life by completing a Panda Express online application today.

Panda Express Online Job Application

If you’re interested in Panda Express careers, Panda Express offers an online, searchable database of up-to-date listings of specific restaurant, management, and Support Center careers. The career page can be reached by selecting the “careers” button at the bottom of the Panda Express homepage. All Restaurant, Management and Support Center candidates can filter their search by keyword, job description, or location. Openings can be expanded to show the specific requirements and benefits of each job. Use the search to narrow the choices and submit a Panda Express online application. Create a profile using accurate and up-to-date information so Panda Express can contact you, and also inform you of future positions.

Minimum Age for Employment at Panda Express

Panda Express requires you to be at least 16 years of age when completing a Panda Express job application.

Panda Express Hours of Operation

Panda Express store hours vary by location but typically fall in the range of: 10am – 11pm Mon. thru Sun. Some locations are closed or have reduced hours on Sunday.

Entry-Level Panda Express Careers and Income

Panda Express hires kitchen and service help as entry-level positions. Pay generally starts at or around minimum wage, with an increase after a satisfactory probation period. Kitchen members are responsible for preparing food according to company and safety guidelines. They are also expected to maintain a clean and organized work area. Panda Express Service members greet and serve customers with food while keeping retail counters and dining areas clean and organized. Panda Express adheres to a philosophy that encourages people to reach their potential, offering training and rewarding with promotion from within. Hard-working employees can advance quickly to Shift Leader or Management.

Shift Leader can also be an entry-level position for the right individuals, previous experience in the fast food industry is a plus. Shift Leaders oversee other Crew members and ensure that all company procedures are followed and that jobs are being done efficiently. A Shift Leader assumes many of the manager’s duties in his or her absence. The added responsibilities of the Shift Leader results in wages above that of a kitchen or service person. Starting wages are commensurate with experience.

Panda Express Careers in Management

Panda Express employs Assistant Managers and General Managers. Assistant Managers are responsible for many of the day-to-day restaurant operations. They work under a General Manager and assure that company policies and philosophies are followed in the areas of: safety, quality, profitability, and most importantly, customer service and satisfaction.

A General Manager oversees all operations at the restaurant, including; hiring, training, food safety guidelines, and inventory management. The General Manager is also responsible for sales and profit growth and cost management. They coordinate closely with the Assistant Manager and all associates to optimize business for profitability. The increased responsibility results in a higher-than-average compensation and benefits.

Basic Tips for Applying at Panda Express

Before completing a Panda Express online application, you can use the Panda Express website to research available jobs and find the position you are best suited for. The Panda Express website contains information about the duties and expectations of each position. When you have found a suitable job and location, you can complete the Panda Express application online form, being sure that all information entered is complete and accurate.

After submitting a Panda Express employment application, consider taking a trip to the restaurant for a first hand look, and use the opportunity to meet the manager. You can inform him or her of your Panda Express application and express your desire to work at Panda Express. A positive first impression can result in your application for Panda Express being reviewed faster. Treat the meeting like a job interview, pay close attention to your appearance, and maintain a pleasant, friendly attitude.

Advanced Tips for Applying at Panda Express

When submitting a Panda Express application for a management position, include all prior experience and qualifications that make you the best candidate for the job, paying close attention to ensure all information is accurate and complete.  Along with a Panda Express job application form, you will want to submit a well-written and up-to-date resume, being sure to include accurate and pertinent information. Use your resume to highlight the personal skills and achievements that will separate you from other applicants.

Benefits at Panda Express

Panda Express believes happy employees are the key to happy customers and offers its associates a full range of benefits to help better their lives. After meeting minimum requirements, you may become eligible for the following benefits:

Full-time Associate Benefits Assistant Manager/General Manager Benefits
  • Progressive Compensation Package and Bonus Opportunity
  • Progressive Compensation Package and Excellent Bonus Opportunity
  • Paid Training to prepare you for success
  • 5 or more Weeks of Comprehensive Training to prepare you for success
  • Ongoing Career & Leadership Development
  • Ongoing Career & Leadership Development
  • Medical and Dental Insurance
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • 401(k) with Company Match
  •  401(k) with Company Match
  • Paid Time Off
  • Paid Time Off and Paid Holidays
  • Associate Discounts and free meals when you work
  • Associate Discounts and free meals when you work
  • Opportunities for growth into Management positions
  •  Lucrative Associate Referral Bonus
  • Pretax Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

By completing a Panda Express application form today, you could be on your way to a new career. Join the Panda Express team, and enjoy all that it offers.

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