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PacSun is a leading retailer for fashion and accessories in the United States. Its stores fill malls and shopping centers across the country, and it has been in operation for over three decades. The store was founded in 1980 as a surf shop in Newport Beach, California. It has since expanded to over 800 locations, each of which attempts to bring a slice of California life and culture to its customers. The store specializes in youth fashion, and attempts to capitalize on all of the biggest fashion trends and designers. As a large company focused on its brand and customer service, it is not surprising that the company has numerous job listings in many different fields. Here is the basic structure of the PacSun job application for the company and the many opportunities available in it.

Pacsun Job Application

Users can find a job with this company at many different sources. Indeed, Glassdoor, and Monster all contain PacSun listings. However, the best way to apply is to work directly through the company’s website. Typing in the company’s website and searching for careers leads to a job board. The job board is split up between corporate and retail jobs. Each section has a large listing of jobs where one can search for jobs in different places and at different levels of experience. Each listing on the job board tells about the job, some of the attributes that the company is looking for in applicants, and requirements that are needed at the job. Clicking on the job leads to a section where the user can set up a profile.

Create a Profile

The first step in the PacSun job application is to create a profile. The profile only has to be simple, containing a username that can be an email address and a password that includes at least one number. Applicants must use this profile every time they log in and submit an application. The profile stores much of the PacSun job application material so that a person does not need to enter in their personal information and resume for every job that they apply for. Signing up for a profile also gives PacSun the opportunity to send the profile holder messages about different opportunities with the company.

Personal Information and Resume

Then, the job applicant is taken to the website where they can begin the Pacsun job application. Applicants type in their phone number, address, and zip code. They are asked how they found the website and how they became interested in the job. Then there is a page where users can upload their cover letter and resume. These cover letter/resume sections are optional and not required for continuing on with the application.

Self-Identification and Disclosure

Self-identification follows, with the applicant being asked to either identify their race and gender or to declined. Then there is an electronic signature form and the disclosure which a person has to check off on. These disclosures tell the applicant their rights and their protections under the law with the information that they are entering. Next, the user enters in their personal information again, along with their employment history.

Employment and Education History

Users list all of their jobs, their salaries, and why they left previous positions. Then they list their education level. The PacSun job application asks what degree you obtained and any extra information about possible certifications for honors that you achieved.

Additional Questions

Afterwards, there are extra questions required by certain positions. Marketing professionals may be asked to submit a portfolio with some of their most successful designs. Those who work in technology or software may also be asked certain questions about their experience with particular forms of software and data sets. In addition, you will have to tell what time you can start the job and any restrictions on the hours that you will be able to work. The PacSun job application can then be sent in and the applicant will be contacted either via phone or email.

Minimum Age of Employment at Pacsun

The minimum age for employment at the company is 16 years old. Most people the company will hire at that age are entry level sales associates.

Hours of Operation

Most PacSun stores are open Monday – Friday from 10:00 am until 9:00 pm, Saturday from 10:00 am until 7:00 pm, and on Sunday from 11:00 am until 6:00 pm. Corporate offices are usually open from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Customer service and warehouse stocking jobs have varying hours.

Entry Level Pacsun Careers and Respective Income

Most of the entry level positions at this company are sales associates. These associates often make minimum wage, which is around $7 an hour in most areas. Such pay is standard for low-level retail jobs that require no education or employment history. There are also entry level positions for stocking and warehouses. Such jobs require attention to customer service and may require a driver’s license or proof of an ability to get to work on one’s own. But they do not require a high school education or other forms of experience.

Some of these jobs are seasonal, often lasting for the few months before Christmas and a few weeks after to do inventory. Most entry-level positions are part time and have flexible hours. Many stores have employees that work 4 hour shifts.

PacSun Careers in Management

Management careers at PacSun are numerous. Every store must have a store manager and a group of associate managers. These managers are often hired from inside the company and must have some relevant experience. For example, a position in Florida for an assistant store manager requires a year of management experience and a high school education along with a driver’s license.

The low levels of required experience and education contribute to the low pay of these positions. An associate manager in Florida may only make around $14,000 per year. Store managers often require more experience/education and consequently pay more.

Management positions also exist in the many other fields of the company, including marketing, human resources, and warehouse stocking. These fields all have senior level positions at the PacSun corporate offices where they report directly to the senior executive team of the company. In order to become a manager at this company, an applicant must be familiar with the business practices of the company in the technology that the company uses.

The applicant must also have skills with human resources, including hiring the best people and disciplining employees reasonably. Management at the store level must also be adept at customer service. The manager is the arbiter of returns and disputes between employees and customers, and they must use these powers in the best interest of the company.

Benefits of Working at PacSun

The most important and commonly used benefit at PacSun is the employee discount. The employee discount at PacSun works differently than at some other companies. Most companies have a card or account where employees can gain a 20% or 30% discount, an amount which increases around the holiday season. Employees receive five opportunities a month to take a 50% discount on a certain list of products. Their discount is at 30% the rest of the time and applies to friends and family members.

There are also discounts for certain brands of products, and other products that are immune from the discounts. Another benefit for many employees, especially those who are full-time and are outside of the store, is health insurance. PacSun pays the same health insurance as many other companies in its sector.

The standard full-time employee benefits package includes retirement benefits as well as paid vacation days. Experience is definitely another benefit to working with this company. The company can hire employees who have no other avenues for experience, especially those who are younger. PacSun does not have the kinds of age restrictions that companies which sell food and alcohol have, for instance.

Basic Tips for Applying at PacSun

One important tip for any PacSun job application is to tailor the resume and the cover letter for this particular job. Write a cover letter that shows how you are interested in everything that the company has to offer. This letter should include facts about you and your work experience that showcase your knowledge of fashion or your attachment to the California lifestyle.

Your cover letter should introduce you and give a quick summary of why you are more qualified for the job than any of the other applicants. Another good tip is to make sure that there are not gaps in your resume if you are not applying for the lowest positions in the company. Management positions in particular look for a detailed, robust employment history.

PacSun Interview Tips

An important thing to remember when interviewing for a job at a company like PacSun is the overall feel that the company is looking for. This company is not the average retail outlet, where the volume of sales and the positive customer experience are by far the most important considerations in the hiring process. PacSun, on the other hand, has a specific brand and a specific style throughout the store, one that reflects their comfortable California roots. Employees need to realize that while they do not have to completely change their personality to fit that of the company, the company will want them to conform from the start to their general atmosphere.

Therefore, they should go into the interview relaxed and in a good mood. In the interview, they should focus on their knowledge of fashion and their knowledge of the retail world. They may not need specific experience at a clothing store, but they need to be able to realize fashions and show that they know how to help customers. Serving customers will be critical to their job and it will be a skill that can mean the difference between getting the job and losing out.

Talking about the specifics of helping customers would be more helpful then discussing the ins-and-outs of fashion. To that end, in some cases an interview will involve the interviewer asking the person being interviewed to sell them a piece of clothing. Do not appear flustered at this question, but seem prepared and go with a reasonable sales strategy. Discussing how good a piece of clothing looks on a person in a truthful way, or mentioning personal experiences with a similar piece of clothing, can both be good ways in which a applicant can show their understanding of the sales process.

Interviews for other positions require different skills, of course. A marketer must show a portfolio of their work and discuss some of the greatest successes that they have had at earlier positions. A search engine optimization position may require a considerable amount of work with technology and previous work in this field should be discussed. Physical and maintenance skills may be examined and discussed for a stockroom or maintenance position.

Working at PacSun – Apply Now

Working at PacSun is a helpful experience for many employees, particularly those who are still in school or just getting out of school. The company offers a comfortable, fun environment for an employee to pick up some work hours and interact with customers. Employees gain experience with fashion and with different forms of technology that are used to facilitate the sales process. Employees may also be working at locations in malls, which are close to many of the other stores that they enjoy.

Higher level positions, such as art director and marketing director, offer more professional experience for a widespread brand with dozens of locations. In addition to this experience and an interesting work environment, the PacSun job application is relatively straightforward and does not require some of the complexity tests and questions that are at the heart of many other applications. These factors make PacSun an attractive place for employees to apply for and work at.

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