Oil and Gas Industry Job Applications

Oil and Gas Industry Job Application Online

The oil and gas industry is among the cookies which nature is giving us. The process in the field of petroleum or oil is simple. It comprises of exploration, extraction, refining, transporting and marketing of products. But these five steps have managed to completely change the economic or even physical status of an area. Take a short look at Dubai. This is one of the reasons why the oil and gas industry is a major concern for many countries and the companies in the field are closely collaborating with the government, especially in the US.

Working in the oil and gas industry may not be as tempting as perspectives of jobs where you don’t need to get your hands dirty. But the salaries are rewarding. Also, such a job may offer you perspectives whether you would like to try to temporary work in another country. The oil and gas industry is both major and promising especially for fresh graduates.

The oil and gas industry is split between five areas, as per the American Petroleum Institute. They are the upstream, downstream, pipeline, marine, and service and supply. The upstream branch focuses on exploration, development and production of oil or gas. The downstream area includes oil tankers, refiners, retailers and consumers of natural energy.

Oil and Gas Industry Jobs Available

The available jobs in the oil and gas private industry are usually split between the specialized ones and the ones which are found in all economic areas. In this field, you can apply to be part of the Oil Rig Crew or the Refinery Staff, for Pipeline Positions, as a Petroleum Engineer or as a Geoscience Professional. You can apply to become a Geoscientist, a Pump System or Refinery Operator or a Wellhead Pumper. Sometimes you can also find offshore jobs available. These jobs involve field work and require specific knowledge.

But an oil and gas company also has the departments which are regularly found in any industry. So you may also apply for a job in marketing, IT, logistics and other departments.

Minimum Employment Age at Oil and Gas Industry Jobs

The usual minimum age required for job applications is eighteen. However, due to potential risks or complexity of the job, there may also be some specific age restrictions.

Important Tips to Apply Online with Oil and Gas Companies

  • Thoroughly research your job description. The jobs in this field are not the typical ones to apply for, without in-depth knowledge. You will be required to know exactly what your job means and to take full responsibility for it.
  • Know the market. Also, you earn a huge advantage if you are informed of the industry trends and the company’s background and activity. Competition in this field is tight so an informed applicant is valued.
  • Show your compatibility with the job. Take a close look to the skills that are required and see how much of yours match with the job ad. Then highlight them so that the employer will know exactly how fit you are for the job.
  • Use your networking skills. This is important especially in such a major field as the oil and gas industry. Be an active member of the community and participate in events made by companies. The courses you take or events you attend might even be the missing part of your experience.

Oil and Gas Industry Jobs Benefits

The oil and gas industry jobs have their own specifics. Firstly, some job may require shifts of 12-hour days with a different schedule than regular companies. But the salaries are often rewarding. The average employee earns around $34.13/hour, according to the Bureau of Local Statistics. Meanwhile, the average working hours are 44,6/week. However, the wellhead pumper has an annual average wage of $53,440.

Among the main benefits there are as health insurance and protection from potential work-related risks and fatalities. Long-term employment is not always guaranteed in this field, especially because the success of a company depends on the market. But past experience in a certain company or on a technical position might be the key that earns you a job in another company or even another country.

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