Farm Fresh Application

Employment at Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh is an East Coast supermarket chain that offers job opportunities in an upbeat atmosphere that puts customer satisfaction first. So, many wonder how to complete a Farm Fresh application and get there.

Part of the SUPERVALU grocery network that operates grocery stores all over the United States, Farm Fresh is always looking for talented people to work in their stores. The guide below will prepare you for completing your Farm Fresh application.

Farm Fresh Application

Farm Fresh job opportunities are available on their careers page. Visiting this section of their website will let you see all their possible opportunities by location. Just select the job category that interests you, and you will be directed to specific job listings.

Farm Fresh offers jobs in store operations, pharmacy, corporate and store support, and distribution and transportation. A list of possible job opportunities for each department is listed below.

Store positions:

  • Clerks;
  • Cashiers;
  • Managers;
  • Assistant Managers;
  • Bakers;
  • Bookkeeper;
  • Cake decorator;
  • Coffee bar clerk;
  • Deli clerk;
  • Frozen/Dairy Clerk;
  • Night Crew;
  • Produce;
  • Meat Cutter;
  • Meat Wrapper;
  • Overnight Stocker.

Pharmacy positions:

  • Pharmacy technician;
  • Pharmacy student intern;
  • RX Clerk.

Corporate and store support positions:

  • Bakery sales manager;
  • Bakery sales associate;
  • Center store stocker;
  • Assistant store director;
  • Customer service lead;
  • Pricing coordinator;
  • Quality assurance associate;
  • Account manager;
  • Accountant;
  • Accuracy control monitor.

Distribution and transportation positions:

  • All stocking jobs;
  • All merchandising positions for each department.

When you have reviewed all the positions and had an idea of what you would like to apply for, you are ready to start your Farm Fresh application. You may want to filter the job listings by location to give you the Farm Fresh location closest to you. Just click on the blue apply button below the position to be taken to the job application site.

The Online Application Process

You will be directed to a login page. You will need to select the new user option to set up a new Farm Fresh application account. Set your language settings and accept the privacy agreement. You will then enter your desired username and password and provide your email address for future communications regarding your Farm Fresh application. You then must accept the privacy policy a second time before being directed to the application screen.

Your Farm Fresh application will be completed in 12 steps. Following these steps below will help you know what to expect while completing the form.

1. Upload Resume

Here you have the option to upload a resume, import information from your Indeed profile, or connect your LinkedIn profile information.

This will make future steps in the application easier to fill out. Choose the option that will provide the most up to date information regarding your work history and education.

2. Attachments

On this page, you can attach additional documentation including resumes, cover letters (recommended), transcripts, and certificates. You may want to include documentation from any pieces of training in which you have participated as well, especially for management positions.

3. Personal Information

This section requests your contact information. You must provide your legal name, date of birth (to certify your age) addresses and phone numbers.

This information will be used to identify you and verify your legal status before offering you a position with the company. Make sure you enter your phone number in XXX-XXX-XXXX format. Otherwise, the application will not let you continue.

4. Shift Availability Grid

The grid found on this page will allow you to specify when you are available for work. The network lists each day of the week and time slots. You should indicate the earliest possible shift times and latest reasonable end times that will work with your schedule for the best consideration.

Keep in mind you will be expected to work weekend, evening, and holiday hours, especially during peak seasons. Any limitations on your availability should be notated on this grid and discussed with your hiring manager during your interview.

5. Education

High school, college, trade school, and training should all be in this section. You will need to include the names, addresses, majors, grade point averages, and degrees earned in this section.

If you uploaded a resume or profile, some of this information would already be included.

6. Work Experience

If you uploaded your resume, LinkedIn or Indeed profile, your work experience should be pre-populated in this section. Double check the information for accuracy and typographical errors. If you are entering in this information manually, pay particular attention to making sure each field is complete for each job you come.

You will need positions, start dates, end dates, supervisor information, and a summary of your duties for each entry.

7. Company Questions

The Farm Fresh application includes a series of company questions related to your consent to submit to random drug screenings, your legal working status, and your judicial record.

You must select responses to these questions before moving on to the next page.

8. Job Questions

This part of the Farm Fresh application will depend slightly on the position for which you are applying. These questions will relate to the level of experience you have for the job you are interested in. They may also ask you about any special programs or equipment with which you will need to be familiar with your job responsibilities.

For most positions, this section only asks you to list any previous experience in grocery stores.

9. Diversity Disclosure

An optional part of the Farm Fresh application, this section allows you to indicate your race and gender if you choose.

By law, the company may not use this information in any way that affects the hiring process. This includes declining to answer.

10. Employee Screening

This page links to a voluntary survey about your tax information.

  • If you choose to submit this information, it can be used to help the company get certain tax credits.
  • If you do not wish to provide this information, you must click on the link and indicate that you are declining the survey before moving to the final steps of your Farm Fresh Application.

11. Electronic Signature

To certify your application, you must e-sign your form on this page. You will enter your name as requested into the box before moving to the submission screen.

12. Review and Submit

You must verify that all the information in your application is correct. Review this information carefully as you cannot change your application once it is submitted. If everything looks right, you are ready to submit your Farm Fresh application.

Minimum Age for Employment at Farm Fresh

You must be at least 14 years old to work at Farm Fresh. Some positions require you to be 16 or 18 years old depending on the job requirements. Check the job descriptions for any age limitations.

New, young workers should apply for cashier or stocking jobs to gain a broad range of skills that will translate well into future work.

Farm Fresh Hours of Operation

Hours will vary by location. But employees will be asked and expected to work early morning through overnight hours during peak seasons, in addition to some holidays.

You can find the hours of the store nearest to you on the store locator site.

Entry Level Farm Fresh Careers and Respective Income

Cashiers and stocking personnel can expect to make between $8-12 per hour in most stores. Entry level managers make between $13-17 per hour depending on education and experience.

Farm Fresh Careers in Management

Those interested in working in management for a Farm Fresh should have at least a few years of cashier, stocking and merchandising, or customer service experience. A combination of skills in different departments is preferred.

Benefits of Working at Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh offers employees some scheduling flexibility during off-peak months. Full-time employees are eligible for the following standard benefits:

  • 401K;
  • Life insurance;
  • Health insurance;
  • Vision and dental;
  • Employee discount (also available for part-time employees).

Be sure to check with your hiring a manager to find out about additional benefits for which you may be eligible.

Basic Tips for Your Farm Fresh Application

Before starting your application process, you should have a resume completed and ready to upload. You should also have a list of three references prepared and provide this document in the attachments section of your application. While not explicitly requested, a cover letter is also recommended in the attachments. You should thoroughly inspect your application for any errors or missed fields. While the application requires certain information before letting you move through the pages, not all empty fields are flagged.

When completing your work schedule grid, you should provide the company with the broadest range of times possible for the best consideration. You can always confirm your schedule with your hiring manager during your interview or paperwork processing if anything changes.

The application process takes about two weeks on average before most qualified applicants are contacted. Applicants are welcome to contact their local store to check on their status.

 Farm Fresh Interview Tips

When preparing for your interview, you should have a paper copy of your resume ready to go. Dress professionally in business casual attire. A quick search will help you find examples of appropriate interview clothing. Remember, grocery stores are run on excellent customer service. So, you should be ready to discuss how you will provide this to anyone who comes into the store. Be prepared to talk about a time when you had to deal with an irate customer or a difficult co-worker.

Preparing yourself for your interview ahead of time will help you be less nervous. You will seem more relaxed and professional if you have practiced responding to typical interview questions ahead of time and you can focus on the interviewer instead of trying to keep your thoughts straight.

  • Always greet your interviewer with a handshake and a smile.
  • Thank your interviewer after your interview for taking the time to meet with you.
  • It is appropriate now to ask what the timeline is for hiring offers moving forward.
  • You can expect the process to be complete within one week after your interview.

 Working at Farm Fresh

You can find out more about working for Farm Fresh by visiting their Glassdoor website. Here you can view information provided by other employees in all positions with the company before you submit your Farm Fresh application.

You can also view additional information about the benefits and pay rates others have received working for Farm Fresh. If a fast-paced grocery chain is your next career move, your Farm Fresh application is a great first step.

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