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Halliburton, one of the country’s most reputable multinational corporations for oil field services, was founded in 1919, by none other than Erle P. Halliburton. The company currently operates in over 80 countries, and it owns affiliates, brands, branches, subsidiaries and divisions in all the corners of the world. Interestingly enough, Halliburton has two headquarters: one in Houston, Texas, USA and one in Dubai, UAE. At present, the company is focusing on one major business segment: Energy Services Group (ESG). The ESG sector offers technical products and services for natural gas and petroleum exploration & production.

Halliburton Divisions: formation evaluation, fluid systems, digital and consulting solutions, energy services, production volume optimization.

Halliburton is one of the major players on the market, second only to Schumberger. It outranks companies like Weatherford International and Baker Hughes. In 1998, the company acquired Dresser Industries and formed the Hellog-Brown & Root division. In case you didn’t know, KBR, which was formed by merging Halliburton’s Brown & Root with the M.W. Kellog division of Kellog and then sold to NYSE, Fluor and Dyncorp, is currently one of the most important construction companies in the industry.

Halliburton careers surpass 100.000 in number. Thousands of applicants all over the world are receiving employment consideration in different departments such as operator assistant, technician, mecanical technician, truck driver etc. You can fill out your Halliburton application and submit it on the official website. But before you do that, you should take a look at our guide. In this article you will find information about salary and compensation, jobs and employment form, applications, benefits and many more.

Official site: www.halliburton.jobs.com

Halliburton Job Application

The faster you begin the Halliburton application process, the easier it will be to obtain a position within the company. The first thing you need to do is to visit the official site. Navigate to the careers tab and read the information provided there. On the bottom side of the page, in the footer, you will note a Careers section with „Job Openings”, „Students” and „FAQs”. The FAQs section is particularly useful. For example, it tells potential candidates that, in order to apply for a job online, they must review job opportunities and navigate to www.gohalliburton.com in order to submit it.

Alternatively, you can search for job openings directly through the website. In the „Job Openings” tab, on the left side of the screen, you will have three options: potential employees, employees and military/veterans. You can search for jobs there. Another things that you should check out is the „Hiring Process”, where you will become familiar with the 5 steps of getting hired (more details on this later).

Minimum Age for Employment at Halliburton

How old do you have to be to be considered for Halliburton employment? The company only hires individuals 18 and older. Certain education will be required for specific departments, which makes employment at the age of 18 impossible. In general, managers and drivers over the age of 21 are considered for employment.

Halliburton Hours of Operation

It’s difficult to generalize the hours of operation for Halliburton locations. Each location creates its own schedule. In other words, hours of operation vary by position and location.

Entry-Level Halliburton Careers and Income

Available Halliburton careers: entry-level operator assistant, field service representative, electronics technician, dispatcher, materials control specialist, truck driver, account representative, service supervisor, tool maintenance technician, mechanical technician, engineering project manager, drilling specialist, logistics specialist, operator, truck driver, coordinator, materials control specialist.

According to the company’s description, Halliburton is part of the cycle of life. The corporation knows that in the coming decades energy sources will change and evolve. Halliburton aspires to become one of the providers of services and products of upstream energy that will always live up to the market’s standards. This is the main reason why it only hires candidates who can offer high-quality services and are dedicated to their job.

Halliburton is formed by teams of professionals that work all over the globe in order to provide unparalleled services and meet world demands for energy. Of course, the company also cares about keeping the environment safety. It doesn’t matter if you are a young graduate, or a specialist. As long as you understand Halliburton’s vision you will definitely be considered for hiring.  Engineers, project managers, assistants and entry-level associates are equally important for meeting the world’s demand for energy. Irrespective of your experience or education, Halliburton is willing to hire you. It is up to you to take your career as far as it can go.

There are a few things that may help you advance your Halliburton careers. First of all, you should be willing to relocate. Although most office jobs don’t have this requirement, candidates who show that they are willing to travel for work, or relocate, will receive preferential consideration. In addition to this, candidates who are available for work in the weekends, holidays or at night, will also have more chances of employment.

This time, instead of listing examples of Halliburton jobs, we decided to share some entry-level careers for which you will receive training. In other words, even if you have no idea how to complete certain tasks in a specific position, the company is willing to teach you. Here they are:

Halliburton Jobs in Business Development: Some new candidates might benefit from the Field Associate training program. During it, participants will learn about Halliburton’s broad operation view, and service line offerings. The idea is to have the candidate understand the company’s mission better. The next step would be to familiarize the candidate with basic job procedures, personnel functions, customer response, operational factors etc. After the program is completed, trainees have the chance to advance into Sales and Operations departments.

Halliburton Accounting Programs: The Accounting Rotation Program is available for candidates who show promise in Accounting functions. This rotation will enable employees/applicants to learn more about various departments of the company and understand how each function within the Company can lead to more exposure and sales. In order to become eligible for this program you must submit for a financial or accounting career. Do you think that this type of program would interest you? Submit your Halliburton job application today.

Halliburton jobs in the Supply Chain: Another interesting program that is available for several brilliant entry-level candidates is the Supply Chain Management Program (SCMP). You should definitely voice your interest in a long-term collaboration with the company, because it consists of a 2 ½ year program that will teach participants how to rotate five six-month assignments in different functional groups. In addition to this, successful SCMP graduates receive important, high impact projects. If you think you have what it takes to enroll in this program, submit your Halliburton application online today.

Halliburton Careers in Management

Managers are highly valued at Halliburton locations. Their goal is to maintain peace and good productivity-levels in the work-place. Depending on the type of management position held, you may be required to oversee financial issues, interview new applicants, organize new schedule for workers, come up with strategies for future development etc.

Several skills sought after by hiring managers include leadership and organization skills, ability to communicate and work under stress etc. In general, Halliburton will only hire managers who have extensive knowledge of their company, as well as experience in the industry. For more information about this you should check the FAQs section on the official site (www.halliburton.jobs.com)

Basic Tips for Applying at Halliburton

The Halliburton application process is extremely similar to that of other companies, with the major difference that you can find a lot more information about jobs and requirements on the company’s website. As we already mentioned, you can search for jobs with the online search option. It is possible to filter results according to specific criteria.

The search engine will return available Halliburton careers that you can choose from. By clicking on one of them you will see more detailed information about it. Once you are ready to apply for the job, you can start working on your Halliburton application process. Here are a few extra pointers:

  • Applicants who want to nail the job will always submit their resume or cover letter with the application. It is possible to do this through the website by attaching your document. If you encounter any problems with this you can check the FAQs page for the solution.
  • Make sure that your Halliburton job application is correctly filled out. Spelling and grammar mistakes will decrease your hiring chances. If you are not satisfied with the application you can wait several hours before submitting it. Ask friends or family to help you review it.
  • If you are available for relocation or long working hours make sure to mention it on the Halliburton job application.
  • Applications and resumes may be altered at all time. To update yours simply click on the gray square next to it.
  • Don’t include information that isn’t relevant for the position that you are applying for. If you stick only to information that the hiring manager needs, he will appreciate this.

Remember these tips and you will have no problems in landing Halliburton careers. We promised that we would talk more about the five steps of the Halliburton employment process. Here you go:

Five Steps of the Halliburton Employment Process:

Step #1: Search for employment opportunities with the help of the store locator and keywords/filters put at your disposal in the job search tap. Once you’ve found a suitable career path you can create your profile and submit your Halliburton job application. A confirmation email will be sent once you have submitted your application.

Step #2: Hiring personnel will review all the applications received and identify candidates that fit the company’s values, and meet the required qualifications. CVs and applications of candidates will be forwarded to other hiring managers, who will select eligible candidates for interviewing. Some candidates may engage in pre-employment assessments.

Step #3: The interview happens after the hiring manager contacts an eligible candidate for Halliburton jobs. The first interview will be conducted on the phone. The following one will happen face-to-face. Even if you are not selected for a job, you will be notified of your status.

Step #4: This step is the offer. If you are a good fit for the company the hiring manager will follow-up to inform you about salary, summary of benefits and the pre-employment process.

Step #5: If you accept the offer and sign the contract, the recruiter will determine the starting date, job description and duties as well as onboard activities.

Benefits at Halliburton

Halliburton truly understands and appreciates the value of its employees. This is the reason why the company is willing to invest in their well-being. Comprehensive benefit programs and competitive salaries are a normal occurence between cherished Halliburton employees. The list of benefits includes, but is not limitted to retirement plans 401 (K), other forms of compensation like health and wellness bemefits,  paid time off, vacations, visual insurance, short or long-term disability coverage etc.

Halliburton Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

Halliburton is constantly interviewing new candidates for its divisions. In general, eligible candidates will receive their first interview vie phone-call. This will serve as a short introduction and a method for confirming a future interview. During the one-on-one interview, the screening personnel will collect basic information such as body-language, intentions, work ethic, personality etc. Here are a few tips that will help you during the interview process:

  • Don’t forget to make eye contact with your hiring manager.
  • It is always a good idea to dress for the occassion. A business or business casual attire should be more than enough for an informal or semi-formal interview.
  • Always arrive a few minutes earlier for an interview. Punctuality is important.
  • Ask pertinent questions to the interviewee before the session is over.
  • Keep your answers short.
  • Thank the interviewer for giving you this opportunity.

Official website: www.halliburton.jobs.com

Frequently Asked Halliburton Interview Question

With these interview tips you needn’t worry about the rest. Nevertheless, if you want to be extra careful, take a look at these interview questions. You can find interview answers on specialized websites.

  1. Why did you choose a Halliburton job?
  2. What appeals to you about this company?
  3. What factors go into maintaining a safe work environment?
  4. Tell me something about a previous workspace that you enjoyed.
  5. What would you like most about working construction?
  6. What types of typical tasks do you think you can handle best?
  7. Do you enjoy working in a team?
  8. What do you think accounts for success within Halliburton Construction?
  9. Tell us about a time when you exceeded your manager’s expectations.
  10. Describe a time when you managed to solve a conflict between two co-workers.

This concludes our guide for Halliburton careers. If you are interested in Halibur employment you should definitely submit your structured application and start working as soon as possible.

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