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  Macaroni Grill Application – Employment at Macaroni Grill

Macaroni Grill offers great food, great people, great service and a friendly atmosphere. In order to keep that going, Macaroni Grill is looking for the best and brightest individuals to join their team. If you are a highly self-motivated individual who loves working with people and can offer great customer service with a smile, then go online and fill out a Macaroni Grill online application for employment.

Macaroni Grill Jobs Available

You may submit a Macaroni Grill application form for any of the following positions: Restaurant and kitchen managers, Servers, Hosts/Hostesses, and Kitchen help including cooks and dishwashers/bussers. Available positions will vary between locations. Contact your local Macaroni Grill for details.

Minimum Employment Age at Macaroni Grill

The minimum employment age for Macaroni Grill employees is 16. For some positions, this age may be older. For more information, contact your local Macaroni Grill and ask a manager if you should fill out a Macaroni Grill job application online.

Macaroni Grill Store Hours

Most Macaroni Grill hours are from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Sunday through Thursday, and 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Hours vary between locations. For more specific information on restaurant hours, contact your local Macaroni Grill.

Important Tips to Apply Online with Macaroni Grill

  • When filling out a Macaroni Grill online application, make sure you include the experience you have working with food. If you haven’t worked with food before, don’t fret. Include anything you have done that included customer service and working with people. The food part is easy to learn. It’s important to show that you already have great people skills – those are hard to come by.
  • Once you’ve finished completing a Macaroni Grill job application form, update your resume so that it shows why you would be the ideal candidate for a job at Macaroni Grill. If there is something that makes you special or unique, such as a certain hobby or talent, include that on your resume under a section entitled something to the effect of “Special Interests”. If you can make yourself stand out among the crowd of applicants, then you’ll be much better off.
  • After you’ve done the first two things (the application and the resume), take a minute to write a cover letter saying why you want the job and then, more specifically, why you are good for the job.
  • Once you’ve submitted all three of these things, go in and meet with the hiring manager. Dress nicely. Offer a confident handshake and a friendly smile. First impressions are important when applying for a job at Macaroni Grill.

Most Common Positions at Macaroni Grill & Income Information

The most common positions of employment offered at Macaroni are servers and hosts/hostesses. Servers work for a lower base pay plus tips. That being said, the amount of money a server can make is only limited by his/her own work. Hosts/hostesses are paid hourly. No matter your position at Macaroni Grill; however, the pay is attractive. For more information about specific pay rates and to fill out a Macaroni Grill job application contact your local Macaroni Grill and speak to a manager.

Macaroni Grill Benefits

Certain fiscal benefits are offered to those employees who qualify. For specific information on benefits and their requirements contact your local Macaroni Grill and speak to a manager. Other benefits include friendly coworkers, great food, and competitive pay rates.

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