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The Microsoft Corporation is an American international technological organization located in Redmond, Washington, that produces, permits, supports and offers program applications, technological innovation for PCs and related services. Its well-known program products are the Microsoft Windows variety of operating systems, Microsoft Office program suite and Internet Explorer online browser. Its leading hardware products are Xbox games’ consoles and the Microsoft Surface tablets. It is the largest program maker calculated by earnings and it is also one of the most valuable companies on the planet. As of 2013, the organization’s businesses are market prominent in both IBM PC-compatible OS and workplace program markets (the latter with the Microsoft Office).

The organization also produces a variety of other programs for desktop computers and web servers, and is active in areas including search engines (with Bing), video game playing market (with Xbox and its more advanced version Xbox 360), the digital alternatives industry (through MSN) and smart mobile phones (by Microsoft Windows Phone OS).

In the summer of 2012, the company joined the laptop and PC production industry for the first time, with the release of the Microsoft Surface, a variety of modern tablets. Thanks to the acquisition of Nokia’s department of devices and related services to put the base of Microsoft Mobile Oy, the US giant re-entered the smart phone components market, after its past effort, Microsoft Kin, that lead from the acquisition of Danger Co.

Many individuals these days want to get their hands on Microsoft jobs in IT and related fields, rather than being caught in a dead end job for the rest of their lives. Given what the World Wide Web can provide us with and the possibilities that can be discovered on it, you might want to explore these opportunities as well.

When you are trying to learn more about Microsoft careers, you will likely fall into a sea of wrong information, which is an existing issue being experienced by a greater part of individuals who have no knowledge in this domain. Before determining what you want to do in the IT field, you should adhere to some guidelines which are defined below.

Microsoft is an equal opportunity employer that is constantly looking for open-minded and talented individuals to join its ranks. At the moment, there are over 130.000 employees working with the company, which means more than enough Microsoft employment opportunities for you. Below you will find all the information you need before you begin the Microsoft application process. There are plenty of available positions that you can choose from.

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Microsoft Application

When you are looking for technical jobs at Microsoft, it is essential to know how the job program works. Detailed guides related to the hiring and candidates’ selection process contains information on applying for certain positions, resumes or cover letters, finishing job programs, pre-employment examining and elimination, qualifications and referrals assessments, meeting with and the main candidate selection procedure listed at Microsoft Careers, the official website. The first thing you need to do is to read all the content on the company’s official career page.

Do you need help with how to think and write a resume? While it is just a page or two long, the resume represents one of the most essential parts of an application – the resume is how you will tell the tale of your professional history to prospective employers. Above everything, your resume needs to be reliable, brief, relevant and easily readable. If it is not, the resume or cover letter will not get a second look from any potential employer. Here is how to create a resume that can stand apart and help you to be scheduled for a job meeting.

There are several basic categories of resumes utilized to apply for job opportunities. Based on your personal conditions, choose a chronological, an efficient, a mixture or a focused resume. Here are a few of the different categories of resumes to write when applying for Microsoft Careers.

  • Chronological Resume:

A date based resume begins by listing the working experience, with the latest job position detailed at the top. Your previous jobs are detailed in a reversed order, starting with the current, or the most recent position, listed first.

Companies generally choose this method of writing a resume since it is simple to see what tasks you have operated and when you have performed them over time.

  • Functional Resume:

An efficient type of resume concentrates on your abilities and background, rather than on the period based experience. It is used mostly by the people who are changing their careers or by those who have major gaps in their professional and working history.

  • Combination Resume:

A mixture of resumes details your abilities and experience in the first place. Your previous occupations’ listing is written next. By having this type of resume you are able emphasize the abilities you possess that are appropriate to the position you are applying for, but also provides the dates and chronology that companies like.

  • Resume With Profile:

The resume containing an information area has a conclusion of an applicant’s abilities, professional background and objectives as they correspond with a specific job.

  • Targeted Resume:

A focused resume is a resume that is personalized so that it particularly features the experience and major abilities you have that are appropriate for the job you are looking for. It surely takes more effort to create a focused resume than to just press a button to apply with your current resume. However, it is well worth the whole work, especially when searching for tasks that are an ideal coordinate for your credentials and experience

  • Mini Resume:

A small resume has a brief conclusion of your professional features and credentials. It can be applied for social media reasons or distributed upon demand from a potential company or referrals author who might want an introduction to your achievements, rather than a complete resume.

  • Non-Traditional Resume:

A non-traditional resume is the web-based edition of the resume that can include images, design, pictures, charts and other designs. It is generally used for graphic artists, sound engineers or specialists who work in the multimedia industry.

Minimum Age for Employment at Microsoft

Microsoft careers applicants must be at least 18 years old to receive hiring consideration.

Microsoft Hours of Operation

Most Microsoft stores are open between 8:00 and 20:00 Monday – Friday. However, the company offers other services (including Live Chat) which require employees to work longer hours. The Live Chat service is available Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Also, technical support is offered between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM. Workers in the distribution or technical department might be required to work longer hours or in the weekends. While creating your Microsoft application you should make sure to tell the company about your availability.

Microsoft Careers and Income

Available Microsoft Jobs: consumer product advisor, senior research SDE, software engineer, Android developer, senior software developer, DevOps engineer, Sr IT service ENG, customer care representative, Tech solutions Prof DYN, software architect, tech evangelist, service engineer, consumer product expert, Azure tech evangelist, Applied scientists, data platform architect etc.

Official Site: Microsoft Jobs

Software Engineer – Job Description and Duties

One of the main goals of a Software Engineer is to ensure Product satisfaction by constantly tweaking and improving features of Microsoft products. The responsibilities of a software engineer with Microsoft include, but are not limited to: using new technologies to communicate with clients, ensuring that data pipelines are scalable and reliable, managing data warehouses, creating performance tests etc.

To be considered for this position applicants must have a BS degree in computer science, experience with shipping production quality software and knowledge of C/C++, Java, HTML/CSS and ULS, COSMOS, SQL, Azure and databases. Salary and compensation for software engineer positions is generous and may be negotiated during the interview.

Customer Care Service – Job Description and Duties

This is one of the most popular entry-level Microsoft careers. It is similar to many other customer care service positions. The applicant must possess a friendly personality, excellent English skills and patience to be considered for this position. Job duties include discussing with clients about their problems and informing them about new discounts and products.

If you are interested in this type of position you can submit your jobs and employment form through the official portal. Salary and compensation starts at minimum wage and may go up. Also, the benefits package is attractive, to say the least.

Microsoft Careers in Management

To ensure that all activities are developing smoothly Microsoft needs to designate capable managers to oversee teams and sensitive projects. Many responsibilities rest on the shoulders of a project manager: giving out tasks to team members, ensuring that productivity goals are met, deciding work schedules, achieving sales objectives and making sure that the projects are delivered on time.

For example, a Sales Excellence manager must ensure that operational excellence and selling disciplines are being adopted by workers through the help of various tools and software. It is essential that the manager brings the team together in order to create a collaborative community with aligned goals.

Microsoft careers in management are available only for applicants with proven track-records measured in experience in the field as well as educational background. Although Microsoft prefers to promote from within, it will never turn down an applicant with a stellar resume.

Basic Tips for Applying at Microsoft

Earlier in the article we were talking about resume formats. You we’re probably asking yourself why. That’s because the Microsoft careers hiring process does not involve a traditional application. All you have to do to be considered for a position is to connect with your LinkedIn, Facebook or other social media account and submit the CV.

This may sound simple, but it actually isn’t. The resume carries much more weight than before and it is the only thing that can convince the hiring manager to call you back for an interview. This is why you should make sure that its structure and contents are spectacular.

Microsoft uses keywords to automatically sort through different applications. Therefore, you should include as many relevant key phrases as possible. Of course, you shouldn’t stuff your CV with stuff like ‘team-player’ or ‘expert’ if it isn’t the case. Stay relevant but also stay real.

Before you begin applying for Microsoft careers on the Internet, it is important to conduct extensive online research regarding the company’s employment requirements. In order to apply for a position and to finish the online application, you will need a current email address to use for job applying, an up-to-date CV, a solid cover letter, your occupation history and the work schedule if you want to apply for a part-time job. Moreover, as an aspect of the Microsoft application, you might need to take a career test on the Internet and provide reliable sources.

You may also have to write a cover letter in order to apply successfully for some positions. Name your resume with your full name, rather than with a general name, so the potential employer will link you with the resume when they evaluate it. Have a brief cover letter prepared that you can personalize for each job you look for.

Some job application websites let you publish a current resume uploaded directly from Microsoft Word located on your computer or from mobile devices. On other websites, you might need to duplicate information from your resume into your online profile and use a resume model that is already integrated into the job application program.

Advanced Tips for Applying at Microsoft

Before you go to your job meeting, take plenty of time to evaluate the most typical job questions that might be asked. If you are in a hurry, at least take the time to respond to the top queries which are asked at almost any job interview. Here are details of the regular procedures of a job interview with the most effective solutions to them.

Computer tasks within a company like Microsoft no longer go by the problems-solution-path. Instead, organizations have started to enrich the positions of IT experts and motivate them to tap into their personal abilities to improve the skills.

Those who are capable to integrate IT abilities into the company’s commercial and technological possibilities are extremely sought-after.

When planning a job meeting, you must learn more about the company and already have a specific position in your mind. All firms want to know how you can promote their development and companies want to compensate those who surpass their initial objectives. Therefore, improve your IT (and social) abilities and be competitive.

No matter if you are a new graduate student or a person who is in between positions, you must look further to create an appealing professional background in a great company. The task here is to know what the industry wants and how your abilities can take you ahead of the other job-seeking colleagues.

While new markets and technological improvements continue to appear every year, an IT professional must be at least well versed with the basic principles of technological innovation and work to create an expertise that will come in useful.

Companies are fond to hire those who are able to implement their abilities and apply these professional traits to enterprise-building tasks.

Microsoft Application

On the Microsoft careers page you will see an “Applied Jobs” tab. From it you can check the status of all your Microsoft applications. There isn’t much point in contacting the company because the online hiring process is extremely organized. You can also apply for more Microsoft jobs at the same time and check their status from the Applied History tab.

Benefits at Microsoft

Benefits packages are extremely important for employees. While some individuals use criteria such as salary or work environment to determine if it is worth applying for a job, others take into consideration non-wage benefits. Microsoft is one of the few companies that truly rewards its people with industry-leading benefit packages. The company believes that the perks provided at the work place can incentivize employees and encourage success on the job. Besides competitive pay, flexible hours, stock awards and bonuses, the company also offers the following benefits:

  • Investing benefits: Microsoft jobs offer many sweet bonuses and one of them is a solid 401 (K) retirement plan which includes company match on contributions. There is also an option to have an employee stock purchase program which allows employees to invest in stocks from Microsoft at a discounted price.
  • Health and Wellness benefits: needless to say, health coverage with Microsoft is top notch. Eligible employees and their families will benefit from dental & vision coverage, club memberships, programs for clinic health conditions, health screenings, autism therapy and access to a non-stop health-line.
  • Charity: all new employees receive a 50$ credit that can be donated to a charity of choice. In addition to this, contributions from employees will be invested in the communities and projects that they care about most.
  • Training & Learning benefits: Microsoft careers come with the added bonus of over 2.000 internal training programs. The corporation cares about career development and is prepared to offer assistance with tuition or undergraduate/graduate coursework.
  • Family & Parenting benefits: these benefits include adoption fee assistance, paid time off for parents, discounts and maternity leave, child-care programs and more.

Official Site: Microsoft Jobs

Microsoft Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

Hiring managers will sometimes begin a job meeting with open-ended questions such as “Tell me about yourself.” It is a good method to break the ice and for the candidate to feel more relaxed during the interview. It is also a way for an experienced employer to understand your character better and to help him figure out if you are a good asset for the work place.

Sharing too many details is not a wise decision. The interview panel members do not want to learn everything about you, but exposing too little will make the interviewer wonder why you are so introverted.

What to Discuss With the Interviewer

Even if it might be an attractive option to discuss about a list of your most powerful credentials for the position at hand, the more low-key strategies will maybe help you create an individual relationship with the employer.

Try at the beginning to talk about some specific interests that are not associated directly to the field of work. Useful examples might consist of an activity that you are excited about, like sports, current events, local meetings or other types of activities that might build a bond between strangers.

Past positions like members of ecological teams or being part of a public relations company will demonstrate your ability to be a team player, even under pressure.

Avoid Political Subjects and Controversies

Typically, you want to stay away from questionable subjects like politics or religious beliefs. It is important to avoid any reference to subjects that will cause issues about your values, character, efficiency or working mentality. You also do not need to discuss private details regarding your family. It is no need to talk about associates, partners, kids or any other private things.

Transition to Expert from Personal

After talking about a few exciting individual elements of your qualifications, you can discuss about a few key professional abilities that will help you to bring value to the company. Consider using words like “In inclusion to those interests and interests, my professional life is the main factor of who I am, so I would like to discuss a bit about some of the strong points that I will add to this work place.”

Share Your Professional Expertise

Be prepared to discuss two or three of the individual features, abilities and/or areas of professional skills which can help you to succeed in the position that you are interested in.

Create a list of strong points before going to your job interview, so you already have an idea of what you will talk about there. Look at the job’s description and see if it a good match for your abilities. Then talk about the top professional abilities that make you the perfect applicant for the respective job.

Nevertheless, be cautious not to overwhelm the interviewers with too many details. After referring to two or three of your strong points, you might say that you have various other resources that you will like to talk about as the meeting goes forward.

At first, you must only discuss about the personal and professional resources and allude only temporarily to some evidence of how you have utilized them to your advantage in the past. For example, you could say that you like to give demonstrations and this has helped you a lot to have success in the previous job with your past employer. Microsoft careers are designed for people with initiative and forward-thinkers.

Later in the job meeting, you will want to become more specific and get into detail when talking about circumstances, treatments and outcomes streaming from your strong points.

Frequently Asked Microsoft Interview Questions

When an interviewing panel member asks questions about your persona, he or she is actually trying to figure out how well you will fit in with the organization. Is your character compatible with the business culture? Are your objectives and aspirations right for what your part in the firm will be if you are hired then? How would you work with the existing team?

The best method to respond to such simple, yet complex, questions about yourself, is to be sincere.

Trying to pose as someone you are not might help on the spot to get the job offer, but it could not be the best solution in the future. You need to take into consideration whether the job will work out and last on the long term.

  1. What would you do if a client asked for a new feature with only a few days before a release?
  2. What would you do if a client wanted to change the color of the interface of a program and that wasn’t possible?
  3. Describe the biggest technical problem you faced in any of your projects and how did you solve it?
  4. Give an array of numbers return the smallest element that is bigger than the average of the numbers in the array.
  5. How would you test a hair-dryer?
  6. Why do you want to work at Microsoft?
  7. What would you do to please a difficult customer?
  8. Do you enjoy working as part of a team?
  9. Describe the hardest situation you’ve ever been in. How did you resolve it?
  10. What would you say your first three qualities are?

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Other Microsoft Careers Tips

Many major organizations have started to move away from the traditional problem-solution way of work in their IT divisions and motivate employees to predict problems even before they happen. IT experts are required to extend their services beyond offering technological alternatives and merge deeper into the company’s field of work through constant innovation.

The ability to convert IT abilities into businesses is a greatly regarded human resource. Computer job certification is important because companies would like to see exactly what you have to offer them. This certification is challenging to pass their hiring tests successfully and they include various domains of knowledge such as data protection, social media and software development.

It is important to note these IT tasks guidelines as you get ready for the next job program. Take into consideration how your IT abilities can be incorporated into businesses. Another successful tip is to always analyze your answer and see the issues from the viewpoint of the potential employer.

Microsoft Official Website

You can access the Microsoft careers website at the following address:

You can also find out more information about the company on its homepage.

Lastly, you can apply for jobs by following this link: Microsoft jobs

This concludes our guide for Microsoft careers. We hope that these tips will help you with the application process. If you don’t get the job don’t get discouraged. Try again! If you managed to land your dream career keep working towards career advancement. Good luck.

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