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Mark Zuckerberg set up the bases of Facebook on Feb 4, 2004. Consider the fact that only in the last 99 days, the common user spent almost 1,700 minutes (over 28 hours) liking images, following their friends and discussing life up-dates. As a worker there, your objective is to keep Facebook’s customers satisfied and returning for more by creating codes to fix technological problems, upgrading templates and programs for improved customer involvement and gathering information about Facebook users’ actions for research. Facebook jobs can be incredible starting points not only for entry-level applicants but also for specialists who wish to take the plunge in the digital world. As one of the most successful social networks and member of the Fortune 500, Facebook regularly hires candidates for its tech department. If you are interested in Facebook careers you should know that, while experience is appreciated, applicants with no experience but a clear desire to grow and contribute to the company can also receive consideration.

In the following guide we will be taking a look at some of the best Facebook careers, a few tips for the Facebook application process, salary & benefits information as well as interview tricks.

Official site for careers: Facebook jobs

Facebook Application

According to reliable online sources, Facebook receives approximately 250,000 job applications every year and recommendations are extremely well received at https://www.facebook.com/careers – you can instantly see if you have Facebook buddies at the organization during the selection program.

Since Facebook relies almost entirely on the digital world to gain profit, it is only natural that it will expect its customers to also apply online. For this purpose it has created a comprehensive career website that you should start exploring as soon as possible. You can search for Facebook jobs on the official page.

You can filter results according to department or location. By clicking on a career you will be redirected to a page with more information about responsibilities, requirements, industry etc. At the very end of the page you will see an “apply now” button. If you think you have what it takes simply click on it to begin the application process.

Facebook will redirect you to another page dedicated to job applications. You will have to click on the Apply Now button again. The great thing about Facebook is that it will automatically synchronize your FB account with the job application process. Since it is possible to add career information on your page you can automatically fill-out certain fields of the application. You will also have the option to upload a resume and additional materials to your application.

Carefully go through every field and make sure your answers are correct. Keep in mind that Facebook will conduct a background check on you prior to hiring. You can submit your jobs and employment form once you have read it a few times and are content with the information offered in it.

Also, you should constantly check the employee page for new postings& job listings. New openings appear very often and those who submit their Facebook applications first receive hiring consideration faster. Facebook careers are available for locations such as Chicago, Austin, Washington DC, Dallas, Seattle, Menlo, NYC, California, TX, Atlanta, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and even India. Just make sure you filter careers according to locations to make sure you are applying for the right one.

Minimum Age for Employment at Facebook

In general, Facebook will hire applicants of 18 and above. Of course, there are exceptional individuals who might be considered even if they are between 16 and 18. Nevertheless, Facebook careers requires a certain background (education or experience), so this means that an average applicant will be at least 22 years of age. For more information about Facebook minimum age requirements check the official career page.

Facebook Hours of Operation

Facebook employees can work from home, from the headquarters or at any other location. For office jobs the schedule is flexible. Employees have a certain degree of flexibility in organizing their schedules. The company’s motto is “We don’t have rules. We have values.” In other words, as long as individual talent is revealed through a rather unusual method, Facebook will be eager to embrace it.

Facebook Careers and Income

Available Facebook Careers: product designer, programmer, software engineer, social media expert, distribution center worker, technical program manager, solutions engineer, PR, secretary, search ranking specialist, internal product manager, HR manager, recruiter, EMEA recruiter, customer care representative, business analyst, product support analyst, ads integrity manager, data analyst, infrastructure policy manager, software developer, business strategist, regional product manager, client solutions manager, mobile account manager etc.

If you like to work at Facebook, and it is understandable since it is one of the world’s most popular firms – what do you have to do to get a grip on the job and be noticed by the employers?

It is not going to be simple — you have competitors. Facebook gets more than 200,000 job applications every year and is constantly being ranked as one of the best locations to perform at very high standards. With Facebook’s updates coming our way, competitors for these positions are eager to warm up for the battle.

There are a lot of methods that will get you out there and help you take the lead from other candidates, though. It is a good idea to know what Facebook’s HR managers are looking for, the organization needs on the long run as well as its requirements for a specific Facebook career.

Ever since Facebook declared it was shifting its whole activity to a larger workplace and brought up $2 billion dollars in financing, it has been increasing its hiring criteria.

While there are many jobs at Facebook in law related positions, promotional communications, HR, advertising, online functions, business growth, IT, style, consumer experience and internationalization, the organization is especially looking for technological abilities, application technicians and product supervisors.

Here is a quick list of Facebook Careers Salaries (according to Glassdoor):

  • Software Engineer: 000$/year – average Facebook Salary
  • Production Engineer: 097$/year
  • Product Designer: 00$/year
  • Product Manager: 000$/year
  • User Interface Engineer: 000$/year
  • Site Reliability Engineer: 00$/year
  • Recruiter: 000$/yearaverage Facebook Salary
  • Project Manager: 000$/year
  • Network Engineer: 000$/year
  • Engineer Manager: 000$/year – average Facebook Salary

Facebook is always searching for brilliant undergrad, graduate students and PhD holders from all over the world to be a part of their increasing group of specialists. The company needs powerful individuals who get thrilled by important questions and unresolved problems. If you are ready to make a positive impact in the world, they will surely want to hear to from you.

Facebook was created to help people around the globe to link and share their stuff, and over the last years, its tools have had a critical part in changing how individuals all over the world interact one with another, despite the physical and language barriers. With over a billion unique users accessing its services and more than 50 work places spread in different countries, a Facebook career opens plenty of possibilities for the job seekers who want to create a change in a fast developing international organization.

If you are interested in creating items used by an incredible number of people and you like to deliver them at a fast pace, then Facebook will want you. The company is seeking entry-level employees who are enthusiastic about creating mobile and desktop computer web programs – the bulk of the Facebook’s activity on the Internet.

These positions are open to school graduate students, young learners and are generally full-time Facebook jobs with the option to be a part of the head office in Menlo Park located in California or the technological innovation office in Dallas, Texas.

New employees will continue to work with development specialists, product control teams, and company managers.

The right applicant must have outstanding social abilities, great written and spoken interaction skills and has to be extremely well structured and systematic with an ability to perform well under stress. Lastly, they will learn and follow the best methods, be a powerful team worker, as well as a practical individual factor.

If you want to be part of something really big and to be able to see the results of your work right away in a highly collaborative environment, his could be the workplace for you. There is a new task every day and they encourage their employees to do what they have to do to deal with those difficulties quickly and with confidence.

The main responsibilities ofentry-level Facebook jobs consist of:

  • Working with Product Development team to apply the next creation of Facebook services
  • Building efficient and recyclable front-end abstractions and programs
  • Recognizing and addressing efficiency bottlenecks
  • Getting involved in design and rule reviews
  • Communicating with other associates to integrate their technological enhancements and vice versa
  • Recognizing and link the best methods for front-end engineering devices

Requirements (of course, not all of them are necessary for entry level positions):

  • Professional knowledge of JavaScript
  • Professional knowledge of web technological innovation and designing (HTML and CSS)
  • Ability to create high-performance and recyclable codes for UI parts
  • Instructed in, but not reliant just on object oriented JavaScript Frameworks (such as Prototype JS, Dojo, Moo Tools etc.)
  • Experienced in creating rich programs with HTML, CSS and JS
  • Interest for efficiency debugging or benchmarking
  • Solid expertise in creating web apps
  • BS or MS diploma in Computer Technology or a related technological field

Facebook Careers in Management

There are various management positions that you can choose from. Because Facebook is a huge company, it is constantly searching for capable individuals who can organize teams, schedule tasks, set deadlines etc. You can choose anything from product management to search ranking, design management and even satellite program management.

Needless to say the requirements for managing Facebook careers are higher than for entry-level positions. Only candidates with stellar backgrounds will be considered. This doesn’t mean that you have to finish your studies at Harvard to be considered. Facebook believes in the potential of an individual, regardless of education, so applicants who can truly bring something to the table in terms of experience or ideas will receive hiring consideration.

Basic Tips for Applying at Facebook

  1. Code the Application – It is necessary to see what a person can actually build. There are intern applicants who made video clips on why the company should seek their services, along with awesome designs and illustrations of them fixing some typical programming problems. The links to these short clips were listed in the resume, representing a very powerful selling technique of why the employers should check them out.
  2. Brush up on the mathematical skills – Some questions which can be asked of the software professional are to determine algorithms regarding the codes used to create and maintain web pages. The applicant has to offer the answer on dry-erase panels. The key to the problem is how you conceive its strategy, not whether or not you give the right response.
  3. Have evaluations or recommendations about Facebook – All of the company’s workers, even the non-technical staff, represent key evaluators of Facebook services and will give reviews on what is or is not functioning properly in the system. Be acquainted with Facebook as an organization before the job interview and perform a few researches in order to find out what is new in the industry. Truth be told, it would be rather surprising if somebody hasn’t heard about Facebook yet.
  4. Be genuine – As one of Facebook careers hopefuls, it is already assumed that you utilize the online community to interact with your acquaintances and close relatives, as well as with your co-workers and superiors.
  5. Show them that you have a unique talent. Facebook provides one of the biggest international client platforms on the globe. And the more you can help them to do this, the better you will fit in there.
  6. Only list abilities if you are truly an expert at them – Saying you are a pro at HTML and CSS can take you far at an organization like Facebook, but they can analyze your skills during the job meeting.

Facebook is known to test an applicant with an interviewing panel member who can tell if he or she buffed up the résumé with technological skills which he does not actually have. Be a stand out person by displaying only your real abilities.

Benefits at Facebook

Think about being part of a campus built as one of Disney’s dreamlands, including several dining places, a store selling sweets, video arcades and a conference place known as Hacker Square. It is the ideal environment for Facebook employees who are working at the offices in Menlo Park located in California, where a relaxed organizational lifestyle is top priority for everyone. Facebook careers are amazing opportunities to meet new people and boost your career.

Facebook provides its workers with three meals each day, compensation for washing laundry or dry-cleaning expenses as well a gym membership every month in return for their effort.

Not surprisingly, the advantages of working at Facebook are fairly long. The benefits strategy is to provide the advantages that most allow individuals to pay attention to their work and have effect. Things like food, transport, small groups, washing laundry, medical care, versatile time, IT resources/equipment and connection are a concern for the HR managers.

Apart from these benefits you will also be able to enjoy regular non-wage benefits such as retirement plans, health insurance, dental insurance, saving plans, paid days off, vacations, bonus pay, competitive salaries etc.

Facebook Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

The Facebook hiring procedure has always been professional, and while it has been definitely modified, the primary structure has remained the same in order to assure that only the best candidates are hired here.

The first phase is almost always an employer phone-screening – he will start by analyzing the resume, questioning you about the previous work places, especially about what skills you have developed and what management positions you have had prior to this job (if any). Sometimes there is a second testing, based on your performance in the first one.

If you successfully pass the phone-testing, the firm will fly you out to the Silicon Valley center for a number of on-site discussions with the prospective employer (the potential future manager) and a team of your colleagues – in other terms, you will be questioned by the members of the group you are expecting to be a part of. These discussions are conducted to figure out whether you have the abilities for the position and whether you are a good fit. The team then creates a combined choice on whether you are a good asset for Facebook.

The procedure itself significantly differs from team to team – anticipate more tech and expertise difficulties if you are looking for a technological engineering job. And, one additional suggestion, is to always put the customer first in any situation or job testing.

Standing Out From the Crowd

With so many candidates wanting to be hired there at any moment, how does Facebook reduce the candidate pool? The answer is quite simple: Facebook careers are designed specifically for talented and unusual individuals.

They are mainly looking for contractors, since Facebook has a business oriented vision and is a smooth organization. Thus it is constantly searching for individuals who can flourish in a dynamic atmosphere. Workers need to be self-starters who do not need a lot of guidance, so independence and self-motivation are highly regarded.

Builders – especially technicians who like to develop tasks on their own and have awesome, operating items or applications they can display at any-time – are preferred by the Facebook team. If a person develops an exclusive program and/or resolves an issue in a way that was not done before, he or she is going to receive Facebook’s interest.

Strong candidates for Facebook jobs also have the capability to catch the public’s eye. They not only comprehend the item’s attraction, but can also see the organization’s perspective. Even more essential is that they are active clients of the company’s services. This may sound like a no-brainer, but there are enough candidates who have not used their Facebook account for several weeks or even months. This is an obvious indication to the employer that the individual will not be a good acquisition for the firm.

Finally, it is so necessary to know a person at Facebook that can vouch for your skills – this is a true thing even when the company was presented to the online community more than 10 years ago. While some candidates might have unique abilities due to their exclusive experience and background in the business, it is a good idea to own a few reliable Facebook referrals.

While many candidates do not obtain their desired Facebook career, they do not have to disappointed in this situation. For those of you hunting especially the non-technical positions, be sure that you are effective users, comprehend the organization lifestyle and have a resume loaded with management and “builder” operations.

For technological skills, the best thing you can put in practice is to develop something. If you create a really amazing smart phone program that benefits some segments of the market, you are definitely going to be considered. If you are a significant user of open source software for creating various tasks, you are going to be noticed quite fast.

In the end however, the narrow gap is represented by the social fit. There is not really much that you can do to get ready for that – Facebook HR managers basically know if you are going to be capable to perform well with them or if you are not going to be able to keep up with the team. Facebook jobs are incredibly rewarding but they are also very demanding.

In addition, as said before, make sure to have another person refer you. If not, you are going to have a truly difficult time just to passing the phone testing. Have you been through the procedure and got a job at Facebook? Congratulations, it means that not only you can help yourself, but others too.

There are extant details which show the value of job interviews as a useful device for choosing the best employees. Where the goal of a job discussion is ostensibly to select an applicant who will do well in the job’s responsibilities, other methods of hiring provide good predictive ideas and often reduce expenses. Furthermore, with the structured strategy of most job discussions they often offer useful details about an employee’s previous or even future success.

When a person participates at a job meeting, there are plenty of things that can be done in order to get or miss an opportunity. The hiring process is an important part of taking your chance of having the position that you dreamed of. It is important to take advantage of your personal abilities & experience as the first impression stays with an individual for a longer time than any other

Interview Attire, Body-Language & Grooming

Be sure that your clothing choices are not made just before the meeting as outfits are essential in offering a positive impression.Take a good look and make sure that all your clothes are clean and pressed and get rid of debris like pet hair or other small pieces of dirt on them. It is crucial that you maintain a presence of true professionalism and reliability while going into a job meeting.

You have to be comfortable in your preppy outfit, because being too tense presents a wrong impression of insecurity that you are not fit for the job you are trying to get. Eye contact along with brief and relevant answers also is important in proving that you are a well-seen and knowledgeable person that can have success in this place.

Once one has established a lasting first impression, he or she often stops the process with the fulfillment of imminent success. For the individual who really likes the job he is applying for, it is a big mistake. When a job meeting is coming to its end, the interview panel members will often ask the person if there are any queries that they have in regard to the job or the organization.

Very often people skip this essential step to demonstrate that they are genuinely interested in the firm and acquiring this job position.Genuine interest is an absolute must for securing Facebook careers. Regardless of how good you have analyzed the organization, it is essential to have thought about a pre-existing number of questions to go along with any other concerns you had during the hiring process.

This helps in extending the meeting and making the employers take more time to perceive you as a valuable candidate which allows them to keep in mind your presence and what you have to offer to the firm. Often taking a simple step back is enough for an interviewer to forget you, due to the acceleration of the hiring process.

When interviewees end their job discussions, there are two techniques that they must adhere to, in order to increase their possibilities to get the job. The first process includes the writing of a job meeting thank you letter. It is an indication that most hiring managers happily welcome, even though this is a gesture which has been eliminated from the practice of almost all candidates.

The thank you letter is a short letter of thanks for the opportunity to have been taken into consideration for this position, not to further the pursuit to market your own person but to demonstrate your beneficial mind-set in regards to accomplishing success in this job if you are selected. Just as essential as the thank you letter is the follow-up phone call. Phone calls allows you to not only prove your desire to get the job, but it also maintains your name and presence in the mind of the interviewers.

It is essential when having these follow up phone calls to discuss directly to the person who interviewed you before and stay away from the average method of leaving a dull email message.

Advanced Facebook Job Interview Tips

There is no question that social networking and promotion go together like butter and jam. Social media has turned into one of the most highly effective promotion resources for companies nowadays. It is a great system for companies of all dimensions, especially when there is a restricted (or nonexistent) promotion budget at side. It is very important have to a professional in charge of the key positions in order to be able to obtain the most advantages from all of company’s departments.

A social media position, like the ones working at Facebook, is not an easy role to complete. You cannot simply give these responsibilities to an inexperienced person and anticipate incredible results over time. Several companies have made that error in previous years and they were left to fix some difficult problems. As a result, they decided to raise requirements for hiring.

Finding an individual to deal with the specific needs of a job requires a little analysis. The best way is to discover someone who has designed an effective software or is renowned for being experienced in his domain, while having confirmed achievements on the Internet. This does not have to be actually a specialist with a large name and large following.

Sometimes, the company does not want someone who is a lot more involved with improving their individual products than enhancing the organization’s own performance.It is essential that you think like your employer. This will significantly increase your chances of getting hired.

The common job discussion has only one applicant discussing with between one and three individuals comprising the employer’s side; the prospective manager of the employee is typically engaged in the procedure. A bigger interviewing board will often have a specific recruiting employer.

The conference can be as short as 10 minutes; job discussions usually last less than one hour. The largest of the job interview will be the hiring managers asking the applicant details about his or her working history, character, life style and other appropriate aspects of the job. The applicant will usually be offered a chance to ask any info at the end of the conference.

The main objective is to assess the employee’s relevant skills and experience for the position, although the applicant will also be analyzing the business lifestyle and requirements of the job on the run.

Lower paid and reduced experienced positions usually have much easier job discussions than for the more complex positions; a senior engineer job discussion with many years of experience will be much more complicated than that of an entry-level person who just graduated college, for example.

Facebook Careers Interview tips for Specific Positions

Most job interviews are formal; the bigger the department and job tasks, usually the more official and organized the interview will be. Candidates usually have an outfit a little bit better than what they will be like to wear at the work place, with a casual appearance being inappropriate for a managing position, but denims being good for an for a discussion regarding a more relaxed job.

Additionally, some Facebook careers have specific types of job interviews; for executive employees, this is a try out where the focus is placed on the efficiency ability of the applicant. Psychometric examining may also be applied in job discussions.

In many regions such as most of United States, European nations and Australasia, career value rules prohibit discrimination based on a variety of factors, such as sex, age, race and marital status. Having questions about these sensitive subjects in a job interview is usually seen as discriminatory and represents an illegal candidate selection. Asking other questions that have relevance to the job’s responsibilities, such as “Are you ready to travel or relocate?” (Possibly because of the large distance to the job) or “When did you finished school?” (Indication of experience) is still generally possible.

Things to Consider Before Applying for Jobs at Facebook

Before going deeper into the methodology of hiring the services of persons who can take care of various Facebook jobs and departments, here are some things that need to be known:

  • It is not cheap – How much money is spent over these procedures is determined by how good the individual chosen for the particular job is. Someone with plenty of experience will need a consistent salary than a person who is still working on his or her portfolio. The good news is that, with Facebook careers, there is a place for everyone.This is determined by how many programs the employee is using (Facebook and other related software or websites) and the volume of work expected each day, the categories of strategies, ads and competitions being run every 30 days.
  • It will take some time – Nobody is an overnight specialist in a particular field of work. Even popular websites that have been on the Internet since forever, had a lengthy period before “blowing up.” Do not expect to have incredible results right after starting to get your feet wet in social media.
  • Success on social media need some time. You are making a group of employees and that requires tolerance and dedication. You can expect to take several weeks before you start noticing clear results from the initiatives of the team’s members.
  • Building followership indicates that you delivering top quality material. Look out for what the focus on a particular market on the Internet is and give it to the audience.
  • It needs plenty of learning – Many people do not understand yet how a major social media website, like Facebook, works. If you are someone who has just has vague idea about “likes” and image filters, then you have to learn some more about the whole industry behind public networking, in order to decide on best choices for the business.
  • To be effective, you need to have a bunch of reliable learning sources that you can follow over time.Facebook careers entail constant learning. Ensure that that you are on the same page when it comes to objectives. How many times will they be operating each day on their accounts? Write a routine down so you will know what it is expected from you. Ensure that you have Facebook’s statistics so that you can monitor the company’s objectives and its employee policy.
  • Individuals selected to be in charge of the brand’s online presence are an accurate image of the organization on the Internet. They want to discover someone who is good at developing the right ways to achieve a good online following, who has the abilities to interact with them and who can evaluate the outcomes of their initiatives.

Frequently Asked Facebook Interview Questions

Facebook professional employers are touching topics like business lifestyle, advantages and that number of GPA that its employees have graduated with.

The Facebook culture – It has to be obvious, but prior to applying for a job at an organization, you must first know its business lifestyle. Facebook’s is just about one thing: developing.

The company has made a reputation out of innovation and creating programs. It does not just want its technicians to move quickly and deliver things. At Facebook everyone istargeted on developing services and products that make a more vibrant and connected society.

The areas that are liked best are the common vales they believe in, inner visibility, joy of each other’s achievements, hunger for success and deep understanding of the company’s principles, traits that Facebook has included as technological innovation. We believe that there are no correct interview answers because every person has his/her own personality and ability to give a suitable response.

  1. Do you have a Facebook account?
  2. Why would Facebook choose you? What makes you special?
  3. How can you help our company grow?
  4. Do you use the Facebook messenger application?
  5. Why did you choose Facebook?
  6. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
  7. Do you prefer to work in a team or alone?
  8. Tell us about a time when you exceeded your manager’s expectations & how.
  9. What would you do if one of your colleagues refused to collaborate on an important project?
  10. Describe social media in 3 words.
  11. Why is Facebook better than other platforms?
  12. Can you list 5 unique services offered by Facebook?

What is Facebook looking for?

It is obvious that Facebook looks for persons who will fit well into its organizations requirements – regardless of what part of the globe they come from. Facebook employs intensely from locations outside the U.S., such as Russian Federation, India and Southern European countries.

For those out there who are not very tech savvy, the company has great news: While Facebook is clearly a technical-focused organization, no company can operate only with technicians. Facebook careers are open for PR specialists, social media specialists, great communicators, secretaries etc.

Much of the candidate filtering process concentrates on technological innovation, but they have employed fresh graduates into email marketing, customer functions, expenses and accounting, money making, business functions – and this long list can go on, directly to the Facebook’s career and profession web page.

For job seekers with less-than-stellar marks, Facebook’s remedy is actually fairly straightforward: have a few pro tasks under your belt. People who can show their real abilities by developing real programs beyond category tasks are quite regularly the more powerful candidates. Eventually, they want to seek the services of individuals that built wonderful innovations and force technological progress to new levels. Basically, it is good to have some past projects in this field as a testimony of your competence.

As far as the training and learning programs goes on, you do not need to look beyond the company’s own Mark Zuckerberg to understand that a diploma is not everything – and Facebook’s interviewers know this. It would we strange for them to base their decisions on a degree alone. If you can develop awesome things that have big effect on the market, you have huge chances of securing your Facebook job.

Considering that Facebook is seated on a mountain of customer information, an apparent query is whether the organization stores that information to use it when it is considering the candidates. Luckily, the response is no.They take privacy extremely seriously at Facebook, since no candidates’ user profile is utilized beyond what all other users would be capable to publicly see.

Additional Tips for Facebook Hiring Procedures

Job discussions are usually the last level in the candidate selections procedure, used to assess the best applicants. Interviews are usually accompanied by the assessment of provided résumés, choosing some applicants who seem to be the most suitable (short listing).

  • A department looking to occupy only one position will usually discuss with a few applicants – perhaps as many as 10 if the level of program has been high. While job discussions are considered to be one of the most useful resources for analyzing prospective workers, they also require important sources from the company and have been proved to be infamously trustworthy in determining the best person for the job.

Several rounds of job discussions might be used where there are many applicants or the job is particularly complicated or desirable; previously discussions may include less employers from the company and will usually be much smaller and less in-depth. A usual initial interviewing form is the telephone screening, a job discussion held at the phone. This is especially useful when the applicants do not live near the company and has the advantage of maintaining expenses lower for both parts. Once all applicants have had their job interviews, the HR manager usually chooses the most suitable applicant and starts the negotiation for the job offer.