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  Lids Application – Employment at Lids

More than just a retail store, Lids has the largest assortment of the hottest sport, fashion, and collegiate hats on the market. Employees at Lids are very passionate about hats and sports apparel and are eager to meet and work with people who share that passion. Lids is looking for highly self-motivated individuals who can offer great customer service with a smile and a love for all things hats and sports apparel. Anyone who is avid about hats or college and professional sports apparel in general should not hesitate to fill out a Lids application. Lids is looking for the next great employee and is eager to start receiving applications and meeting awesome people.

Lids Online Job Application

To fill out a Lids application online, visit, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on “Career Opportunities” under the section entitled, “ABOUT LIDS”. Under “Store and Corporate Office Careers”, just follow the directions to fill out a Lids application and start a successful and fulfilling career with Lids.  The Lids College Recruiting Tour might be of special interest to recent college graduates and soon-to-be graduates. The “Career Opportunities” page has all the information needed including when and where a Lids representative will be on the tour, and who to contact in case a Lids representative is close by.

Minimum Age for Employment at Lids

Minimum age for Lids careers is 16, unless working with the Custom Embroidery machine – then the minimum age is 18. Lids encourages any applicant who is too young now to fill out another Lids job application when he or she turns the appropriate age. Lids has a list of store locations and contact information to find out which Lids stores require the use of a Custom Embroidery machine.

Lids Hours of Operation

The Lids hours of operation are from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. from Monday through Saturday, and from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Sundays. Hours may vary at different locations. For more specific store hours, contact the local Lids retail store. Store locations and contact information can be found online.

Entry-Level Lids Careers and Income

Entry-level careers at Lids range from Store Managers to District Sales Managers to Customer Service and Sales all the way to Administrative and Clerical work at competitive incomes. For more information on specific Lids careers and incomes, contact the local Lids retail store. Store locations and contact information can be found online.

Lids Careers in Management

Management careers at Lids offer competitive pay rates based on experience and job performance. Anyone who feels like they have what it takes to be a Lids store manager should contact the local Lids retail store for more information and go online to fill out an application.

Basic Tips for Applying at Lids

It is best, when filling out a Lids online application, to be as thorough as possible. Lids receives many Lids employment applications at any given time, so in order to find the best candidates for the jobs being offered, applicants need work to convince Lids why they are the best candidate. When filling out a Lids application form, applicants should be sure to tell Lids everything that makes them great in order to increase the chances of being hired.

Advanced Tips for Applying at Lids

After applicants have been as thorough as possible when filling out a Lids application, they should reread it, have a friend read it, and make sure to have included everything on the Lids job application form that makes them unique. Lids isn’t looking to hire a bunch of clones – they want interesting, unique individuals to be the face of Lids. But impressing Lids doesn’t stop with the application form. When an applicant comes in for an interview with Lids, they should dress to impress, smile, and offer a firm, confident handshake. Great first impressions are hard to beat. But great first impressions followed up by awesome second impressions are like the frosting on the cake. Applicants can continue to show Lids how eager they are to work with Lids even after Lids has been wowed by their application and professional appearance.

Applicants should take a minute or two to do some homework, too. Research a little bit about the history of Lids. Take some time to learn where Lids came from and what they are all about. The Lids interviewer will continue to be impressed when the interviewee can tell him or her a little more about Lids than they expected you to know.

It’s important for the applicant to show some interest in the person who is interviewing them as well. Asking them some questions such as, “Why do you like working at Lids?” will show the interviewer that the applicant is interested in not only getting a job and making money, but also in the people they could be working with. Simple professional courtesies can go a long way when trying to get a job.

Benefits at Lids

When Lids finally decide that a particular Lids application online form is the perfect one, they will extend a job offer. Well, what are the benefits of working in a Lids retail store? Lids can offer competitive pay rates and hours as well as an awesome environment for gaining experience in the retail world. Lids likes for its employees to remain friendly, outgoing, and professional and to also surround themselves with similar kinds of people. Lids extends a welcome to any employee is looking to move up the corporate ladder and who is willing to do the work to do so. However, if an employee is comfortable with their current Lids job and does not think he or she wants to move up, that’s ok too. Lids wants each of its applicants to feel assured and confident that when they fill out an application for Lids; they are taking steps toward a fulfilling and successful career. Benefits of specific jobs and locations vary. To find out more specific information on all the benefits Lids can offer its employees, visit and contact the local Lids retail store. Lids wishes all its prospective applicants the best of luck in each of their job searches.

To access the Lids Online Application directly, click here.

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