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Tween Brands, Inc., which is currently part of the Ascena Retail Group, was founded nearly 30 years ago under the name of Limited Too, Inc. Several years later, in 1999, it changed its name into TOO, Inc., and in 2006 it changed the name again into the one many of know and love, Tween Brands Inc. At the moment, the corporation operates the Justice and Brothers branded stores which are focused on the tween market.

In case you didn’t know, tweens are children with ages between 10 and 12. During this stage of life, many children undergo preadolescent transformations, therefore, regular children clothing is no longer suitable for their tastes. The word ‘tween’ was used for the first time in 1930 when J.R.R. Tolkien used it in order to describe the irresponsibility of after teenage. According to recent statistics, there are roughly 20 million tweens in the United States at the moment, and 23 million are projected until 2020.

Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that so many fashion corporations have decided to target this niche. Tween Brands, through Justice and Brothers branded stores, offers a variety of accessories and clothing including underwear, sleepwear, apparel and swimwear for children between the age of seven and fourteen. The difference between Justice and Brothers is the fact that Justice sells clothing and accessories for girls, while Brothers focuses on apparel for boys.

Before it was acquired by Dress Barn, Tween Brands operated approximately 900 Justice stores across the United States in cities such as Chicago, Texas, Cleveland, Portland, NYC, NJ, Houston, Dayton etc.  On June 25, 2009, Dress Barn declared that it will be acquiring Tween Brands, Inc. as a result of a ‘friendly acquisition’. After completing its reorganization in January 1, 2011, Dress Barn became Ascena Retail Group Inc.

What is really surprising about this company is its story of success. From 1987 to 1995, 296 stores in different locations opened. By 1999, the fashion brand for tween fashion had already become established. By the end of 2012, the number of Justice stores had already reached 920, and it outsold larger retail giant such as Walmart and Target in the girls’ apparel category.

Most of these facts prove that Justice Girls clothing is a perfect place to start a career in the retail or fashion industry. Many online reviews also support this, as many current and former employees have admitted that the working environment is great, and there are plenty of chances for promotion. If you want to submit for jobs with Justice, however, you should first read the following guide. In it you will find all the information you need about jobs and employment form, hiring process, salary, application submissions, benefits and more.

Justice Application

At Justice, it doesn’t really matter if you are a seasoned professional or an entry-level applicant. Because there are hundreds of stores scattered across the country, there are also hundreds of employment opportunities available. The application online process is extremely simple and it can be done online through their career website. You should know, however, that careers published on this portal are available for both Justice and Brothers stores. If you want to take a look at a PDF version of the Justice Job application you can do so by following this link. Please keep in mind that this version of the application is a bit old and job requirements might have changed since it was published.

The best solution would be to navigate through the jobs available on the official website or to search on specialized career websites. To view job openings navigate to “Your career” and “Apply” on the www.justice.com careers website (at careers.tweenbrands.com). All jobs are divided between three major categories:

  • Home office, regional & District teams
  • Store teams
  • Ascena shared services teams

If you are unsure about the career path that you wish to follow with Justice Girls Clothing, take a look around. Each category has relevant information published, including Job openings and requirements. In addition to this, you will also find an updated list of “Now Hiring” available positions in various states and cities. For more information about the Justice Application process jump to the “Basic Tips for Applying at Justice”.

Product line:

  • Clothes
  • Swimwear
  • Accessories
  • Sleepwear
  • Bras and panties
  • School uniforms
  • Beauty, room and toys
  • Clearance
  • Gifts

Minimum Age for Employment at Justice

The Tween clothing Brand, which has already received International recognition, hires job applicants 16 and above. Under no circumstances will it consider individuals under the age of 16 for hiring. In addition to this, certain positions (example: in management) will only be available for candidates who have a bachelor degree, superior studies or experience in the fashion/retail industry.

Justice Hours of Operation

Some Justice Girls clothing stores may operate at different hours, but most locations are open Monday to Saturday between 10:00 AM and 9:00 PM and Sunday between 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM. Employees in the distribution, sales and stocking departments are expected to work night shifts or extra hours. In addition to this, availability for work during the weekends will increase chances of being hired.

Monday – Saturday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Sunday: 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Official site: www.justice store.com

Entry-Level Justice Careers and Income

Available Justice Jobs: sales associate, merchandise handler, store manager, executive assistant, merchandise planner, intern, store sales leader, stock associate, key holder, assistant manager, inventory specialist, buyer, compensations coordinator, print designer, building maintenance technician, maintenance supervisor etc.

Justice Girls clothes aren’t just pieces of fabric that kids have to put on to protect themselves. They are trendy and promote individuality and creativity in young girls. This is why candidates are expected to have a fresh & positive outlook that matches the company’s vision. The tween fashion brand usually offers traditional clothing store merchandise like sweaters, jeans, uniforms, swimwear and active wear, but it also offers stuffed animals, crafts, writing tools etc. Versatility and people skills are absolute must-haves for almost all Justice Jobs.

In general, the company offers hiring preference to individuals who are in high-school (or students) and looking for a new job, because it wants to maintain the ideal environment while also making younger customers feel more comfortable with their staff. Candidates who want to be considered for a job should exhibit love for the job as well as aptitude or willingness to improve. If you’d rather work in a masculine department, the Brothers department, which is currently available only online and offers backpacks, toys, uniforms, outerwear, underwear etc., also has job openings.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting and popular entry-level and specialized Justice Careers available at the moment:

Justice Jobs as Cashiers: As you would expect from a store, Justice stores also operate with the help of cashiers. These employees are responsible with greeting customers, ringing up transactions, helping clients with their purchases and solving issues with bank accounts or returned merchandise. In addition to the above mentioned job description and responsibilities, cashiers must also take in coupons and process card transactions. Other tasks may include maintaining store cleanliness, helping co-workers with duties and restocking shelves. Depending on experience and tenure, the average salary and compensation value is somewhere between 7 and 10 dollars per hour.

Justice Jobs as Assistant Sales Leaders: Granted, this may not be an entry-level position, but it is not very difficult to get promoted into it. Individuals who can provide unparalleled customer service to clients will quickly be promoted to the rank of sales leader. Other duties include developing flow management for merchandise, supervising and making sure that a store reaches financial goals. Strategies for future development are appreciated, a certain degree of organizational skills required and administration tasks must be known to a candidate. Minimum starting salary for this position is roughly 11.50 dollars per hour.

Justice Jobs as Brand Representatives: The main responsibility of a brand representative is to help clients with their purchases, to boost their self-esteem and to, ultimately, encourage them to purchase as many products as possible. The idea isn’t to pressure them into making purchases they don’t actually need, but to encourage them into a decision. Successful candidates for brand representative positions should have excellent fashion taste, knowledge of current trends and ability to work with numerous clients on a daily basis. The average starting salary for brand representatives is 8 dollars per hour. Only applicants 16 and older will be considered for this position. For more information about job requirements please visit www.tweenbrands.com.

Floor Set Associate: Another position that you might be interested in is that of ‘floor-set associate. Individuals with this position are expected to execute sales floor designs according to the corporation’s strategies. The good part about this Justice career is the fact that it requires infrequent hours it doesn’t have a preliminary training and no working experience is expected. Nevertheless, only candidates over the age of 18 will be taken into consideration. Main responsibilities include displaying merchandise on shelves, stocking them, maintaining store cleanliness etc. Because there are certain physical strains that come with the job, potential for hire is bigger for individuals with fair physical condition.

Justice Careers in Management

There are also plenty of good openings in the management department. Obviously, there are certain requirements that you must meet before submitting your Justice job application in management positions. First of all, only individuals with experience in the fashion/retailing field will be considered. Superior level studies such as masters or bachelors degrees are also welcome, but not mandatory. As far as skills go, excellent organizational and leadership skills are needed to receive consideration. Store Manager, sales leader and assistant manager are some of the positions included herein.

In general, managers are expected to delegate tasks, supervise staff, help with advice and take over several responsibilities if it is needed. Some managers will also have to handle the hiring and training process for new recruits. As far as salary goes, assistant managers earn around 30,000 dollars per year, while Managers earn over 50.000 per year, depending on experience and tenure.

For more information please visit www.justiceclothing com, the career page.

Basic Tips for Applying at Justice

As we mentioned before, the Justice job application process is extremely straight forward, and arguably, the highest success rate method. You can also try to show up in person and enquire about job openings, but the corporation has created an efficient online application system that you should take advantage of. Simply navigate to the “careers at Tween Brands” page. You will be redirected to the Justice Careers portal. Before you even think about submitting your application you should read more about the company’s policies, motto, employee benefits and vision. The company may not have a shop locator but it regularly posts updates for jobs according to state and city.

Once you are ready to begin the Justice Application process click on “Your Career”. This will take you to another page with the job categories that we mentioned above. Click on one that you identify it, browse through jobs, and click on one of them for more details. As you will see, there is an extensive list of requirements, responsibilities and benefits for you to read. In order to apply for a job you must create a profile and upload your resume or cover letter. Once you complete your profile information, you can submit the Justice Job application. Don’t just wait for a job to appear, search for the ones available in listings.

Official site: www shopjusti com

Advanced Tips for Applying at Justice

The online portal and account takes some getting used to, but once you learn your way around it you won’t have problems applying for open Justice Careers. But how exactly can you make your Justice Application shine? Here are a few tips that might prove useful:

  • The corporation gives preference to younger individuals with positive energy and a fresh take on life. In other words, your resume should highlight key elements such as social skills and outgoing nature. Of course, you should always mention retail/fashion experience, if any, education and background information.
  • There is nothing worse than submitting an application that has spelling or grammar mistakes. That will lead to an instant “No-No” from hiring managers. Creating the perfect Justice Job application isn’t nuclear science, but it will take some time to get it right. You should set aside at least one hour to put together a resume and cover letter. Although the cover letter isn’t mandatory, it will greatly increase your chances of getting hired.
  • Nobody wants to hear about experience and education which is not relevant for a certain career or position. Keep in mind that hiring managers have to sort through hundreds of applications every week. They will definitely appreciate a candidate who can get his point across quickly.
  • Show them how you can be of use to them. Highlight your most important attributes but don’t try to sound like you are boasting.
  • If you aren’t satisfied with your Justice Job application or resume, you should ask a friend for advice or wait at least 24 hours before submitting it. That will give you more chances to polish it.
  • Never lie. The company will probably conduct a background check on you, so there is no point in including false credentials in your application.

Justice Application Status

Once you have submitted your Justice job application all you can do is wait and prepare for the interview. It takes between a few days and a week to receive a response from the company. If you are eligible for a position you will receive a phone-call from a hiring manager to set up an interview. The phone-call is a mini-interview itself, so you make sure you impress the hiring personnel.

If you haven’t received a reply in one or two weeks you could consider picking up the phone yourself. Calling to enquire about your Justice Job application status demonstrates diligence and tenacity. Nevertheless, whatever you do you should try not to be too pushy. Always call during working hours in order to avoid impeding on the managers’ schedules.

Benefits at Justice

Now that we’ve covered the 101 of Justice Job application submissions, let’s take a look at some non-wage benefits that should persuade you to consider this job. Not only are Justice Careers rewarding spiritually and financially, due to competitive pay, but they also offer several non-wage benefits that are definitely worth considering.

Benefits are available for both full time and part time employees. Obviously, full time employees benefit from more substantial bonus packages:

  • 401(K) Retirement Plan: savings plan
  • Paid time off
  • Vacations
  • Medical insurance
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Dental and vision insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Short-term and long-term disability coverage
  • Flexible savings accounts
  • Stock purchases
  • Adoption assistance

Justice Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

As you would expect from a fun and creative workplace, the Justice Job interview is also relaxed and interesting. Most hiring managers are welcoming and interviews rarely last more than 20 minutes. During an interview, the hiring manager will try to evaluate whether or not you are a good fit for the company. In other words, he will try to see if you possess the core values required by the company: focus, creativity, work ethic, drive and balance.

In general, interviews are held one-on-one with hiring personnel and they begin with light-hearted questions such as “How would your friends describe you?” Considering that Justice Careers are also available for high-school students, you shouldn’t be surprised by the lack of technical questions. The key to obtaining a position is by getting ready for the interview. You should definitely read a few interview questions and interview answers if you have the time. Many candidates that applied for this great paying job have created a list of pros and cons during the interview process at Glassdoor. Take a look at those.

You should also keep in mind that applicants for management positions will receive a different set of questions which may include more technical questions. During this interview the hiring manager will try to determine if a candidate has leadership and organization skills.

Here are a few extra tips that will help you during the interview process:

  • Don’t forget about body-language: According to recent studies, 84% of non-verbal communication consists of body language. What does your body-language say about you? We urge you to look the interviewer in the eyes, maintain a good posture and offer a firm hand-shake. There are the first steps towards obtaining the Justice Job that you desired.
  • Speak audibly and politely: The tone of your voice can do wonders during the interview. You want to exude confidence with every word and this can be done through proper diction.
  • Dress the part: We have already mentioned, on numerous occasions, that Justice for Girls locations are looking for young and hip individuals. Therefore, you should not dress like a stiff for an interview. Business-casual attire should be more than enough. If you are interviewing for a management position you might want to go full-business though.
  • Always reference past experience & education: Remind your hiring manager that you have experience in the field (if any). Concentrate on your strengths, but don’t go out of your way to hide weaknesses either.

Therese tips should be more than enough to help you nail the interview process for Justice jobs. Below you can find a set of frequently asked interview questions. We hope they help. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Justice Interview Questions

  1. Which fashion style do you consider is preferred the most for casual wear by girls?
  2. Would you like to participate in inventory operations?
  3. How would you estimate the most appropriate size fit for any customer
  4. Tell me about a time when you exceeded your manager’s expectations
  5. How did you learn about this job opening?
  6. Do you think that the fashion range in the clothing for girls is wider as compared to that of boys?
  7. Will you be comfortable in communicating with the opposite sex?
  8. What made you decide to apply for Justice?
  9. How would you sell clothes to people who are unaware of the current trends of fashion?
  10. Will you entertain taking additional duties from the store manager?
  11. What can you do that will benefit the company?
  12. What should you do when you notice any co-worker stealing an item from the office premises?
  13. Can you efficiently handle accounts whenever the cashier is absent?
  14. Are you attracted to fashion?
  15. How would you deal with a customer that isn’t satisfied with your services?

This concludes our written tutorial for Justice Careers. You can find out more information about schedule, working environment, benefits and requirements from the official page. You can also check out the jobs and employment for Justice clothe form models filled out by others online. Lastly, you should consider that a teaching or training schedule may happen. Hiring managers will require from new staff to be available for these related events. Good luck!

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