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  Jewel-Osco Application – Employment at Jewel-Osco

The Jewel-Osco application offers quality grocery store jobs to many job seekers. It is an interesting employment opportunity for those who want to start a good career with the company. All the Jewel-Osco stores have a fun-filled and energetic work environment, exceptional and competitive pay, and other job perks. Just go and apply online today to start the application process.

Jewel-Osco Jobs Available

Jewel-Osco now hires job seekers into various positions. Depending on your goal, you can submit a Jewel-Osco job application for either a part-time job or a full-time job. Jewel-Osco, a supermarket retail chain, wants to hire self-motivated people to staff their entry-level and professional positions. The available positions at Jewel-Osco are Cashier, Deli Clerk, Customer Service Representative, Produce Clerk, Meat Cutter, Meat Clerk, Floral Clerk, Bakery Clerk, Seafood Clerk, Cake Decorator, Frozen Food Clerk, Bakery Donut Fryer, Stock Associate, Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician, Maintenance Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Department Manager, Store Manager, Customer Satisfaction Analyst, Business Analyst, Human Resources Project Manager Specialist, Marketing and Merchandising Analyst, and Loss Prevention Specialist.

Minimum Employment Age at Jewel-Osco

Before you can fill in the Jewel Osco online application for employment, you must have reached the age of 16. That’s the minimum age required for employment consideration.

Jewel-Osco Store Hours

Jewel-Osco is open 24 hours a day.

Important Tips to Apply Online with Jewel-Osco

When you decide to search for a job, go and fill out the Jewel-Osco application form. The form is available on their website and it is easy to fill out. Just supply the required details on your personal information. These details include your personal contact information such as home address and phone number. Fill in the details on your educational background, previous experience and others that are necessary. Ensure that no required information is left blank in the application form. All essential details must be supplied, but make sure that they are factual and valid. Ensure that what you fill in is free from errors. Errors will not give you a good impression before the personnel manager who will go through your application.

In order to increase your chances of get employed, download the free report entitled “7 Secrets To Getting Hired”. The report will help you discover what works and what does not work in employment issues with a company.

Most Common Positions at Jewel-Osco & Income Information

The following are details of common positions and their corresponding salaries:

  1. Cashier – Hourly                              $9.04/hr
  2. Grocery Clerk – Hourly                    $8.71/hr
  3. Service Clerk – Hourly                     $8.97/hr
  4. Produce Clerk – Hourly                   $9.70/hr
  5. Deli Associate – Hourly                   $9.55/hr
  6. Assistant Store Director                  $47,490
  7. Part-Time Service Clerk – Hourly    $8.79/hr
  8. Floor Associate – Hourly                 $9.93/hr
  9. Dairy Clerk – Hourly                        $9.40/hr
  10. Pharmacy Tech – Hourly                 $12.42/hr

Jewel-Osco Benefits

As a supermarket retailer, Jewel-Osco provides employment seekers a wide range of work benefits. They have a supportive and conducive work environment. With the paid job-training opportunity for the advancement of potentials, motivated employees can be able to reach their career goals. Jewel-Osco offers flexible work schedules, and an industry-competitive and attractive pay. Eligible employees at Jewel-Osco can have the opportunity to participate in some exceptional benefits perks such as a 401(k) retirement plan, a pension plan, paid work leave, insurance coverage, and discounts to buying employees. Therefore, filling out the Jewel-Osco job application online could be a cheap ticket to the future you desire.

If you are already 16 years of age or above, you can start a new journey in your career if you will go and fill out the Jewel-Osco online application today. A good pay scale and work benefits are definite advantages to motivated people who apply online with the company.

Simply fill out Jewel-Osco job application form on their website to be considered for employment.

To access the Jewel-Osco Online Application directly, click here.

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