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Humana Inc. is the one of the largest health insurance companies in the United States of America. Humana and Aetna recently announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Aetna will acquire all outstanding shares of Humana, thus merging these two health care giants into one single corporation. Humana was founded in 1961, by David A. Jones, Sr. and Wendell Cherry, as a nursing home company. In the 1970s the nursing homes were sold, and Humana turned its business towards hospitals. Another change in its activity happened in the 1980s, when one of Humana’s hospitals lost the contract with one of the largest health insurers in the area. As a result, Humana created its own health insurance plan. As of 2014, Humana has over 13 million customers. Humana’s headquarter is in Louisville, Kentucky, and was, in 2013, the highest ranked by revenue company in Kentucky. Humana operates in three core segments: Retail, Employer Group and Healthcare Services. The company offers health care services through its own network of health care providers and services to its health plan members.Humana’s Retail segment offers products to individuals, like medical and supplemental benefit plans, health assessments and clinical guidance programs, and a variety of health insurance benefits, like wellness programs, chronic care management and care coordination. The individual health plans are offered under the HumanaOne brand.

Humana’s Employer Group segment is dedicated to employers, and offers medical and supplemental benefit plans, and health and wellness products. The company also offers its services to those employers who self-insure their employee health plans. The Healthcare Services segment is made of several businesses which include pharmacy solutions, provider services, home-based services, integrated behavioral health services, as well as external health plans. Humana’s subsidiary, Concentra Inc., offers occupational medicine, urgent care, physical therapy and wellness services through medical centers and other medical facilities.

Humana is also involved in the care management of its customers, offering in-home care services, as well as telephonic health counseling and coaching, and remote monitoring. The company also offers care coordination services for people with chronic conditions, people with disabilities, and the elderly. Aside from this, under its TRICARE South Region contract with the United States Department of Defense, Humana offers administrative services through which it arranges health care services for the families of active duty military personnel, and for retired military personnel and their families.

Humana has its own network of health care providers, such as hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, primary care providers, specialist physicians, dentists, laboratories, ambulance services, home health agencies, mental health providers, nursing homes, pharmacies, and even optical services and rehabilitation facilities. With such a wide array of activities, no wonder there are over 53,000 Humana employees throughout the country, from sales representatives to Humana nursing jobs, according to the company’s official site,

Humana Application

There are many Humana careers available on various recruitment websites. However, if you want to go through all the Humana employment opportunities available at any given time, it is better to go to the source, this being the Humana official site, Here you will find all the Humana available positions. To search or go through all the listings, you can go directly to the Humana careers page – Humana careers.

If you are interested in specific Humana jobs, you can search them by keyword, for example registered nurse. To narrow it further, you have the option of searching by field of activity, country and zip code, full time or part time, and work type: office, service center, or work at home. In fact, there are many Humana work at home jobs available. What is even more useful is the fact that you can even choose the distancefrom your zip code on which you want to search Humana jobs openings. You can choose any distance from 1 to 150 miles, and this will help you choose a comfortable commute, if you decide to pursue a Humana career.

After going through all the Humana jobs, it is time to go through the job description and duties, and also to the required qualifications and skills needed in order to be considered for an interview. Read them carefully to determine if these are Humana jobs you would be comfortable with, and if you meet the criteria of selection. Once you have found a Humana career you want, go at the bottom left of the page and click the “Apply Online” button.

If you have a Humana login username and password, fill them in the required boxes and enter your account. If you don’t have a Humana account, you need to create one to apply for Humana careers. This is rather simple, and will only take a few moments of your time. To do so, click on the “New User” button. The first step is to accept Humana’s Privacy Agreement and Data Protection Commitment. After you agree with the said terms, you need to fill your email address and a password for this account. Once again, you will be asked to agree with the privacy agreement and, once you do, you can begin the Humana application online process.

The first step of the online Humana job application process is to upload, or not, a resume. If you have a good resume, do upload it. If your resume is not up to date, or you are not sure whether it is complete and accurate, simply choose not to. You will write all the needed information directly into the Humana jobs and employment form. To go to next step, click the “Save and continue” button. Now you need to fill your personal information, beginning with your name, address, phone numbers. On this page you will also be asked to give details about your ethnicity, gender, or race, but you can choose not to answer. You will also be required to fill in your Social Security Number, and answer the following questions:

  • Are you eligible to work in the United States?
  • Will you now or in the future require sponsorship for employment status (e.g. H-1B visa status)?
  • If you have any relatives working for Humana please list their name, location and position.
  • If you are currently bound to a Non-compete/Non-solicitation Agreement please provide company and term details.

After answering these questions, you need to go through the Humana Military Questionnaire. If you have never been in the military, simply enter in a “N/A” in the appropriate fields. After answering all the mandatory questions, click “Save and continue”. Next, you will need to voluntarily self-identify any disabilities you might have, such as diabetes or epilepsy. You can either answer yes, no, or do not wish to answer. Whichever you choose, this information cannot be used against you in any way, according to the law. You will also be asked to reveal whether you are a protected veteran, which you can also choose not to.

The next step is to provide details about your education, skills and certifications, and about your work experience. Be as detailed as possible during this step, because this is the most important one. Also, you need to be specific, and write about your accomplishments, not just about your duties and responsibilities of your former jobs. Once you have given all these information, you will be again asked to attach your resume or any other documents you consider relevant. Of course, you can choose not to.

To complete your Humana online application process, you are required to electronically sign it. Remember that an electronic signature is the electronic equivalent of your hand-written signature. To do so, you need to write your full name and your unique identifier, meaning the first four digits of your social security number followed by your zip code. Once you have done this, you can submit your application.

Minimum Age for Employment at Humana

Because Humana’s fields of activity are very complex and very well regulated, most Humana careers require some level of work experience and education. Although the company doesn’t specify any age requirements in the Humana application process or in the job descriptions, some regulations do apply to at least a part of the available positions, like the Humana nursing jobs. Before applying, check to see if there are any age requirements for the job you want to pursue. As a general rule, in order to work in the United States, you must have a work permit, which means you have to be at least 18 years old.

Humana Hours of Operations

Humana hours of operation are different from one type of Humana jobs to another. Since there are a lot of various jobs, in different fields, they do have different schedules. Corporate Humana careers have a regular 9 to 5, Monday to Friday schedule, while Humana careers in nursing have a different one. The Humana schedule is not specified anywhere in the job descriptions, so this is something you will ask during your Humana interview.

Humana Careers and Income

There are plenty of Humana employment options available. The company has hundreds of openings available, in a variety of fields, from Humana nursing jobs from home, to management, IT, and legal. Some of the available Humana jobs are: Registered Medical Assistant, Utilization Management Nurse (RN), Receptionist, At Home Care Manager (RN), Complex Case Manager and many more. The surest way to find out all the available jobs is to go to the Humana official site,, to view the Humana careers page.

Humana Registered Medical Assistant Job Description and Duties

A Humana Registered Medical Assistant works in a medical center, and has all the usual the duties and responsibilitiesof a nurse. A Humana nurse provides the prescribed medical treatment and the required personal care services to ill, injured, convalescent, and disabled patients, under the direct supervision of a physician or a nurse.

The duties and responsibilities of a Humana Registered Medical Assistantare, according to Humana’s official recruitment page:

  • Assists with daily patient flow as needed;
  • Gives direct patient care and performs indirect patient care activities, under the direction of a physician or nurse;
  • Assists the physician with the examination as required;
  • Assists other staff members in providing patient care;
  • Communicates observations of patient’s status to nurse-in-charge;
  • Organizes follow-up care and instructions for patients with abnormal test results;
  • Phlebotomy as needed in a lab environment within a Medical Center;
  • Adheres to the Nursing Department policies and procedures.

The main requirements, qualificationsand skills for a Humana Registered Medical Assistantare, according to the company’s official recruitment page:

  • Medical Assistant Certificate as a Certified Medical Assistant/CMA or Registered Medical Assistant/RMA;
  • High school diploma or equivalent;
  • 1 year of applicable professional experience;
  • Professional, strong, and recent experience in Phlebotomy;
  • Experience in a fast pace / high volume environment;
  • Experience with MS Outlook;
  • Basic Computer knowledge;
  • CPR certification;
  • Excellent communication skills.

This Humana career is considered patient facing and it is part of Humana’s Tuberculosis screening program. If you will be selected for any of the Humana nursing jobs, you will be required to be screened for tuberculosis.

Humana Registered Medical Assistant Salary and Compensation

The average Humana Medical Assistantsalary is $30,000 annually, or $14 per hour, which is the national average salary for this position. The hourly rate can go as high as $22, depending on various factors, such as location, years of experience, and shifts. The yearly salary can go as high as $42,000, also depending on said factors.

Humana Utilization Management Nurse (RN) Job Description and Duties

A Humana Utilization Management Nurse (RN) works in an office, and collaborates with other health care givers and makes sure that the actual and proposed medical care and services are in compliance with the CMS Coverage Guidelines. This Humana career is telephone based, so strong communicational skills are a must.

The duties and responsibilities of a Humana Utilization Management Nurse (RN) are, according to Humana’s official recruitment page:

  • Manages the network participation, and transfers members to alternative levels of care using the knowledge of the benefit plan design;
  • Recommends services for Humana Plan members utilizing care alternatives available within the community and nationally;
  • Identifies potentially unnecessary services and care delivery settings, and recommends alternatives if appropriate by analyzing clinical protocols;
  • Examines clinical programs information to identify members for specific case management and / or disease management activities or interventions by utilizing established screening criteria;
  • Conducts admission review, post-discharge calls and discharge planning.

The main requirements, qualificationsand skills for a Humana Utilization Management Nurse (RN) are, according to the company’s official recruitment page:

  • Active RN license in the state(s) in which the nurse is required to practice;
  • Ability to be licensed in multiple states without restrictions;
  • Prior clinical experience preferably in an acute care, skilled or rehabilitation clinical setting;
  • Ability to work independently under general instructions and with a team;
  • Valid driver’s license and / or dependable transportation necessary (variable by region).

There are other preferred requirements for those interested in this position recruiters will look for:

  • BSN or Bachelor’s degree in a related field;
  • Health Plan experience;
  • Previous Medicare / Medicaid Experience a plus;
  • Call center or triage experience;
  • Previous experience in utilization management, discharge planning and / or home health or rehab.

Humana Utilization Management Nurse (RN) Salary and Compensation

A Humana Utilization Management Nurse (RN) earns at least $51,000 per year, or $25 per hour. This is a bit lower than the national average, but it most likely increase over time. Of course, some UM Nurses earn significantly more due to location, years of experience, and other factors. The yearly salary for these Humana careers can go as high as $70,000 per year.

Humana Receptionist Job Description and Duties

A Humana Receptionists works in a medical center and is the first person patients meet on arrival. It means that these Humana careers require great interpersonal skills and a pleasant attitude. But this also means that the requirements for these Humana careers are not as complex as for the previous ones. A Humana Receptionist provides support in a wide variety of administrative and operational services in theassigned area of responsibility.

The duties and responsibilities of a Humana Receptionist include greeting clients, scheduling appointments, filling out sign-in sheets, helping patients, taking calls, logging incoming calls and fax messages etc.

The main requirements, qualificationsand skills for a Humana Receptionist are, according to the company’s official recruitment page:

  • High School Diploma or GED;
  • 1 year of prior medical reception experience;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Excellent customer service skills and telephone skills;
  • Excellent computer skills, organizational, and multi-tasking skills.

These Humana jobs are also considered patient facing and it is part of Humana’s Tuberculosis screening program. If you will be selected for this role, you will require screening for it.

Humana Receptionist Salary and Compensation

A Humana Receptionist earns around $13 per hour, which is 7% higher than the national average. The yearly salary for these Humana jobs is around $28,000, and might go higher in time. An important thing to consider is the fact that the yearly Humana salaries are also influenced by the number of hours and whether those hours are during the day or the night shift.

Humana at Home Care Manager (RN) Job Description and Duties

This is one of Humana’s work at home positions. Humana At Home Care Manager (RN) telephonically assesses Medicare, Commercial and Group Account members. The Care Manager evaluates member needs and requirements, and collaborates with a multi-disciplinary team, employing a variety of strategies, approaches and techniques to manage a member’s health issues.

The duties and responsibilities of a Humana At Home Care Manager (RN) are, according to Humana’s official recruitment page:

  • Contacts via telephone eligible Humana members and engages participation in Humana At Home Complex Care Management program;
  • Actively participates in all enrollment activities;
  • Completes physical, psychological, emotional and environmental assessments, for the purpose of providing appropriate, timely interventions to ensure provision of optimal care;
  • Coordinates the appropriate community care and services;
  • Works with other members of the Humana At Home Interdisciplinary team, such as Humana At Home Care Managers-Social Services, Field Care Managers and Community Health Educators;
  • Understands the clinical program design, implementation, management, monitoring and reporting;
  • Complies with performance and reporting standards as defined by Humana Corporation.

The main requirements, qualificationsand skills for a Humana At Home Care Manager (RN)are, according to the company’s official recruitment page:

  • Active Registered Nurse a (R.N.) license in 40 states without restriction, and possess the ability to be licensed as a registered nurse in all 50 states without restrictions;
  • Seasoned professional nurse with 3+ years of clinical nursing experience;
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Intermediate to advanced computer skills and experience with Microsoft word and excel;
  • Excellent keyboard and web navigation skills;
  • Ability to use a variety of electronic information applications / software programs;
  • Must have a separate room with a locked door that can be used as a home office to ensure absolute and continuous privacy while working;
  • Must have accessibility to high speed DSL or cable modem for a home office (Satellite internet service is NOT allowed for this role), the recommended speed for optimal performance from Humana systems being 10M x 1M;
  • Ability to travel, work and train onsite plus additional travel as needed for ongoing training;
  • Ability to work a full-time (40 hours minimum) flexible work schedule;
  • Associates working in the state of Arizona must comply with the Tobacco Free Hiring Policy and upon offer will be subjected to nicotine testing as part of a 10-panel drug test.

There are other desired requirements for those interested in working as an At Home Care Manager (RN):

  • Bachelor’s degree in Nursing (B.S.N.);
  • Desire to work on Remote Monitoring Team that supports members with cardiovascular disease;
  • Previous telephonic case management experience working in the medical/insurance field;
  • Previous managed care experience;
  • Previous work with vulnerable adults or the geriatric population;
  • Basic knowledge of complex care management and care management principles;
  • Experience with motivational interviewing;
  • Experience with behavior change, health promotion, coaching and wellness;
  • Bilingual – Spanish / English.

Humana At Home Care Manager (RN) Salary and Compensation

The salary of a Humana At Home Care Manager begins at $45,000 per year. Since this is a work from home position, it also means that there are no expenses on commute or any other expenses related to an office or medical facility job. The yearly Humana salaries can go as high as $86,000, depending on other factors, such as previous work experience and the number of years as a Humana employee. After the first year on the job, the salary will be approximately $52,000 per year.

Benefits at Humana

Working at Humanameans more than just a paycheck. They offer great Humana employee benefits, aside from the basic retirement plans, such as 401k, health insurance, and paid vacation and time off.Humana benefits are divided in 5 categories: Compensation, Security, Health, Career and Life, each of those having a lot of options and perks.

Aside from the salary, Humana offers supplemental pay, including overtime, and recognition pay, which will add to the base salary. The benefits of the Security section are, aside from the traditional 401k, life insurance, discounted pre-paid legal, and homeowner’s and auto quote services. When it comes to health, the company’s field of expertise, the benefits are many:  medical benefits, healthcare spending accounts, dental benefits, vision benefits, supplemental health, long-term care, employee assistance program, personal health coaching, on-site health screenings, and even flu shots.

Humana cares about the professional development of its employees, and this is why it offers a wide array of options through its Career benefits program, such as: internal and external learning events, tuition assistance, service awards, Inclusion & Diversity training and educational programs, leadership development, career navigation services, and mentorships.

There are also great Humana employee benefits through the company’s Life program, aside the classic vacation and paid time off. The benefits include: paid volunteer time off, jury duty pay, short-term disability, long-term disability, maternity leave, bereavement, adoption assistance, employee charity matching program, parking discounts, transit services, survivor support, and discount programs with major retailers.

Humana Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

Humana’s hiring process has several steps, the first of which being your online application. After you have successfully submitted your application online, the Humana human resources department will review it, which will usually take a few days, due to the high number of candidates. If your qualifications and expertise match these Humana jobs requirements, you will be contacted for a first interview. This first interview will most likely take place over the phone, and it will consist mainly in checking the information you have already submitted in the employment form.

It is very important to know that, when it comes to Humana interviews, recruiters prefer people with some kind of health industry related work experience and or studies. This doesn’t mean that people from other areas are not taken into consideration – it is just a company preference.

If you have made it through the first interview, you will be scheduled for a second one, whether in person or again over the phone or internet, especially when it comes to Humana work at home jobs. To prepare for this Humana interview, read as much as you can about the company and about the position you applied for. This interview will be conducted by a Humana hiring manager, and it will last up to an hour.

If you worry about an in-person interview, you shouldn’t. There are a few simple rules that you should follow to make a good impression:

  • Smile and be polite;
  • Make eye contact;
  • Shake the hiring manager’s hand firmly;
  • Be engaged, within reason;
  • Speak with a calm voice;
  • Respond with more than yes or no answers whenever possible;
  • Don’t interrupt;
  • Ask specific questions about the position you applied for. This will show recruiters that you are a proactive person.

Humana’s hiring process will end with a background check and checking each reference you provided in your online application. This final step usually takes a few days. If everything is all right and the Humana human resources department thinks you are a good fit for the position you interviewed for, you will be contacted with an initial offer.

Frequently Asked Humana Interview Questions

If you have already been through some interviews, you already know that at least a part of the interview questions are similar from one company to another. The rest of the Humana interview questions will be industry specific, but nothing too technical. The most frequent Humana interview questions are:

  • Why do you want to work here?
  • What do you know about Humana?
  • What do you know about the position you applied for?
  • Have you ever dealt with a difficult employee and if so how do you conduct yourself?
  • What makes you a god candidate for this position?

There are no pre setinterview answers to these questions, but you could rehears and try to find the best way to express your thoughts. Just be careful not to sound like you learned them by heart during the interview. Act natural, speak natural, and remember to smile. It will lighten the mood and also it will make you feel more at ease.

Official site:

Official career site: Humana Careers

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