Some areas have a Sheetz; but everywhere else on the East Coast looks to Wawa as the premier gas station and convenience store. Started in 1964, this company offers the area stellar service, excellent food, and valuable career opportunities. If you want to know how to apply for a career with Wawa, you’ve come to the right place.

There’s a lot more to this company than meets the eye — and a few surprising facts prove corporations can be kind-hearted. If you’re looking to apply to one of their locations, here’s what you need to know about Wawa careers, jobs, and applications.

What Opportunities Do They Offer?

Wawa offers job seekers both career opportunities and entry-level positions. Their working conditions are considered favorable, and they have solid employee benefits, their workers own 40 percent of their shares. Some positions are available on the corporate side of the company, but most jobs can be found inside their locations.

*Editor’s note: This article was written before the current health issues. Wawa is still in operation, as an essential services provider. Here is what they are doing for essential employees during this trying time:

We continue to focus on supporting our associates during this time, who have truly come to the forefront to serve our communities. This is and continues to be our priority and we have taken steps to recognize their hard work with additional pay and by continuing to review and update our paid time off policies to be more flexible and supportive, and to minimize the impact to them should they be affected by COVID-19.

Nothing is more important to us than doing our best to continue to support our incredible associates and maintain our Wawa family now and for the future.

Wawa CEO Chris Gheysens

Most positions include entry-level (not requiring much experience) customer service work. They can have a demanding workload from week to week with hectic schedules.

Most employees must work both weekends and holidays, but they also offer a pay increase in the first 90 days on the job. Some locations also function as full-service gas stations, which means employees may need to fuel vehicles at the pumps.

There are numerous customer service positions available, as well as fuel associates — who take on the bulk of physical labor for the company.

The corporate end of the business often requires a degree. However many employees find that they can work their way up to management with or without a college education.

What Are the Jobs and How Much Do They Pay?

You must be at least eighteen years of age and have a reliable mode of transportation for consideration. A high school diploma or GED is not necessary to work at a Wawa location.

It does, however, look better on your application if you do have a diploma or the equivalent.

There are a number of positions where the minimum age drops to sixteen, high school students are welcome to apply.

Customer service is an excellent field that provides you with valuable skills necessary to make yourself more employable in the future. Here are some of the position most individuals apply for.

Customer Service Associate

These employees are responsible for ringing up customers, preparing food, and general cleaning of the store.

The position relies heavily on customer interaction, making personable skills a valuable asset when applying for the job. You’ll be speaking with customers from the moment you punch in, to the moment you punch back out.

Expect lifting up to 50 pounds, working on your feet during the shift, and both second and third shifts. Employees in this position with greater seniority often work the daylight shifts. The third shift, however, comes with the highest rate of pay.

Wages may vary by locations, with busier stores often offering higher pay.

Fuel Service Assistant

Wawa careers include full-service fuel stations

Fuel attendants are responsible for handling the classic full-service gas stations. They pump gas for customers, process their payments, and keep the fueling area clean. In this position, expect to lift up to 50 pounds at a time as well as bending and walking.

Employees in this position lift the five-pound fuel handles anytime a customer pulls up to the pump, too. While pay rates are similar to customer service associates, tips for excellent service as a fuel attendant are more likely.


There are three types of manager at Wawa consisting of shift manager, assistant manager, and general manager. Shift managers take charge when upper management is not around. They keep track of employees and ensure that operations run smoothly both day and night.

The assistant manager often completes any remaining work from their general manager, and also monitor customer service associates. Just like the shift manager, they too must ensure that operations run as smooth as possible.

General managers, or head managers, maintain relationships with Wawa’s vendors, develop sales plans, and oversee all merchandising. All managers work on an hourly basis, with possible bonuses for hitting sales goals.

How to Apply

All applications for Wawa are online, and remaining active for a total of 90 days after their submission. Filling one out starts with a basic profile that allows you to return and apply again quickly once the 90 days have expired. Give yourself about 30 to 40 minutes in order to complete the application in its entirety. Click here to go to their application page.

Expect questions about your education, a multiple-choice personality questionnaire, and why you want to work for Wawa. If the store you are applying too doesn’t have an opening at the time, neighboring stores may review you for hire.  

After you apply

Wawa encourages all applicants to stop into the store* they’ve applied to. Speak with the manager on-site about employment for the best chance of being hired. *Editor’s note: Call ahead, to find out their current policy on this.

General managers have the final say on who gets hired, having access to the pool of online applicants. If selected for an interview, dress in clean, nice clothing. Wawa also encourages you to make eye-contact during the interview.

If you’re applying for the customer service position, you’ll need to demonstrate that you have exceptional people skills. The best way is through your personal interaction with the manager. The interview process is designed to determine the best applicant for the job.

Expect the entire hiring process to take at least two weeks. During this time, it never hurts to contact the manager and thank them for considering you for the position. This is an excellent way to stand out from other applicants.

What Benefits Come with the Job?

Any Wawa employee working more than 34.5 hours a week is eligible for full benefits offered by the company. There are financial perks like a 401(k)-retirement plan, medical coverage that includes dental and vision, and life insurance.

Paid time off is another perk of working for Wawa. However, their commitment to educational assistance is something that you should look into if you’re considering pursuing a college education.

Other benefits include: disability coverage for on the job injuries, wellness screenings, and on-the-job coaching at no additional cost to employees. Plus, you have access to discounted merchandise while on the clock.

That’s impressive for a chain of gas stations; it’s mainly due to their employees having such a significant say in company decisions.

Other Information You Might Want to Know

Wawa has its own non-profit organization called the Wawa Foundation. In just under 5 years, Wawa’s foundation has given $50 million to charity.

They also grant money to hospitals, food banks, and military charities. Finally, they also partner with the Special Olympics — planning services for a variety of events that raise awareness for different conditions.

It isn’t often that a company is so invested in its employees. But, the charity outreach displayed by Wawa is exceptional inside and outside of its industry. This is a company that cares about your wellbeing; and one that you can feel good working for at the same time.

Where else can you get that kind of job satisfaction these days?

Working for Wawa

Wawa careers, jobs, and applications are as straightforward as they are competitive and beneficial to both employees and charities. Whether you plan to make a career here in management — or are just dipping your toes into the workforce for the first time — this chain of gas stations is an excellent place to work and a sensational company to be a part of.

Remember to give yourself enough time to fill out your online application. Then, make eye contact during the interview, and give a follow-up phone call to thank them for considering you. That helps you stand out from the crowd. If your 90 days do expire, don’t panic. You can easily reapply anytime.