When applying to some internships, you are required to include a cover letter. However, writing a cover letter can sometimes be hard, especially when you do not have experience and do not know what to include in the letter. So, how do you write a cover letter for an internship? Here are highlights of some key tips for writing a compelling application letter to guide you.

Why is a Cover Letter necessary?

Once in a while, you are tempted not to write a cover letter, especially when it is optional. Or you keep postponing that job application to the last minute when the pressure has piled up, so you write it in haste. The risk of doing this is that you will not give the letter the attention it requires.

Why is a well-written cover letter necessary?

First, a cover letter allows you to sell yourself to the recruiting team, narrating why you are the best fit for the company. The letter will enable you to customize your outstanding academic qualification and work experience to the job requirements. Secondly, the cover letter will enable you to include some of the key skills and experiences that you might have left out in your resume.

How to Write a Cover Letter for an Internship

Writing an internship cover letter can sometimes be hard, especially with little experience. Knowing what to include and how to format it can ease the writing process. This section will highlight some of the key tips you should consider while writing your cover letter.

Adhere to the Format

First, you will want to ensure that you adhere to the right format. It would help if you lay down the outline of your letter before embarking on writing. This will ensure you write a seamless cover letter that flows.

On the other hand, a poorly structured cover letter shows that you are a careless person with little regard for what you are doing. This will even disqualify you from proceeding to the next recruitment process. So, what format should you follow while writing your internship cover letter?

 Internship Cover Letter with sign on the piece of paper

Here are steps you should follow while formatting your letter

  • Start with your name, address, mobile phone number, and email address at the top left corner of the page, jump one line and then write the date.
  • Write the name, title, address, mobile phone number, and email address directly below.
  • Salute the recruiter; you will want to mention the recruiter’s name in place of “Dear sir or madam.” This shows you have done your research.
  • The next thing is an opening statement. Here you briefly introduce yourself and the job position you are applying for. Again, go for an attention-grabbing statement as you want the recruiter to keep reading your letter.
  • Next is the matter of the letter, which consists of a maximum of three paragraphs. This is where you highlight your relevant academic and work experience and how it will benefit the company. Also, you will want to highlight your attributes and how they match the company’s values.
  • Finish your letter with a closing remark. Your closing statement should include appreciation to the recruiters and prompt them to action.
  • Sign out your cover letter with a formal salutation like ‘Yours Sincerely” and your name below it.

Clearly Explain Why You are a Good Fit

Always remember that employers are looking to reap the most from their employees. So, while writing your cover letter, ensure you join your relevant skills and the company’s job requirements. Convince the hiring team that your skills will bring growth to the company. While doing this, please do not overdo it; keep it simple and ensure your arguments are reasonable.

Justify Your Skills

You want to ensure that you give a background for every skill you highlight. For example, if you are talking about people management, you would like to explain the experience you learned the craft from. Maybe you were supervising a workshop or a construction site. Staffing your cover letter with skills without a background makes the recruitment team lose confidence in you.

Optimize Your Cover Letter with Job Keywords

Recruiters receive a lot of internship applications, and to simplify their work, they scan your cover letters to pick out the documents with the required keywords. Therefore, you will want to ensure that your cover letter includes some keywords relevant to the job.

So, how do you know what keywords to include? In the job overview, companies usually highlight what they are looking for in their preferred candidate. So, thoroughly reviewing the outline, you can select keywords to include in your cover letter.

However, do not stuff your letter with keywords, as this will make it unnatural. The tip to keyword optimization is to ensure every word you use is justified.

Highlight Your Future Aspirations in the Company

Nothing moves a recruiter more than a prospective employee with drive and ambition. You will want to show your recruiter what your aspirations are in the company. Tell them where you see yourself in the company after two years. Highlight what you expect to gain from the company. Your goals tell the human resources manager you are serious about the job.

Proofread and Edit Your Cover Letter

Before submitting your cover letter, ensure you proofread and make edits where necessary. When you finish it, leave it for some time before you embark on proofreading. This way, you can refresh your mind and be keen not to miss out on an error when going through your letter. Better yet, you can get a friend to review the letter and help you make edits where necessary.


A cover letter is essential for any job application process except where stated otherwise. Understanding how to write a cover letter helps you write a compelling piece that will likely win you an interview. Keep the above tips at your fingertips every time you write a cover letter and increase your chances of landing that internship.