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  Fuddruckers Application – Employment at Fuddruckers

You will feel great and fortunate once you make up your mind to apply for a job by filling out the Fuddruckers application. You can come up with a job or career opportunity that will give a personal sense of fulfillment today. Fuddruckers has a chain of beefy burger joints which are very pleasing. You wouldn’t want to leave once you have a taste of their job or the burger itself! Fuddruckers has been serving hot, delicious foods for over three decades. Fuddruckers seeks to hire good hands like you as there are many available positions.

Fuddruckers Jobs Available

The company has a competitive pay. This makes Fuddruckers a desirable place to apply for a job. The Fuddruckers job application provides a good career opportunity for individuals who want to be part of the restaurant industry. The available positions at Fuddruckers are Fast Track Manager, Sales Associate, Prep Cook, Grill Cook, Butcher, Baker, Clean Team Associate, Guest Service Associate, Expo Associate, Dishwasher, Shift Supervisor, Restaurant Manager, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Morning Kitchen Associate and Cashier.

Minimum Employment Age at Fuddruckers

Filling in the Fuddruckers online application for an employment opportunity requires that an applicant must be at least 16 years old. Otherwise, the application will not be accepted.

Fuddruckers’ Store Hours

Fuddruckers’ stores open business from Monday through Sunday between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Important Tips to Apply Online with Fuddruckers

Once you are able to find a position that suits your goal, just go and fill the Fuddruckers application form. It can easily be accessed via their company website. The form is simple to fill. You only have to fill required details about yourself in terms of contact, education, previous experience, and so on.

Don’t skip any required information in the form. Every essential part should be filled, but ensure you supply valid information. Use a valid phone number and an e-mail address that actually belongs to you. The Personnel Manager may use any of them to contact you. Get ready for a phone interview anytime. Fuddruckers carries out drug screening on their prospective workers; they also perform background checks before assuming work with them.

If you want to start your career at Fuddruckers, you need to send your resume by email if you apply for the positions of restaurant management, office jobs including internships. Fuddruckers job application form can be also be downloaded for any of the hourly jobs that are available in the 200 restaurants all over North America. However, you are required to submit the Fuddruckers online application for employment by visiting the nearest restaurant where you would like to work.

It is advisable that you get this free report titled “7 Secrets To Getting Hired.” It will give vital insights that will help you succeed in your job application process.

Most Common Positions at Fuddruckers & Income Information

Fuddruckers now offers job positions for cashiers, food preps, bakers, as well as dishwashers.  Positions that are often available are Assistant Restaurant Manager, Butcher, Baker, Cashier, Dishwasher, Clean Team Associate, Expo Associate, Grill Cook, Fast Track Manager, Guest Service Associate, Prep Cook, Morning Kitchen Associate, Restaurant Manager, Shift Supervisor and Sales Associate.

The following represent the pay of common positions at Fuddruckers:

  1. Assistant Manager –                                      $39,667
  2. General Service Ambassador –                     $7.83
  3. Line Cook  –                                                  $8.33
  4. Cashier –                                                       $8.33
  5. General Service Ambassador – Hourly –       $7.83/hr
  6. Line Cook – Hourly  –                                    $8.33/hr
  7. Cashier – Hourly –                                         $8.34/hr

Fuddruckers’ Benefits

Positions at Fuddruckers are flexible concerning most of the work schedules. The company also offers its workers a kind of family-oriented work environment which is quite conducive and interesting.

To access the Fuddruckers Online Application directly, click here.

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