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Wet Seal is a youthful, energetic company that is known for its fun brand and culture. A Wet Seal job application can be the gateway to a fun and exciting career that is the perfect first job and beyond. Wet Seal is a growing contemporary company that is always expanding and looking for great people to join. The Wet Seal online application for employment can get you on the pathway to a rewarding career. This company is not only about clothing but people as well.

Wet Seal Application – Employment at Wet Seal

When you fill out a Wet Seal employment application, you are looking to get your foot into a trendy company that sells affordable juniors clothes.Wet Seal is committed to protecting its brand and image; therefore they are only looking for the best and brightest. A Wet Seal job application form can help you get involved in a fun, yet challenging career. There’s plenty of room for growth, so you’ll never feel stuck or unappreciated in your current position. At Wet Seal, you’ll feel as if the sky is the limit.

Wet Seal Online Job Application

If you are going to fill out a Wet Seal application online form, there are certain qualifications you must meet. You need to be fashionable, customer service oriented, willing to learn and possess integrity. There are plenty of opportunities available no matter what your work history or skill level. The Wet Seal application online can help you narrow which position is right for you. You have the ability to go over the multitude of positions available and apply for the appropriate one. The Wet Seal job application is quick and easy to fill out and can lead to many perks and benefits.

Minimum Age for Employment at Wet Seal

If you want to fill out a job application online, you need to be aware that the minimum age to work at Wet Seal is 18 years old. This store is dedicated to hiring dedicated and productive employees who are willing to give their all.

Wet Seal Store Hours

There are some pretty standard hours for this store. The majority of stores are open 10 am to 9 pm, Monday through Saturday. On Sundays, Wet Seal is open to 11 am to 6 pm. These hours allow for flexible schedules and plenty of available hours.

Entry Level Wet Seal Careers and Income

Wet Seal careers features entry level positions that are tailored to grow employees within the company. The Sales Associate positions are varied and requires a particular skill set. Employees are expected to be customer service oriented, dependable, fun, energetic and fashion savvy. Wet Seal employees are expected to keep the store orderly and presentable, maintain merchandise, stock, provide customer service and complete transactions. Employees should also be willing and able to help customers pick out the right outfits and accessorize. Associates should be able to sell the right outfit to a customer. An associate can expect minimum wage or possibly more dependent on your work history.

Wet Seal Careers in Management

Associates are encouraged to train and gain additional skills in order to move up the ranks. There are plenty of positions for assistant managers and store managers. Employees are provided with comprehensive training to help them learn more about the company and what these positions entail. Employees who are wishing to be considered for managerial positions are expected to learn the business from the bottom up. Managers are expected to produce as many sales as possible, prevent loss and theft of merchandise in stores and train and develop employees. Managers are also expected to plan special events and organize the store in a visually appealing manner. Assistant managers are expected to provide exceptional customer service and fill in for the manager in his or her absence. Managers can earn around $39,000 and assistant managers can expect around $27,000.

Basic Tips to Apply Online with Wet Seal

In order to be successful when you fill out a Wet Seal application, you need to be able to convey that you possess the proper qualifications for the position. After yourWet Seal online application is accepted, you will meet with management. They will want to know why you’re a good fit, what you can offer the company and your goals while working at Wet Seal.

Advanced Tips to Apply Online for Wet Seal Careers

Wet Seal is all about trendiness and variety, so you need to make sure that you understand that is part of the culture when you complete your Wet Seal online application. You want to let management know that you fit the culture and you will be an asset to the company through your hard work and dedication to the brand. You Wet Seal application should convey that you understand the company’s vision and share their core principles of providing young women with confidence through trendy fashion at affordable prices. This is a company that is based on putting the customer first which is a value that you should embrace.

Wet Seal Benefits

After your Wet Seal application is reviewed and accepted, the company will offer a comprehensive benefits package. Besides a fun and energetic workplace environment, this company offers its employees generous compensation. An employee can expect a great starting pay with regular reviews for raises.All employees receive a kind employee discount to purchase some of the great merchandise. Once an employee has been with the company a certain amount of time, they are eligible for insurance that includes medical, vision and dental. Employees are also entitled to 401(k) plans.

Useful and Interesting Facts about Wet Seal

Wet Seal is a company that prides itself on affordable clothes that range from the casual to the glamorous. In addition, they are committed to a workplace that fosters respect, inclusion and diversity. They want each employee to learn, grow and blossom not only in the workplace, but their community as a whole. Wet Seal wants every employee to reach his or her full potential. There is a zero tolerance policy in place for any individual who goes against these ideals. Every employee is expected to share the Wet Seal passion for fashion by helping individuals tailor specific styles to their needs.Their goal is to make sure that every customer leaves feeling satisfied, confident and fashionable while holding on to their own particular uniqueness.

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