Coffee Bean Application

Employment with Coffee Bean

The Coffee Bean is a California and Arizona based company that delivers unique and high-quality coffee and tea products to customers around the world. Not your average coffee spot, The Coffee Bean ensures that every product they sell is as perfect as possible.

The Coffee Bean understands that they need to continuously adapt to a changing market and have successfully done so since 1963. As such, the company is always looking for talented and dedicated individuals to join their team.

If you live in California or Arizona, love coffee or tea and helping people find their perfect cup, the Coffee Bean could be the place for you! Our comprehensive guide to The Coffee Bean’s application process will help streamline your experience.

Coffee Bean Online Job Application

If you are ready to apply to work for The Coffee Bean, their application is found on their website.

The Coffee Bean has a simple online application process. Before starting your Coffee Bean application, be ready with the information below:

  • State ID;
  • Social Security number;
  • Date of birth.

After navigating to the Coffee Bean careers page, look through their list of open positions until you see the one you want to apply for. Choose carefully, as you are only able to submit one application at a time through the Coffee Bean application system.

The Coffee Bean application page will prompt you to select an open position. Pay particular attention to the location of the post as the Coffee Bean only operates in certain states. You will then create an account with the Coffee Bean website. This allows you to submit your application and check your application status.

Once your account is created, you will confirm the position you are applying for. Next, you will begin completing your request. You will need to enter your relevant employment information when prompted and provide your contact information. You have the option to upload your resume and have some fields filled in for you. Make sure you check the populated fields for errors.

The Coffee Bean application will require you to enter valid and current contact information. Complete this section to the best of your ability. Indicate your availability for work and income requirements (discussed more below).

As you complete each page of your Coffee Bean application, be sure to answer the questions thoroughly and honestly. This will make the hiring process go smoothly later. The application’s questions are specific and straightforward, be sure that you complete each one or you will not be able to submit your application.

Minimum Requirements to work for The Coffee Bean

There are a few basic rules for the Coffee Bean employees:

  • You must be at least 16 years old;
  • If you are under 18, you must provide a work permit;
  • If you are under 18 and have graduated, you must provide your high school diploma.

The Coffee Bean operates in Arizona and California, so you must be a resident of one of these states to apply. There are independently owned Coffee Bean franchises in a handful of other states, but you are unable to apply for those stores through the website. If you are interested in working for an independent franchise in another state, you must contact that store directly to inquire about their application process.

You are only able to submit one application at a time through the Coffee Bean website. If you want to apply for multiple stores, you will need to submit a separate application each time. This will require you to upload or enter in your resume information multiple times if you want to be considered for multiple positions/locations.

Once you submit your application, you will be contacted within a few days if selected for an interview. You will need to schedule an interview in person with a manager, where you will be introduced to the company’s core values and mission (discussed in detail below).

Coffee Bean Working Hours

Your work schedule will depend on the store and position for which you are applying for. Branch managers, for example, will work a different schedule from Baristas. Your availability will also be a factor in determining your working hours. The Coffee Bean offers full time and part time employment and all employees are eligible for company benefits after a probationary period.

Each position listing on the Coffee Bean application site will detail your expectations for working hours. Any positions requiring special hours or travel are indicated in the descriptions, so be mindful when reading through each description.

Successful candidates with this company are both honest and flexible with their scheduling needs. The more upfront you can be from the start, the easier schedule will be if you receive a position.

Income Expectations

The salary you can expect when working for the Coffee Bean widely depends on which position you are hired into. Baristas make between $9-14 per hour, while District Mangers can make $75,000 per year, salaried. The company pays directors around $116,000 per year on salary.

The Coffee Bean offers competitive internships at multiple levels. These internships are paid an hourly wage (varies slightly but is close to state minimum wages) in addition to being eligible for college credits. You can select internships from the careers page as well.

Other Careers with the Coffee Bean

Listed below are some of the available career options through the Coffee Bean. Each position below includes a brief description.

  • Barista: Interact with customers directly, prepare beverages, and manage a register.
  • Shift Supervisor: Interact with customers, manage to schedule for employees, managerial duties as needed.
  • General Manager: Perform low-mid level manager tasks for assigned stores, manage employees, resolve conflicts, interact with customers, and ensure store quality and compliance.
  • Assistant General Manager: Assist the General Manager with tasks outlined above.
  • Director of Training and Development: Develop, plan, facilitate, and evaluate employee training and professional development opportunities
  • District Manager: Oversee a set of assigned stores, set and track progress toward store goals, manage staff and customer relations.
  • LMS Administrator/Content Designer: Design and ensure smooth operation of online training materials. Work within a team to ensure productive and high-quality training content.
  • Machine Operators: This includes tea and coffee machine operators. These positions ensure compliant and safe operation of all company equipment in factories and stores.

Most positions with the Coffee Bean are store based, but some are based in corporate offices or a factory/mass production setting. Some positions, especially within product acquisition, may require significant travel. Be sure to check this information carefully before submitting your Coffee Bean application.

Basic Tips for Applying with Coffee Bean

One of the most important things to remember when working on your Coffee Bean application is the company’s strong vision and core values. Internalizing these ideas will help you be a successful employee with this unique company. The Coffee Bean’s vision is to be Simply the Best roaster and distributor of coffee and tea around the world.

The company’s mission is to develop a company culture that inspires all employees to deliver top-notch service in all aspects of the business. The company has five fundamental truths that guide their work. The acronym FROTH is used to refer to Friendliness, Respect, Ownership, Teamwork, and Honesty.

To promote these ideas, the company engages all employees in professional development and training that comprehensively addresses each truth. Their business model refers to these facts consistently, and the company is relatively open to feedback from employees.

Benefits of Working for the Coffee Bean

Aside from being able to work for one of the highest quality coffee and tea distributors in the U.S., your Coffee Bean application brings you one step closer to enjoying a variety of company benefits:

  • Medical Insurance;
  • Dental Insurance;
  • Vision Insurance;
  • Flexible Spending Accounts;
  • Life Insurance;
  • Retirement Plans;
  • Pre-Paid Legal Services Plan;
  • Team Member Discounts;
  • Flexible Uniforms;
  • Employment Authorization Card;
  • Pet Insurance.

Applicants should also know that The Coffee Bean believes in regularly rewarding employees who shine. Some of the awards and recognitions available to employees are listed below:

  • Best of The Best Quarterly awards for General Managers and District Managers;
  • General and District Manager of the Year award;
  • Bonuses for stellar employees in the field;
  • Roasting & Distribution (RAD) Tour tickets;
  • Frequent Company sponsored contests and incentives.

Once hired, the company is well known for promoting people from within.

  • Many General Managers began as Baristas;
  • The company provides professional learning and development for employees who are interested and show potential through their performance;
  • Most of the central office team members once worked in retail stores;
  • Current employees receive notifications of new positions first.

Frequently Asked Coffee Bean Applicant Questions

Some of the most commonly asked questions from Coffee Bean applicants are answered below as you prepare to complete your Coffee Bean application.

  • Can I apply in person for in-store positions at The Coffee Bean? Each store hires their employees independently. At the current time, online applications only are accepted through the website discussed above. This allows stores to choose the best applicants from the large pool of applications they receive.
  • After I apply online, how quickly will I be contacted for an interview? Candidates who meet the qualifications for their desired position can expect to be contacted within a few days. If desired, applicants are welcome to contact the store they are interested in directly. Store information can be found
  • Can I apply for more than one position with multiple stores? At the current time, the online Coffee Bean application system only allows applicants to select one location. If you would like to apply to multiple locations, you can contact other stores directly and ask them to pull your application from their end of the system. You can also apply for individual stores separately by completing the application over again.

Working for Coffee Bean

The Coffee Bean encourages their employees to be themselves and enjoy what they do every day. They are looking for talented, energetic people to join their team and grow with the company. As the company grows, they offer multiple opportunities for growth and advancement from within. The company values (FROTH) ensure a cohesive organizational culture that strives for excellent service from every aspect of the business.

One thing that sticks out about the Coffee Bean is their willingness to identify each employee regarding who they are as an individual, not just what they can do as a company employee.

If you want a career where you can help people find products that suit their tastes and lifestyle, be a positive force in your community, and enjoy what you do, you may want to consider working for the Coffee Bean.

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