Dillon’s is a supermarket chain based in Hutchinson, Kansas. It is a division of Kroger’s, and they also operate Gerbes Supermarkets in Missouri.

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Like all supermarkets, Dillons has many different jobs available in each store, and some of them don’t require much experience. If you’re looking for an entry-level position, you can fill out a Dillons application online at their website to get an interview and possibly be on the way to your first paycheck.

Company Background

Dillons beginnings

Dillons started as a general store in the 1890s in Sterling, Kansas. J.S. Dillon and Sons’ store opened in 1919, and several chain stores followed. By 1968, J.S. Dillon and Sons became Dillons. The Dillons chain has 83 stores as of 2018, operating mostly in Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri.

The chain has over 12,000 employees. The stores are affiliated with Kroger’s, so Dillon’s is a part of many of that supermarket’s programs, including Zero Hunger, Zero Waste, a plan to eliminate hunger in the U.S and redistribute some of the chain’s unsold food.

Non-Managerial Grocery Jobs 

Jobs in the food departments at Dillons involve stocking items, helping customers and keeping the area clean. Some departments require food preparation, like the deli, bakery or coffee bar.  Here are some samples of the grocery department and food preparation jobs at Dillons.

Dillons Application, Careers, and Jobs

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A cake decorator ices and decorates cookies, cupcakes, and cakes for customer orders and general sales in the bakery. Cake decorators use stencils, decorator lay-ons, sugar molds, icing tubes and other items to prepare cakes. You should have bakery or food preparation experience.

lead barista

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A lead barista assigns and directs tasks at the coffee bar in a particular store location. He or she ensures that customers are served in a timely fashion, keeps the area clean and well-stocked, and trains employees. Applicants must have food handling and supervisory experience.

women decorating flower arrangement

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Many Dillons stores have floral departments, and hire florists to create floral arrangements, fill orders and handle delivery set-up with Florist Transworld Delivery. You must have three years of full-time work as a retail designer or six years part-time experience to apply for this position.

Dillons Application, Careers, and Jobs

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Stock clerks may work the day or night shift, and many of them are part-time. Stock clerks load and unload delivery trucks and stock shelves. Fill out a Dillons application at a store or online for these positions.

Order, load, and unload truck deliveries and stock all shelves. Role model and demonstrate the company’s core values of respect, honesty, integrity, diversity, inclusion, and safety of others. You must also build and tear down displays. Excellent prior work experience is required.

Front-End Associate

Front-end department employees perform a variety of tasks. The front-end positions include Courtesy Clerk, Cashier/Front End Clerk, Kid’s Korner Clerk and Money Services Clerk

Dillons Application, Careers, and Jobs

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You’ll need excellent communication skills and work experience to qualify for these positions, which involve dealing with customers, collecting carts, bagging groceries ringing up sales and other assignments.

Most job openings on the Dillons website and job search engines like Monster.com and Indeed.com are for Fresh Department, Front-End Associates or part-time stock clerks. Although we found several ads for assistant managers, we couldn’t find any current ones for store managers during our research.

The lack of ads for store managers indicates that Dillons store managers tend to stay in their jobs for quite a while. We found many job ads for assistant managers, but nine for store managers. Contact Dillions via their website or ask for information at

Fresh Department Associates 

A Fresh Department Associate helps Dillons customers choose the best products for their needs. They may also prepare sandwiches, coffee or other beverages and foods in the deli or coffee shop.

fish and vegetable vendor

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Depending on the department (meat, produce, seafood, bakery, deli or coffee) you may have to prepare and deliver special orders, answer phone calls, do inventory, stock items and use food preparation equipment. You should have prior work experience, a friendly, enthusiastic attitude, and excellent communication skills for these positions.

Supervisory Jobs

The assistant store manager helps the store manager with daily operations. You’ll make sure the store is clean and well-stocked, and help train, schedule and assign employees.

assistant store manager

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Other duties include working with department heads, planning and maximizing sales goals, dealing with business agents and union representatives (at stores with a Collective Bargaining Agreement), and coaching employees on state, Federal and local laws.

Applicants need a high school diploma or GED, retail experience and successful completion of the Division Management Training program. A Bachelor’s Degree and prior financial and budget preparation experience are preferred.


A pharmacy clerk handles the cashiering and customer service portion of the transaction for patients. Clerks ring up sales, bag orders, keep the pharmacy clean, upkeep customer records and stock merchandise.

Dillons Application, Careers, and Jobs

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Clerks also answer phone calls as needed. You’ll need to have previous pharmacy and cashier experience to be considered for this job. No licenses or certifications are required

pharmacy technician

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A pharmacy technician measures and fills prescriptions. The technician must have a pharmacy technician certificate or pass one, and have previous experience in the field.  You will maintain pharmacy records and instruct customers on dosage and other requirements per doctors’ prescriptions.

Distribution Center Jobs

At a Dillons distribution center, you’ll pack and prepare food products and other items for shipment to stores. The jobs at the distribution center include shipping loader.

shipping loader

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A shipping loader places boxes onto trucks and completes accompanying paperwork. Applicants must be 18 or older, have six months in distribution work and a high school graduate or GED recipient.

If you’re looking for a supervisory position in distribution, the Transportation Supervisor processes store orders, checks in drivers, and coordinates warehouse activities. You’ll need a high school diploma or GED for this position. Previous supervisory experience is preferred.

Dillons Application, Careers, and Jobs

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An order selector reads and selects orders, builds pallets, sorts merchandise and submits the orders to the shipping department. Order selectors must be 18 years old, have a high school diploma or equivalent, and have good math skills and a flexible schedule.

A DC Auditor conducts audits, cycle counts, and inventory. You must be 18 years old, a high school graduate and have related work experience.

Miscellaneous Jobs

 A file clerk position at Dillons doesn’t handle file folders. He or she hangs and removes tags on the store shelves, scans the tags every two months, and performs customer service and stock clerk duties when necessary. You must have an excellent work record to apply for this overnight, part-time position.


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Delivery drivers drop off orders at customers’ homes. You will accept payment, make change and maintain the delivery vehicle. Delivery drivers need to be at least 18 years old, have a valid driver’s license and good driving record, as well as an excellent employment record.

A Dillons eCommerce Hourly Associate prepares and delivers online orders. You will open and close the eCommerce order area, ensure all inventory is current, and assist customers with orders. You will use a state-of-the-art system to fulfill orders and deliver them to customers’ cars promptly.

Training is provided for the eCommerce position, and you must have a flexible schedule and some work experience.

A store loss prevention security officer uses surveillance monitors and other equipment to catch shoplifters. As a loss prevention officer, you’ll respond to alarms, watch customers as they enter and exit the store, and conduct investigations in matters involving Dillons.


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A loss prevention officer also interacts with local police and authorizes when necessary. Applicants must be high school graduates or have a GED. Experience using Closed Circuit Television systems, Wicklander certification, a two or four-year college degree and store loss prevention experience is preferred.

Corporate jobs are usually searchable on both the Dillon and Kroger websites. They include such positions as executive chef, senior food specialist, as well as financial, legal and marketing positions. Since Dillon’s is owned by Kroger, many of the executive decisions for the company come from Kroger’s.


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A Payroll Group Leader supervises and assists payroll clerks. The payroll leader reconciles accounts and maintains the KERMIT payroll system. Requirements include an Associates Degree in business or a related field, knowledge of Excel and Word, and previous experience in KERMIT or another payroll system.

The Payroll Group Leader job is located in one of the company’s general offices.

What Employees Say

According to a few reviews on Glassdoor.com. Dillon’s has an online scheduling system that makes keeping track of hours easy, and most employees at the stores are friendly and work well with others.


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The company hires lots of extra workers in the summer months, which is great for high school and college students, but this may cut down the available hours for regular employees, according to one reviewer.

If you live in or near Lawrence, Kansas, Omaha, Nebraska, or the other cities where Dillon’s is located and need a job, fill out a Dillons application, as many current and former employees give the company positive reviews on job sites.

Supermarket employees who qualify receive medical, dental vision and prescription drug plans, retirement savings, life insurance and other benefits from the company.