Department Store Job Applications

Department Store Job

A department store is a large store with several “departments” which sell varying items, such as clothing, electronics, linens and furniture. Most departments stores are parts of large chains run by national companies. They typically sell a higher quality item than general purpose “cheap” stores, and some of them attract a pretty high class clientele. They offer great benefits and advancement opportunities for worthy employees.

Types of Department Store Job

You can enter this industry at the bottom level by applying for positions as a salesperson or customer service representative. You’ll typically be trained to work in a particular department with knowledge of the inventory so that you can assist customers in finding what you need. Some sales positions involve commissions for increasing sales. Other entry-level department store positions might include stocker or shipping and receiving clerk. As you work your way up, you may progress to a job as a manager, designer, or merchandiser. There’s much that goes into running a department store, including selecting and purchasing inventory, designing proprietary lines of clothing, maintaining the store, managing the finances, providing technical support, and more. People with college degrees, trade school degrees and high school degrees may all find work in some aspect of the department store industry.

Benefits of Department Store Job

A well-established department store already has a reputation and customer base, providing you with a measure of job security. Large companies are in the position to offer the best health insurance and retirement plans to their employees, and they have the most room for employees to move up. Look for a company that likes to hire from within, and which provides training and educational help for employees who want to take that next step in their careers. Promotions may carry the possibility of moving to different locations; if you have to move for other reasons, it may be easy to transfer to another store without leaving the company.

Departments stores usually provide a fairly quiet, peaceful atmosphere. You may need to spend a good bit of the day on your feet. You’ll have the chance to interact with a large variety of people, answering questions and suggesting purchases to them. The better you are at it, the more money you are likely to make. Good salespeople find work in department stores to be profitable and rewarding.

People love to shop. They love the whole experience of browsing through a store, looking at merchandise, trying things on, considering possibilities. You have the chance to assist them in that experience, to make it the best experience possible, so that they go home with something that they really love—something that makes them want to come back again next time. The job opportunities related to department stores and everything that goes into making them run are tremendous. Experience with one department store chain will help you find a job with another. Since department stores are open from morning to evening and over weekends, there are different shifts and flexible hours available.

Use our website to browse through department stores around the country. Find some that are located near you, follow the links to their applications, take your time in filling them out, get a stamp and send it in. You’ll have a lot to choose from, and the more applications you submit, the greater are your chances of being called for an interview by one of them.

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