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  American Eagle Job Application Online

When you fill out an American Eagle application you will be applying to work for a retail-clothing store that brings to the public high quality on-trend clothing, accessories, and personal care products at affordable prices.  Employees with this company need to have the All-American look and have excellent customer service skills in order to bring their customers the best service possible.  Your American Eagle online application for employment is the first step towards joining a company that is a proud America name in clothing for women, men in college or joining the professional world and their stores have a young adult environment.  Those who have the All-American look and personality and love working with people will find an employment experience that is superb and are encouraged to apply.

American Eagle Application – Employment at American Eagle

Most of the information on an American Eagle employment application is tailored to those who are usually looking for their first job.  American Eagle Outfitters is willing to train those with the right personality and have not had any prior work experience especially if they are willing to learn quickly and have a personality that fits the American Eagle Outfitters branding.  Those who have prior retail clothing experience are asked to share this information on their American Eagle job application form so those who interview them can ask questions about their customer service experience.

American Eagle Outfitters Online Job Application

In completing an American Eagle job application it is important to show any future manager that you have the personality and the responsibility to manage in the work environment. Additionally to filling out the basic American Eagle application online you also will need to undergo an interview or perhaps two at the location that you desire to work if you meet the necessary criteria.  Any of those that pass the application process will also need to show that they have great customer service skills as that is what drives sales in retail clothing.  With your application you will have any necessary information for completing all the steps and instructions for what different locations are looking for are normally available with the American Eagle application online form.

Minimum Age for Employment at American Eagle Outfitters

Those looking to fill out a job application online must be at least 18 years of age.

American Eagle Outfitters Store Hours

Most American Eagle locations are open from 10 am to 9 pm Monday through Saturday; and Sunday 11 am to 6 pm.  Employees often need to come in early to manage stock and clean the store as well as stay late to do the same or other duties.

Entry Level American Eagle Outfitters Careers and Income

Entry-level positions are sales associates. A sales associate with American Eagle assist customers, ring purchases up, and keep the shelves stocked and well organized.  They need to have an attentive and friendly attitude and display a professional attitude at all times during their shifts. Sales associates must provide an atmosphere that is friendly for customers while helping them find what they are looking for.  Most entry-level pay begins at minimum wage with an opportunity for those with more experience to start at a somewhat higher hourly rate.

American Eagle Careers in Management

Management teams at American Eagle locations include lead cashiers, assistant managers and store managers. These positions need candidates who have strong skills in leadership and attention to detail. The shift supervision is usually managed by the lead cashier who typically will start at around $9 an hour.  Assistant managers help store managers with hiring new employees, managing budgets and inventory, and addressing any customer concerns.  Starting salary for assistant managers is between $25,000 and $35,000. Compensation for store managers normally is around $50,000 depending on store location as well as work history.

Basic Tips to Apply Online with American Eagle

In addition to completing your American Eagle application process, you will be expected to maintain excellent performance for reviews for salary increases.  Employees at American Eagle are expected to provide excellent customer services as this is the main method that retail-clothing stores drive sales.  Those filling out an American Eagle online application should visit the American Eagle Outfitters website to become familiarized with company history and the inventory that each store carries.

Advanced Tips to Apply Online with American Eagle

American Eagle also offer other full-time jobs, including corporate careers in company offices.  Fill out an American Eagle application for full-time career positions in IT, marketing, accounting, consulting, as well as human resources which all need to be filled as well as other entry-level administrative positions and other employment opportunities in distribution.  Available American Eagle positions include help desk analyst, stock lead, maintenance specialist, assistant designers, interns, design director, and technical designer jobs.  Apply online to learn more about American Eagle career opportunities offered.  These positions will also need an American Eagle online application to be completed.

American Eagle Benefits

Anyone who has an American Eagle application for a position which is entry-level at their local store can expect competitive pay based on performance and experience.   They will have work schedules that are flexible, paid programs for training, and many opportunities for career growth that exist in retail stores.  American Eagle have all of the normal employment benefits as well as pay scales that are generous, planning for future benefits, health and wellness programs, and insurance coverage.   They make attempts to help employees plan for the future and offer eligible workers 401(k) retirement plans.  Those associates who qualify may also take advantage of employee stock purchase plans and profit sharing programs.  Other benefits include paid holidays, paid vacation, and sick leave. Employees are extended generous discounts.  American Eagle Outfitters is truly an awesome place to work.

Useful and Interesting Facts about American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters is a public company and is listed on the stock exchange.  Their first store was opened in Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi, 1977.  In 1994, the company went public with an offering initially of 2.1 million shares on Nasdaq exchange under the “AEOS” symbol.  In the year 2000, American Eagle Outfitters opened its 500th store and during the next year had annuals sales that surpassed $1 billion.

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