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Delmarva Power is a subsidiary of Pepco Holdings, Inc. Pepco Holdings was founded in February 2001, after the acquisition of Conectiv Power Delivery by Potomac. Interestingly enough, Conectiv was formed in 1998 to be the holding of Delmarva Power & light Company (often referred to as Delmarva Power or DPL). Conectiv is also the holding company of Atlantic Citi Electric Company (ACE). After 8 years of pause, Delmarva resumed its operations. As a result, Conectiv Energy remained the last Conectiv brand.

At present, Delmarva Power delivers electric service to roughly 503,000 clients in the Delaware and Eastern Shore of Maryland regions. In addition to this, it also provides 124.000 customers from Northern Delaware with natural gas. Here are a few extra data that you might want to know about the company: Delaware Power was founded in 1909 and it currently has a service territory of approximately 5,000 square miles. Out of the 503,000 electric customers, 200,000 are from Maryland and 303,000 from Delaware. In 2009, Delmarva recorded slightly weaker revenues than previous years. In order to meet stricter regulations, the company decided to boost the amount of renewable energy sources to 20 percent by 2020.

Delaware Power has the capacity to serve 1.4 million customers. At the moment, the company operates with 925 employees: IBEW Local 1238: 545 workers, IBEW Local 1307 (Salisbury): 309 workers) who serve 10 facilities and 184 substations. If you are interested in a job with the company you should know that there is a limited number of job openings available at the moment. On the bright side, employment with Delmarva Power is highly rewarding salary and career-wise. In the following guide you will learn everything you need to know about salaries, job requirements, application process, interview tips and questions.

Delmarva Power Application

Delmarva Power promises exceptional employment opportunities for individuals interested in a career in the utilities industry. In order to start the hiring process, job-seekers must fill out and submit their Delmarva online application forms. But before you can do that, you should learn a few things about the company.

Being one step ahead of other applicants is always a good idea. Delmarva Power is known for its impeccable services at affordable prices. Customer satisfaction comes first for them, so it is expected that candidates for Delmarva Power careers demonstrate a professional attitude.

One thing to note, is the fact that Delmarva Power prefers to receive applications via its website (which can be found on Nevertheless, if you are experiencing difficulties with your connection, or simply wish to apply offline, there is an alternate method. To start the application offline you must contact 866-369-2615 and select option 9.

There is no printable version of the Delmarva Power Delaware application. The only way to apply for a job is by submitting online.

Minimum Age for Employment at Delmarva Power

According to Federal Law, individuals of 14-years or older are allowed to submit applications for Delmarva Power careers. One should keep in mind that child labor laws in DE will also indicate if permits are needed. In general, Delmarvapower will employ individuals around the age of 16-18 for entry-level positions, and job-seekers over the age of 20 for administrative positions.

Delmarva Power Hours of Operation

Like most utility companies, Delmarva Power also operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In other words, if you are applying for a position within the company you should be open to long hours, night shifts or weekend work. Candidates who are open to working during these hours will have an advantage over others.

Entry Level Delmarva Careers and Income

The top three industries in which Delmarva Power operates are media & telecommunications, transportation & warehousing and healthcare. The company is regularly searching for entry-level candidates who can fill the following, available positions: customer care representative, administrative assistant etc.

Common Delmarva Power Jobs: reliability engineer & analyst, scheduling analyst, engineering supervisor, forecasting analyst, journeyman lineman, customer care specialist, contractor analyst, lead engineer, revenue protection support team, protection investigator, accountant, dispatcher, accounting payroll specialist, substation supervisor, workforce analyst, audit manager, revenue recovery analyst etc.

As far as salary and compensation goes, we couldn’t get an exact number, but as far as we could see from reviews, employees are extremely satisfied with their wage and working environment. The company will regularly offer bonuses and incentives for hard-working employee.

Here are a few job openings that might interest you:

  • Hardware Engineer: The Electrical Engineering organization is looking for individuals who have the qualification & desire for development necessary for the integration of electrical systems & equipment. The basic qualifications for this Delmarva power career includes a degree in Computer Engineering, oral & written communication skills, knowledge of MS office Suite and U.S. DOD security.
  • Senior Principal T&D Engineer: This is a full time position that requires several qualifications including a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, approximately 9 years of experience in design leadership, team-work abilities, knowledge of major suppliers and organizations in the field etc. Long story short, this position is very similar to an administrative one, in the regard that it requires leadership skills, but it also requires several technical qualifications. The pay for Senior Principal T&D engineers is very good.
  • Customer Care Representative: Applicants for this position should demonstrate exceptional people skills, ability to work directly with customers, basic computer knowledge and availability for work. This is considered an entry-level position within the company, but if a candidate demonstrates ability he has opportunities for growth. The position itself isn’t very much different for other customer care representative Delmarva  jobs. Average pay for this Delmarva Power career is roughly 10-11.00 dollars per hour.
  • Business Analyst: If you are looking for a job in this field you must have one to three years of experience in an Analytical role, experience in data analysis, PC word processing, a bachelor’s degree in business and interpersonal skills.
  • Construction Inspector: Construction Inspectors are usually hired on a part-time contract. There are no qualifications necessary except that of experience in organizing and delegating tasks within a team.

Job description and duties of administrative assistants include organizing paperwork and taking memorandums. They will also be in charge of organizing schedules and writing down appointments. A meter reader is responsible with the reading of energy consumption on site. Lastly, engineering staff, IT specialists, human resources experts and marketing consultants have their own set of tasks which are described in detail on the website.

Delmarva Power Careers in Management

An extremely surprising fact about Delmarva Power is the fact that it offers a great number of managerial positions. One could actually argue that it offers more administrative positions than entry level ones. That is also probably because the company is looking for fresh approaches on its strategies. Job-seekers with exceptional skills and backgrounds should definitely apply for a Delmarva power career in the management department.

To be considered for a position you must have previous experience in the administrative department, leadership & organizational skills and a bachelor’s degree in economics, leadership or business. We urge you to regularly check the official career website (on for relevant postings.

Basic Tips for Applying at Delmarva Power

We found Delmarva’s application online process slightly confusing. This is mostly due to the fact that most jobs are posted on the Pepco Holdings Inc., career website, where other companies are also posting their openings. In other words, you should pay close attention to the jobs that you are applying for to avoid being called for an interview with another company. The first thing you need to look at while applying online is the location – most job openings for Delmarva Online are in Delaware.

Another thing you should know is the fact that the vast majority of Delmarva Power applications require that you pass a pre-employment test. This is due to the fact that the company relies on experienced technicians, laborers and mechanics. Only entry-level positions can be acquired through application & interview. If you are applying for a specific job (which requires a test) you should always read the information on the paper carefully. It will give you a good idea about whether or not you can do the job and what the job itself will involve.

It is not mandatory to attach an application to your Delmarva Power employment form, but it is a great plus. If you decide to submit a CV with your application you can create it with the resume builder on the website. Another good idea would be to leave a version of your resume online to attach with their jobs and employment form.

Advanced Tips for Applying at Delmarva Power

The online job application process begins on the official website of Pepco Holdings. To access the career listings click here. You will see a large the search filters. Pepco Holdings is an equal opportunity employer, which means that it will not discriminate against people with a different color, people with disabilities, different religious views, sexual orientation, gender identity or age. With this in mind you can begin the Delmarva Power online application process.

  • Step #1: The first step is to choose your filters, between State, Position Type, Location, Date Posted, Requisition Number and Keywords. The program will automatically bring out results that match your criteria.
  • Step #2: In the search results page you will see the Title of the job, the Requisition Number, City, State, Location and Date posted. The title of the job is a clickable link. If you follow any of the links you will find out more information about the specified job.
  • Step #3: Carefully read through the post description & Requirements before submitting your Delmarva Power jobs application.
  • Step #4: If you are interested in multiple jobs it is also possible to add them in your cart. You can apply for multiple jobs at the same time.
  • Step #5: In order to apply for a job you must first create an account with the company. From your dashboard you can check the status of your applications and apply for more Delmarva Power Jobs.

Now that we’ve explained the application process, we would also like to point out a few things that you should avoid doing, or having, in your jobs and employment form. First of all, you should never submit an application that has spelling or grammar errors. Secondly, you should make sure that it is short and to the point. There’s no need for you to list all your diplomas and achievements as long as they are not connected to the position that you are applying for. The hiring manager doesn’t have time to read endless pages.

Never submit an application without reading about the job requirements and company history first. As we already mentioned, demonstrating your knowledge about the company is a key aspect of being considered for a Delmarva power career. Ultimately, you should also consider attaching a resume, cover letter and/or recommendation to your application.

Don’t forget to add your on line mail address details, phone number, social security number, work schedule and other relevant personal information so that Del Marva hiring personnel can contact you.

Official site: www demarva

Delmarva Power Application Status

You can check the status of your applications with Delmarva Power jobs through your dashboard. Alternatively, you can contact a Demarva hiring manager through phone or email. The hiring process for this company is rather lengthy, especially for the technical department. Patience is the key.

Benefits at Delmarva Power

Besides competitive salaries, Delmarva careers come with a set of non-wage benefits that are worthy of consideration. Out of all the reviews that we read online (on websites like Glassdoor, SnagaJob etc.) none was negative. Almost all employees were extremely satisfied with the working environment and growth opportunities, and this, in itself, is a great benefit. Aside from that, here are a few non-wage benefits that you will definitely enjoy:

  • Medical, dental and vision coverage
  • Life insurance plans for eligible employees
  • 401 (k) retirement plans
  • Paid holidays and vacation days
  • Sick leave
  • Business travel insurance
  • Internship programs
  • Training programs
  • Long term and short term disability coverage
  • Assistant programs healthcare
  • Spending accounts
  • & more

Delmarva Power Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

Delmarva jobs are available for job-seekers across the U.S. in three states and the District of Columbia. The typical hiring process for Delmavapower includes one or two personal meetings with hiring personnel. As mentioned above, applicants may submit their employment forms online or in person. If they are considered suitable for a position they will be called in for an interview.

  • Show up a few minutes early. Punctuality is extremely important. Wait politely until you are called in for the interview.
  • Don’t forget to dress for the occasion! A business casual or business attire should be more than enough.
  • During the interview you should be careful with your body language. Hands-crosses means a defensive position. You want to seem open and optimistic. Don’t forget to look your interviewer in the eyes and maintain a good body-posture.
  • Shake your interviewers hand firmly. This is a sign of self-confidence.
  • Once the interview is over thank the hiring personnel for giving you this opportunity.

Frequently Asked Delmarva Power Interview Questions

Most interviews feature question-and-answer sessions. The questions are related to each type of position. General questions include personality traits, academic certifications, experience, formal qualifications etc. Below you can find a set of questions that are frequently asked during Delmarva Power Wilmington interviews:

  1. How do you remedy a situation in which a drive hasn’t received his orders yet, or cannot be dispatched?
  2. Why did you choose Delmarva?
  3. How would you handle a disgruntled customer?
  4. Can you stay focused during emergencies? How do you perform under stressful situations?
  5. What would you consider a ‘major hazard’ of this job?
  6. Where do you see yourself three years from now?
  7. What is your best quality? What about your greatest weakness?
  8. What is your strongest technical skill?
  9. What would you do if one of your colleagues regularly showed up late for work or didn’t complete all his tasks?
  10. What can you tell me about Delmarva Power?
  11. How well do you handle customers?
  12. Do you think interpersonal skills are important for this job?
  13. Do you prefer working as part of a team or alone?

For interview answers you should check out websites like Glassdoor, where employees post their own answers and experiences.

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