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  Raley’s Application – Employment at Raley’s

Raley’s is a chain of grocery stores which offer a wide range of supermarket products. Some of the stores offer pharmacy services. It has over 100 grocery stores, and the workers number about 13,000 in all the supermarket chains. Raley’s application is a rare gem in employment opportunities. If you are looking for a promising career, you can apply online today.

Raley’s Jobs Available

Today, Raley’s hires dedicated and motivated people like you. The company is in need of workers at their distribution centers where shipping activities are done. With a bit of grocery-store work experience, you could be in the best position to apply for any available management jobs. There are many positions in Raley’s supermarkets, but then grocery positions are not really available. You can submit a Raley’s job application for a good job at their corporate office and pharmacies; you could also work as a truck driver. Raley’s also hires employees for jobs on product recovery and maintenance. You have many job options in several locations of their supermarkets. The available positions at Raley’s are Sales Associate, Stock Clerk, Delivery Driver, Customer Service Representative, Assistant Manager, Corporate Positions, Store Manager, Pharmacy Positions, and Truck Driver.

Minimum Employment Age at Raley’s

Before an applicant can fill out the Raley’s application form, he or she must have attained a minimum age of 16 years.

Raley’s Store Hours

Raley’s opens business every day of the week from the hours of 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Important Tips to Apply Online with Raley’s

To start a career opportunity at Raley’s, go to their official website to fill out the available Raley’s online application. This form is quite easy and straightforward. Fill out the form by supplying your personal details and other requested pieces of information. Enter details about any education background and previous work experience that you have.

None of the relevant information being requested should be left blank. Make sure that only valid information is provided. For direct contact, use a mobile phone number instead of home phone. About two weeks after submitting the Raley’s job application form, a personnel representative from the company will likely contact you.

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Most Common Positions at Raley’s & Income Information

If you would like to start off your career as an employee in the retail grocery industry, you had better choose to go the way of Raley’s and fill out the available Raley’s online application for employment. You will be able to build a solid work and career experience. The company hires staff for a number of positions including Assistant Managers, Customer Service Representatives, Corporate Positions, Delivery Drivers, Sales Associates, Stock Clerk, Pharmacy Positions, Store Managers, and Truck Drivers.

Here are average salaries of the common positions at Raley’s:

  1. Courtesy Clerks – Hourly                          $9 – $10
  2. Deli Clerk – Hourly                                    $11.49/hr
  3. Grocery Clerk – Hourly                             $12.30/hr
  4. Courtesy Clerk – Hourly                            $8.96/hr
  5. Technical Trainer                                      $55k – $60k
  6. Deli Clerk – Hourly                                    $15 – $16

Raley’s Benefits

At Raley’s, qualified workers enjoy a nice work benefits plan as an added benefit to the competitive pay rate. Other employment benefits are full healthcare plans and 401(k) plans, life insurance and long-term disability insurance, and a flexible spending account.

Getting a job at the retail industry is the best decision you could make today by filling out the Raley’s job application online. You can find many options of entry-level job opportunities. You only have to be 16 years or older for an employment consideration.

To access the Raley’s Online Application directly, click here.

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