Whirlpool Application

Employment at Whirlpool

Submit your Whirlpool application for a chance to work at one of the top corporations in the world. Specialized in manufacturing home appliances, the company has gathered a multinational customer base during its many years of experience.

Visit the company’s job application portal to find the ideal position for you. You can apply for Whirlpool careers in the United States or you can opt for International positions at one of the company’s corporate offices from overseas.

Whirlpool Application

Due to the fact that the Whirlpool corporation operates worldwide, the entire job application process is conducted online on the company’s careers portal. All candidates must fill out the standard jobs and employment form and submit it online so that all the forms are centralized and assessed by the Whirlpool hiring specialists.

You should start by going to the official site, www.whirlpool.com, and clicking on the Careers button in the bottom menu to access the Whirlpool application portal. Choose the country where you are seeking employment in and then spend a few minutes to find out what the company offers to its employees.

If the 8 reasons why Whirlpool employees feel great about coming to work (even on Mondays) section does not convince you, then take a look at the benefits they offer to get a better idea about what it would be like to work there.

Click on the Search for Jobs button to find all the newest Whirlpool jobs or conduct your search according to a keyword of your choice and your location. Analyze the available positions by clicking on the job titles to see the full description of the position.

When you have chosen the Whirlpool jobs you want to apply to, click on the Apply Online button to begin filling out the online form. You will be asked to set up an account on the Whirlpool careers portal and then you will be able to begin the 7-step application. Here are the sections you will have to go through:

  • Getting Started

For the first section of the Whirlpool application form, you will have to choose between supplying your resume, uploading your data from your LinkedIn profile or filling out the rest of the form manually. The portal will use the information in your resume to fill out certain sections of your form so that you can complete it as fast as possible.

  • My Personal Information

Fill out this section of the Whirlpool application form with your full contact details and then take the time to answer the preliminary employment questions at the bottom of the page. You will have to mention whether or not you are above the age of 18, if you have ever worked for Whirlpool or any of its subsidiaries and if you are legally allowed to work in the U.S.

The second part of this section is reserved for your professional and academic experience. The portal will automatically fill out these fields with data from the resume. However, we advise that you review the transfer thoroughly, so as to make sure that all the relevant information has made it into the right section.

You can make any modifications and/or additions you want so that all the information that could prove helpful for the hiring process is included correctly.

  • My Attachments

Upload transcripts, diplomas, references or a cover letter for this section of the Whirlpool application form, so that the hiring specialists have access to all the information they need in order to get to know you as best as possible.

  • Diversity

The Diversity section of the Whirlpool application form includes a few simple questions regarding your gender and ethnicity. If you agree to disclose such information for the hiring process, take a few moments to answer them. The data will be used by the Human Resources department so that they can establish a diverse work environment.

  • Veteran Status – Other

If you feel comfortable disclosing your veteran status, you can do so in this section of the Whirlpool application form. However, your application will not be discredited in any way if you choose not to answer these questions.

  • Disability Identification

If you have any disability that you would like to share with the hiring specialists, you can do so in this section of the Whirlpool jobs and employment form. As for the Diversity and Veteran Status sections, it is entirely up to you if you choose to do so or not.

  • My Summary

The last section of the form will display the completed version of your Whirlpool application so that you can check for mistakes and/or omissions. When you have completed your review, you can finally submit your employment form.

Later on, when you log into the Whirlpool careers portal, you will be able to view your application status, so that you know whether or not your form has been assessed by the Human Resources Department.

Minimum Age for Employment at Whirlpool

The minimum age for Whirlpool employment differs from one country to another and even from one state to another, so as to be in line with the local labor laws. Young applicants are advised to apply for Student positions via the careers portal, as these could lead to longstanding careers at the company.

Whirlpool Hours of Operation

While most departments at Whirlpool abide by the standard corporate or production center schedules, these also differ from one country to another. If you are interested in finding out the Whirlpool store hours, we advise you to visit the official websites of the type of store you are interested in.

Go to outlet.whirlpool.com or to www.whirlpoolparts.com to look for the Whirlpool parts or products you need and then use their store locators to find your way towards the stores you need.

Entry-Level Whirlpool Careers and Income

Job seekers are advised to visit the Whirlpool jobs portal to find the newest careers at the company. Entry-level positions are available both in the Production and the Corporate departments and they can lead to high-level careers if the employees show promise.

Whirlpool Careers in Management

The Management positions at Whirlpool are filled by experienced professionals who are able to bring progress to their department and who can improve its overall performance by their innovative ideas. Current employees are encouraged to apply for Management positions through the Whirlpool employee portal, as this could actually facilitate their application process.

Manufacturing Engineer – Job Description and Duties

Manufacturing engineers will act as project managers for all the new products that are produced at the company. As such, they will coordinate the entire development of the production process and will provide technical support whenever this is necessary. They will be accountable for the successful production of these Whirlpool products and for their timely delivery.

Manufacturing Engineer – Salary and Compensation

Whirlpool salaries for this position start out at an annual rate of $64,000 and can reach $94,000 for experienced employees. Cash bonuses are awarded at the end of the year to repay the extraordinary performances of the employees who have gone that extra mile for the company.

Basic Tips for Applying at Whirlpool

As you can see, the main part of your Whirlpool application is your resume. On one hand, providing one will make filling out the form much easier and on the other hand, you will be supplying the Human Resources department with an extended view on your professional and academic achievements that they can use if they are in need of more information about you.

This is why we advise you to attach your full resume to the Whirlpool application form, as well as all the additional documents that you think might be relevant to the position you are applying for.

If you supply your resume, most of the My Personal Information section will be filled out. However, you will need to go through the information one more time and check if your previous workplaces are listed in the correct order and if the Job Responsibilities sections have been filled out properly.

Furthermore, you will need to adapt the contents of your resume to the space provided in the Whirlpool application from. Your aim is to make your application as appealing as possible, which means that you might have to rewrite some parts here and there.

Advanced tips for Applying at Whirlpool

You need to know that you cannot be obligated to provide the information required for the Diversity, Veteran Status and Disability Identification sections of the Whirlpool jobs form, so you only need to share the information you are comfortable with.

Lastly, proofread your Whirlpool application in the My Summary section and edit out any spelling mistakes that you might find. Make sure that your contact details are written correctly because the hiring specialists will have to use them in order to get in touch with you.

Benefits at Whirlpool

Whirlpool employees are entitled to comprehensive benefit packs that can make their life outside work comfortable and safe so that they can focus on their jobs every single day. These are the main contents of the benefit packs offered by the company:

  • Healthcare Whirlpool employee benefits – which include everything from Medical, Vision and Dental plans to Flexible Spending Accounts.
  • Insurance Whirlpool employee benefitsLife Insurance, Disability Insurance and Accident Insurance.
  • Wellness Programs – including yearly health assessments for all Whirlpool employees, flu shots, and Employee Assistance Programs.
  • 401(k) Retirement Program.
  • Paid Time Off – including paid vacations, holidays and special personal leave policies.
  • Special Whirlpool employee benefits and Perks – including special Whirlpool employee discounts, special scholarship programs, a full-service cafeteria and fitness and weight loss programs.

Whirlpool Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

Whirlpool company policy dictates that all the candidates selected by the Human Resources department from among the applicants must come in for interviews so that their professional skills and qualifications can be assessed further.

The number of meetings that candidates need to come in for depends on the career level and the specific hiring policy of the department they are applying for. As such, the interview process could include anything from telephone and online discussions to face-to-face meetings with the Hiring Manager, the Department Manager or even higher.

Candidates are expected to have solid knowledge about Whirlpool products that they can adapt to the department where they are seeking employment in. Some of the interview questions will focus on this and others will be centered on analyzing the personality of the candidates and whether or not they would be able to become integrated into the department.

As such, there are few  ways you can actually prepare for the interview. First, try reading as much as you can about the company’s development and the wide range of home appliances that they produce. We advise you to research the company’s main competitors and find out what makes their products either superior or inferior to Whirlpool products.

Then, you will need to go through the responsibilities of the position you have chosen and try to pinpoint the specific parts of your professional experience that enable you to achieve those tasks. This will improve your self-confidence considerably, so it is definitely worth your while.

Frequently Asked Whirlpool Interview Questions

We have gathered some examples of questions that you might receive during your interview, so have a look and start practicing your interview answers:

  • Why did you apply for this Whirlpool career?
  • Could please tell me about a time when you have managed to overcome a challenge/to overcome a personal failure/when you were forced to apply innovative ideas in order to achieve a task/when you completed a project only to realize that you need to start over from the very start do to a mistake?
  • How would you fit a giraffe in a refrigerator?
  • What makes you qualified for the Whirlpool job you have chosen?

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