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  Claim Jumper Application – Employment at Claim Jumper

The Claim Jumper application can be accessed on the internet, and this could be a good beginning for you in building a career as you use the abounding opportunity to build your resume. The company has good jobs for you, if you feel like working in a theme restaurant. Claim Jumper now hires many dedicated individuals who want employment. There are positions for both entry-level and professional applicants who are more than 18 years of age.  Apply online for job placement at Claim Jumper if you enjoy delivering quality service in the food-service industry.

Claim Jumper Jobs Available

A Claim Jumper job application can be submitted for any of the following available positions at Claim Jumper: Prep Cook, Cook, Host/Hostess, Server, Bartender, Busser, Dishwasher, Kitchen Manager, Restaurant Manager and Assistant Manager.

Minimum Employment Age at Claim Jumper

The minimum working age that is acceptable in a Claim Jumper online application is 18 years old. An applicant who is less than 18 years of age won’t be considered for employment.

Claim Jumper Store Hours

Claim Jumper opens business from Sunday to Thursday between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., while the hours of operation from Friday to Saturday fall between 11:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.

Important Tips to Apply Online with Claim Jumper

The Claim Jumper online application for employment is always open to applicants on the company’s official website. Whatever may be your level of education or background, the form is easy to fill. Your personal details and information are required in the form. The required details look into areas such as educational background, previous work experience, customer relation skills, and so on. These are what will be used to assess your personality, skills and more.

You must be factual when filling in the application form. You will be able to defend what you supply in the form during interviews. Ensure that you supply your personal mobile number. Claim Jumper may conduct one or more telephone interviews in addition to panel interviews. The interviews may involve personality exams, drug tests, and background checks.

Wear professional-looking attire to your interview. This will create a good impression on your personality. It makes you look organized. You must be able to provide the right response to every interview question. Don’t wait to receive a notice of your employment status. Two weeks after an interview, contact a human resources officer of Claim Jumper for updates on your application.

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Most Common Positions at Claim Jumper & Income Information

Amongst the various job positions that are available at Claim Jumper, Server, Hostess, and Restaurant Manager are the most common positions for which most people submit a Claim Jumper application form.

Here are some details on the average salary of these most common positions at Claim Jumper.

  1. Server – Hourly –                                                                  $8.51/hr
  2. Restaurant Manager –                                                          $50,355
  3. Hostess – Hourly –                                                                $7.94/hr
  4. Server –                                                                                $14k – $41k
  5. Assistant General Manager –                                               $61k – $98k
  6. Restaurant Manager –                                                          $41k – $60k
  7. Senior Manager –                                                                 $46k – $71k
  8. Customer Service –                                                               $15k – $37k
  9. Line cook –                                                                           $23k – $30k
  10. Senior Manager/Assistant General Manager                       $67k – $80k

Claim Jumper’s Benefits

Employees at Claim Jumper have the opportunity to enjoy numerous benefits like flexible job scheduling, comprehensive training, and competitive pay. Other work benefits may include healthcare options, sick leave, 401(k) retirement assistance and many more. Claim Jumper offers you a platform to build your career as you maximize the packages of competitive salary and other work benefits.

Claim Jumper is looking for dedicated employees. There are37  locations around you where you can offer your service at their restaurants. Go and fill the Claim Jumper job application form now and build your resume.

Begin the process of Claim Jumper job application online to start earning the pay and employment benefits you deserve.

To access the Claim Jumper Online Application directly, click here.

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