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Employment at Cigna

Cigna is a global healthcare provider focused on going that extra mile so that every patient gets the best possible care according to his/ her specific needs. “In a world of many millions, we see each person defining a healthy life on his or her own terms.“, says David Cordani, Cigna’s CEO. Cigna offers a wide range of insurance services and packages  for companies and institutions, including Cigna Healthcare, Cigna Dental Insurance, Cigna Vision and Cigna Prescription Coverage, so that their employees can rest assured that they are properly taken care of at all times.

Cigna Application

The first thing you need to do in order to get a Cigna job is to access the Cigna Careers Page. There, you will find a list of all the departments where you could seek Cigna employment:

  • Administrative Services/ General Management Cigna Careers
  • Business Operations Cigna Careers
  • Clinical Cigna Careers – including Cigna Healthcare Jobs, Cigna Nursing Jobs and Cigna Pharmacy Jobs
  • Finance Cigna Careers
  • Human Resources Cigna Careers
  • Investments Cigna Jobs
  • Information Technology Cigna Careers
  • Legal Cigna Careers
  • Medical Management Cigna Careers
  • Marketing & Strategy Cigna Careers
  • Provider Services Cigna Jobs
  • Public Affairs Cigna Careers
  • Sales & Sales Support Cigna Jobs
  • Underwriting Operations Cigna Jobs

You will also find a list of frequently asked questions. You are advised to take the time to read them because they will provide you with valuable information about the Cigna careers portal and the entire Cigna application process. The list even includes helpful advice for technical difficulties you might be experiencing throughout the application process.

Use the Jobs Search menu to find the best Cigna career for you. You can choose between U.S.-based Cigna jobs or a wide range of global Cigna careers.

Before you begin filling out your Cigna application, remember to take a look at the Resume and Video Interview Tips page to find some amazing tips for the application process.

The U.S.-based Cigna jobs search portal is quite easy to use if you follow these simple tips:

  • Choose the location of your desired Cigna job – if you do not see your location on the list, just click on the See all locations in United States to find the complete list of options.
  • Choose the exact Cigna job function that is appropriate for you and you needs – if you do not find what you are looking for in the short list, click on the See all job fields button to find a complete list of job fields in your desired department.
  • Lastly, choose the ideal work schedule that you would like to have in your chosen Cigna employment position:
    • Full- Time Cigna Careers
    • Part- Time Cigna Careers
    • On Call Cigna Careers
  • Explore the Cigna career options and read the full job description of the jobs by clicking on the job title; you will find the following details:
    • Position Summary
    • Essential Duties and Responsibilities
    • Qualifications
    • Knowledge, Skills, Abilities Required
    • Application Status
  • Find the best Cigna career for you and click on one of the following buttons:
    • Apply Online – if you want to begin filling out your Cigna application form
    • Add to my Job Cart – if you want to save the job and submit your Cigna application later on

The Cigna application process is quite easy to complete. Follow this series of tasks and submit your Cigna application form for your dream job today:

Create your own profile on the Cigna application portal – click on the New User button and then choose a user name and a password and secure the account with your e-mail address.

The entire Cigna application form includes a series of 11 steps. Go through them one by one to complete the Cigna application process:

1.      Resume Upload

You can either provide your resume for your Cigna application by using your LinkedIn profile or you can upload your standard resume from your computer.

2.      Personal Information

In this step of the Cigna application you need to supply your full personal and contact information.

You will also need to answer a couple of questions regarding your legal rights to work in the U.S. and any type of assistance that you might need.

3.      General Questions

This step of the Cigna application form consists of a questionnaire focused on:

  • whether or not you have ever been a contractor for Cigna or either one of its affiliates
  • whether or not you work/ have a family member who works for Concerned Parties
  • whether or not you have ever been employed at Cigna
  • whether or not you have ever signed a non-compete agreement
  • A confirmation of the fact that you are eligible for work within the U.S.
  • whether or not Cigna will need to sponsor your immigration

4.      Education

This is the step of the Cigna application form that is focused on your education.

Include the main institutions you have graduated from, the programs that you have followed and the qualifications that you were presented with upon completion.

5.      Employment History

For this step of the Cigna application form you need to provide information about your previous employment; you need to provide the following details:

  • the name of your employer
  • the position you had with that company
  • the exact duration of your collaboration
  • Your achievements and responsibilities – provide a short description of what you did in your position.
  • the name of your supervisor
  • The position your supervisor had and a phone number where he/ she can be reached.

6.      Certifications and Licenses

In this step of the Cigna application you need to provide any certificates or qualifications you might have that are relevant to the position you are applying for.

7.      File Attachments

This is the part of your Cigna application where you can write or copy/paste your resume (provided that you have not attached it at Step 1).

Attach a cover letter, your references or transcripts for your documents.

You can also attach any diploma or relevant document that you think belongs with your jobs and employment form.

8.      Diversity Survey – Part 1

You need to provide information about the following facts:

  • Ethnicity
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Veteran Status

You need to know that one of the possible answers that you can choose is “I do not wish to provide this information” and that your application will not be discredited in any way if you choose it.

9.      Diversity Survey – Part 2

The second Diversity survey in the Cigna application form focuses on disabilities.

You need to let the company know whether or not you suffer from one or more diseases included in their list (includes diseases like autism, PTSD, OCD, depression, bipolar disorder, epilepsy, etc.).

10. eSignature

This is the step of the Cigna application that makes it valid

By providing your eSignature, you are essentially agreeing to the following:

  • you will provide proof of your American citizenship and your permission to work
  • you will pass a health assessment successfully if subjected to one
  • you will pass a drug test successfully if subjected to one
  • you will pass a background check successfully
  • you will pass a nicotine test successfully

Your eSignature consists of your name and a unique identifier that you provide (which could be the first four digits of your national identification number/ insurance number).

11. Summary

You will view a summary of your entire Cigna application and you will be allowed to edit out any mistakes that might have slipped through.

When you are finished editing out your Cigna application, you have three options:

  • Submit – to send in your application for your desired Cigna career.
  • Save – to save your application to your profile on Cigna careers portal.
  • Quit – to quit the Cigna application process and lose all the information you have supplied up to this point.

Minimum Age for Employment at Cigna

The Cigna hiring policy abides by state laws and, as such, it might vary among the numerous Cigna locations. However, due to the nature of the company, the vast majority of Cigna careers are aimed at highly trained professionals who have experience in their line of work and who are usually at least in their twenties.

Cigna Hours of Operation

The hours of operation vary considerably among the numerous Cigna locations, so if you need to find the Cigna hours, you can go to the Cigna Customer Service page on the Cigna official site and find the best way for you to get in touch with the Cigna Customer Services team.

Entry-Level Cigna Careers and Income

There are entry level Cigna job opportunities in every one of the company’s departments.

Cigna conducts an extensive selection process to find employees, so that those people who are chosen for Cigna employment are ready to give their best every single day and eventually persevere. The company encourages Cigna employees to grow in their profession and to perfect their skills continuously.

Moreover, Cigna offers its employees the possibility of advancement within the company, precisely so that it can have people who understand and respect the Cigna core values in its highest positions.

Cigna Careers in Management

Cigna Managers are people who understand the importance of healthcare, as well as that of the department that they represent in relation to the experience that patients have at the clinic.

They are able to coordinate a team of highly trained professionals with the ultimate goal of enabling the department to reach its maximum performance and providing patients with a superior healthcare experience in every way possible.

Basic Tips for Applying at Cigna

The Cigna application process is conducted via the Cigna careers portal, as there is not printable Cigna employment form that you can use to apply for positions within the company. This means that you can only apply to the various Cigna job openings by sending your application online.

The most important thing you need to remember about the Cigna careers portal is that it allows you to apply to more than one Cigna career, which increases your chances of finding employment.

You will need to take the time to fill out your Cigna application form and you will need to be extremely diligent with it, as it will represent you to the Cigna hiring specialists. This means that you need to fill out every section of the Cigna employment form, including those that are not mandatory.

You are advised to provide a cover letter for your Cigna application form, as this offers you the opportunity to convince the Cigna hiring specialists that you are worthy of the Cigna job that you are applying for. The references that you include could also make a difference, so don’t skip that step either.

While the Cigna application form itself is quite easy to fill out, you need to have patience and provide comprehensive information for every step of the online application form. The Cigna Human Resources department will appreciate your effort and realize that you are willing to give your best if chosen for the Cigna career.

Pay special attention to the Summary step of the online application form and thoroughly proofread everything that you have entered, because spelling and grammar mistakes are inadmissible in an employment form.

Benefits at Cigna

Cigna’s policy is that every patient needs to be provided the best possible care for his/her needs. As such, the company is also focused on providing its employees the best possible benefit plans, so that they are safe and happy outside work in order to be as efficient as possible during work hours.

The main Cigna benefits are as follows:

  • Cigna Healthcare Plan
    • Cigna Medical Plan
    • Cigna Vision Plan
    • Cigna Dental Insurance
  • Supplemental Long-term Disability
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Group Universal Life
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan
  • Cigna Employee Benefits that are completely free:
    • Paid Time Off
    • Basic Life Insurance
    • Short-Term and Long Term Disability
    • Tuition Reimbursement
    • Life Coaching
  • Cigna benefits that encourage employees to give their best:
    • Flexible Work Schedules
    • Onsite Clinics and Fitness Centers
    • Commuter Cigna benefits
    • Child and Dependant Care Cigna benefits
    • Cigna Employee Discounts
    • Cigna Employee Assistance Program

Cigna Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

After you hit the Submit button on your Cigna application, you will need to wait a few days for it to be processed and assessed by the Cigna hiring specialists. For some Cigna careers the assessment might take up to a few weeks, so don’t worry if you do not hear back right away.

You are going to receive a formal response from the Cigna Human Resources department regarding your application whether you are deemed eligible for Cigna employment or not.

If you are not chosen for the Cigna job that you have applied for, it does not mean that it is the end of the road for you regarding Cigna employment. You will be presented with the full list of reasons why you were not chosen and you can apply for another Cigna career when you update the contents of your application.

Furthermore, you can still apply for other Cigna careers that you are fully qualified for. The most important thing is that you do not get discouraged and that you persevere.

If you are chosen for the Cigna job that you have applied for, you will begin the Cigna interview process that will likely include an online interview and eventually a face-to-face interview with the Cigna hiring specialists and the Manager of the department.

You will need to be prepared for your online interview, which means that:

  • You need to practice, practice, and practice.
    • use preparation materials from the internet to train for your Cigna interview
    • go through as many training interviews as you can because practice makes perfect
  • Make sure you respect the time you are scheduled for – this entails that you are online at the specific time indicated by the Cigna hiring specialists.
  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection for the entire duration of the online interview.
  • Choose an appropriate venue for your Cigna online interview because it is bound to contribute to the overall impression that you make.
  • Dress to impress – regardless of the fact that it is not a face-to-face interview, you still need to choose an appropriate interview outfit.
  • To get an idea about how you (and the venue you have chosen) look “on camera”, try Skyping with a friend prior to the interview to take a look at the overall picture.

Frequently Asked Cigna Interview Questions

The Cigna interview process will likely include the following types of questions:

  • General Questions
    • Why have you chosen to apply at Cigna?
  • Personal/ Psychological Questions
    • What would you say is your biggest achievement?
    • What do you think is your best quality?
    • What are your flaws?
  • Professional/ Cigna Career Questions
    • What can you bring to Cigna?
    • Most questions will likely focus on your ability to perform all the responsibilities of your chosen Cigna career

Keep your interview answers reasonably short and try to provide witty answers to the questions that you are asked during it, as this is your chance to establish yourself as noteworthy among the numerous other candidates.

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