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Employment at Centene

Centene Corporation is a health business that focuses on uninsured and underinsured individuals who have government-based insurance. They also offer other insurance and related wellness programs such as at-home health care and pharmacy services. Centene is committed to local solutions to health care problems that hire people in the communities served. Completing a Centene application is electronic. Centene hires a variety of job fields.

This article will detail all of the Centene jobs. For example, entry-level and management jobs will be described. The process for completing a Centene application and interview is covered throughout.

Centene Application

Centene Corporation hires applicants for Centene jobs and jobs with subsidiary companies. People committed to helping underserved individuals fulfill their health care insurance needs will find a job at Centene rewarding.

The following job fields are available at Centene:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Actuarial services
  • Administrative services
  • Business development and sales
  • Claims operations
  • Clinical and nursing
  • Communications
  • Compliance
  • Customer service
  • Data analytics
  • Government relations
  • Health insurance and operations
  • human resources
  • information technology
  • internships
  • legal and compliance
  • marketing and communications
  • network development and contracting
  • nursing
  • pharmacists
  • physicians
  • project management
  • provider data management
  • quality assurance
  • school based services
  • training

The specific Centene jobs offered under the respective fields are listed below.

Accounting and finance positions are:

  • accountant I
  • accountant II
  • accounting specialist
  • audit analyst
  • cash poster
  • finance director
  • procurement director
  • finance analyst
  • collector

Actuarial services jobs are:

  • actuarial associate
  • actuarial services director
  • actuarial services manager
  • vice president for actuarial services

Administrative assistant jobs all involve making sure that the business runs smoothly and meetings are scheduled. The positions are:

  • administrative analyst
  • administrative assistant I and II
  • business analyst
  • clerical specialist

Business development and sales positions are:

  • account coordinator
  • account executive
  • medicare programs account executive
  • sales manager
  • broker relations specialist
  • commissions analyst

Claims are a very important part of the health care insurance industry. Claims positions are:

  • claims adjuster
  • claims analyst
  • claims auditor
  • claims documentation specialist
  • claims liaison

The clinical and nursing positions are:

  • concurrent review nurse
  • service coordinator
  • utilization manager
  • behavioral case manager

The following are compliance positions:

  • vice president for compliance
  • compliance analyst
  • privacy compliance specialist
  • program integrity manager
  • special investigation unit investigator
  • payment integrity director

Customers in the healthcare industry are also patients or medical providers. Providing quality care at potentially sensitive times is a vital skill for customer service employees. The positions are:

  • customer service representative
  • lead customer service representative
  • manager of call center operations
  • call center support technician

Data informs decisions and the positions in data analytics are:

  • business analyst
  • clinical informatics analyst
  • data analyst

Government relations jobs are:

  • director of government relations
  • vice president for legislative and government affairs

The positions in health insurance operations are:

  • behavioral referral specialist
  • call center systems analyst
  • patient care coordinator
  • patient care supervisor
  • accreditation specialist
  • appeals and grievance specialist

Human resources jobs are:

  • director of human resources
  • eLearning curriculum developer
  • human resources business partner
  • human resources generalist
  • senior benefits analyst

If you are good with computers and programming then the following information technology jobs could be of interest. These jobs are:

  • applications architect
  • application software developer
  • application software engineer
  • business analyst
  • agile coach
  • business systems analyst
  • critical facilities technician

Legal and compliance positions are related to general compliance positions. These jobs are:

  • compliance manager
  • corporate counsel
  • senior director of compliance

While there are no strict communication openings, there are marketing and communications openings. These positions are:

  • communications specialist
  • community relations coordinator
  • credentialing program specialist
  • director of marketing and communications
  • government relaltions representative

Network development, and contracting positions are:

  • vice president for network development and contracting
  • contract coordinator
  • contract implementation analyst
  • contract negotiator
  • manager of provider networks
  • manager of credentialing

Nursing positions are:

  • director of medical management
  • supervisor of utilization management
  • telehealth registered nurse

The pharmacist jobs at Centene are:

  • clinical pharmacy support
  • clinical pharmacist
  • director of pharmacy
  • managed care pharmacy resident

All of the physician positions are either medical director or chief medical director.

Project management positions are:

  • director of project management
  • management of project implemenation
  • project coordinator
  • project manager I, II, or III

Provider data management jobs are:

  • credentialing specialist
  • director of provider data management
  • provider data management analyst

Quality assurance is an important oversight in the level of work done. These positions are:

  • vice president for quality improvement
  • clinical compliance auditor
  • clinical improvement coordinator
  • clinical reviewer specialist
  • director of accreditation

Current school based openings are all for teachers.

Training openings are:

  • business process analyst
  • claims trainer
  • clinical provder trainer
  • curriculum designer
  • medical management trainer
  • senior auditor trainer

At the time of this article there were no current openings for communications or internships positions.

The careers page for Centene jobs will be structured differently depending on the device you are viewing it on. On a laptop or desktop there are four boxes in the middle of the screen that describe different aspects of Centene jobs in more detail. These boxes are “Why Centene?”, “Benefits”, “Search Jobs”, and “Technology Jobs”. Below these boxes are a summary of searching for a general career, searching as a student, and an employee testimonial of what it is like to work at Centene.

The “Why Centene?” box provides a summary of what Centene does and why they are a good company to work for. General benefits are covered in the “Benefits” box while the “Technology Jobs” feature highlights a fast growing industry within Centene jobs. To officially begin the job search, select the “Search Jobs” box.

There are a variety of ways to optimize the search for Centene jobs. On the job search page, the applicant can search by job number or keywords as an open ended field. There are preselected fields for job field, location, and organization. For both the job field and location, there is an option to add multiple job fields or multiple locations to the search. Centene only accepts online applications.

Optimize the Career Profile

To increase the chance of a successful Centene application, you should create a Centene jobs profile. The steps to optimize your use of the profile are outlined below. There are 15 steps for this process.

  1. To create a profile with Centene, you will need to select the “Search Jobs” box and then select the sign-in link in the upper right corner of the job search box.
  2. This will take you to a privacy agreement and then an option to create a new account. As a new user, you must select new user. You cannot select sign in with Google or Yahoo as an error generates.
  3. Create a user name and profile.
  4. Once you are signed into your account, select the my jobpage tab in the navigation menu.
  5. Once on this page, select the create my profile.
  6. Fill out your interests to get relevant Centene jobs. Select save and continue.
  7. Fill out your geographic preferences. Select save and continue.
  8. Select the specific company(s) you want to work for. Centene has many subsidiary companies.
  9. Choose to either create a resume, import data from LinkedIn, or import a Word document. Select save and continue.
  10. Complete all relevant personal information. Select save and continue.
  11. Complete your work experience. Select save and continue.
  12. Complete your education and certificates. Select save and continue.
  13. Upload any additional attachments that would strengthen your Centene application. Select save and continue.
  14. Review the final job profile and submit.
  15. Wait for tailored results to be generated for you.

Minimum Age for Employment at Centene

The minimum age to work at Centene is 18 years old or 16 with a GED. These people are able to work in a call center with specific Fair Labor Standards Act rules. Centene jobs does hire people with no experience for entry level positions such as a clerical associate or customer service representative.

There are tiers to many Centene jobs. Someone with less experience would start on tier I and someone with more experience would start on tier II or tier III. Students who want to work at Centene should select the student tab from the main careers page.

Centene Hours of Operation

Centene has standard office hours of operation for many of the positions. There are some positions that will have to work early in the morning or in the evening. These are positions in places like call centers. To find out what the specific hours are for the job you are interested in, contact the Centene customer service department. Their contact information is found here.

Entry Level Centene Careers and Respective Income

There are many entry level positions at Centene. The pay for these positions depends on your experience. For example, positions that only require a high school diploma will typically have a lower starting salary than entry-level positions for recent college graduates.

The promotion opportunities for many Centene jobs show progress from a level I to a level II to a level III job. After advancement to these levels, there are director or supervisory positions in those fields as well. For example, there are three levels of accounting positions and then director and supervisor of accounting positions.

Centene Careers in Management

A person who wants to go into management at Centene should have a degree in a related field, years of experience in a position related to the position they are applying for, knowledge of the procedural and declarative knowledge in the field.

If applicable to the position, this person also needs to have the necessary licenses and certifications to practice in the field. A person should show the ability to lead, stay organized, and manage a group of people with diverse experiences.

Basic Tips for Applying at Centene

To submit a strong application at Centene, the applicant should become fully aware of the culture of the Centene website.

  • Learn about the mission, vision, and history of the company. Look at the reports and any references to governmental regulations.
  • Try to research who the leadership is in the part of the company you want to work. This information can frequently be found by looking at LinkedIn or Googling the people in leadership. Having this information in hand when you are submitting a cover letter shows that you care about the job application and want to work for Centene.
  • Review the benefits that are offered to full or part-time employees. Prepare questions for a possible interview on the benefits based on the type of position you are applying.
  • Research what it is like to work at Centene from websites like Glassdoor. These reviews cannot be altered by employers, so they can give you a good sense of if people enjoy working at Centene and if the application process was easy or difficult.
  • Tailor your resume to the position you are applying for. At the same time, maintain generalities so that you can reuse many aspects of your resume and save time.

Benefits of Working at Centene

There are many benefits to working at Centene. Centene pays the full cost for many of the benefits employees receive. If Centene does not cover the benefits, then they are taken out with pre-tax payroll deductions.

The benefits are comprehensive health insurance, flexible spending accounts, short and long-term disability, life insurance, and a wellness program. Employees also receive a 401(k) and have the option to purchase stocks.

Centene is committed to a work-life balance and offers paid time off, discounts on regular services, employee assistance program, tuition reimbursement, and discount fitness memberships.

Centene Interview Tips

To prepare for an interview at Centene the applicant should practice potential questions that may be asked and possible answers. These should be practiced to familiarity but not memorization. This is because you will not know exactly how a question may be asked and responding with a canned answer can seem inauthentic.

The interviewers ask STAR questions. They focus on behavioral questions and how you have handled a difficult work situation in the past. For positions that are analytical in nature, questions may be about solving a problem or estimating a quantity.

There are typically three interviews and the total process for a successful search takes a month. Prepare to speak to how you would complete the day-to-day tasks and if you have any questions for the interviewers.

Review other people’s experience with interviews on Glassdoor. Analyze people who had negative experiences and people who had positives ones and try to identify triggers that led to a positive or negative experience.

Centene is a leader in providing health insurance to underserved or uninsured individuals. They give back and hire in the local communities where they have offices. There are many companies under the Centene umbrella. If you like working in a health care field, but are not sure you want to work in a doctor’s office or hospital, then working for a healthcare insurance agency could be the perfect fit.

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