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The CATO Corporation is one of the most cherished American retailers for women’s apparel, clothing and accessories. Cato caters to the fashion needs of Southerners with tight pockets. At the moment, the company operates over 1.300 apparel stores across the United States (in roughly 30 states, most of which are to the Southeast). Not all clothing articles and accessories are sold under the name of Cato. You might recognize some of them as “Versona”, “It’s Fashion”, “Cato Plus” or “It’s Fashion Metro”. The company has a different type of audience in mind. Instead of chasing after teens with model bodies, it caters to the needs of “fuller” women and children. Most accessories and articles are geared to low- and middle-income clients (in general for audiences between the age of 18 and 50).

You will find a wide selection of clothes that are made from good quality materials but which are also reasonably price, so as to encourage less fortunate shoppers. Most Cato stores can be found in shopping centers, near to Walmart Stores or other discounter markets. The name of the company comes from its founder, John Cato, who created the company back in 1946. It’s been over a decade since then, and during that time Cato steadily grew into one of the best low-cost fashion-worthy stores in the industry. The company’s headquarters can be found in Charlotte, North Carolina.

With so many stores, and a huge capital of 905.7 million U.S. it should not come as a surprise that the company is always in need of new employees to fill entry-level as well as specific positions. If you are interested in the world of fashion and retailing you should definitely send in your Cato job application as soon as possible, and become part of a creative and dynamic team.

Cato Online Job Application

The Cato Corporation is an ever-growing company which offers approximately 10.000 positions for associates in different roles including distribution, management and sales. Do you want to become part of an energetic and fast-paced environment? Do you have an inclination towards fashion? If you want to obtain CATO fashion jobs all you have to do is to submit your Catos application. This can be done in two ways. You can download the PDF version of the application from the official website, print it out and take it to the store (click here for PDF application). Or you can fill out the Cato job application online and e-mail it to the company (via

Unlike other retailing companies, CATO doesn’t offer separate employee logins, and you have to search for job openings on the official careers site ( The good news is that Cato careers are separated according to location, categories and position so you can quickly filter through the results. Each Cato career, for each state or city, has a short description which includes responsibilities, perks and application process. In other words, it is fairly simple to apply for Cato jobs online.

Minimum Age for Employment at Cato

You must be at least 16-years-old to be considered for Cato employment. There are several jobs and internships dedicated especially to aspiring young fashion designers or entry-level applicants who wish to support themselves through school. However, there are certain positions which can only be filled once a required age is met. You should definitely check out for more information about minimum age for Cato employment.

Cato Fashions Store Hours

Cato Fashions Store hours are very similar to that of other stores. While it is true that certain shops are open on unusual schedules (especially if they are situated in malls), most of them respect the following schedule:

Monday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Saturday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Sunday: 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Entry Level Cato Careers and Income

Before you start filling out your CATO job application you probably want to know what you’re getting yourself into. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular entry-level, management and distribution positions.

Catos Jobs: sales associate, assistant manager, district manager in training, training store manager, senior district manager, regional vice president, field manager, financing expert, human resources representative, reconciliation clerk, cato clothing designer, senior tax analyst, merchandise systems analyst, programmer analyst, planning systems coordinator, material handler, vendor compliance manager, flatwear supervisor etc.

These were only a few examples of different jobs for potential employees. At the moment, the company is offering careers for both entry-level and qualified staffs in full and part time schedules. Sales associates, for example, can choose to work full or part-time. There is a plethora of Cato careers that you can choose from, but you should read about the specific requirements for each before applying. This will significantly increase the chances of getting hired.

Part-time collector:Cato currently operates three concepts: Versona Accessories, Cato and It’s fashion. With over 1300 stores across the United States, it requires a strong workforce that can deliver products, accomplish sales and more. Cato is usually seeking collectors who want to advance in the retail environment. Ideal candidates for part-time collectors must have 1-2 years of experience in the field, availability to work at night and in weekends and good telephone skills. Although it sounds a bit cruel to work at night, this is one of the most rewarding CATO careers in terms of salary and non-wage perks.

Material Handler: Material handlers must be prepared to lift up to 125 lbs in a stressful and dynamic production environment. In general, applicants under the age of 18 will not be considered. References are also extremely important for this position. Material handlers may find it difficult to lift, stoop or carry heavy objects on a daily basis, but there are many perks for such a career (example: air conditioned facility, retirement plans, health; vision and life insurance, employee stock ownership and many more). Do you think that you would be interested in such a career? If the answer is yes, then what are you waiting for? Submit your Cato job application as soon as possible!

Allocation Analyst: Allocation analysts are trained to evaluate the store’s performance and ultimately allocate products according to monthly strategies and plans. For this position, a candidate will be required to collaborate closely with other members of the team to maximize profitability. Job requirements include strong analytical & organizational skills, one year of experience in the retailing industry, and knowledge of Excel, Word, JDA Allocation and RDW software.

Sales Associate:The job duties of a sale associate includes ringing purchases, helping customers make a purchase, organizing merchandise on displays and maintaining store cleanliness. Minimum hiring requirements for the Cato career of sale associate includes age 16 and above and availability for work at late hours & in the weekends. Entry-level applicants are welcome to this position but they are required to have excellent interpersonal skills and basic math knowledge. The typical salary of a Sales associate at Cato stores oscillates between 8.00 and 10.00 dollars per hour.

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Cato Careers in Management

Like many other retailing companies, Cato also prefers to promote from within. However, it will offer up assistant manager, and district manager positions for qualified individuals. Cato wants candidates who have an attitude to fill available managerial roles. This means that they must also have experience in the retailing industry, a strong personality, leadership and organizational skills, knowledge of other stores and fashion sense. In general, CATO store managers win enticing salaries that can range from 30.000 to 40.000 dollars annually (and this does not include paid over-time).

Assistant Manager:if you take a quick glance on www you will see that there are plenty of administrative positions available right now. In general, an application for a management position will be taken into consideration by CATO for a full year. After that, you must submit a new application. Assistant managers have to ensure that customers are being treated properly, and that the store meets its sales goals. He/she must also check quantitative and quality standards for products, adhere to all administrative and operational policies and systems, handle payroll fluctuations and keep an eye out for employees. To be considered for this CATO career you must have at least one year experience of managing a store or something related to supervisory knowledge.

Basic Tips for Applying at Cato

Cato hiring personnel has given the job application process a lot of thought. In an effort to make everything easier for job-seekers, it has provided with a downloadable PDF version of the job application. This may be downloaded, printed out and filled out by hand. Of course, this also means that you have to submit your application in person. Statistically speaking, job-seekers who submit applications on location have more chances of being requested for an interview. This is because, at Cato, hiring personnel cares about the appearance of an applicant. If you dress nicely and display a positive attitude, they will have no reason not to call you in for some one-on-one time.

The reference list is of vital importance for Cato careers. The company is very interested in your previous experience, and in what former employees or co-workers have to say about you. Keep in mind that by submitting the Cato job application form you are consenting to the drug test and background check. If you are delivering the Cato application in person you should dress in fashionable attire in order to create a good first impression. Job-seekers applying for upper-level management positions should definitely wear a suite.

Advanced Tips for Applying at Cato

Patience is a virtue with Cato careers. You should never rush into filling out your application without covering the basic and advanced tips for applying.

  • If you find it difficult to navigate the careers page you can always click on the job titles featured on the left side of the screen. This will redirect you to the descriptions & details for each employment opportunity.
  • Before you submit your application you should read the specifications and requirements for each to ensure that you have what it takes for the job. If you do, complete your application and send it to the email provided.
  • Always proof-read and spell-check your articles.
  • If possible, attach your resume, cover letter and references to make the first impression really count.
  • Give the hiring officer enough time to look through your application and see if you are a good match.
  • Find the closest locations that you can apply for. Seeking Cato employment near your home will make it more comfortable for you to reach work on time.

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Cato Job Application Status

The Cato job hiring process is extremely fast and efficient. You should expect to hear back within a week from submitting your application. The follow-up will probably come via telephone. If you haven’t hear from managers in one or two weeks you should politely initiate contact via phone, or in person. You should, however, conduct some research before following up with hiring personnel. Are you sure you were suitable for that position? Was your application really that good? You definitely don’t want to come across as annoying to the hiring staff. Try to exude a respectful yet confident attitude while following-up in person.

Cato Benefits

CATO values its employees highly. The first (and probably most important perk for teenagers) is the enormous discounts on clothing and fashion accessories. Another thing that you might enjoy is the opportunity of working with one of the biggest name in the affordable-fashion industry and becoming part of a dynamic, energetic and supportive work environment.

Let’s list the most important non-wage perks now:

  • For part-time associates: vision discount plan, prescription discount plan, dental discount plan, part-time medical plan, 401K plan, employee stock ownership plan, employee stock purchase plan, credit union, short-term disability, life insurance for associates.
  • For full-time associates: health & dental insurance, 401k Plan, long & short term disability, prescription drug program, vision discount plan, credit union, employee stock purchase & stock ownership plans, paid holidays, PTO, flexible spending account etc. (more info on Cato

Cato Job Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

Cato has one of the most effective job hiring processes. It will take around one day and one week to be hired for your Cato career. If you receive a follow-up response from the hiring personnel you will probably be asked to drop by the store to gain full employment. Cato hiring managers will screen applications online, and make hiring determinations after a one-on-one interview. The interview will take between 20-30 minutes. During it you are expected to discuss freely, put your own questions and give details about your background and availability.

After the face-to-face interview, begins the second phase of the Cato hiring process: the completion of personality and skills exams. These exams are not mandatory for all posts, but most administrative positions have them. The results for these tests will greatly influence the managers’ decision and deliberation process. During the interview process you should show your desires strengths through non-verbal communication, eye contact, a polite attitude and wide smile. Enthusiasm is always appreciated. Make sure you wear a fashionable and business outfit (preferably from the store).

Frequently Asked Cato Interview Questions

Always keep in mind that there are no wrong and right interview answers. All you can do is answer truthfully and hope that the managers find you a good fit for the company. Here are some of the most frequently asked interview questions for Cato careers:

  1. Where did you submit your Catos application?
  2. What can you tell us about the company and Cato employment?
  3. How would you persuade a customer to return to the store?
  4. When you enter the Cato store, what attracts you the most?
  5. What kind of fashion trends did you see at Cato?
  6. Can you tell us a little bit about the Cato corporation core values? How do you fit our vision?
  7. If your co-worker was stealing, what would you do?
  8. How would you resolve a conflict between two co-workers?
  9. What does good customer service mean to you?
  10. What are some adjectives that best describe you?
  11. How would you improve sales?
  12. What will you personally bring to the Cato Team?

Cato Job Application Final Thoughts

This concludes our list of tips for the Catos job application process. Take into account these simple rules and you will nail any Cato fashions careers in no time. Good luck!

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