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Bruster’s Ice Cream is an American chain of ice cream parlors. The company was founded in 1990 by Bruce Reed, in Bridgewater, Pennsylvania. Bruster’s Ice cream is specialized in ice creams and frozen yoghurts made from a milk-based mix, which are produced in each parlor. The company decided to use this method in order to ensure a greater quality of the products and prevent any ice crystal formation during transport. The company operates as a franchise and its locations are concentrated in the Eastern part of the United States. A dozen of the locations are directly owned and operated by Bruster’s Ice Cream to this day. Bruster’s creates over 170 different ice cream flavors and some of them are very popular, like Chocolate Lovers Trash, Peanut Butter Puddles, Key Lime Pie, Stick in the Mud, Lemon Meringue Pie, Purple Dinosaur, Peanut Butter and Jelly, and Cotton Candy Explosion. Among their seasonal flavors there are Pumpkin, Caramel Apple, Peach, and Winter Wonder. Each location constantly offers around 38 different flavors at a time. Bruster’s offers more than just ice cream and frozen yoghurt. They also make handmade ice cream cakes, and they make their own homemade waffle cones. There are more deserts on the menu, like smoothies, shakes, Blasts, sundaes, banana splits, pies, and low-carb fat-free ice cream.

Bruster’s popularity is not only due to its quality deserts, but also thanks to some very interesting promotions the company offers. They include PJ Weekend, during which all customers wearing pajamas receive a free ice-cream scoop; free dog and cat sundaes; free cones for children smaller than 40 inches. There are over 180 Bruster’s Ice Cream locations throughout the country, and more than 30,000 Bruster’s employees. 15 to 30 employees are needed for each Bruster’s location, and many of them are teenagers.

Bruster’s Application in PDF form: click here

Bruster’s Application Process

Bruster’s careers are very popular especially among teenagers. Bruster’s jobs are usually seen as fun, flexible, and quite reliable. The Bruster’s application process is simple and easy to follow, and it can be done only directly at the desired location. There is no Bruster’s online application system. Since all Bruster’s locations are franchisee owned, each location manages independently its hiring needs. The candidate will need to go to a Bruster’s location and find out if there are any Bruster’s available positions.

To begin the Bruster’s application process, the candidate can use the company’s official site, to find out details about what needs to be done and go at the bottom at the page and then click on the “jobs” link. Once arrived on the careers page – Bruster’s Careers – the candidate will find the Bruster’s jobs and employment form, which he or she will need to download and complete in order to apply for any of Bruster’s careers available.

After finding a Bruster’s job available and downloading the Bruster’s Scooper application, the candidate will need to print the Bruster’s jobs and employment form and submit it to the hiring manager. Even if the Bruster’s application process is based on a form, this is a very short one, and not so many details can be filled, so the candidate should also consider writing a good resume.

The jobs and employment form will have sections about the candidate’s education and previous work experience, but candidates who have some work experience could find it rather restrictive. In a resume, the candidate can write more and specific details in order to highlight his or her competences, and this can make a real difference.

The Bruster’s jobs and employment form requires candidates to fill in the name of the franchisee they are submitting their application to, their full name, address, and contact details. It also requires candidates to specify their work availability, both the days and the times during which they are available. It also contains a few questions which need to be answered, like:

  • If you are under 18 years of age, please state your date of birth.
  • If you are less than 18 years of age, how old are you?
  • Are you able to perform the essential duties of the job for which you are applying?
  • Do you have reliable transportation to work?
  • Are you legally eligible for employment in the United States?

The Bruster’s job application form also has short sections regarding the education and previous working experience, but also a section in which the candidate is required to list at least one professional reference. The form contains some more questions the candidate will need to answer, like:

  • Why would you like to work for Bruster’s?
  • Have you ever worked at a Bruster’s store before? If so, why did you leave?
  • What does customer service mean to you?

These questions are followed by three assessments of the candidate’s math skills. One of the questions is: “The customer gives you $5.00. The guest total is for $2.71. What is the customer’s change?” After these assessments, the candidate needs to sing the Bruster’s application form. If the candidate is under age, the signature of a parent or of the guardian is also required. After doing all these steps, the candidate needs to take the printed Bruster’s job application form to the store they want to apply to. (Bruster’s Application in PDF form: available here)

Those candidates who have some prior working experience should also consider attaching a resume to their Bruster’s job application. When writing a resume, no matter for what career or company, all candidates should consider a few tips and tricks which will greatly increase their chances of being considered for an interview. Here they are:

  • Candidates should refrain from giving details about their gender and race. In recent years, it has become illegal for employers to ask these kinds of questions during interviews.
  • Attaching a photograph is also unnecessary, although some companies might actually require this. However, this is not the case for Bruster’s.
  • If candidates do want to include a photograph, it must always be a professional one. It is unacceptable to attach cuts from family photos, or from any other events.
  • Candidates should only mention the latest and most relevant schools they graduated from. A candidate with a bachelor degree should not also mention the high-school he or she graduated from.
  • Candidates should give details not only about the duties and responsibilities of former jobs, but also about their accomplishments.
  • Candidates should be as specific as possible when describing their duties and accomplishments, and use numbers whenever this is possible. If they were in charge of the register, they should specify how much money they handled during a shift, for example.
  • The hobby section should be ignored or it should contain only hobbies which will support the candidate. They should also be true. As an example, a candidate who lists reading as a hobby might be asked about the latest book he or she read.
  • Additional courses or professional certifications can also be included. Candidates should consider listing especially those which they are relevant for the position they are applying.
  • The resume should be easy to read. Candidates should use simple fonts, and only one font per resume.
  • There should be a maximum of two colors on the resume and one of them should always be black.

When candidates take their resume and jobs and employment form to the Bruster’s store, they should put them in a paper folder. A plastic sheet can also be used, provided it is not transparent. It shows that the candidate respects both himself and the company he or she applies at, and it will also help the Bruster’s hiring manager not lose them. It is not uncommon for papers to be misplaced or to get easily lost on a desk.

Minimum Age for Employment at Bruster’s

The minimum age to start working at Bruster’s is 15. Of course, some Bruster’s jobs require employees to be at least 18 years of age, due to state regulations, and this happens in the case of more complex jobs or jobs which require operating equipment. Also, some Bruster’s careers require some prior work experience, so 15 years old will not meet the requirements. However, entry level Bruster’s careers can be started as early as 15.

Bruster’s Hours of Operations

Bruster’s hours of operations might vary from one store to another, but there are no important differences. Usually, a Bruster’s store opens at 11 in the morning every day of the week. A Bruster’s store closes at 10 in the evening, Monday to Sunday. This schedule might differ, however, and some Bruster’s stores have different policies when it comes to holidays. The easiest way for a candidate to find out this is to actually inquire at the store.

Entry Level Bruster’s Careers and Income

Bruster’s careers are divided into two major categories: stores and corporate. Corporate Bruster’s careers are rearely available, since at only a small number of people works at headquarter. But Store Bruster’s jobs are very frequent, and people of different backgrounds and education can easily find a Bruster’s job. Some of the most frequent store Bruster’s jobs are Ice Cream Maker, Ice Cream Scooper, Cashier, Crew Leader, Assistant Manager, and Manager. Entry level Bruster’s careers are most popular among teenagers, and are easily accessible. They offer a flexible schedules and a fun and delicious work environment.

Bruster’s Ice Cream Scooper Job Description and Duties

This is one of the entry level Bruster’s jobs and is available to the youngest candidates. A Bruster’s Ice Cream Scooper serves the customers and needs to have a friendly and positive attitude at all times. The responsibilities of a Bruster’s Ice Cream Scooper are:

  • To serve the customers in a friendly and satisfying manner;
  • To prepare the Bruster’s products in accordance with the recipes and company’s specifications;
  • Is responsible for the general cleaning and maintenance of the store, equipments, and tools;
  • Is required to report any quality and quantity concerns to the manager;
  • Is required to restock with products and supplies whenever it is needed.

There are no special requirements when it comes to education and previous work experience, but candidates need to have at least some basic math skills. But there are some physical requirements those interested in this job need to able to perform:

  • To stand on their feet during the shifts;
  • To be able to lift and carry supplies and products up to 50 pounds;
  • To be able to climb ladders;
  • To bend, kneel, and crawl;
  • To be able to operate the equipment.

Bruster’s Ice Cream Scooper Salary and Compensation

This entry level Bruster’s job has an hourly based pay. The minimum hourly pay for a Bruster’s Ice Cream Scooper begins at $7, and can go a little bit higher, around $8, depending on location and work experience. Of course, the weekly pay varies according to the actual number of hours worked, but this position allows Bruster’s employees to increase their income by taking extra sifts whenever possible. This job also relies on tips as a way of supplementing the total pay, and they can be significant in value.

Bruster’s Careers in Management

Bruster’s also needs qualified employees to run the stores, so people with enough related wotking experience will find many Bruster’s management available positions. Management Bruster’s careers include Assistant Manager and Manager. Usually, the stores promote into managerial positions its own employees, who are already trained, and this means that all employees can have a substantial professional growth working at Bruster’s. However, Bruster’s is also looking for candidates from outside the company to fill these jobs.

Bruster’s Assistant Manager Job Description and Duties

An Assistant Manager helps the Store Manager in all the daily activities, but also performs other entry-level duties, such as serving customers, cleaning the store and the equipment, and preparing the products when needed. Bruster’s Assistant Managers are also responsible with supervising the other members of the team, and many other duties, such as:

  • They are responsible with ordering the needed supplies and products;
  • The need to coordinate shipments;
  • They assist in hiring and training new employees;
  • They assist in maintaining the store’s records;
  • They perform the duties of the Manager in his or her absence;

There are no special requirements when it comes to education for this position, although some previous similar work experience is preferred. The physical requirements for this position are the ones needed for all other Bruster’s team members, and they are at a basic level.

Bruster’s Assistant Manager Salary and Compensation

The hourly salary of a Bruster’s Assistant Store Manager begins at $11, and can go as high as $12. It can vary due to location and work experience. Since this is a sales managerial position, other compensations might be added to the base salary, such as cash bonuses, in some locations. This Bruster’s job also relies on tips as a way of increasing the total pay, and they can be of significant value.

Basic Tips for Applying at Bruster’s

The only way to apply for all Bruster’s jobs is to do it in person. Candidates should know that it is very important to download the Bruster’s online application form and complete it. It is not very long and candidates need to answer some questions, including the assessments of their math skills, but this should not take them more than 15 to 20 minutes. Candidates should remember that the Bruster’s application process requires them to download and print the application form in order to fill it, and that they will need to take it to the Bruster’s store they wish to apply to.

When filling in the required information of the jobs and employment form, candidates should also provide at least one professional reference that could support their Bruster’s job application. The basic rules of applying for Bruster’s jobs are simple, and they are similar to many other job application processes:

  • Candidates need to provide all the information they are required in the Bruster’s job application form.
  • Candidates need to provide accurate and correct information, and to make sure their phone number is spelled correctly.
  • Candidates should answer all the questions with honesty, especially the age related ones. They will be required to provide a valid ID prior to hiring, and also proof of a work permit. If they do say they have the minimum age and they don’t, they might be offered a job, but they will not be able to actually start working.
  • Candidates should be flexible when specifying their work availability, but also clearly indicate the days they will not be available to work.
  • Candidates need to answer all the questions of the math assessment.
  • Candidates who have prior working experience should consider attaching a resume to their employment form.

This is not a difficult process, but it does require some time to complete it, usually not more than 20 minutes. Since they will be writing the form by hand, they should make sure that their handwriting is easily readable. Also, they should only use black or blue pens. If candidates answer all the questions and provide all the information, including the daily work availability, the Bruster’s hiring manager will be able to make a correct assessment and this can increase their chances of getting the Bruster’s job they want.

Benefits at Bruster’s

The most talked about benefit of working at Bruster’s are the ice creams, yogurts, and other products all employees need to sample. The stores also offer discounts for Bruster’s products, but this can vary from one location to another. Since the stores are owned and operated by different franchisees, the benefits differ from one store to another. The most important benefit for Bruster’s employees is the flexible schedule, which can fit all needs, from high-school teenagers, to college students. Another benefit is the fact that it is one of the few places where 15 years olds can work.

The stores offer other benefits for full-time employees, as well as employees in managerial positions, such as medical and life insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off.

Bruster’s Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

Bruster’s job interviews are similar to those of other food serving locations. It all begins with the Bruster’s application, which will be reviewed by a hiring manager. The reviewing process can take a few days, and it depends on how fast the store needs to fill that position, and how many candidates need to be reviewed. If the Bruster’s hiring manager considers the candidate to meet all the requirements, they will call to schedule an in person interview.

Bruster’s interviews for Bruster’s careers are usually relaxed and last from 15 minutes to half an hour. During the interview, the candidate will be asked to give more details about their prior work experience, education, and skills. The hiring manager will talk about the responsibilities and duties of the job and the schedule. During the interview, the candidate should also ask some questions about the job and what will the expectations be.

Bruster’s careers require constant customer interaction, so the candidate needs to have a positive, friendly attitude and smile as often as possible. Here are some Bruster’s interview tips to be considered:

  • Candidates should dress in casual attire, both men and women. Women should be careful not to wear anything inappropriate, and men should wear a shirt.
  • Candidates should smile and be friendly. This is actually a job requirement, so they need to prove they are the right person for the job.
  • Candidates should be calm and stand still. Constant fidgeting is to be avoided.
  • Candidates should have a calm voice. They should also speak at a normal volume.
  • Candidates need to make eye contact with the Bruster’s hiring manager from the beginning. This is very important because they need to prove they can easily interact with other people.
  • Candidates should never interrupt the Bruster’s hiring manager when he or she is speaking.
  • Candidates should avoid yes and no answers and use full sentences.

Frequently Asked Bruster’s Interview Questions

A Bruster’s job interview is usually friendly and easy, especially for entry-level Bruster’s careers. Most of the questions asked are about the candidate’s previous work experience, education, and skills. Some of the most common questions during a Bruster’s interview are:

  • Why did you apply at Bruster’s?
  • Can you tell me a time where you did something to help out a friend, coworker or family member?
  • If two co-workers were having an intense disagreement, how would you handle the situation?
  • Would you ever steal from the cash register?
  • If you were a type of ice cream, what ice cream would you be?
  • What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

No matter what question the hiring manager asks, when it comes to Bruster’s interview answers candidates need to know that they actually have to give their own personal opinions. Candidates should try to answer the questions as honestly and as to the point as possible. They also should give detailed and positive answers, and always have a smile on their face.

Official site:

Official career site: Bruster’s Application Page

Bruster’s Application in PDF form: click here

There is no Bruster’s application online available, only information about careers, so you need to apply in person.

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