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Boeing is one of the largest aerospace companies in the world and the leading producer of defense, jetliners, security and space systems. The company also supports US and allied government customers and airlines in 150 countries. Boeing services and products include military and commercial aircrafts, electronic and defense systems, weapons, satellites, advanced communication and information systems, training and logistics based on performance and launch systems. The company is constantly growing so it is always looking for talented individuals to join its ranks. Boeing employment may be challenging but it is equally rewarding. If you are interested in a career with the company you should definitely read the following guide. There are plenty of employment opportunities with the company if you know where to look and how to apply.

Boeing Application

Workers can submit their application to start one of the Boeing careers directly on the company’s website. You can submit your application for one of your desired Boeing jobs by visiting the company’s official website and accessing the careers page. You will have to create an account that will let you apply for one of the jobs available within the company.

Minimum Age for Employment at Boeing

You will have to be at least 18 years old in order to receive consideration for one of the available Boeing careers.

Boeing Hours of Operation

Boeing is open 362 days a year, from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Also, tours begin at 9:00 AM and last until 3:00 PM.Keep in mind that the company’s schedule is subject to change and you can check its status at 1-800-464-1476.

Those seeking Boeing careers consideration should be prepared to work longer hours as well as the holidays. Applicants who display availability for work will receive higher consideration.

Boeing Careers and Pay Scales

Below you will find some information about some of the entry-level and specific Boeing jobs currently available:

Software Engineer – Job Description and Duties

A software engineer at Boeing will be responsible for software development which means the employee will have to design, implement and test the software and support it through delivery and also in the field.

Possible job assignments for the position include development of unmanned/manned air-vehicles and weapon flight and control software, flight simulator development, experimentation of laboratory pilot in the loop simulation and development of software that supports ground-based training or maintenance of aircrafts and support the applications such as information systems.A software engineer will work as part of a team in a professional, but casual, environment where there will be long-term Boeing career growth opportunities into technical leadership or management available positions.

The qualifications required for a software engineer are a bachelor, master or doctorate of a science degree in physics, mathematics, accounting, computer science or engineering. Strong software development skills are also required and experience or education in physics and calculus is also desirable. The preferred degrees for a software engineer job at Boeing are Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Computer Science. Applicants for one of the Software Engineer Boeing jobs should also have great verbal and written communication abilities and the desire and ability to work in a team. Traveling may be required from applicants.

The technical competencies for the job include real-time SW development tool, languages and databases and real-time target environment. The general competencies include work standards, managing work and contributing to team success.

Salary and Compensation

The annual salary for a software engineer at Boeing starts from $54,000 and can go up to $142,000. The average salary for an employee in a software engineer position at Boeing is of around $93,000 a year.

IT Desktop Technician – Job Description and Duties

An IT desktop technician will be responsible for offering technical support to a very wide range of users. The employee will also have to be professional, confident and comfortable whether at the desk or on the phone.

The IT desktop technician at Boeing will have to ensure that all procedures and processes are followed and that the documentation is correctly maintained. He/she must also work with other IT Techs as well as functional leaders, take part in cross-functional IT tech support and work as part of a team to provide input to IT technician forums and coaching activities.

The competencies for an IT desktop technician include work standards, adaptability, customer focus and enthusiasm. The qualifications for an employee filling the IT desktop technician position include excellent written and oral communication skills, prior experience working with an IT team, experience in an ITTL setting, great knowledge of enterprise ticketing tools like MyServices, HP BTO, ESMS and other supporting processes. Technical professional certifications are highly desirable for an applicant for an IT desktop technician job at Boeing. Experience with service delivery and IT desktop support is essential to secure one of the IT desktop technician Boeing jobs.

Salary and Compensation

The annual salary for an IT desktop technician at Boeing starts from $25,000 and goes up to $75,000. The average compensation for an IT desktop technician is $62,000 a year.

Quality Systems Specialist – Job Description and Duties

An entry-level quality systems specialist at Boeing will have to assist with validating and reviewing of products non-conformances and disposition types, engineering requirements and quality procedures. The employee will participate in the investigation in order to determine the root cause of non-conformance of plans, support analysis in order to evaluate and identify the quality of processes, operations and products, assist in the development, documentation and modification of actions to solve problems or to implement preventive and corrective actions and work under supervision.

The qualifications required to apply for a quality systems specialist job include a bachelor’s degree in a related discipline and at least 3 years of experience or an equivalent combination of experience and education.

Salary and Compensation

The annual salary for a quality systems specialist starts at around $85,000 and can go up to $130,000 and the average falls at around $103,000 a year.

Official site: Boeing careers

Basic Tips for Applying at Boeing

The Boeing jobs and employment form for Boeing careers is nothing you haven’t seen before. You can begin the process by accessing the Boeing Jobs page. Type your desired keyword and the website will automatically pull out relevant results for you. On the sidebar you will see the options “Careers”, “Search Jobs”, “My account”, “Events”, “Life at Boeing”, “College” and “Military”. By clicking on them you can find out more information about the company’s benefits and vision.

Also, by clicking on any of the job listings you will be redirected to another page which gives details about the position’s location, description, requirements and qualifications. You can only begin the Boeing application process once you have created an account. Also, by creating your account you can also submit your resume as extra documentation.

Boeing is a very popular place to work and we can see why. The company treats its employees very well, pays fairly and makes excellent products. However, it’s very difficult to get your resume analyzed by the hiring staff at Boeing.

If you are trying to get employed at Boeing we have some recommendations for when you create your resume that will most definitely get the attention of the hiring manager.

  • You should read the qualifying questions first. If you finally found one of the Boeing jobs that seems to be perfect for you, you should first take a look at the qualifying questions before writing your resume. If you’re not able to answer “yes” to all the qualifying questions, you shouldn’t proceed any further. Even though the system will allow you to proceed and submit your Boeing application, it is clear that you are that you won’t be getting an interview.
  • Use keywords in your resume. Because Boeing receives tons of new applications daily, you should make sure you use keywords in your resume. You should first read the description of the job thoroughly, then underline the skills that you have and you think are most important for the job. Use as many keywords as possiblein your resume, without making it look like you just copied them from the job description.
  • Always prove that you are perfect for the job by using examples. Boeing wants to know you can do the job right by providing examples.This is especially important if you are submitting your Boeing job application for a salaried position. However, even a position that pays hourly will require proof of skills. If the job you are applying for requires the use of power tools, you should write which power tools you’ve used and how much you’ve used them. If you were the manager of a project, you should describe the circumstance lightly and quantify your work results by using percentages or numbers. For instance, you should write something in the lines of “I was the manager of a project to reorganize the activities on an assembly line and increased the productivity by 20 percent.”
  • You should build your resume for the job you are applying for. Even though you may be applying for jobs that are similar, each of your resumes should be tailored for that particular job. The job title in your resume should be the same one for which you are applying for. You should include the job number or the requisition as well. You might be applying for a job involving aircraft mechanic, however, one is for military and one is for commercial. Make sure you point out in your resume the distinction between the two jobs.

Submit your resume in a Rich Text or Word document. You should upload a new resume for each of the jobs you apply for.

Boeing doesn’t include a closing date on its jobs. This will make it difficult to know how long the position is still open. The moment you see the posting date, you should think that the application window is within two weeks from posting. The job will stay open until a hiring manager will find the right candidate for the position. This means that the hiring staff can find the perfect candidate within just a day or several months from the posting date.

You should be very patient. The longer your resume stays under consideration, the more you will be considered a valuable prospect by the Boeing recruiters. Make sure you read your email often to check on your status.If your resume will be rejected immediately, you shouldn’t get discouraged. There are a lot of reasons as to why your application was rejected that could have no connection to your qualifications.

The Boeing hiring process could take as much as 10 to 12 months. So patience and perseverance along with a great resume are significant attributes when submitting your Boeing application.

Boeing Application Status

You can regularly check your application status with Boeing by visiting the following address ‘Boeing Careers Statusand entering your requisition ID. Keep in mind that the application process is extremely lengthy, so a phone-call after two-three weeks definitely not recommended. If several months have passed and you have yet to hear from the company, then you should start thinking about giving the company a call. Be polite, tell the hiring manager your name and, whatever you do, avoid calling during break hours.

Boeing Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

The interview process for Boeing careers is extremely difficult and lengthy. The company’s primary mission is to provide with excellent services for its customers. For this purpose it will only hire individuals who show true passion and also have the qualifications required to back their claims. An interview question example would be “Why should Boeing hire you?” You might say that you’ve heard this question before, but it is still a tricky one.

This isn’t the time for you to talk all about your education and experience. You have to make sure that your answer remains concise and relevant for the job that you are applying for. If it is possible, try to describe the company’s vision through your eyes. There are also a few things you can do to make a good impression on the hiring managers:

  • Dress for the occasion: Boeing careers are respectable ones. As such, the manager will be expecting you to dress business or business casual. Make sure your hair is well-kept and that you’re shoes are polished. It may sound like a silly thing to do, but the first thing the manager sees is you walking through the door.
  • Don’t be late! Whatever you do, don’t show up late for the interview. You should come at least five to ten minutes early.
  • Don’t make the interview all about yourself. While it is ok go answer personal questions with personal interview answers, you should focus on giving examples about how you can make things work.
  • Body language speaks louder than words. Fidgeting, holding your arms crossed or staring blankly towards your shoes are signs of weakness. You want to look confident. In order to do this you must maintain eye contact and offer a firm handshake.

By respecting these tips you will be one-step closer to the Boeing careers of your dreams. For more information about interviews you should check out Boeing acareer forums where former employees share their experience with the company.

Official site: Boeing careers

Frequently Asked Boeing Interview Questions

Here are some of the most common questions that may come up during a Boeing interview.

  1. What is one project you’ve completed that you’re really proud of? Describe its major technical challenges and how you addressed them.
  2. Tell me about a time you had a challenge due to diversity?
  3. What salary do you think you deserve?
  4. Tell me a time when you motivated other team members to complete a task.
  5. What do you think of diversity in the workplace?
  6. How has your education prepared you for this job?
  7. Tell me about a time you worked with a challenging coworker.
  8. Describe a situation when you had to lead a team.
  9. Describe a time you had a conflict with a team member? How was it resolved?
  10. How do you deal with a difficult/upset customer?
  11. Describe a situation where you applied Value Stream Mapping.
  12. What are your goals in the next 10 years?
  13. Talk about a problem you had with a person and how you resolved it.
  14. Describe a time when something unexpected happened. How did you respond?
  15. Tell us about a time you overcame a problem in your past work experience.
  16. Give me an example of how you were able to meet the deadline of a project while being assessed to multiple teams.
  17. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  18. Describe an instance where you came across a problem, and had to go across different areas to remedy the problem.
  19. Describe your approach to testing a large scale software project.
  20. Write code to parse a string and count the number of occurrences of each word.
  21. A deadline is approaching and you cannot finish all the work left on time – do you partially do everything or completely do a few things leaving others not implemented?
  22. Describe your experience on a complex project.
  23. Are you familiar with ADA?
  24. What are the 3 pillars of OO programming?

Benefits at Boeing

People who apply for one of the Boeing jobs can expect a very attractive benefits package. These benefits include flexible spending accounts, short-term and long-term disability insurance, life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment insurance and dental and medical coverage. The employees at Boeing will also receive holiday time, paid vacations, on the job and onsite training and a 401k retirement plan. Of course, having Boeing careers written on your resume will greatly increase your chances of getting hired for future jobs as well.

Boeing Useful Information

The Boeing Employees Credit Union is a credit union that has been originally designed to serve the employees at Boeing. BECU has more than $12 billion in assets and now has over 850,000 members, which makes it the biggest credit union in Washington and the fourth biggest in the US.

Boeing Official Website

You can visit the Boeing official website at the following address:

You can check available jobs at this address:

In order to submit your Boeing application you must first register an account on the Careers page on the website. Click on “My Account” to login into an existing account or register a new one. Use this address to go directly to the “My Account” page on the careers section:

This concludes our guide for Boeing employment. Whatever happens, keep in mind that landing a job with this company is difficult. You should not give up hope, and if you have the qualifications necessary to be selected for a position you should definitely continue pursuing your dream for Boeing employment. We wish you the best of luck.

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